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I’ve had an idea for a jack/gabe brawl based on the junkenstein’s revenge formula: their wedding. It’d be set back in the height of overwatch, and a section of watchpoint Gibraltar could be converted into the setting. The wedding is interrupted by omnics/talon/talon led omnics, im not so fussy on the particulars, the point is the beautiful day is interrupted and instead of being engaged in matrimony Jack and Gabe are now engaged in combat. Ana was probably their best (wo)man so she’s there. And the fourth member of the squad could be Reinhardt or Torbjorn.

McCree would have been at the ceremony, but at the attack he took off with Fareeha (and the other guests) to protect her. This means he can also be the narrator with lines like:

“And with that explosion, the bastards ruined the cake me and the boss had spent all week making.” “And that was when Talon, bless their hearts, realised just why Jack Morrison was not a man to mess with.” And “If only the wedding party has some sort of attack that could lock onto every enemy in sight and shoot each one simultaneously. What a damn shame that dashing Jesse McCree was off protecting the lovely young Ms Amari.”

Other interactions could include:

Jack using his disappointed and mad Dad Voice on those trying to ruin this day for him. The grooms constantly talking throughout the battle. “This reminds me of the day I proposed to you” and Ana being annoyed that they couldn’t just have one peaceful day and could you two stop flirting you can get to that later tonight once we finish this. Along with Gabriel “a whole base of agents and I’m still the one cleaning up this mess” Reyes annoyed whenever their suits he made himself get shot at. And Reinhardt just wants his friends to have the greatest day ever and to move on to the reception for feasting and merriment.

Sameen Shaw Appreciation Day

I loved how last month everyone got into paying tribute to ‘If-Then-Else’ with me so I thought I would give you all a heads up that I plan on doing something similar this coming Tuesday (February 21) to celebrate the anniversary of the first time our favorite compact Persian sociopath graced our screens. (‘Relevance’ aired on February 21, 2013)

I’ll be posting my favorite stills of Shaw all day as well as Shaw-centric posts on my other blog. I’d love to make a day of reveling in all her badass glory.

So dig up your favorite Shaw posts or make some new ones! 

It’s hammer time 🔨


Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

It’s hardly news that Jason gets angry.
It’s not surprising that when Jason gets angry he rants.
However, when Jason gets really, really angry he is known to slip into different languages.
If following an angry rant which switches from two or more languages isn’t hard enough?

Sometimes, when Jason gets to that point where rage is all he knows? It’s not just the rants that are multilingual. Oh no.
When Jason hits Armageddon angry? His sentences become a jumbled up mess of different languages that leave anyone whose trying to understand him completely baffled.

All except one person, Bruce. He is by no means as talented a linguist as Jason but he has always been able to follow Jason’s rants.
Only Bruce understands him when his sentences fail to choose a language and stick to it.

It has been known for Bruce to receive a desperate phone call off a very frustrated Roy at stupid o'clock in the morning.

‘Hey Bruce *background yelling* long story short can you please tell me what the fuck I’ve done? I have so far picked up Spanish, French, Arabic and I think some of it is Finnish?’

Bruce dutifully always listens with a weary sigh because he is so done, before giving his verdict.

'You put the milk in the fridge the wrong way.’
'What? Bruce are you sure?’
'Please Roy, just go and put the milk in the fridge the right way so we can all get some sleep.’


‘…because when we’re talking to someone we’re attracted to, we think their bad jokes are funny and we just smile when we’re talking normally, because we’re attracted, we’re interested and we can’t hide it, it’s like painted on…’


Anon (who didn’t have a blog at the time but now does): @i-smell-food thanks for the prompt!

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