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DGM AU Concept

The Order still exists.  The Noah exists.  There is still the holy war raging on, but everything is taking place in the 21st century.

Sometimes I just wish that everyone in D.Gray-Man spoke with an accent in the English or Japanese dub. I’d love to hear Lenalee and Komui (and Kanda too?) speak english with a chinese accent, Miranda and Link with a german one, Timothy with a cute french accent and Crowley with a romanian one
Oh and let’s not forget about Allen, legendary member of the brits™, and lil’ Neah, with a scottish accent that makes everyone’s lives harder because no one frigging understands what he says when he’s possessing Allen


I’ll fight for every breath until there’s nothing left of us
I need you to believe in me

So the group chat decided to watch Patema Inverted and uh….
There’s a companion fic by @nea-writes:


Sometimes Alma sees flowers in his dreams. These flowers are so different than anything he has ever seen in the laboratory, that once he tries to describe them to Edgar and can’t even find words. Edgar pats his head and says: “Maybe, one day you’ll see them.”

The days are full of boredom and pain of synchronization tests, so every night going to sleep, Alma somehow waits to see those dreams once again. He tries to look at them as attentively as its possible, he tries to remember them, so he would be able to draw them. But every time he wakes up his head hurts, and there’s some strange feeling in the chest - as if he was absolutely happy and miserable at the same time. 

Alma creates the stories from those short dreams - since there’s nothing to do, and there’re little books to read. He tells these stories to his future friends sleeping in ponds, and every time the fairy tales are different. Mostly at because the dreams he sees are so brief that Alma can’t even remember details. 

Sometimes his fairy tales tale are about a kind fairy from the dungeon, who brings beautiful pink blossoms to children so their tears would stop. Sometimes the tale is about a knight with a gentle smile, who searches for a way to make an enchanted flower bloom, so his beloved one will be with him once again. He doesn’t know why, but every time he tells stories about that person, he wants to laugh and to burst in tears at the same time. 

There’re days when Alma sees pink petals every time he closes his eyes. These days his head hurts so much, but he tells nothing, as he afraid he would be scolded. Or maybe it’s because of a strange fear that these dreams would be taken away, as these dreams are the most precious thing he has in this darkened place. But at the same time he wants these dreams to be taken away, as they are so painful and so full of these feeling he’ll never be able to explain.

One day he wakes up in the middle of the night, and sneaks to the room with ponds. He finds himself on the cold floor, face wet from tears, drops dripping softly to the calm water of the closest pond. His heart is so full of strange longing, calling for someone (wake up, please, wake up, you can’t leave me like this, you have promised) But the water is still, and Alma laughs happily and bitterly at the same time. He apologises gently to the sleeping one below the surface and hopes his future friend won’t get angry at him later. 

He is too tired to go back, so he falls asleep on a cold floor seeing no flowers or anyone this time, but its somehow still warm for him. Maybe, it’s because of a new strange feeling inside of his chest.

Maybe this is that feeling called hope.

Alma wakes up and the water near him is no longer still. And his mind becomes free of vague memories of flowers.

He needs strange dreams and illusions no more after all. 

Because it’s the day Yuu wakes up. 

I’ve received a perplexingly large number of requests asking for Allen in shorts. Specifically “booty shorts”… but come on! He looks much much cuter in this outfit. 

The first time Allen sees the present Kanda cry is the moment he comes to the complete realization that he’s in love with Kanda. 

They’ve had entanglements for a while, a relationship with no name and, encounters. All they knew was they they couldn’t quite call it love.

Kanda was about to lose the most significant person to him a third time.

He really thought Allen was gone. Erased. For good.

It’s honestly a little bit irritating that this man was even that beautiful while crying.

Kanda doesn’t even realize he has a tear rolling down his cheek. He looks down at Allen, and Allen’s staring up at him in disbelief. He can’t help himself but bring up his hand to wipe it away with his thumb, hand cupping Kanda’s face.

He can’t believe how much had changed between them.

He smiles, and rests his forehead against Kanda’s. He lets out a small breath of laughter in relief, fondness. He’s–touched. And says,

“I’m here now.”

“Took you long enough.”


i call this piece “fck the order” 

aka kanda ft. lavi during the level 4 invasion



                                                                    «In love?»
                                                           «Isn’t it just like us?»

                                                                                                                                                                                                             DGM + favourite arc asked by my bro

I was curious enough about what was going on those 4 spoiler pages to try translate them best I could (with what little knowledge I have) so my attempts made at 6 AM is under the cut for spoilers

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