just date already and make me happy!


Percico holding hands for the first time commission for @binyeum

Dating the Swim Team Captain does have its perks, doesn’t it, Nico? He’s so embarrassed. Percy’s goal is to make him flustered and happy at the same time and Nico wearing knee high Converse was something I never knew I needed. 

At this point the no sex thing isn’t even a big deal to us. I only remember that how our relationship is is different than others when someone brings it up
Like last night I was out with friends and I was talking about how I went to the Museum of Sex and that one of the exhibits was enough to make me NEVER want to have sex lol. And then one of my friends was like “well at least it wouldn’t be hard for you since y'all already not doing it”. Then people who were with us who don’t know me like that were like “omg you’re not having sex??? How long have you been dating?? How why??”
And I was just like oh yeah, this is still a thing. People still are shocked when someone is like yeah I’m happy yeah I’m in love no we don’t have sex yea we’re waiting for marriage. I always forget that it’s a thing

*Request: Imagine you are dating Happy & you get jealous easily and happy always has to reassure that he loves you.”

“Are you getting ready baby?” Happy asked you on the phone. He was already at the SAMCRO party and you had just got off work so you were trying to get ready then go see your old man. “Yes, I just got out the shower and I’m doing my hair and make up now, but do you know what would help this process go faster?” You asked him while flat ironing your hair. “Let me guess, me off the phone?” He said smiling.”Yes baby!” You said laughing. “Alright I’ll see you in the next hour. Bye.” He said hanging up before you had anytime to yell at him for saying an hour because he knew you took a long time to get ready. You really disliked going to these parties because you were very conservative and the girls at the parties were far from that. They were all sluts and Happy and the rest of the club already had sex with them so that bothered you because if you weren’t there a female would always be pushing up on Happy and that made your blood boil.

“Where are you?” Happy texted your phone as you were about to walk out the door. You replied, “Almost there.” Considering the fact that your house was only 15 minutes away from the club house. He knew damn well that you would take long so he shouldn’t have gotten his panties in a twist. As you pulled into the club house parking lot you could already smell the women, alcohol, and cigarettes from your car. You started walking to the door and once you walked in you were trying to find Happy. “Looking for your old man baby doll?” Gemma asked you. You didn’t notice her but you two weren’t the best of friends, matter of fact you disliked the sight of her but you just kept a smiling face because at the end of the day she was family to your man so you dealt with it. “Yes, you seen em?” You asked with a straight face. “Yeah, some little tart had his attention by the pool table a few minutes ago. She had a nice little ass.” She said smiling. You immediately made your way to where he was.


You couldn’t find Happy any where in the room, you tried to play if off by just standing at the bar and looking around the room but you couldn’t hide your anger anymore. “Hey sis.” Tig said. Out of everyone he was probably the only person besides Happy that you talked to or could even stand since he was very funny and dint stop bothering me until i smiled. “Hey Tiggy, have you seen Hap?” You asked with hopeful eyes. “Uh, yeah.” He said looking around the club house. “He was outside with a few guys.” He said and before he could finish the sentence you were up off the bar stool and made your way to the door. You yelled, “Thanks.” before walking off. once you got outside you saw Happy with a croweater and she was all on him in his face and he had a nice grip on her ass. You were pissed. The woman was laughing and all up in Happy’s face and it soon came to a stop once he noticed you looking at him. He soon had a serious face and made his way towards you. “I’m leaving.” you said walking to your car. “Y\N. We were just talking.” He said grabbing me. “Oh and her ass in your hands was you just talking too?” You said and he didn’t say anything back. “Yeah I didn’t think so.”

You walked to your car and he followed you. “Babe, you’re overreacting.” He said with a smirk on his face. You could tell he was a little bit tipsy, because he was happy before he got drunk because once he was drunk he was mad. “Overreacting? I don’t even like coming to these parties but I come for you and that’s what you do? I’m going home since I make a big deal out of everything. You don’t have to come home, stay here with your sluts and beer.” You said closing your door. Instead of going home you drive to Mayan territory and visited your cousin who was your only family member you talked to. “Lily! Open the door.” You screamed from the front of her house. Her boyfriend Bird opened the door and said, “She’s sleeping Y\N.” The front of the house smelled like weed and beer. “Move Bird.” You pushed him out the way and walked to the master bedroom, passing up Bird’s friends. “Wake up Lily.” You said to her. “Ugh, Y\N? What happened?” She said wiping her eyes. “I think I should leave Happy, he has too many women around him at those parties and I don’t even like going but I go for him and tonight I went and some tramp was all up in his face and her ass was in his hands LIly!” You said hoping to get dramatic feedback. “You woke me up to tell me that your man went to a party and women were around him. When me and you go out guys grab our asses and try to push up on us all the time.” You felt stupid and just laid there.


You stayed the night at Lily’s house and you woke up to 21 missed calls from Happy and text messages starting off good saying, “Babe.” “Where are you?” “I’m sorry.” then they drifted to more angry messages like, “Where the fuck are you?” “What the fuck” “Get your ass home!” You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. Lily was cooking breakfast and she already ha food waiting for you. “You know I would appreciate if you let your man know where you were at.” You looked at her confused. “Him blowing up your phone and even calling my phone took me by surprise. He is planning something for you tonight so he told me to keep you here, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” “Please, the last time Happy planned something special for me included going to Gemma’s house with the rest of the club. Happy only cares about that damn club.” You said to Lily. “Well Y\N, let’s go to the mall and do some retail therapy.” Lily said. “That sounds like a bet.” You said to her.

After a day of shopping you dreaded going back to the house, knowing that you had to see Happy and confront all of the problems from the night before. As you pulled up to the house you grabbed your stuff and made you way to the door and once you got to the door you noticed a note tapped to the door saying “I’m sorry.” You smirked but then came back to reality once you smelled smoke coming from inside your house. “You dropped all your bags, opened the door, and then ran into the kitchen where you found Happy using a fire extinguisher and cursing. Once he got the fire out of control you said, “Happy, what the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to burn the house down? You don’t cook!” “I know, I’m sorry I was trying to make a dinner for you but I let the damn thing on high and walked away and came back to a fire. I was trying to do something special for you. I got this fancy ass wine and made you a bath with those balls that you like that make bubbles. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.” He said cleaning up the mess. “You did all that for me?” You said with a smile. “Yeah, I thought you’d be mad I caused a fire. I’m sorry.” “Happy, I love you but let me do the cooking please.” You said laughing because he had looked a complete mess but he tried and that made you very happy. “I’m sorry about the other night, I was just being stupid. It’ll never happen again” He said. “I love you. Now lets take a bath.” 

Maybe I am old fashioned in the sense that I don’t believe grand gestures outweigh small ones. Bring me a single rose on our first date. Dance with me in the rain. Hum your favorite song as we walk just because you’re happy to be beside me. Tell me you love me when we’re driving down the freeway with the windows down and your hair in your eyes. Text me a good night even if it’s three am and you rolled over after falling asleep on your couch and realized you forget to call me. Just make me feel wanted. Pursue me.
Because I will give you everything I’ve got. I already plan to. It’s just nice to know you’re fighting for me as hard as I am for you.
—  Just some rainy day thoughts

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Hey Michael! Ok so I'm terrified that I'm gonna end up alone, I've been thinking a lot about this lately and would like your insight. So I'm 17 and a senior in high school (and I already know your gonna tell me I have my whole life ahead of me) but I recently began to think what if I turn out like one of those nasty old men on Grindr looking for someone to give them attention because they never got it. It's so hard to be happy alone and I just want to love me. I'm afraid I'll never find that!

The tips that I could give you is
1. Don’t use ANY dating apps or Grindr
2. Go on dates before making things serious
3. Make them laugh
4. FaceTime then
5. Get to know them well enough
6. Sometimes not trying can sometimes end up meeting someone.


- him putting your contact name in his phone as like “all mine” with every single heart emoji
- “hey, yeol, can you help me reach that i ca-”
- “ok fuck u i already got it”
- baekhyun being over 29048% of the time and you don’t even know why you’re just like “um don’t u have ur own girlfriend to get to??”
- but you don’t mind cause he’s your bf’s best friend and makes him rlly happy despite how annoying and loud and eye-liner hoarding he is
- makes sure neither of you leaves the other without a humongous kiss first 
- like you hug him before you leave and then you kiss him rlly deeply and he’s all like “bruh if u want we can stay….”
- skype calls with him in muscle tees
- playing random tunes on his guitar for you to see what you like for his next song or potentially exo’s next title woo woo 
- always rests his head in ur lap when you’re just lounging at home
- the ridiculously cheesy type to hang polaroids of you guys on the walls of your apartment
- fighting over who gets to switch the radio channel or the tv station
- you always win though and his pouty face is just too much to handle and literally too cute so you hand it over to him so he can choose cause you can literally see his huge ass ears droop all the way down to his chin
- and then he giggles and his eyes light up 
- and then he puts on like power rangers or something and you’re like wow i’m literally dating a five year old 
- but there are times when he’s really serious and really manly because he wants to show he can be a boyfriend that can protect you 
- like when you’ve had a bad day, he’ll sit down and just listen to every detail of your day whilst fidgeting and linking your fingers together absentmindedly 
- he tells you he loves you and just holds you close because there are some moments where words aren’t really needed
- makeout sessions on the bathroom counter yo
- just when things get heated baekhyun walks into the washroom like “guys have u seen my toothbrush??”
- he loves you with every fibre of his being and will protect you at all costs and is always the type to need your attention and have you all for himself and he is no doubt one of the cutest humans in the world :>

  • Leo: Hey Aquarius, does this hat make me look good?
  • Aquarius: Why do you ask that? You were already looking good even after you put on the hat ;)
  • Leo: oH ;)))))))))))
  • Libra: It's okay they're lying, Leo. Aquarius is a flirter.
  • Aquarius: L i e s.
  • Leo: Yeah, Aquarius is right. Those are LIES
  • Libra: Oh my god. *rolls eyes*
  • Aquarius: *whispers to Libra* Shut up dude Leo needs some confidence man. Imagine them just like, being genuinely happy dude.
  • Libra: *loud gasp* YOU'RE NICE?????
  • Aquarius: No. *walks away*
  • Libra: SHUT UP
  • *an hour later*
  • Aquarius: Yo.
  • Aquarius: Yo Leo. Your hair is nice c:
  • Leo: aW THANK YOU
  • Libra: Yeah, and how're your eyes so p r e t t y?
  • Libra and Aquarius: You're SO NICE
  • Leo: But what about Libra?
  • Aquarius: Do you think Libra wants to throw cheese at Aries while they're flirting?
  • Leo: Oh. Yeah. True, true.
  • Aquarius: ARIES
  • Aries: *yeyesyeysyeysyeyseyyeysyssyes y e s* YEAH
  • Leo: HEADS UP *throws cheese, hits Aries on the head*
  • Aries: yOU'RE DEAD LEO
  • Aries: ......what.
  • Aquarius: Hey ;)
  • Aries: I totally like cheese guys, so fine with it. Cheese forever. Cheese is so cool.
  • Libra: ehehehehheheheheeheeheheheh *throws cheese*
  • *hot person walks by*
  • Leo:
  • Leo: but
  • Libra: *winks at Leo then walks to the hot person*
  • *another hot person walks by*
  • Leo: OH HI ;)
  • Aquarius: More cheese, dude?
  • Aries: Yeah.
  • requested by anon

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Your posts reassure me a lot... I'm currently overweight and have been struggling. I have unrealistic expectations, i guess. I want the weight to just drop off of me as fast as possible but i know i have to be patient and keep at it for months. I see a lot of girls on here with a "start weight" or "current weight" that's already healthy/skinny and it makes me feel really bad about myself but it's nice to have someone in the same boat :) We can do this!~ Stay safe, okay? ♡♡♡

I’m so happy my posts help you! I honestly thought (and still think, and kind of am) I was just another boring thinspo blog haha

And I don’t like having set dates with my “goals” like that, with anything. I just want to get the thing done. If I think in the “dates” and “goals” mindset it will never happen for me.

I had a pretty bad week tbh like school is just killing me but seeing my boyfriend today made me so happy I’m so glad he started school with me. he just makes me so happy!! we didn’t even do anything we like drove around and went to target and got dinner but it still made me happy I love spending time with him and joking around with him it’s only been a few hours and I miss him already

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Will you ever do a 2nd part of Ghost Lights, or something with the two guys in it? I just fell in love with them and don't want to stop it... <3

omg /// i’m so glad you like them <3 and YES i’m already working on a part 2 (or better said… a separate part, a main story). collecting scenes etc.

it makes me so so happy that they got so much positive feedback. and i want to continue working on their story, too. it’ll be much longer, and it’s going to be really dark… but also more intimate between them! i’m setting the release date of the comic for early 2016

soo thank you very much, it means a lot!! (they say thank you, too)

I listened to the part of Marks charity stream where he was talking about Darkiplier and it really is an incredible thing. It’s really something that he wants to embrace Dark and really get his own version out there, something that Jack wanted the opposite of with Antisepticeye. But, it’s actually very fitting that Mark does it in this way since these characters are something he really takes pride in, like Wilford Warfstache. And of course, going from the videos from “A Date with Markiplier” you can really tell how much of a labor of love Dark was for Mark. It just makes me so happy.

I want to stay true to his version as much as I can, but in all honesty, I pretty much already was lol Except for the joking I do with the emo edgelord stuff. But, my Dark is definitely more serious and I could see a lot of similarities between what I want in mine and how Mark portrayed his.

Obviously Dark isn’t going to be the same, the main reason being that canon Dark and my Dark have very different origin stories, but a lot of his personality is the same and I can not wait for you guys to see what I have planned. There’s so much in my mind that I want to put out there, and in time I will. I just hope you all are here to see it! Thank you guys for all the support. ❤ It’s totally awesome.


alykapediaaa said: DO IT


ang3lsh1 said: Clearly the only reasonable answer to that is to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE 8’D

I just need the ideas to come first, ugh. I was totally planning on writing the legendary nine day heat featuring 95% filth and 5% funny, but then I opened up a Word doc and my brain was like “LOL NOPE I’M TIRED OF WRITING PORN” and that was that. Now I just want to write something happy and fluffy and ridiculous because college is making me want to avoid any actual responsibilities, oops.

bolsheviktor said: listen that would be the best thing ever, could you imagine how mad lil alpha yuri would be at Victor for crashing his date

Like Yuuri is clearly trying to be the considerate parent and going “Victor, no, just leave them alone to have fun together” but Victor’s Embarrassing Dad transformation is already complete so he’s like “HI I’M HERE TO RUIN EVERYTHING”. Otabek is too polite to complain and he also still thinks Victor and Yuuri are pretty cool but Yurio is like “dude, you’ve never had to live with them before” and of course Victor is all “YOU KNOW WHAT THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA HOW ABOUT YOU STAY WITH US IN OUR INCREASINGLY CRAMPED APARTMENT” while Yuuri just wishes he’d married somebody with actual sense. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


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She was waiting this for Valentine’s Day for a while now. From preparing a home cooked meal and tickets for a midnight screening for later, to making this very special design just for Carter’s eyes only. Already telling him that she was staying at his place for the night after their date was over. Lucy wanted everything to be perfect and so far it have been for the most part anyway.

She was eager into changing from her day clothes into another outfit solely for this special day, just to give him a little tease of her new lingerie. She spent so long making it just for this very day hopes to look as cute as she could in his eyes.

Carter wasn’t expecting what awaited him in his bedroom when he came back from getting a glass of water. It’s a miracle that he didn’t choke on his drink when he catches the sight of the pink haired beauty dressed in one of what he can only guess is her very own creations. God, she was so talented! And beautiful! And sexy…

After a few moments of appreciating her (he was honestly contemplating grabbing one of his nearby sketchbooks to get this image down, but-), he’s on her like white on rice. In Carter’s book, today had already been perfect. But this- This made it even more so. 

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I'm not going to say any hate, enough already has been said; and, it is getting ridiculous. I enjoy looking at the most recent submissions to Soriel because the ship makes me happy. Just like yours, most likely, makes you happy. Some of us Soriel shippers relate to our ship because it remind us of our real life relationships. And when we see such hateful comments posted in our tag, obviously it annoys, angers, and insults us. So I'm asking you, kindly, to please stop posting hate in our tag.

“remind us of our real life relationships.”

So you dated a nihilistic midget? Or are you saying you dated someone who could be your mother?

craig already loved tweek but with a homophobic dad and him being quiet he didn’t ever tell him but then everyone started shipping him and Craig pushed tweek to believe in himself enough to act in front of people and thats what make tweek fall for him and tweek’s suggestion to ‘pretend’ get back together was because he was embarrassed and didn’t think craig liked him but they’re both secretly happy things ended the way it did 


The Signs In Love

Aries: “Love me. Bow down to me. Don’t annoy me. I love you.”

Taurus: Pampers their partner

Gemini: Questions if they actually love them or not

Cancer: Just wants to cuddle and eat and make out

Leo: Is adored by their partner

Virgo: Plans out every date down to every detail and exactly what they’re going to do before sex

Libra: *accidentally seduces everyone and makes their partner jealous*

Scorpio: Obsessive, aggressive, and adorable.

Sagittarius: Already thinking about marriage after their first kiss

Capricorn: Unlucky in love; used, cheated on, or lied to

Aquarius: Always tries to make their partner happy, even if they have to fake their own happiness

Pisces: *gets text message that says hi* “OH MY GOD ARE THEY DUMPING ME

I still think we’re soul mates.  I just think that we met at the wrong time of our lives.  
I hope that 3 or 5 years later we meet again.  I hope that one day when I’m sitting by myself at a bar, you walk in and we make eye contact and smile at each other.  You come over and start talking to me and we start to catch up.  After that, you give me your new number and we start to talk again.  Time passes, I ask you out on a date and make it really special, that makes the spark between us light up again.  
Maybe then you’ve already sorted things out in your mind.  Maybe you’re less confused by then.  Maybe I’ve matured more and learnt how to control my feelings.
Maybe, just maybe, we can be together and happy again.  Maybe.
—  Maybe
So I just watched Mr. Candle Cares

Okay okay okay

So as you all probably know I am a huge tomco supporter, and the new episode was just food for my soul.

But it got me thinking, what if tomco is actually end game?

I know it sounds like hopeful thinking, but just hear me out.

The whole episode of Mr. Candle Cares is basically just there to prove that starco is platonic and they are happy in their platonic relationship. I mean, these are actual quotes from the episode:

“Starco is completely platonic.”

“He’s my roommate. We’re just friends.”

“you’re right, it would be pretty weird to date your roommate.”

The rest of the episode was just spent with tom and marco bonding and Marco helping him to realise that pining over star would get him nowhere. I mean they’re basically friends by the end and it makes me so happy.

It’s not that farfetched that they would get together, I mean, the show is already so refreshing in terms of romantic expectancies, and lately people are becoming a lot more accepting of homosexual relationships in cartoons.

I would seriously be so exstatic if they did. And I’m p sure star ships it ;))

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Tony, how many Captain America boxers do you have?

“I started with 7, each for every day of the week, but since me and Steve are dating the number is raising. Just don’t tell anyone.”

“Everybody knows already, babe. A box of donuts, his favorite blend of coffee, new set of screwdrivers and screws, new tie, and a pair of Captain America underwear - these are the standards gifts for Tony, that always make him happy.”

“What can I say, I am a simple guy and have simple needs.”