just damn it!


When Kit (Jon Snow), has more chemistry with a CGI, green prop (Drogon), than with Emilia (D@enerys Targaryen) 🤷‍♀️😂😂

You know that feeling when your 2 weeks with your gf is finally over and you had to drop her off at the airport 3 hours earlier…then your gf’s plane just took off and you have to wait hours and hours before you’d hear from her again and you just feel useless and you don’t know what to do with yourself cause you miss her so bad?

Yeaaah…that feeling. ; n ;

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bruh wtf schools are closing for the eclipse????? my county had a fucking hurricane warning last year and they still made us come to school

“back in my day we showed up to school to fight natural disasters after third period”

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you don’t need a degree in illustration to be an illustrator. I have a friend who has a degree in music that’s a story board artist at WB, an art director with a masters in biology, and my husband who has no degree who’s a lead concept artist. It’s all in the portfolio and getting contacts.

Don’t worry… I know. I’m not saying that bc I’m worried about a job or something, trust me lmfao

namjoon said it before how loving yourself also means forgiving yourself. this whole concept had us questioning what is happening and if anything changed, but that’s not what this is about. even ‘turning back time’ wouldn’t change the outcome. instead of looking back and mourning the past it’s about having the courage to forgive yourself and look ahead.

when your friends start reblogging your very old (and very deleted) art and you literally just want to DIE 

ii’m just… i’m……… i keep refreshing my dash and I CACKLE each time i run into The Pic