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lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead


Sometimes I just wish that everyone in D.Gray-Man spoke with an accent in the English or Japanese dub. I’d love to hear Lenalee and Komui (and Kanda too?) speak english with a chinese accent, Miranda and Link with a german one, Timothy with a cute french accent and Crowley with a romanian one
Oh and let’s not forget about Allen, legendary member of the brits™, and lil’ Neah, with a scottish accent that makes everyone’s lives harder because no one frigging understands what he says when he’s possessing Allen


The types of people the world gives you (inspiration). 

Group Project: Part 1

Running Title: Group Project. 
Part 1
Part 2: Here
This will be a short sequel series to my previous story Shelter. Please read that before you tackle this, otherwise it may be confusing. 

Summary: Allen Walker once told Howard Link that he wanted five children, while Kanda Yuu demonstrates that his memory is selective, but at least he knows that Alma likes cupcakes. 

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i call this piece “fck the order” 

aka kanda ft. lavi during the level 4 invasion


Kit here and seeing as I’m finally almost through my drafts and most of my interactions are pretty much dead, I’m lookin’ to find some new partners! I’m coming up on 13 years of RP experience, prefer but not limited to plotted Para / Novella threads, and I am friendly to OCs, crossovers, and some unfamiliar fandoms (check my Rules page for familiar fandoms; I have a ton)! I also run IC games and streams now and again (chatzy, epic mafia, gaming servers, etc), so if you’re into that kind of stuff, I’m your man!

So please LIKE and/or REBLOG this is you’d be interested in interacting with an independent LAVI JR. BOOKMAN from D.GRAY-MAN, or alternatively a (total piece of shit) triplet!verse “JUNIOR“ BOOKMAN, brother to Lavi and Deak.

a.k.a. a genius dumb war-chasing archivist with identity issues who can’t People and fights metal demons and a family of evil super-humans with a size-changing magic hammer and huge conjured fire serpents!

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things i'll never be ready for in the dgm anime

- komui listing off all the names of the people who died going through the order’s failed experiments
- allen asking cross if mana was referring to him or nea whenever he says i love you to him
- flashbacks where cross basically took care of allen when he was a kid (cross making him soup and washing off allen’s soaked blanket)
- kanda telling alma “let’s run away together” while holding him + the fucking flashback of them hugging when they were kids
- alma telling kanda “i love you, yuu” before crumbling
- link opening up to allen!!! and getting jerry to make him a soup so he can feed it to allen
- tyki and road freeing allen from prison + tyki telling allen to show those two monsters inside him who’s boss
- lenalee going after allen!!!!! allen hugging her and saying he’ll always be an exorcist and that he loves her and everyone because theyre his home
- kanda fucking drinking his innocence from lenale’s hand
- lavi being tortured by sheril (ha ha ha stares at the void)
- johnny and kanda travelling together to find allen and going to different bars + getting drunk
- ALLEN WORKING AS A CLOWN and kanda thinking he wants to slice him up a little without knowing it’s allen
- nea taking over allen

welcome back dgm!! and thank you for 300+ followers!!

So Allen and Kanda pass by a street vendor, and the seller has these lovely ribbons on display, and they both eye the same red tie at the same time. Normally, Kanda wouldn’t really give a shit and just go with any tie, but not only is it red, but Allen also wants it, and they’re both being Stubborn af about it and neither of them wants to lose it to each other

So they split the cost and buy it together. They both use it, but they have to keep stealing it from each other.

Everyone shakes their heads at them at disbelief. Guys, you’re not being subtle.





remember that music school au i posted about at like 2am and then deleted??? it’s here now. and i will not rest until i have drawn the main 4 in a band headbanging or whatever it is rock bands do these days. i am not hip.

that said i still don’t know how to draw instruments so have acapella!link + allen’s heart doing the anime thing + comfy uni kids

(for fun: i was listening to byu vocal point singing ‘nearer my god to thee’ intermittently with the glee warbler’s soundtrack for like 10 hours. both are good stuff, especially when viewed through nostalgia glasses)

Allen: Mr. Kanta, can I have 1000 sticks of Mitarashi dango this year?~

Kanda: Go ask Jeryy for that stuff.
(Get your pointy butts off me.)

YO BANI you thought I would forget about this didn’t you :B

Also ‘Kanta’ = Kanda + Santa ahaHAHAHA IT’S LAME I KNOW

D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.

dgm chapter 222

cause it’s 3 days til suffering chapter 222 it’s about time to post this reminder again:

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