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Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

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do you still ship klance?

Eh I guess I’ll answer this honestly if it’ll get the asks I get to reduce even by a bit

No I don’t like it anymore, and just because I know everyone will ask here’s why (also please for the love of god don’t take this as me saying you’re an ass for liking it, it’s just my personal opinion):

  • Their relationship is constantly shoved down your throat everywhere you look and that too at the expense of other significant relationships in the show. You constantly read stuff about how keith and lance helped each other and comfort each other and this and that but if such a scene exists between ANY other characters and keith/lance it’s completely dismissed and barely acknowledged (or worse, completely shit upon in the name of some delusional moral crusade). And that just personally annoys me to no end. 
  • I’ve literally seen so much of them that even the idea of any potential they might have has become s o boring to me. Like I just. I don’t care anymore. I’m more fascinated by coran and pidge’s friendship at this point than I am with klance. I’m willing to talk in depth about ANY interaction in voltron outside of kl my guy
  • People who’re more passionate about said ship don’t particularly like me, and have said some nasty stuff about me on their blogs so that kinda you know. Put me off. Probably forever lmao

but yeah that’s the gist of it. I’m probably taking this way too seriously but since i get asks about it all the time I figured I might as well let you guys know

this rarepair is better than any pegoryuu ive drawn fucck

So uhhhh I’m starting a Protect Reiner Squad™? Effective immediately? Because he deserves so much better and it hurts me every day??? Pls join me… Why must he suffer

every person who calls rdj “greedy” for “forcing” marvel to to do civil war and “making them” give him screen time owes me, team downey, the creative team behind cacw, and marvel as a whole 10$ each. i accept paypal

Blue Shells and Comic Books updated and i’m crying i just wanted them to be happy……………………………………

When will there be an episode from Coran’s point of view??? Like, show him going through a normal day at the castle. Things break down at least once a day, Coran just sighs and head over to fix it since he’s the only one able to. He tries to cook and Hunk comes over, tries to nudge him outta the kitchen because his cooking is meh :/ but then Hunk decides to teach Coran how Humans cook, and Coran actually makes something edible that they all kinda enjoy? And he’s really happy and proud on himself.

He sees Pidge trying to learn Altean and helps, maybe if the program gets too violent he swings in and saves the day in the goofy way he does stuff. He has Lance help him clean around the castle again, because he likes talking to the paladin and notices that when their alone Lance talks more freely about things. Shiro starts wondering about the Lions, particularly Black, and Coran walks by at just the right time. And soon Coran is telling him of how the lions were built and all kinds of missions the original paladins went on.

But in this episode he’s kinda the camera’s main focus. So you see him really studying Hunk’s cooking, and pausing to listen to what Lance is saying, clearly thinking about what he’s being told. And him excitedly teaching Pidge some Altean, and telling Shiro about the lions being built with a kinda wistful look.

can still see how heartbroken April is over Jackson 

 “I don’t want a new normal” + sarah drew’s incredible acting brought me to tears! You can still see how much April still loves Jackson :(( 

I hate that the writers are only portraying April’s perspective as to how she’s handling everything. What about Jackson? Wasn’t he the one who said she was “the one”?

lil cock flapping his wings

Mikaela Hyakuya is gay and anyone who says otherwise has to fight me


todays sketches!!! hayden has clothes specifically for when his ink is red because all the pastel colors in his wardrobe wont match. sacha is still so embarrassed whenever his ink is tinted with suwo’s color. maybe he’ll stop being a wuss someday… someday

now tell me this,
and you tell me true.
would you still love me,
if I hadn’t bloodied my hands,
crawled my way out of hell for you?

I loved you first; I'll love you still, so what’s one more bitter pill? (h.m.)

inspired by Not Easily Conquered by whatarefears and drop-deaddream

periodic reminder from ur local nonbinary mod

bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders.

because there are more genders than just man and woman!

it’s just a little pet peeve to see questions asking about “both/either” genders or even worse the whole “opposite sex” type thing. bisexuality isn’t binarist - it’s inclusive!

specifying ur attracted to men or women or both is fine cool beans but when talking about bisexuality on the whole, please try and remember that dividing gender into “two” (such as with the words both/either/opposite) leads to the old, outdated understanding of bisexuality (where it used to be attracted to men and women, typically with focus on cisgender men and women).

if you’ve never dated or been actively aware of being attracted to a person outside the gender binary, that is understandable but it’s definitely important to remember that the community has shifted into expanding the definition as to fit with more of us who ID as bi but really want to break down that “bi means two” thing.

just keep in mind, you never really know a person’s gender unless you were in a situation where you can either ask and/or have that information disclosed to you so with that in mind, adjusting your understanding of bisexuality to reflect the significantly wider spectrum of genders should be a smooth transition <3

-mod peach


SET THEM NIPS ABLAZE  🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

So uh, I make very serious comics what are you talking about? I got the inspiration to make this from ~ @peach-powah ~ who suggested I do something Chrobin based on that meme which turned out pretty funny Cx Good thing healers exist or that would have been more awkward if that’s even possible hehe

Excuse me JYP

I was promised no eliminations so why you pulling this shit on me?? Do you need me to define ‘no eliminations’ for you?? Like are you alright?? 

My favorite thing, and by that I meant the worst thing in the world, is watching men mansplain mainsplaining in the comments of an article talking about how men mansplain things to women. And then you just watch them dig themselves deeper into the hole they clearly don’t know they’ve fallen into. 

Bonus points if they also manage to slip in some kind of complaint about how they’re being discriminated on because of their gender *eyes roll fully back into my skull and I descend into the void where no-one can hear me screaming*