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Just for Tonight

Okaaay, so this is my first Crowley fic. If it isn’t great, I apologize. I’d LOVE some tips on how to make it better. This is just a little fluffy something that came to me while I was in the car, so it isn’t all that long or in-depth. Still, I hope you enjoy.

Pairing: Crowley X Reader

Warnings: Uh, drinking, teasing, nothing really past that. 

Word Count: ~1400

Summary: Crowley finds the reader while she’s drinking after a hunt and the two basically talk and hang out. Like I said, not really all that in-depth.

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The room is all but spinning around you. Four shots of tequila and three glasses of cherry vodka in, you can’t even remember how you’d made it to the bar. You can vaguely recall that it had something to do with a particularly bad case, and something else about Sam and Dean deciding to nurse their wounds back at the Bunker.

But who cared about that right now? The D.J. turns on your of your favorite tunes and you laugh, pulling away from the bar and wading to the middle of the dance floor. You lose yourself to the music, arms thrown carelessly into the air as you twirl and sway along with the beat. By the time the song ends and you stumble back to the bar, you’re breathing hard, a stupid grin plastered on your face.

Someone bumps into you and you stumble forward, letting out a yelp as the floor rushes up to meet you. But rather than colliding with the slick, wooden floor, you feel yourself being supported by a pair of strong arms. A deep voice spoke from above you, the thick accent striking a chord even through the haze of the alcohol.

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@sectumsemprat a (late (i’m sorry omg)) birthday present for jocelyn!! you said forever ago that you liked hogwarts era drarry so here’s some slytherin!harry yule ball fluff. i hope you like it<3

“You ready, then?”

Draco looked up. The image of him and Harry in the mirror looked rather good if he were being honest, both of them done up in their dress robes and their hair slightly more in place than usual. Well, Draco’s was always in place. Harry’s on the other hand—   

Draco flicked a stray lock of hair from Harry’s forehead—Merlin, it just wouldn’t stay put—and straightened his robes. “Ready.”

Harry grinned at him through the mirror, looking slightly nervous but happy nonetheless. They’d arranged to meet the girls in the common room in a few minutes so they could all walk down to the Great Hall together, Harry bringing Daphne and Draco Pansy. 

“Just as friends,” he’d been sure to clarify to everyone. Pansy herself didn’t need any reminding, as she’d declared to Draco a month ago that she was extremely gay and if he had an issue, he could fuck off right then. There’d been no need for that, as he’d assured her he didn’t care who she liked as long as their crushes never overlapped. 

Which also was not an issue, judging by the information Pansy had gotten out of him after that. 

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99 for starmora please

99. “Be careful.”

Yo someone’s gotta come confiscate baby Groot from me bc like??? I can’t stop including him in these oneshots lmao

Send me a number + ship for a way to say “I love you”!!!!

Peter carefully tilts the cup of water over the soil in Groot’s pot, moving the cup in a circular motion around Groot to cover as much as possible and avoid over-watering one portion. Groot smiles up at him appreciatively the entire time.

“I am Groot,” Groot says when Peter’s setting the cup back down on the table.

“Does that feel good?” Peter inquires, leaning back in his seat. He’s gradually getting better at understand Groot’s speech, but he’s not quite there yet. But Groot nods happily, waving his little arms about. “Yeah, buddy, since it’s just you and me tonight, we’re gonna have a dance party! How’s that sound?”

“I am Groot!” Groot seems to approve as he continues his little dance. Peter hadn’t ever expected to find a kindred spirit in Groot’s younger form, as he hadn’t known the fully grown Groot all that well before Ronan happened, but Peter’s glad they could really get to know each other now.

“Quill!” Rocket approaches them then, looking between Peter and Groot. “Did ya water Groot?”

“Just did,” Peter answers.

“Okay. Just don’t forget t’add some of that special growing fertilizer stuff we got back on Xandar. It’s good for Groot’s growth.”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean it’s ‘gross’? It goes through your roots, not your mouth, dummy. Since when have your roots had tastebuds?” Rocket says, but Peter can hear the affection within his voice. “Quill, don’t forget.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it. Try not to get in any fights this time.”

Rocket flicks his ears, amused. “I think th’real concern should be makin’ sure Drax doesn’t pull any stupid shit again, like the last time he did when we were here, callin’ Ronan an’ all that. What an idiot.”

“Yeah, try to prevent that.” Peter looks above Rocket as Gamora walks toward them.

“Speakin’ of the big idiot, I’m gonna go see if he’s ready t’leave yet or not,” Rocket says, looking between Peter and Gamora. He does a weird…winking thing in Peter’s direction, but leaves before Peter can question him.

“Hey,” Gamora says, stopping in front of Peter and Groot. She apparently missed Rocket’s wink (or just ignored it altogether, because she just doesn’t question most of the quirky things that the Guardians do anymore, from what Peter’s observed). “I know you gave us a list, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else you needed from the shops.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Peter says, glancing at Groot. “Groot?”

Groot shakes his head. Gamora smiles, bending down toward Groot and gently running her thumb over his small cheek. He leans into her touch with an even bigger smile than before.

“I don’t plan on us staying out too late,” Gamora says. “We’ll be back before you know it.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure all the people on Knowhere have forgiven us for what happened the last time we were here,” Peter jokes, though, in all honesty, it’s a fairly well-grounded concern. Gamora frowns in agreement.

“Well, there will definitely be no bar stops this time,” Gamora reassures Peter.

But Peter can’t help the uneasiness in his chest. Aside from all the drama in the bar, there had been the trip to visit the Collector, plus the aforementioned fight with Ronan’s troops after Drax’s call, and now Peter’s picturing Gamora’s body floating through space and he barely reaches her in time and—

“Be careful,” Peter cuts his own thoughts off, somewhat surprising himself with his choice of words. This is Gamora he’s talking to; if anything, it’s usually the other way around, with her warning his stupid ass against jumping head-first into danger.

And she seems just as surprised as him, staring at him for a few moments with confusion etched over her features, but she nods. “Of course. I will keep your team safe, Star-Lord.”

He smirks at that. “Thanks. And don’t hesitate to call—“

“—If anything happens, yes.” She pulls her hand back from Groot to place it on Peter’s shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly. “Don’t worry about us. Besides, I heard you and Groot have a night of fun planned.”

“I am Groot!” Groot interjects happily. Peter laughs a bit.

“Yeah. We’re gonna make our way through the second tape, I think,” Peter says. Of course, he’s listened to the entire thing by now, but never in one sitting with Groot.

“Honestly?” Gamora conspiratorially looks to Groot. “That sounds more fun than my night.”

Groot beams at that, reaching his small arms up toward her. She meets his hands with her index finger after retracting her hand from Peter’s shoulder.

“Alright, Gamora!” Rocket calls from the ramp. “Drax is finally ready, after makin’ us wait an entire freakin’ century.”

“I do not believe one hundred years have passed since we first landed, creature.”

“Whatever! Just get the hell outta here already so we can go!”

“Time to go,” Gamora says, rolling her eyes. She gently pulls her finger away from Groot, who waves as she steps away. She waves back. “We’ll see you two later.”

“Keep the others in line for me!” Peter reminds teasingly.

“Gamora! Hurry the hell up!”

“I’m coming, Rocket!”

After that, they’re off the ship. Peter turns his attention back to Groot with a grin. “So, buddy, dance time?”

Groot looks at him with an expression Peter hasn’t seen before. “I am Groot.”

Though Peter doesn’t completely understand Groot’s words, he’s pretty sure Groot isn’t talking about their dance party. But Groot looks in the direction Gamora had just walked away in and Peter figures it out pretty quickly.


“I am Groot.” Groot turns his sharp eyes back to Peter.

Peter sighs, feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner. “That obvious, huh?”

Groot nods.

“Maybe someday, buddy. For now, it’s just something unspoken, y’know?” 

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Marriage Type Love Part 2

Pairing Steve Rogers x reader

Summary:  The overworked maid of honor spends the weekend thinking the wedding planner is gay. But he has something to ask her while they dance at the wedding party.

Word Count: 1615

Warnings: None.

Part 1

Prompt: Wedding

A/N: Part 2 of my entry for @just-some-drabbles‘s  rom com challenge. 

Thanks again  @agentpeggicarter for all your help

@writing-journeyx   @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse  @ohyesmarvel  @agentpeggicarter  @buckys-fossil  @sarahp879 @ex-bookjunky

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Superlane; Dancing. please

Thank you for the prompt. This took on a life of its own. Thank you @kendrickhier for your advice and help in writing autistic Kara!

Kara chewed her lip as she stared out onto the dance floor. It was packed with a couple hundred teenagers, dancing in ways that were wildly inappropriate given their young age and the teachers watching them. None of them really cared, though. They all had such a free, easy confidence about their movements.

Kara knew some of them probably got that confidence from the booze she was sure her classmates had found ways to sneak before the dance. But it didn’t make her any less envious of how carefree they were. She stared at her feet, looking at the very pretty shoes Eliza had bought for her. They went well with the lovely purple dress Eliza had helped her pick out as well.

And though she was dressed for it, she didn’t feel like she belonged. She stood off to one corner, away from the crowd. She was rocking, back and forth, though it wasn’t an effort to dance to the music. She wasn’t sure when she’d begun stimming, but she was growing increasingly aware of the loud sounds surrounding her. The pounding bass and techno beats pumping into the high school’s gym was rapidly becoming overwhelming.

The song switched to a slower one, but it was still too loud and just too much. So, Kara slipped out the doors and into the hallway. She stood alone in the hall outside the gym, and resumed her rocking. She closed her eyes, and rocked, and felt the comforting sensation of the stim wash over her.

After a while spent focusing on just the back and forth motion of her body as she rocked, she began to slow down, and she felt calmer than before. She supposed she shouldn’t have forced herself to come to the dance tonight. Even if she had entertained a silly notion of getting to dance with the girl she had developed a crush on. She still rocked, but more lightly so, in a subtle motion that wasn’t super noticeable.

She decided she should just call Eliza and go home. She sighed and opened her eyes. And that’s when she saw her. Lucy Lane was leaning against the wall opposite of her and playing with her phone. She was dressed in a beautiful cream colored dress, and Kara gulped. The very girl who she’d hoped to dance with was before her. And how much had she seen?

“Lucy?” she whispered.

“Oh, hey Kara!” Lucy said excitedly as she whipped her head up from her phone and smiled brightly at Kara.

“What are you doing here?” Kara asked. And with the nerves that bubbled up at seeing Lucy, she began another stim. She reached for the fabric of her dress and pinched some between her thumb and forefinger, then began rubbing it.

“I saw you slip out of the gym. I wanted to see if you were okay. Then I came out here and you were rocking back and forth, and you seemed… I don’t know, at peace? I didn’t want to bother you.” Lucy explained.

“You saw me?” Kara whispered.

“I mean, yeah. Is that bad?” Lucy said.

“You’re not going to make fun of me?” Kara asked in a small voice.

“Why would I do that?” Lucy said, scrunching up her face in confusion.

“Because I’m autistic?” Kara supplied, curling her tongue around the English word that had been taught to her.

“Well that would be mean.” Lucy said.

“Yeah, it would.” Kara agreed. She focused more on the fabric between her fingers. The sense of comfort it brought her was helping her to gather up a little courage. She chewed her lip for another second, then said, “Do you want to dance with me?”

“Out here?” Lucy asked, looking around the hallway as if to examine the scene.

“If that’s okay? It’s too loud for me in there.” Kara explained.

“Okay.” Lucy said, and it was as simple as that. She approached Kara, and held out one hand for Kara to take, and one she let hover over Kara’s waist, waiting for permission. “Is this okay?” She asked.

Kara nodded, and she felt the warmth of Lucy’s hand settling on her waist. She took Lucy’s hand in her own, the one that wasn’t still pinching her dress, and looked at Lucy’s hazel eyes. Lucy began to sway them to a beat in her own head, and Kara followed along.

“I was hoping I’d get to dance with you tonight.” Lucy said.

Kara was just brave enough to say, “Me too.” Together they swayed for the rest of the night.

Lawson Crouse

Request: Hey I️ was wondering if I️ could request an imagine? I️ was thinking if Lawson Crouse and the reader have been dating for a while but the reader gets insecure about some of the cute people down in Tucson while they are at ASU (in Tempe)?

Hey guys this is my first request so please keep em coming.I would’ve put a gif, but there was only one of him and it kinda sucked so ya. I hope this is what you wanted. If not I’m super sorry. I literally just read his wiki page to find out that he played in Florida. Sorry this took me so long I just forgot I had dance tonight so it took way longer than I thought.


Today Lawson and I were in Tucson. Id never been before even though I’m from Arizona I’d always lived in Tempe, so I was pretty excited. Lawson and I’d met when he was playing im Florida. I was on a trip there for about a month, and afterwards we stayed in contact. Honestly Lawson was the best thing that’d happened to me. When I’d gone to Florida it was because my grandfather who had passed away lived there after retirement. I went down to clean out his stuff and tie any loose ends. I had been super close with my grandfather, but Lawson made Florida so much better. When we found out he was coming to Arizona I was just estactic to say the least. I really love Lawson. We hopped in the car and decided to do a little exploring. I buckled my seatbelt and as I was looking up our eyes met and he flashed me his super cute smile which caused me to blush. It always did. Still to this day. We went downtown and parked are car at a meter shoving enough coins in to get us 2 and a half hours. We began to stroll around in the lovely warm Arizona weather. One thing I’d noticed rather quickly was that all of the girls in Tuscon were really pretty. Tan skin, long legs, shiney silky hair. I’m not extrodinarily ugly or anything, but I’m not a super model either. The truth is I started to feel a little self conscious. All these really pretty girls all around us and then…me. Nothing special at all.

I watched as Lawson’s eyes scanned the area surrounding us. His eyes met with this girl. She was really pretty. He smiled at her. She smiled Bach. And guess what. She had friggin perfect teeth. They were straight and completely white against her perfectly tan skin and her shiny dark hair.

Lawson stared at her for what seemed like a very long time before I elbowed him lightly in the ribs. I need an excuse for elbowing him so that it wouldn’t seem like I was jealous or insecure or whatever. I looked down at my phone to see that soon our time one the meter would soon expire. He glanced at me and I just showed him the time on my phone. He nodded and we started back. We got in the car and began going back to the apartment we’d just purchased together without a word. I stared out my window wondering how long we would last with girls like her around. Wondering why he’d be with me if he could be with her. When we got home I went to the bedroom. I didn’t look to see how he was feeling cuz I was living in my thoughts. I changed into sweatpants and a tee shirt with no bra because why would I wear a bra if I’m already in a bad mood. I sat down with a book trying to read, but it was impossible to focus. Soon the bedroom door opened and in came Lawson.

“What did I do wrong,” he asked sitting beside me.

I just shrugged turning the page even thought I hadn’t read a word.

“Seriously Y/N I’m really confused,” he begged me grabbing my hand.

“I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” I stated simply.


“You think that girl from earlier is pretty,” I blurted out.

“Not particularly,” Lawson said looking up.

“You sure liked looking at her,” I replied.

“Oh that’s what this is about,” Lawson said scoffing.

“What you did. You stared at her for a really long time!”

“Y/N I don’t think she’s prettier than you,” he said moving closer.

“You think.”

“I know. I think you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met. I’ve just fallen so deeply in love with you and it’s so crazy,” Lawson gushed.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Sometimes when I see you even around other guys I get a little jealous. It’s normal I think,” Lawson said with a shrug kissing your temple.

Dance With Me {Josh Washington Imagine}

Requested: I don’t know what you mean by not good at smut like holy shit I need more with Josh like please. Maybe like them dancing, grinding to be specific, like he was jealous you were dancing with someone else and then just idk I need it though 

Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington x Reader

Word Count: 1,363

Is this too slutty?” You mused, twirling around to face your best friend Sam.

You had chosen to wear a corset style top, the white fabric hugged your every curve and it made it clearly obvious you had an amazing pair of boobs. You had paired it with a pair of ripped shorts and heels which showed off your legs that you had managed to fake tan nicely. It was a little out there - but you felt sexy.

Sam pursed her lips; “It shows a lot…”

“Exactly!” Jess chirped, “You look hot [Your Name]”

You smiled at your other best friend. Jess was always one to show a lot of skin but you trusted her judgement due to the fact that every male you knew fancied the pants off her.

The gang had decided to head to a nightclub this Saturday night and you had happily agreed. You had had a horrible week, failing the maths exam you had revised for so hard and tensions had been rising between you and Sam for some strange reason this week. A night out would be perfect, you needed to blow off some steam and you hoped that a night together drinking would help Sam to finally let you know what had been going on with her.

“Mike just texted me, the taxis five minutes away.” Jess informed us before returning her phone into her black clutch bag.

“Let’s have a shot before we go.” You suggested.

“Man, I forgot how fun it was to go out with you.” Jess chuckled as you kneeled down to grab the bottle of vodka you had stowed under your bed the last time you and your friends had been drinking. You poured two shots into a glass and passed them to both of your friends.

“Cheers.” Sam said as you clinked your glasses together.

You downed the liquid quickly, your face scrunching up at the gasoline like taste. You chuckled as you saw the same expression mirrored on your friends faces. You continued to drink, talk and take pictures before Mike texted once again that the taxi was outside your house.

You all stumbled down the stairs, giggling and already buzzed from your pre-drinks. You opened the door and blinked in surprise when you saw one of your best friends Josh Washington outside your door. He was looking back at the taxi, his head thrown back in laughter before he eventually turned to look at you.

His brown eyes widened, his jaw turning slack as his eyes swept up and down your figure.

“Alright Josh.” You greeted him.

“Jesus…” Josh gulped, his eyes flickering to your briefly before they dragged back to your chest, “You’re going out like that?”

You frowned, “Why? Do I look stupid?”

“No!” Josh shook his head furiously, “It’s just…”

“Just what?” You questioned impatiently. He was making you insecure.

“It’s just every guy in the clubs going to be looking at you.” Josh muttered darkly, “I mean,” His finger pointed to your chest, “You’re not even wearing a bra!”

You scoffed and brushed his hand aside, stepping out of the house and locking the door when Sam and Jess followed suite.

“You can’t even tell.”

“Yes.” Josh mumbled, “Yes you bloody can!”

The club was packed.

You had been dancing, drinking and socialising with your friends for over an hour and a half and you were having an amazing time. You had been dancing with Matt when Ashley had yelled in your ear that she needed to speak to you.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“It’s stupid.” Ashley sighed, running her hands through her red hair.

“Ashley,” You wrapped your arm around the worried girl in attempt to drunkenly comfort her, “Just tell me.”

“It’s just…Chris hasn’t danced with me at all tonight.” Ashley blurted out, “I know it sounds really stupid but don’t you think it’s weird he’s danced with everyone but me tonight?”

You opened your mouth to reply when someone wrapped their arm around your waist. You turned your head slightly to see Josh smirking down at you, his hair tousled and the two buttons of his black shirt undone to reveal his tanned skin.

“Hey Joshie.” You grinned up at him.

He laughed, leaning down to nuzzle your neck slightly as he squeezed your waist, “Dance with me.” He said into your ear.

You wanted to say yes but you saw Ashley’s sad expression in the corner of your eye as she watched Chris sway awkwardly with a twerking Jess. You couldn’t just leave her by herself when she was feeling this way.

“I’ll be back in a second.” You mumbled apologetically.

Josh frowned, his arms falling limp as he stepped away from you, “So you dance with every other man here but me?”

You opened his mouth to reply but he had already turned around and disappeared into the dancing crowd. You suddenly felt guilty about dismissing him so quickly without explaining that you wanted to make sure that Ashley was ok.

“Josh wait!” You yelled after him.

“You ok?” Ashley questioned when she saw you sigh and down the rest of your drink.

“It’s just Josh!” You blurted out, suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to tell someone how you felt, “He’s so hot and cold.”

“What do you mean?” Ashley questioned, “Josh loves you.”

You guaffed at her assumption, “He sure isn’t acting like it.”

You suddenly caught a glimpse of Josh. He was talking to Sam, his arm around her waist as he bent down to listen to what she was saying to him. It was something about the way they were standing, close, too close, that irked you. Did Josh like Sam? How had you never noticed this?

As if feeling your eyes on him, Josh glanced up to lock eyes with you. You tried to hide the annoyance you were feeling but the way Josh’s lips quirked upwards you guessed that he knew exactly how you felt.

Before you knew what you were doing, you started towards them, a strange sense of determination washing over you.

“Josh.” You said, raising your chin proudly.

Sam was looking at you with raised eyebrows but you didn’t care. You grabbed Josh by the hand and dragged him into the dancing people. You swayed to the music and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“What’s bought this on?” Josh questioned with wide eyes as you pressed yourself against him slightly.

“I want to dance with you.” You told him over the music, “I wanted to dance with you before but Ashley was upset.”

Understanding crossed Josh’s face before it was joined with a massive grin, “I knew you wanted to dance with me! Why wouldn’t you?” He teased.

You laughed, grateful that he wasn’t mad at you, and happy he had wrapped his arms around your hips. You danced with each other, laughing and talking through the first couple of dances, but every song you both grew braver. You pressed closer to him while he grew more hungry for your body, caressing your hips, your neck and the curve of your breasts. His eyes locked with yours, dark with lust as his gaze flickered to your lips.

“Kiss me.” He whispered.

You leaned towards him and connected your lips. Josh kissed you back hungrily, his hand knotting in your hair while the other wound around you and pressed you firmly against him. His tongue slowly made its way into your mouth, caressing your own as you gripped at his shirt.

“God, do you have any idea how crazy you make me?” He growled against your lips.

“No, show me.” You murmured seductively.

Josh smirked before he placed another hungry kiss against your lips.

“Let’s get out of here,” He smiled, entwining your hands as he lead you towards the exit, “And then lets get you out of those clothes.”

A/N - First imagine in a while but I hope you enjoyed! Please remember to send me more requests (especially Game of Thrones because I’m really in the mood to write them) You can request here:


If I Had My Choice: Part 2

Alexander x Female Reader

Previous Part | Next Part


Word Count: 3087

A/N: Wow I am a terrible human being for posting this 24 hours after promised. Basically, I planned a bit too much for this part and had to rearrange a little. I really hope this lives up to what you all hoped for. Also, Philip is in this chapter, but he is not in any way related to Alexander, because that wouldn’t make sense to the plot at hand. Thank you for reading! And a lot of shit is about to go down next part. (And I’ll post the next imagine on my requested list before the next part of this, sorry!)

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Today, I went to a dance party (cultural event), was rejected from any group I tried to join, got fed up and just danced by myself, and ended up forming my own group.


guess the dancer: Kalani Hilliker

“This dancer has won junior best dancer and is on TV at the moment.”


nicotine // panic! at the disco