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Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

thank you xox

some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 

So, I’ve been asked what time on the 5th pre-sales will end. And I don’t so. So I asked my husband. And he says “I don’t know, why don’t you ask your other deck?”

I married a genius you guys.

So I asked my deck, when should I end pre-sales?

Obviously. Thank you. Can you be a bit more specific?


Can I have like an actual time, maybe?

Thank you so much.

I have created the most useless deck of all time.

who initiates the first kiss between law and luffy because either one is equally plausible/adorable and for the life of me i can’t decide?

Things I need:

Some ass disrespecting Chat like really hardcore and saying really garbage and gross and creepy stuff and Marinette just DECKING THEM IN THE FACE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT HER KITTY LIKE THAT

And adrien is in shock because he didn’t realize his princess could kick ass like that much less that she would be ready to fight somebody like twice her size to defend his honor.