just dance 2014

I can’t contain my giggles :’) Can I be Mario dancing on the Wii U booth everyday? xD HAHA~~ 
For the past 4 days I have been working as Mario for the Nintendo 3DS Kids booth~!! ^-^
a couple times we walked over to the Wii U booth and played the new Just Dance 2014 game ~! xD haha! made everyone laugh :’)

My favourite part is 0:48 xD

Excuse the song choice it was chosen for the lol’s by our leader x3 haha~!
I had a lot of fun and met some amazing lovely people and hope to be able to work with them all again~! ^-^

This is why I haven’t been blogging or answering many questions lately~!! >/////< haha~!

enjoy~~! <3


An appreciation post of Prince Daniel of Sweden dancing his arse off in 2013 and 2014, respectively – may the dancing continue in 2015!

No but imagine the Marauders playing Just Dance

Okay so it’s 2014 and Lily bought a Nintendo Wii for James as a birthday present, and he invites Sirius and Remus over to try it

(Because they found out that Peter was the spy and nobody died and he is now in Azkaban okay)

So James is like ‘’COME ON COME ON COME ON’’ and everyone is like ‘’NO’’ and he is like ‘’YEAH COME ON’’ and Remus is like ‘‘SIRIUS DANCE WITH YOUR WIFE SO HE SHUTS UP OKAY’‘ and Sirius is like ‘‘Oh no Moony YOU CAN DANCE’‘ and after 15 minutes of fighting Remus is like ‘‘FINE’‘ and James is sooo sure that HE will win but they go for ‘‘Proud Mary’‘ and Remus fucking OWNS him.

James is completely shocked and just sits down and refuses to play again. All of a sudden Sirius is like ‘‘I bet I can do it twice as good as Moony’‘ and Remus is like ‘‘Sirius I refuse to play this stupid game again’‘ so Sirius turns to Lily and says ‘‘Come on, Evans, DANCE WITH ME!’‘ and she is like ‘‘Wow Black thirty four fucking years as married and you still call me Evans?’‘ but then she stands up, grabs the control and asks him what song to pick. He says ‘’You can pick, I’m going to win anyways’’. She goes for ‘‘SOS’‘ by Rihanna because she has heard it like one million times. He is like ‘‘Okay Evans, Potter, whatever your name is, try not to cry when I kick your ass’‘ but then she gets twice as many points as him and for a moment he looks like he is going to burst in to tears.

He insists that they will play again and this time, he gets to pick song. He pick ‘‘Viva Las Vegas’‘ because of course he does. So Lily and Sirius (let me remind you that they are 54 years old at this point) start strutting around like cowboys. Sirius wins.

‘‘Please, stop, God, stop!’‘ Remus moans. ‘‘You’re making fools of yourself!’‘

‘‘You love me’‘, Sirius says with a grin and throws a kiss. ‘‘Okay, Evans, are you ready to give up?’‘

‘‘Never. This is war.’‘

She wins ‘‘Wake me up, before you go-go’‘, but then it is time for ‘‘Hey ya!’‘ and Sirius scores 10 000 points and she only gets 6000. So she picks ‘‘When I grow up’‘ and she wins again.

Two hours have passed and James has fallen asleep in Remus’ lap, when they suddenly hear a loud BANG

James wakes up and falls off the couch, but Sirius or Lily won’t remove their eyes from the screen. They are in the middle off ‘‘Rasputin’‘, where Sirius clearly has the lead.

‘‘Er’‘, Harry, who just apparated to the living room, begins, looking like he is traumatized for life. ‘‘Dad - why is Sirius and mum dancing around in front of the TV, half naked, in your living room?’‘ 

Sirius, who took of his shirt an hour ago because he was sweaty, mumbles;

‘‘I’m absolutely killing your mother in this game, Harry.’‘

‘’Have you ever seen your godfather cry, sweetheart? Well, you’re going to, soon’’, says Lily, who is only wearing a sports bra and jeans because she refuses to keep more clothes on than Sirius just because she is a woman (and also because it was hot and the only person in the room to give a fuck about her naked body is her husband since Sirius and Remus are too gay to even notice).

Harry stares at them both for a few seconds.

‘‘This family is mental’’, he mumbles to himself.

‘‘Nice to see you too, son’‘, says James, rubbing his head which is sore after hitting the edge of the table when he fell.

‘’I have news’’, says Harry. ‘’Can I get your attention, please?’’

‘’Is Ginny pregnant again?’’ asks Sirius without taking his eyes off the screen.

‘’What? No! Would you stop whatever you’re doing for a second and listen to me?’’

‘’HAH!’’ Sirius yells as he scores 2 points over Lily. Lily mumbles something about pure luck before she turns to her son.

‘‘Okay, Harry. You have our full attention.’‘

Harry looks around in the room to make sure everyone is listening, before he opens his mouth;

‘‘They passed it.’‘

Sirius raises an eyebrow.

‘‘Passed what?’‘

‘‘The legalization.’‘

James and Sirius stare at eachother. Lily and James stare at each other. Remus and Harry stare at each other Lily and Remus stare at each other, Lily and Sirius stare at each other and then finally, Remus and Sirius stare at each other.

‘‘They passed it’‘, Sirius repeats.

‘‘The legalization’‘, Remus adds.

A few moments of silence goes by, before Sirius completely throws himself at him, peppering him with kisses.

‘‘They passed it!’‘

‘‘I know!’‘

Lily and James is applauding, Harry is just standing there smiling like an idiot because he loves this goddamn mental family so much and seeing them this happy is all he has ever wished for.

Sirius lets go of Remus just to fall down on one knee in front of the couch.

‘‘Remus John Lupin, will you marry me?’‘

Remus smiles.

‘‘Well, after seeing your moves to Crazy in love, how could I say no?’‘