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Graves is found. Shackled, starved, bruises and cuts all over, but he’s found, and healed. Physically, at least. Progressively. He gets money from the MACUSA as an apology, and thousands of well wishes cards and love letters from fans he didn’t know he had. Praising his bravery. Wishing him a good recovery. 

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KC gently puts down her PS4 controller and folds her hands with an impassive look. She very slowly turns her head to the right to face Noctis who is sitting quietly on her bed playing on his phone since there’s no where else to sit.

“How dare you.” The woman declares and narrows her eyes in a dangerous way.

“Huh?” Noctis has no idea of what she’s on about.

“I SAID HOW FUCKING DARE YOU NOCTIS.” KC roars and picks up the nearest pillow and smacks him full force in the face. “How fucking dare you be so cute.” She raises the pillow and smacks him again and again.

“AhhHHHH I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING I SWEAR.” Noctis pleads and covers his head. Its not like the hits with the pillow hurt, but what the hell was he being attacked for?!

“Why. Are. You. So. Fucking. Cute?!” KC punctuates each word in a vicious snarl. “You are meant to be a stupid brooding Sasuke-looking motherfucking fuckboy that I hate, but instead you’re this stupid awkward bean who tries his best and how can anyone even hope to defend themselves against such a cute personality?!”

“And I’m to blame for this?!” Noctis rolls off the bed and scrambles to leave the room. “I’m sorry!”

KC hurls the pillow at his back. “YOU SHOULD BE YOU STUPID CUTE JERK.” She screeches. “Motherfucker.” She puts a hand to her chest and wheezes. “AND LEARN HOW TO DRESS YOURSELF. FOR FUCK’S SAKE.”

now tell me this,
and you tell me true.
would you still love me,
if I hadn’t bloodied my hands,
crawled my way out of hell for you?

I loved you first; I'll love you still, so what’s one more bitter pill? (h.m.)

inspired by Not Easily Conquered by whatarefears and drop-deaddream

and im just extra bothered by the fans of captive prince because until ppl started talking about it i had no idea of the extent of the grossness of it all. anytime i saw it on my dash it was just cute lil art of the two mains together happy and smiling. 

its like they collectively decided to ignore all of the abuse and trauma the character of color suffers at the hand of the white one and skip straight to the honeymoon where apparently all is forgiven. 

its just amazing to me that no one who reblogged captive prince content acknowledged it and i grow more disgusted by the minute


mama, it’s amazing what baking can do

An incredible story to tell.

I’m not one to draw to “shippy” stuff…but I just couldn’t help myself with a Ben and Rook one…because UGH these two are too in love…and it’s NOT that shippy..friends can do that, right?…right? ./////. *cough*


She sits on a park bench, the evening sunset fading gently into the clouds, it was times like this the medic appreciated Seoul & though the area around her was isolated, it still felt oddly comforting. Turning her head slightly but still looking out, Hyera speaks to the person sat on the opposite end of the bench. “You know, I came to Seoul a few months ago & I would always see kids playing here, but now it’s just empty. It’s sad isn’t it? What gangs have done to this place.”

okay look. look. if youre a h*wks fan, you may not wanna follow me anyways, as i hate your team with a burning, fiery passion. but tonight. TONIGHT. please. if you like the h*wks and you follow me i am WARNING YOU. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME BECAUSE I AM LIKELY NOT GOING TO HOLD BACK.

i feel like guan shan is the type of person who pretends to not get scared during horror movies when he actually does but despite that he still enjoys them immensely, while he tian is the type of person who doesn’t get the appeal of horror movies because they’re ridiculous and the characters acts like idiots most of the time

this of course until they watch a horror movie together and guan shan spends the entire time making jokes about the stupid things the characters do and clinging tightly to him during scary scene. he tian teases him to no end about it, but when they go to bed later that night, guan shan snuggles closer to him and he tian thinks that horror movies are not so bad after all

hellomrwhale  asked:

I left a comment that talks about the GITS "whitewashed" I don't know if you agree that it's white washed but if so then that reply is for you. Because it's fucking not. Me personally yeah would have preferred an Asian actress BUT like the reply said (please read the reply) her shell doesn't matter. Plus I honestly think the movie is going to be pretty but lacking the philosophical part of the franchise which is a blow to gut. But anyways, the outrage over GITS is dumb tbh.

my big issue is with the fact that they planned on using cgi to make scarjo look more asian than actually hire an asian actor

they would rather hire a white woman and try to make her look more asian than actually hire an asian??? which just kinda shows how little asians are actually regarded in mainstream media

like im done with the whole ‘hey this is an asian thing or its heavily based off of asian culture but this white person takes the spotlight’ like the great wall and shit bc hollywoods gonna keep pulling that kind of thing and im always going to be constantly angry if im going to care about it man im just tired

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