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Moments. Chapter 16: First

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Chapter 16: First

“I was watching that” Sana mumbled trying to keep her eyes opened

“No you weren’t, you were asleep” she heard Yousef chuckle

They were in their living room. Yousef was sitting on the couch with his feet on the table. Sana was lying on his chest, his arm wrapped around her. They had been in that same position for almost two hours now, they were supposed to be watching a movie but Sana had fallen asleep half an hour after it started and only waken up once Yousef had stopped the movie.

“I wasn’t asleep, I was just resting my eyes” Sana whined

“For one hour and a half?”

“Shut up”

Yousef laughed and squeezed her arm gently, kissing then the top of her head.

“It’s getting late anyway, we should get ready and start dinner, our parents will be here in about 3 hours” Yousef said

“Whose idea was to invite them for dinner when we could have the entire day for ourselves?” Sana complained

“Uh, it was your idea actually”

“And it was such a great idea, like every idea I have” Sana said yawning

“Of course” he chuckled “Okay, time to have a shower”

Yousef tried to stand up but Sana wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest

“Sana…it’s getting late and I still have to make dinner”

“But I’m so comfortable right now” she said in a sleepy voice

“You can stay here while I shower, but then it’s your turn. You have 15 more minutes to sleep, that’s all missy” he said once again kissing the top of her head and finally standing up leaving sleepy Sana on the couch.

“I hate you” she whispered

“You love me” he said as he left the room to take a shower


As he got out of the bathroom, only a towel around his waist, he already knew she was sleeping. The house was completely in silence. He didn’t blame her though, he knew she had been working really hard on her residency at the hospital lately. He looked at her for awhile as she peacefully slept on the couch. They had been married for two weeks now and he still couldn’t believe it was real, he couldn’t believe he was this lucky.

“Sana” he whispered her name and he stood in front of her “Sana…wake up”

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly, only to find Yousef’s bare chest right in front of her. She couldn’t help but stare at it for a bit still not knowing if she was awake or if she was still dreaming.

“My eyes are up here, you know” he teased her

Sana looked up and smiled shyly. She stretched out her arms and sat down on the couch.

“I was just…”

“Staring?” Yousef asked with a smirk

“Admiring my husband’s qualities” she said biting her lip

“Qualities, huh?”

“Yeah, but don’t let it get to you”

He shook his head and laughed.

“Okay admirer, you need to have a shower and get ready while I start making dinner”

He offered her his hand to help her stand up. She took it and got on her feet.

“You know, there’s a lot of time left, do we really need to start getting ready now?”

“Yes because” he said as he took a step closer to her and placed his hands on her waist “This is going to be our first dinner with our parents as a married couple. It has to be perfect”

Sana couldn’t help but laugh at that and shake her head.

“What?” Yousef asked confused

“You’ve been saying that kind of stuff the whole week. ‘Look Sana this is our first breakfast as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first movie as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first dinner as a married couple’” she teased him

“Is this going to be our first fight as a married couple?” he asked acting offended

“No” she laughed as she placed her arms around his neck “You know I love this cheesiness of you, even if it gets me on my nerves sometimes”

“What can I say? I’m Yousef” he said shrugging

“And I love Yousef” she said as she leaned in closer to him

“And I love you”

He closed the space between them and kissed her lips slowly. She held onto his neck tighter and deepened the kiss. She smiled to herself, the happiness she felt while kissing Yousef was still new to her.

“Hmm…okay” she said as she pulled away “You really need to go and put a shirt on or else I won’t be able to get ready in time and you won’t be able to make dinner”

Yousef raised his eyebrows as high as humanly possible, a smirk showing on his lips.

“Shut up” Sana said rolling her eyes as she let go of him and took a step backwards “You make dinner, I’m going to go get ready for our first dinner with our parents as a married couple”

She turned around to leave but Yousef grabbed her hand to stop her. He pulled her closer to him gently and kissed her one more time

“Ugh, just go” she said laughing and she pushed him slightly

He winked at her and finally went to their bedroom to change into some fancy clothes.


“How’s dinner going?” Sana said as she entered the kitchen almost an hour later.

She was finishing pinning her red hijab as Yousef, who was cooking, turned around with a spoon full of sauce in his hand.

Yousef’s mouth literally dropped as he saw his wife standing there. Two weeks of marriage, almost 7 years dating, and he still was amazed by Sana’s beauty every single time. She was wearing, or almost wearing since she had one more pin left in her hand, a red hijab, a black t-shirt with white stripes on her sleeves and white leggings. He stared at her, not remembering the fact that he was still holding a spoon with sauce in his hand. Before he could do anything about it half of the sauce in it fell into his white shirt

“Yousef! Be careful” she said as she walked over to him making him refocus. “Look at the mess you made in your shirt”

She took the spoon from his hand and placed it on the counter along with the pin she had been holding. Then she grabbed a wet cloth and tried to get the stain out of Yousef’s shirt.

“Didn’t you see that you had that in your hand?” she asked

“I was blinded by your beauty” he said sincerely

Sana looked up at him and shook her head

“What? It’s true” he said shrugging

“It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work” she said still wiping the sauce out of his shirt “You’ll have to change”

“Or I can go shirtless, since you liked that look that much”

She rolled her eyes and stepped away from him just as the song he had been listening to changed into Old school by Urban Cone

Yousef flashed a huge smile at Sana and before she could do anything about it he took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist making her sway to the rhythm of the music.

“I’m not dancing” Sana warned him

But Yousef didn’t listen, he kept making them move to the beat. Sana tried to contain the laugh but as soon as he made her twirl around she couldn’t help it anymore. He was such a dork, what kind of person starts to dance in the kitchen? But he was her dork and she couldn’t be happier about it. Eventually she gave up and enjoyed the dance smiling as he sang to the lyrics.

“Everything that I do is to love you old school, let me love you old school” he sang as he moved his head to the beat making her laugh again.

They were at the second chorus, now even Sana was singing, when Sana’s phone beeped with a text message from her mom.

“They’re almost here. Apparently they ran into your parents on their way here and they’re coming together” Sana said as she read the text

“Perfect” Yousef said nodding

He looked at her and noticed that something was missing. He took the pin Sana had left on the counter and walked over to her gently taking the strand of her hijab that was loose and holding it with the pin as he had seen her doing so many times during these past weeks. Sana smiled fondly at him, he was looking at her so tenderly, it made her heart melt. He placed his hand on her cheek and brushed his thumb softly against it making her shiver. She wetted her lips and closed the distance between them to kiss him gently. They both smiled against each other’s lips before parting away.

“Hey” she whispered “we just had our first dance in the kitchen as a married couple”

His lips curved into a huge grin that matched the one on her face. He kissed her forehead as the doorbell rang.

“This is just the beginning, prepare to be dancing every day” he whispered as he took her hand and led the way to open the door

“Sounds good”


Prompt: hey i know you have lots of work and lots of promps but… I’ve had that idea in which yousana is just married and they invite family over and yousef is cooking and sana is just looking at him eating a carrot and yousef starts signing or dancing (smth like evak famous scene) and sana is just blushing and rolling her eyes but eventually she gets caught in the moment. (sorry, I forgot about the carrot part but I still hope you like it)

I know I said I was going to write Yousef’s and Sana’s parents in this chapter but once I started writing this I couldn’t stop and well, I decided to leave it at that. I promise I will write something with Yousana and Yousef’s family since lots of you have asked me that.

A HUGE thank you to @stressedoutteenager for helping me with the song since I suck at picking songs and she has an excellent taste in music. Thank you so much♥

Also I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update this multichapter, I promise I’ll try to post more often

Thank you for reading!!♥

anonymous asked:

hi! love the blog! can I have a prompt request for the mc perhaps finding out what favorite dish the rfa members like and she perhaps cooks it for them??? idk this sounds like a really cute prompt and I just need to see this 😢

a|n thank u guys for your super cute words! i’m 100% better now!

° p|s it’s now admin lilu or egg lilu WHATEVER U WISH °

° Yoosung

  • so he’s not really shit at cooking.. just slightly shit??
  • like he can make eggs and toast probably but anything else and say bye to all the furniture in your house (poooof)
  • so you offer to teach him how to make something quick n easy instead of just eggs and ketchup he drenches that on jesus how
  • decide on stir fry because it can’t really go that wrong???
  • please
  • he’s super slow when doing everything because he doesn’t want to mess up but when he sees you chopping vegetables super fast he almost chokes
  • i have a knife in my hand rn don’t make me use it
  • he tries to copy you and ends up with a tiny cut his finger and he’s holding back the tears so bad 
  • “I’ve been sliced.. I’ll be o-okay, my LOLOL character has been through worse…”
  • …wth are you saying under your breath is this a chant?? no satanic shit please
  • one LOLOL plaster later:  he’s chopping things alongside you with furrowed eyebrows with his tongue sticking out and is that a bead of sweat??? bro calm down its a carrot!!
  • when he finishes cutting he literally drops the knife and does a celebratory dance 
  • HEY MAN now you actually gotta COOK everything
  • but he brings out a huge pot and 
  • ???
  • “OH GOD THAT’S SO CLEVER”  *(-‸ლ)* 
  • definitely the type to just taste everything when you’re not looking 
  • but you saw
  • mid chicken strip bite he looks up at you being caught and he just gives you puppy eyes and blinks lots of times
  • tries to add ketchup to the stir fry and you have to knock him out the way before he tips the whole damN BOTTLE IN STOP
  • also the type to post pics everywhere saying he’s a chef like okay sure

° Zen

  • after seeing you in the morning with short shorts kneading some dough all of a sudden he wanted to cook to
  • reaaaaaal smoOTH
  • he just suddenly comes up behind you and rubs his hands together asking so what’re we going to make today??
  • but we’re making cookies!!
  • preparing himself he rolls up his sleeves, ties up his hair (omg his hair down in the morning gooDBYEE)
  • then he comes up behind you and slips his arms under yours so theres 4 hands just kneading the dough
  • “what.. what’re you doing I’m okAY”
  • “ I saw couples it on TV and it was spinning and-”
  • “THATS POTTERY GRAMPS” *face palm punch*
  • ends up sitting on the side munching on chocolate chips because wow kneading is like working out at the gym suNDAY IS A REST DAY 
  • but fuck he’s finished all the chocolate chips get back hERE
  • he’s super annoying omg he’d swipe flour on your cheek and you’d just stop and look at him you’ve woken the beast bud
  • the mf is smirking at you 
  • “what’re you going to do about it??”
  • you chuck flour at him and oh god the kitchen is a mess call 911 
  • cookies have been forgotten as you’re chucking flour at him but you can’t really tell because it blends into his hair while u look like albert einstein cheers m8
  • you have to stop when theres no more flour left in the bag and you’re both panting heavily and both a mESS
  • “Want to take a shower with-”
  • “I’ll actually adopt a cat if you don’t shUT UP YOU PUNK”
  • he tries to do that cheesy thing when theres food on your lips and he kisses it off
  • the flour is all over your face? logic
  • but when he DOES kiss you he makes a face because holy fuck flour tastes bad
  • serves u right 

° Jaehee

  • my baby loves pastries but because of trust fund kid giving her too much work she never has time (justice4jaehee #j4j)
  • so after forcingasking Jumin to give her a day off you decide to bake all types of lil elaborate cakes together
  • she’s so in her element can you imagine how relaxed she’d be??
  • like there’d be music playing and you’d be singing along but she’d just be singing under her breath quietly 
  • but you can hear her!!
  • hella embarrassed when you give her a small thumbs up but she just turns around to keep mixing the batter because no no no no this isn’t the time to gO RED NOT NOW
  • instead of you telling her what to do she’s telling YOU what to do and she’s so mum omg??
  • starts off super patient but as soon as you add too much butter she’s freaking out and just nO STOP NO 
  • “THATS 220g MC WE NEED 210″
  • “eh it doesn’t matter THAT much does it??.. woah okay nvm it does sorry”
  • she gives you one of those disapproving looks and you almost die
  • so she takes over at one point because she’s SUCH a perfectionist and you just kinda watch her do her thing 
  • being the smush ball she is she notices your pouting face and gives you the icing bag so you can do the decorations!!
  • stands beside you as you ice the cakes and she guides you v slowly trYING HER BEST to be patient
  • when you’re about to mess up she puts her hands on top of yours to try guide you and holy s h i t
  • now you’re both blushing bright red its like lady and the tramp pt 2
  • she quickly removes her hand and avoids eye contact with you and apologies about 19 times
  • and she’d be SUPER embarrassed when you gush over her cakes trying to deny they weren’t that good but she can’t help but flush pink anyway

° Jumin

  • he’s probably never even made toast himself before
  • probably also was served caviar for breakfast or something (even though he hates it) bleeh
  • so when you suggest making smores he’s probably like what the actual hell is that is it a type of fish excuse me wHAT
  • “Just ask the chef to make it?”
  • super duper confused when you tell him that they have to make it themselves by a fire outside
  • “…MC.. I don’t condone the use of drugs” fgs
  • you just tell him to meet you outside for dessert and he’s seriously over thinking this like what type of commner ritual do I have to do now
  • he sits down beside you and when you hand him a skewer he deadass just stares at it god damn it 
  • you show him how to put the treats on to the skewer and put it over the fire and you can’t tell if he’s impressed or not because he just stares at it blankly
  • fuck.. this is awkward
  • but he tries his best to do it but somehow the cracker splits in two or the chocolate melts before he can put it on the skewer and he’s genuinely confused is this black magic??
  • “are you sure children do this often?” frustrated Jumin
  • he takes a bite and holy fUCK is it heaven? hes surprised and ends up making a few more (success!!)
  • oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean t-”
  • swipe [swiper no swiping] wait what was that?
  • but you can see the corner of his lip curling up bITCH WHAT
  • you both stare at each other for a bit
  • (well ur confused at the fact he pretty much booped your nose)
  • so you respond but getting melted marshmellow and swiping his nose back with the same expression
  • it goes back and forth until you can’t help but snort (nice) and he chuckles under his breath shaking his head and mumbling
  • “What has MC turned me into, …Christ.”

° Saeyoung

  • the most extra mf around oh god brace yourselves guys
  • you’re both lounging on the couch when you switch to a cooking channel and Saeyoung’s eyes literally light up 
  • no no NO DON’T GET ANY THOUGHTS too late
  • and you pretty much want to chuck your phone at the tv screen when the chef finishes with “Go make it yourself NOW!”
  • because before you can even stop Saeyoung he’s literally running out to the kitchen come back wAIT 
  • you chase him to the kitchen where he has those huge chef hats and an apron and wAIT why do you have a bikini apron??
  • he insists he’d better than the chef AND YOU so you’re just ready to fight like okay game on bitch (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • being the extra bitch he is he starts spewing out random Italian words while making the pasta
  • “bellissIMO,SI IT’S A ME MARIO..” 
  • “ow.. that hurt” :((
  • you had to punch his arm because he’s fluent in 17 languages (including italian) but he sAYS THIS? WOW
  • he copies you at first but as soon as he loses track he just messes up so he just adds the most random shit
  • seasoning? crushed HB chips
  • dressing? dr pepper
  • why is it all black and bubbling this shit is not edIBLE HE’S CREATED FUCKING POISON ALERT
  • he also does the weirdest movements while cooking
  •  like he sprinkles salt into the pot from like 23 metres high trying to look professional 
  • giggle because you can see his lil belly poking out hi there!!
  • but wait that isn’t salt thats bakING SODA WYD
  • somehow manages to create a small fire in the pot and you’re both scREAMING SAEYOUNG WHAT DID YOU DO
  • a few minutes of screaming later, you both slump down on to the kitchen floor and just burst into laughter
  • “..Do you think we should mak- OW OW OW STOP  MC - MY EAR”
  • you’re lucky if i let you IN the kitchen fuckwad