just dave being himself

While I love pale gamkar to death, I like to entertain the thought of pale gamdave just because of how interesting the dynamics would be

Like you have Dave who doesn’t get quadrant shit but is also confused about his sexuality and suddenly he has this weird clown who is obviously into him but he can’t really tell in which way the clown is into him so there’s a lot of guess work going on. Like maybe he hit on the clown once trying to be ironic but Gamzee is so obviously desperate for positive attention that he’s just like :oO!!! And Dave is like “fuck i fucked up dude I’m not gay” and gamzee is just like “hahaha what okay wanna smooch” and Dave is like ????

So it all eventually dissolves into a lot of talking and them learning about each other and Gamzee teaching Dave how to accept himself and Dave just being there for Gamzee as a positive individual in his life and maybe learns to not mock his religion and they just become good buds