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I was inspired by sabertooth-raccoon‘s stream last night, so here’s my first ever drawing of Solangelo. My headcanon is that Nico tries to act annoyed whenever Will teases him, but he can’t help smiling (and blushing) whenever it happens.

[ Greek Week ]

           He swiftly folded the lengthy protective straps over and around his right wrist, his left hand already fully wrapped with the soft ox hide coverings. The boxing tournament was due to begin soon, and Pollux was hopeful he would come out victorious. “Have you come to watch?” he asked, unashamedly eager for the fighting to start himself.

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The other Dragonlance songs? There are OTHERS!?!

Oh yes, many many more.  Let me share with you the efforts of my google-fu.

Some of these you might already know, but I’ve built and maintain one the most complete lists out there.

  1. The Soulforged, Blind Guardian, Album: A Night at the Opera
  2. Wishmaster and Wanderlust by Nightwish, Album: Wishmaster
  3. Raistlin and the Rose and Lady Rosenred, Lake of Tears, Album: A Crimson Cosmos
  4. Rise and Fall, Takhisis Dance, and The Halls of Daargard by Daargard, Album: Rise and Fall
  5. Caramon’s Poem by Pyramaze, Album: Immortal
  6. The Legend of Huma by Dungeon, Album: Resurrection
  7. Netherlife (Black Roses Die) by Dungeon, Album: A Rise to Power
  8. The Black Mage (Чёрный маг) by Epidemia, Album: Загадка Волшебной страны
  9. Reistling by Orteo, Album: There, where light (PROMO)
  10. March of the Giantsmiter by Shadowblade, Album: Awakening
  11. Sorg Uten Tårer, Full Album: Est Sularus Oth Mithas
  12. The Gates of Thorbardin by Baldur
  13.  Evertale, Full Album: Of Dragons and Elves
  14. The Sky Is Falling by Rohan
  15. Huma by Huma, Album: Luchando a Muerte
  16. Gates of Thorbardin by Skelator, Album: Agents of Power
  17. Honor Is Life by Skelator, Album: King of Fear.

Also, there’s a Japanese fantasy metal band called Dragonlance, too.

Anyway, if you need any links to any of these, since some are a little hard to track down, I keep a link-heavy version of this list up on the DragonlanceClub on dA, here.

i used to be so afraid to post shit on here bc i thought i would get no notes and nobody would care. but i basically realized that idrc who agrees with me or not and it’s my blog so im obviously gonna talk about how i feel. sometimes my posts get hundreds of notes and sometimes they get like 3. regardless at the end of the day imma still post what i want🙍🏽

A New Land|| Open

Lucina sighed quietly, looking up at the Outrealm Gate as she stood in front of it. She bit her lip, glancing over her shoulder once again, before shaking her head to try and rid herself of second thoughts. She couldn’t stick around Ylisse any longer, now that it was safe and no longer under threat of being attacked by Grima…

She had to stay out of the way, for her younger self’s sake.

The best way for her to do that was to leave, and perhaps travel to different Outrealms… Perhaps there would be a place where she could actually find a home, and not cause some kind of trouble.

So, with that thought, she stepped into the Gate in order to travel to lands unknown to her.