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So when I first played Origins, the name ‘Carta’ kept throwing me off. Something about it kept reminding me of real life, like I’d heard it somewhere before, but I couldn’t remember where. I thought I was going crazy, but just decided to ignore it and keep playing. About a week after I finished the game, I needed a ride somewhere and my friend suggested the local bus system. It’s name? 'CARTA’… I have never been so afraid to ride a bus 0_o.            

“Black” Eye

Sirius Black x Reader

request: Can you do a Sirius imagine with prompts 4, 6, 28, 32?

Notes: I couldn’t really find anywhere to put in prompt 6 sorry! Also, prompts will be bolded.


Rain was beating hard against the stone outside, and the fire in the Gryffindor common room was reducing rapidly to a crackling pile of embers. (Y/n) had decided to take full advantage of the atmosphere, and so she gladly curled up in one of the ancient armchairs. Another strenuous day had come and gone, and it was a huge relief to have a few minutes to herself. Since her first class of the morning, her tight-knit trio of friends had driven her insane.

It wasn’t that she didn’t care for the boys, but lately she had begun to feel like more of a mother to James, and Remus, and especially Sirius, despite her massive soft spot for the bad-boy. (Y/n) had never seen Sirius as more than a friend, but upon returning to Hogwarts, something was different about him. It didn’t make sense for her to fancy him all of a sudden, but whether it be his smile, his laugh, or even the twinkle in his eyes when he’d tell her about his day, it always made her weak in the knees.

After a most enjoyable hour of peace had passed, (y/n) began to feel a bit uneasy. After all, the three mischief makers had never left her alone for more than twenty minutes. Just as she stood up to begin her search, a rather breathless Remus Lupin burst through the door and nearly collided with (y/n) as he stumbled over the carpet’s edge.

“(Y/n)! Thank God! Have you seen James and Sirius?”

“No. I thought they were out with you?” (Y/n)’s heart sank rapidly as the expression on Lupin’s face had come to mirror her own. The realization that something was terribly wrong struck them both as they ran out into the hallways.

The crisp autumn air stung (y/n)’s rosy cheeks, and her lungs burned like never before. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, and Remus was falling behind, but she didn’t care. Something just wasn’t right and she needed to find them. She needed to find him.

The faint sound of a third pair of footsteps began  to grow closer when suddenly James appeared at the end of the corridor. Using the last of their energy, Remus and (y/n) raced side by side to Potter.

“James! You’re okay!” (Y/n) sighed as she threw herself onto him. “But where’s…” Her voice faltered as she backed away and saw the pale complexion which danced across his face.

“What’s happened!?” Remus demanded. James looked back over his shoulder and (y/n) followed his gaze. Walking towards the far end of the hallway, (y/n)’s eyes adjusted to the darkness slowly and a shadowy figure came into focus. It was him. Sirius was on his knees with his head in his bloodied hands.

“Oh my-Sirius!” screamed (y/n) as she sped to his side and sank to the ground. “What happened to you?”

“Feisty little third year! A bloody Slytherin too!” As Sirius moved his hands away from his split lip, a gasp was all (y/n) could manage.

“Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” he replied confidently while James tried to conceal his laughter. “AHH! Bloody hell (y/n)! What was th-”

“That was for making me worry! You frEAKING IDIOT!”

That was harsh!”

“Shut it Padfoot! I was about to break down right here, and all because you decided to throw a few punches!? I can’t believe you sometimes! You’re awful…but… I love it.” Once those words escaped (y/n)’s lips, they seemed to pull Sirius up onto his feet almost immediately.

“Can you just… repeat that last part.” Remus said with a tone of shock. “I thought you said you loved-”

“You heard me right.” (y/n) sighed turning back to Sirius.” I really mean it too.”

“Who knew!? My favorite girl finally confessed! Not that she didn’t yell at me first…”

“Oh shut up!” (y/n) scolded James after he had wolf whistled.

“C’mon Potter. We’ll give you two a few minutes.” and with that, Remus and James turned a corner and disappeared from view.

“So did you really mean what you said?” Sirius hesitated. “I-I mean it’s okay if you don’t. I don’t expect-”

“Yeah.” (y/n) confessed in a soft tone. “Look Sirius, you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and if I haven’t scared you away by now-” His hand now on her cheek, the clouds in the night sky seemed to evaporate and time halted.

“You’d never scare me (y/n). For ages you’ve made me wonder, but now I know.” Sirius took a step closer as he continued. “I thought you were beginning to hate me, but now I can finally see that it’s all mutual.” With his words leaving a few tears in her eyes, (y/n) lifted her arms and placed them around his waist as he held her tightly.

Now quieter than ever before, the two who were once only dreaming in friendship held each other close and sighed in contentment. Stepping out into a courtyard, they stargazed for what felt like hours. Sirius’s face softened as he took (y/n)’s hand in his, and she glanced at each of his features and lifted her hand to brush some of his wild hair out of his face.

“You, Mr. Black, are exceptionally mad” (y/n) giggled.

“And yourself, Miss (y/l/n).”

Confession: On my first playthrough I’d missed Sten and Leliana. On the second, I found it hard to get approval from him, and on the third - I read the wiki and made him my best bud. On this playthrough however, I decided to just let my Warden be her tantrum throwing self - she argued with him and generally acted compassionate but untactically curious and childish in my honest opinion. He ended up getting approval from these convos, and I have no regrets about this RP based decision in my playthrough.