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Akiyama butler AU where he adopts little Saruhiko! Akiyama is living with Benzai and Fushimi is shy but Benzai makes his best effort ^^!

Wait, is this now the ‘Fushimi has two daddies’ AU XD I’m assuming we’re going off this ask, say Akiyama ends up adopting tiny Saru somehow, like he calls child services on Kisa and Niki because they’re horrible and then adopts their kid or they both get run over by a bus or something. Anyway, since Akiyama’s the only one little Fushimi actually trusts he ends up taking the kid home at least temporarily because he can’t let Fushimi just be taken to some orphanage or given to relative, Fushimi’s still a shy and timid kid and he doesn’t warm up to people easily because he doesn’t really trust that they won’t be horrible to him. The only slight wrinkle in Akiyama’s ‘adopt tiny Fushimi’ plan is that he doesn’t live alone because he’s basically life partners with Benzai and so he has to convince Benzai first. Benzai probably gives in decently quickly, he knows Akiyama wouldn’t be asking if he wasn’t truly concerned for the kid’s safety and besides, Akiyama’s probably been coming home from his butler gig for the last couple years or so filled with righteous anger at the terrible piece of shit parents who are neglecting their adorable tiny child.

Fushimi’s a bit more wary though and it makes things a little difficult at first, like Benzai’s not great with kids either so when he tries to introduce himself Fushimi just hides behind Akiyama’s legs and glares. Benzai isn’t entirely certain how one interacts with the small child, he has a little sister but sisters are entirely different from someone else’s child. Imagine him trying to find all these awkward ways to bond except most of the things he thinks of are like going to fancy cafes or running laps or studying law and Fushimi isn’t really into any of those. Finally with no other options Benzai buys Fushimi a giant stuffed cat and takes him to a cat cafe, Fushimi’s not thrilled with all the germ-filled animals trying to rub up against him and he’s slightly allergic anyway, but he gets to see Benzai being a giant dork with the kitties and that actually calms Fushimi down some and endears him more to Benzai, since clearly this guy can’t be that much of a threat. Akiyama is so pleased that his boyfriend and his new child are getting along, like just imagine them all watching TV together on the couch with tiny Fushimi asleep against Akiyama’s knee and Benzai asleep on his shoulder and it’s a nice little family atmosphere.

The thing that pisses me off the most is when people determine the level of darkness/seriousness of a Zelda game’s story based on its art style…. . 

Like…look at Twilight Princess. It’s story is, well yeah dark and messed up… but like??? so were the other Zeldas? Hell, Twilight Princess didn’t have the darkest story in the franchise. If you could argue which one it was, then you could prove that ANY Zelda game is the darkest (I personally think its a tie between Ocarina Of Time and Majoras Mask). 

I’ve seen people say that Wind Waker is such a light and kiddy game while Twilight Princess had all the angst but like…have you played Wind Waker???? If you just ignore the art style and reimagine it in a less toony world, you’d see how messed up that game is. 

First of all, Link in that game is 10-12 years old (way younger than TP Link, too young to even carry a god damn weapon). It his birthday when his little sister is kidnapped (and probably dead, like who knOWS?) away from his home island, which he NEVER left. Link had to leave his own grandmother to search for her, and suddenly he’s in the mess of defeating ganondorf…which wasn’t even his original plan. The King Of Red Lions basically used him at first). 

Also, mind you, unlike TP Link, WW Link literally didn’t have to do ANY of this. He never HAD the triforce inside him, he had to earn it (another thing tp link didn’t do.  …….). 

WW Link went through so much, and just because the art style is toony and he’s way less edgier (he’s also got a better personality), people fail to recognize Wind Waker’s story as sad or dark…. Instead its a fun and cute game… 

All these friendly reminders are like ‘Percy is a dork’ and ’Percy is actually really goofy’ and then you get reminders like ‘Percy fuckin chokes a goddess with her own poison and shit’ and ‘Percy is powerful enough to destroy everything that gets in his way if he wanted to’ there is literally no inbetween with this fandom and the thing is all of it is true like damn son lets talk about his character development and just take a step back and  a p p r e c i a t e  it.

Really quick doodle of a really pretty boy 🍧♡


[ July 31 2016 ]
I honestly can’t believe it’s already the end of July… where did all the time go?
My last bullet journal ran out so I’m using a squared a5 muji notebook for August! I’m excited to use this bcos I don’t have to spend tons of time drawing straight lines HAHHAHA pro-tip: never get a blank notebook.

I’m going on a semi-hiatus starting tomorrow bcos I wanna focus on studying and revising more. I’ve got trials at the end of August.

Hoping August will be a good month for everyone so work hard!!!

the signs as things my brother has said
  • aries:i'll choose moose because i sexually identify as one
  • taurus:RUN THOSE KIDS OVER. NATURAL SELECTION. but don't hurt the dog.
  • cancer:if my future kid's ever an emo, i'll slap them
  • gemini:no i won't shave...i prefer being an untamed lawn
  • virgo:*smacks me in the face* itachi forehead touch
  • libra:this offends my veganism
  • scorpio:i can't call you a hoe??? fine you fucking shovel
  • sagittarius:it's gucci my dude
  • capricorn:i like cheesecake, maple syrup, and strippers
  • aquarius:*looks at the night sky* i'm so glad i paused dragon ball z for this
  • pisces:who cares about the sea life. i care about the tree life. Recycle.