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Headcanons for the losers club watching their movie. Reddie and Stenbrough being in it too please if you don't mind.

sure thing!

- they fast forward through the beginning because no one needs to watch georgie die, least of all bill
- he hides his face in stan’s shoulder and doesn’t come back up until he feels stan squeeze his hand twice (their signal for ‘it’s okay now’) 
- they all cringe during most of beverly’s scenes, because she is. not at all like that in real life and they don’t treat her that way at all? no one stares at her while she’s half naked bc she’s their friend and they respect her? and wtf is that scene with seducing the pharmacist? bev literally just went into one of the isles and started crying hysterically to distract him while the boys ran out with the med supplies
- all of them hate watching the scenes with henry, because they’re all very protective of each other and are lowkey glad he’s dead as fuck
- richie LOVES himself in this movie. he thinks he’s fucking hilarious, he won’t stop laughing at his own jokes 
- stan is like??? why don’t i speak ever? 
- mike immediately emails the producer and demands to know why he has exactly negative-5 minutes of screen time 
- bev barely watches the movie tbh she doesn’t recognize any of ‘her’ actions on screen except for when she kicks her dad’s ass
- they all make teasing ‘oooooh’ sounds when richie and eddie have their Moment in the neibolt house when richie holds his face, and they flush but they’re already together so whateVER GUYS
- ben is embarrassed when his poem is read out loud to everybody, but they’re all kinda stunned bc wtf that shit was beautiful dude?? 
- they’re all very confused why ben ended up being the historian when mike’s the biggest history nerd out of all of them? ben’s the poetic soul 
- and why are mike’s parents dead???? why would they kill his parents?? he calls them right after the movie 
- they almost turn the movie off halfway through because it’s. problematic to more than just one of their friends but they all want to see them beat the shit out of the clown so they tough it out
- bill and stan clutch each other when the lady from the painting bites stan’s face, and during the scene with georgie
- eddie won’t stop throwing heart eyes at richie during his ‘now i’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown’ scene because seeing it once was enough but seeing it twice? richie was. he was something else
- richie’s like woah… i’m actually the coolest person alive wow 
- they all actually cheer when bev shoves the pole down her ‘father’s throat and when eddie kicks pennywise, when stan comes to save the day and mike too, all of them just being the team they are and taking It down together
- they just love the fight scene they love it so much
- and of course they fast forward through the scene with georgie again because no one can handle that again
- lowkey everybody cries during the blood oath scene but mike’s like “wait a second guys, we didn’t even hold hands cut to cut” 
- silence from the group. and then 
- “so? there was an AIDs epidemic”
- “eddie the whOLE POINT OF A BLOOD OATH–” 

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Agree about Lili being the strongest actor but Cole? His "angry" faces look like he's contipated and his horrendous sad/crying scenes say otherwise. It's obvious his acting is straight from the disney channel.

Really anon? You’re gonna come in my messages, knowing I’m a Cole stan, and bash on him? That was your first mistake.

Cole, and the same goes for Lili, gets all the heavy lifting acting wise in the show because he’s clearly one of the best actors they have and the show writes towards that. If that doesn’t say you’re wrong as fuck I don’t know what will. Plus he nails it everytime, not just the big acting heavy scenes but the subtler moments as well. 

Not that you’d understand subtle of course bc it’s obvious your maturity and bitterness are straight out of whatever fucking reality tv show you’re fond of. Maybe if you graduate to Sesame Street levels you’ll get your head outta your ass, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. 

Expectations when drawing an animatic/animation:

  • Doing everything in chronological order
  • Finishing all the sketches before coloring
  • Making sure there are a perfect amount of frames so everything flows
  • A very organized, step by step process


  • The [insert easiest scene to draw] seems like a nice place to start
  • [Starts coloring one frame in a scene when the rest of the scene isn’t even sketched out]
  • Oh shit, there isn’t enough pictures/frames… Well, it looks like this one is going on longer
  • organized? I don’t know her
  •  what do you MEAN I can’t just print out the image in my brain and use that instead? I have to actually draw? WHAT THE FU
  • Erases everything because it “isn’t good enough so you end up taking two hours on each god damn frame for a 50 second video

More Dirk Gently because he’s really sad

Today’s ep was super packed, like, we covered a shit ton of ground last night. So instead of focusing on one speculative piece, I’ve just sort of been letting it flow through me and making constant posts and waiting for something important to come to me. Currently, the important thing is the end scene, where Dirk and Todd go to Wendamoore (we hope. It’s also entirely possible that they just got stuck upside down between the bed and the wall and Preist jumped to conclusions because of what happened the last time his prey was alone in a locked room.) in really sorry this got so long, but anyway.

I’ve been seeing a lot today about how Dirk just gives up as soon as he hears Preist’s voice. Yea, he’s the most broken he’s ever been in this scene, and he’s completely done at this point and accepts that his friends are dead/dying because of him, but there’s more to it than that. There’s a whole layer to this scene no one else has touched on yet. Dirk isn’t just giving up because he’s at the end of his rope, he’s giving up because fucking Preist is here. He, just like Vogel, recognizes Preist and immediately takes on this ‘oh no. He’s here. I’ve been bad and now he’s here to take away my toys and put me in the corner.’ Behavior. He immediately assumes Farrah is dead because Preist specifically is there, and Preist is only sent in to make bad things happen so the bad children at Blackwing behave. This isn’t just a single moment thing where Dirk as a logical adult is making a conclusion that this guy killed someone, it’s a conditioned behavior that was beat into him since he was a child. He hears preist’s voice, immediately stops everything, and lays down in a submissive position, because fun time is over and the one thing that could make this bad time any worse has happened. Preist is here, Dirk has been bad, and he’s going to be taken back to his cell now.

We can also see the same behavior in Vogel in Two Broken Fingers. As I’ve covered before, Vogel’s basically just a kid; emotional signals and responses for him are much stronger because he doesn’t have a strong sense of logic to sort them out with. He’s confused by seeing the ultimate symbol of bad things, Priest, whom he has been conditioned the same as Dirk to believe means he’s done something bad, coming out of the ultimate symbol of safety and happiness, the van that he’s never seen without Martin, Gripps, and Cross. Vogel is confused for two reasons then: 1) because seeing these two together creates cognitive dissonance in Vogel’s mind. It literally doesn’t make sense to him. There’s no way something bad could come out of the Van, let alone something as bad as Preist, and 2) he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong. He’s just been following the people he admires this whole time. Martin knows best out of the Rowdy 3, so if Martin says they have to escape, then it must be ok. Amanda, his new mother figure, knows best, and she says they need to go south, so Vogel goes south. He’s just been trying to help and be a good kid this whole time, and he genuinely doesn’t understand why Preist is there. He tries to lash out at Preist’s team because destroying things is all he knows at this point, and for him it’s safe. He’s scared and confused, so he goes back to what he knows, and even that doesn’t work.

Conclusion: the Blackwing subjects’ response to Priest goes much deeper than just a simple linear connection. They have been trained to fear him unconditionally, much like child abuse victims are conditioned to fear their abusers and their behaviors. Preist is Blackwing’s version of the Boogie Man, and they use him to keep their subjects in check. It breaks my heart to see these characters like this, but damn have the actors been doing a good job.

Harry Potter being raised right, by Sirius Black who just ‘fuck rules, Moony, I’m not letting my Godson live in hell’ because he managed to transform into his animagi form and escape the scene of the crime before he got caught, and took Harry before Dumbledore said anything. Him technically being an Honorary Potter, still gives Harry the protection from Voldemort, while at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Him carrying a baby Harry, who just started speaking, his first words being, ‘Dada’, which makes him start to cry and ‘no, Harry, he’s not here. It’s only Padfoot and Moony now.’ And Harry giggling, because he’s only an infant, and is innocent like that.

Harry being sent to Neville Longbottom’s grandmother’s place during full moons so Padfoot can take care of Moony.

Harry when he’s 2, and can only call them ‘MoonMoon, and Pa'foo’ and laughing when they play Hide And Seek, and Moony just found Padfoot and Harry sleeping on the couch, Padfoot protectively draping his paw around Harry, in his animagi form, and Harry clutching onto the fur happily as he sleeps.

Moony and Padfoot buying a toy broomstick for Harry when he’s 4, and he learns to fly before he can walk, but, 'Its only two feet about the ground, Moony, relax.’

Harry finding the portrait of the Black Family tree, and seeing Padfoot blasted off of it. Harry getting angry, and drawing Padfoot back onto the portrait, with 'Padfoot’, with his crayons, and putting 'Moony’ next to it, and later covering all the other people in his black coloured crayon. 'I’m covering them up.’

Moony and Padfoot telling Harry the truth about his parents when he’s 7, because 'He’s old enough, Padfoot, and he needs to know what really happened. We’d be no better than those Dursleys if we didn’t.’

Harry understanding completely, crying a bit, in the middle of the night, but making sure no one heard him. The next day, Harry asks about his parents, and what they were like.

Harry getting small things that belonged to Lily, that Moony and Padfoot got from the house, and kept for him, including a picture of James and Lily’s first kiss, and many small muggle items she had from when she was small. He also got a sweater that belonged to James, which was from his Quidditch Practicing days.

Moony and Padfoot teaching Harry small jinxes and counter Jinxes when he’s 8, and Harry sneakily using a jinx on Padfoot because it was a prank war, and every prank war means at least one man having pink hair.

Harry when he’s nine, and being prepped on everything to do with Hogwarts, and how to get away from trouble, and which teachers to avoid or go to in the school, if Harry can’t contact Moony or Padfoot.

Harry being 10, and waking up in the middle of the night, to see Moony and Padfoot sleeping together on the couch, Moony putting his head on Padfoot’s lap, while his hand is in Moon’s hair, as he was playing with his hair before he fell asleep. Harry giggling, because 'Moony and Padfoot are in loveeee~’ yet neither of them deny it.

Harry getting his letter to Hogwarts as soon as he turns 11, and Moony and Padfoot’s throw a small party to celebrate, inviting Neville as well.

The three of them going to Diagon Alley, and many people greeting Harry, and Padfoot boasting about it, while Moony laughs.

Harry getting to meet many kids who might meet him at Hogwarts, including Ddaco Malfoy, and Padfoot growling when he sees Lucius, and says 'they’re a bad sort, Harry, keep away from them,’ but he didn’t listen, and being the small outgoing kid he was, he went to say 'Hi! Are you going to Hogwarts too?’ And Draco, actually being surprised and smiling awkwardly because his father was talking to the shopkeeper, at the corner of the room, so he didn’t know what to say, and he nods. Padfoot smiling because Harry looks happy, and Moony thinks that maybe Draco might be different.

Harry promising to send them letters every single day, by owl, while he hugs them goodbye, and runs towards the Hogwarts Express, waving at them until they are no longer visible.

Harry keeping his promise and telling Moony and Padfoot all about Hermione Jean Granger, and Ronald 'Ron’ Weasley, who are his new best friends, and Draco Malfoy 'who is an absolute git sometimes, but can actually be a sweetheart.’ and how Hermione and Ron managed to help him battle a troll in the girls bathroom, as well as meet Fluffy, the three headed dog, and how they played a game of wizard chess, and defeated Lord Voldemort, who was stuck on Professor Quirrell’s head, and how, when he saw the Mirror of Erised, he saw Padfoot, Moony, Lily, and James, (Or mum and dad) standing next to him, while they sat in the house. Oh and 'I’m seeker for the Gryffindors! Just like dad!’

Harry receiving a howler the next day, which was the day before Ron received it, and hearing Moony scream himself raw, 'YOU WERE TAUGHT BETTER THAN TO FIGHT WITH SEVERUS— “Moony, it’s Snivellus, Harry meant no harm, I’m sure of it.” — AND HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DISOBEY ORDERS. PADFOOT, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY? “I’m proud of you, Harry, keep up the good work. Tell Snivellus that if he irritates you any longer, he’s gonna have to speak to me.” PADFOO-’ And the Howler ends, bursting into flames, while Ron is laughing, and Hermione smiles, while Draco hollers a “congrats Potter!” and I AM SORRY FOR TAKING UP YOUR TIME BUT I VERY WELL NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, AND SO DO YOU.


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


Christian is the kind of actor that throws things at you, things that aren’t written in the scene that really end up helping you a lot. In the scene on the cliff where I’m crying, I didn’t even know that I was going to be crying that much in that scene, it just kind of happened in the first take. It was because of the help from Christian and how he was doing it with me. He cares so much and gives it so much passion. He hugs Clay at the end of that scene but that wasn’t written in the scene. Christian just did that and it’s those little things that he would do. At the end of episode 9 where I’m freaking out and kicking my bike and then I sit down and play tape 10, and he comes over and sits next to me — that wasn’t in the script either. He just does these things that end up taking these scenes to the next level and makes you care about their friendship so much more. - Dylan Minnette

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Kaz “don’t touch me or I’ll rip your arm out of it’s socket” Brekker really pushed through his PTSD and severe phobia of skin to skin contact all so he could help Inej change the bandages on her arms. And he didn’t even have to do it, there were others there that could have helped her out. But he forced himself to do it because he wanted to show her that he was willing to bring his walls down for her, not just so he could touch her but so he could open his heart to her too. She told him she would take all of him or none of him, and he was trying to show her that he would try his hardest to be the man she needed him to be 

quality things in the bmc bootleg

- jeremy rapidly squirting more lotion into his hand

- dONt tOuCh mE T A L L A S S

- everyone dancing in class and just getting down while jeremy sings



- michaels dancing



- rich’s lisp

- r i c h ‘ s l i s p


- rich lifting up his shirt

- rich’s dancing


- i love rich




- F A V O U W I T E P E R S O N

- the guy selling the squips was hilarious and i secretly want him to he mr reyes because the way he spoke was so dramatic and funny

- i think i just wasted my bar mitzvah money on a wintergreen tic tac





I never had a greater friend than you. And we traveled a lot and I’ve never had a greater friend than you.


crying: the comic.

or: a ‘missing scene’ (kinda) (well i used some canon dialogue) (so maybe an alternate scene?) from act ii of the spongebob musical, (chicago version i have no idea what’ll be different in NYC) ANYWAY because i needed there to be a moment where someone – anyone – just asks sandy to stay. and why not the person she puts everything on hold for to help? he woulda owed her that much.

I really need ACOMAF from Rhys’ perspective

Just imagine

  • The agony of feeling Feyre through the bond while she’s ‘happy’ with Tamlin – trying to convince himself that this is good, that as long as she is safe and happy he can live with not having her. 
  • The reunion with his brothers and Mor and Amren and Velaris – tears and awe and hugs and everyone just falling into a heap of crying and holding each other because they are so happy that he is alive
  • His inner monologue when he hears Feyre say no at the wedding – he’s so happy and hope begins to bloom and he gets all dressed up to prepare for his dramatic entrance.
  • The icy rage when he notices how thin she’s gotten, or when he feels her fear down the bond, or when she tries to shut him out – swearing that he will murder Tamlin, fighting with his instincts to just winnow there and take her, constantly telling himself that he deserves her hatred after everything he did Under the Mountain.
  • The pride he feels when he shows her Velaris and introduces her to the Inner Circle 
  • THE NIGHTMARE COURT SCENE FROM RHYS’ POINT OF VIEW – falling in love with Feyre all over again because everyone is so scared of her and she’s all his and she’s sitting in his throne where she belongs and she’s letting him touch her and he’s just freaking out.
  • The attic scene and Rhys’ heartbreak when she says she just wants a distraction – ‘you should be grateful, Rhys, that you even get to touch her at all. If this is all you get, you will be grateful.
  • When Feyre finds out about them being mates and shuts him out – he will not stop pacing and practically ripping his hair out because she’s gone and mad at him and he can’t feel her through the bond and it is agony.
  • Chapter 54 where he confesses everything to her in the cabin – he is crying during this scene, the despair and sorrow in his heart and fear of her rejection must be awful.
  • CHAPTER 55 – utter disbelief and gratitude and savoring every single sound and touch and feeling like he’s dreaming and this is never going to happen again. Not being able to believe that she said yes and she accepted their bond and she loves him.
  • The protectiveness and possessiveness when they get back from the cabin - ‘mine’.
  • The Hybern scene - mind racing and heart pumping as Rhys realizes what Feyre is about to do and the only word that is able to escape his mouth is ‘no’ because he can not lose her.

I just really need ACOMAF from Rhys’ point of view, is that too much to ask?


“Sam, you and dad, you’re the most important people in my life. And now… I never should have come back Sam, it wasn’t natural, and now look whats come of it. I was dead and I should’ve stayed dead. You wanted to know I was feeling, well thats it. So tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright?“

So tg can have a full chapter of torture and death and being great but if it has a full chapter of sex is gross and shit like?? really? this is a freaking seinen, seinen usually have more detailed sex scenes or death scenes more than other genres. And its not only that, this is helping Kaneki’s development, remember that he is a suicidal person who feels alone and sad all the time but in this chapter he is seen crying because he feels loved and no lonely, also the panel related to Ishida’s art has such a powerful meaning. Im actually so glad that this sex escenes have a powerful meaning not like other seinen that just have sex for only the character’s enterteinment.

You all always complaining about Kanekis suffering and saying that he should be happy and bla blah blah but if he is happy for once yall hate it because its related with Touka, if you inteligent people are gonna hate Tokyo Ghoul for this i dont know why the fuck are you reading it

Something that made Mashima-sensei cry recently

From a fan report on the first stage greeting of the Fairy Tail Dragon Cry movie on 6 May.

MC: Did anything happen recently that made you cry unintentionally?

Mashima Hiro: Just yesterday… or rather, today morning. I was drawing my manuscript. I don’t usually cry because of my own manga, but I was moved to tears. I can’t say who it is about, but there is a scene like that. It’s the final scene of a very important character.

Hirano Aya (Lucy): One of us died, isn’t it?!

Kakihara Tetsuya (Natsu): There is no other “cry” that surpasses this! (laugh)


messing around again :D hehe

the first one i gotta admit the original scene almost made me tear up.. and i liked it so much. and is ok the way it is… but i wanted to do a little something else with it .. just because.. XD pff

besides i think classic Sonic’s role had more to do with Tails than with the main story.. but that’s just what it seems to me lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Behind the Scenes AU

-Behind the scenes of BNHA, there are just a bunch of actors and actresses attempting to look like they have superpowers and sometimes failing miserably at their own stunts. Their love for each other is still the same though. c:

-Every time Izuku disappears in the makeup artist’s room, a small crowd of the other actors and crew form outside. After sometimes an hour or two (prob more tbh), Izuku will stumble out with exaggerated limping and show off his “mangled” body parts. He’s had to break his bones so many times in this series, he’s used to the amount of makeup they have to put on him. The others always laugh and suggest ways he might’ve hurt himself this badly in real life.

-Izuku: “I dunno, it’s gotta be hard to hurt myself like this without a power. …maybe get hit by a train. Five times.”

-Kiri gets made fun of because his sharp teeth are actually real. The first time they met him to read through the first script, he smiled all wide and five people gasped.

-Ochako asked him if he filed them that way or if he has a hard time brushing his teeth. Izuku wanted to know allllll about his crazy dentist experiences. And Denki just walked up, stuck his fingers in Kiri’s mouth and went “HOLY SHIT THEY’RE SHARPER THAN I THOUGHT!”

-When he’s not playing his explosive, angry character, Katsuki is actually one of the most loved actors in the whole group. He’s super friendly and playful, and helps everyone a lot. (He’s still an overachiever and he still swears like a sailor though)

-The oddest thing for them to watch is the transition from a bullying scene to when Izuku and Katsuki fall out of character. The minute a scene is over, Izuku will laugh and say something like “you had me scared for a second, Kacchan!” or “great job, I really thought you were gonna kill me for a minute.” Katsuki always grins and ruffles Izuku’s hair, before asking for water because “i am going to destroy my fucking voice if i have to shout at someone one more time.”

-As actors, Izuku and Katsuki are best friends, and they meet to read scripts a lot, or discuss ways to act through scenes. They get along really well and aren’t above hugging each other or showing up in each other’s clothes on set. (Not that they’re like dating or anything lol theytotallyare ANYWAY) There have been times when Izuku had to comfort Katsuki after a particularly harsh scene, because it hurts Katsuki sometimes to say such awful things to Izuku.

-Out of character, Shinsou is basically Aizawa, minus the sleeping bag. He has shown up near-late to read-throughs, in pajama bottoms, with a blanket, coffee, and muttering, “when can i sleep again” He naps all the time. He can fall asleep on anything, anywhere. He doesn’t know how to explain why he likes it so much, they’ve just accepted that if you can’t find Shinsou anywhere, he’s probably hiding in a place where he can sleep.

-Places Shinsou has fallen asleep: slumped over his dressing room table, in a chair, during read-throughs, on car rides, in Izuku’s lap, on Katsuki’s back while he was being carried, leaning against a wall, on the floor. The boy has no shame.

-As an actor, Shouto is the quiet one of the group. But he still strangely doesn’t mind getting into any of the ridiculous pranks or funny situations with the other actors at all. And he can be hilarious too. He is accidentally sarcastic with people. He doesn’t mean to be, but it comes out that way.

-“Shouto, Kiri told me I look ugly in this, but I think he’s wrong.”
“……what do you want from me”
“Tell me how it looks!”
“Oh. …..I thought Kiri already did.”

-Shouto also has a strange way of not practicing too much, but then going out, winging it, and acting like he’s freaking become the character. He’s made the other actors and actresses cry while watching his more emotional scenes. It’s very adorable to praise him after this, because his quiet mask breaks into a little smile and he just mumbles “thank you.”

-He has a not-so-tiny crush on the Wonder Duo, but refuses to tell anyone or admit it out loud. But he always hangs around them and when Izuku and Katsuki started talking to him, he lit up. He isn’t nearly as quiet or cold with them, he loves talking to them. Izuku and Katsuki love it too; Shouto will talk a lot with them, but his voice is still soft and it is the most endearing thing. Shouto blushes like a fool whenever they compliment him and could spend hours discussing the intricate details of Izuku’s eyes or Katsuki’s hair.

-Kiri: “Okay, new challenge! Everybody trade characters with someone else and be that character for the rest of the day! You can’t break character! Winner gets this chocolate bar I stole from Aizawa. Got it?”

Katsuki: “You wanna trade, Izuku?”

Shouto: “Can Izuku even become that mean?”


Shouto: “….oh my god.”

Can we stop everything for a minute and talk about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting? Sure we can.

There’s no such thing as a surprise when it comes to them being able to make me cry with a simple look and make me crack laughing with a simple move but anyways I still find their acting mesmerizing. 

Let’s start with Jensen, because he got me crying all over this scene. I couldn’t help it. (I cry a lot with SPN because of him)

{source here}

He made me feel every bit of desperation he was feeling. How you can’t remember something so simple, so yours, something that in any normal situation you could say it like you can sing your favorite song. But there’s any of that and he just makes you feel it, he doesn’t even has to say it, it’s there in his eyes; how lost he feels.

And all I have to say is: Jensen, you’re definitely one of the best actors I’ve seen and it’s amazingly beautiful the way in which you can get to people’s feelings with your expressions.

That said, now Jared. (I cry a lot with SPN because of this bitch, too

{source here

I’ve been all emotional because of Sam in countless times, Jared gives such expression to Sam that you can’t help yourself.

I was as worried as Sam at this moment and even though I saw Dean’s words as a joke I was totally lost and trying to keep calm but no can do, this is Supernatural we’re talking about. Sam’s expressions here say so much, him shaking his head, him looking away, the little smile he makes, the sigh of relief, the way his eyes look watery. He was going to loose it if the counterspell didn’t work. It’s seen that he can’t lose Dean, not like that, not again. He goes with “not funny” but you gotta see it in his face, you gotta hear it in his voice. Is such a strong feeling kinda like he was making me feel it.

Jared, you’re freaking gold and you never fail to amaze me, you never fail to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. 

Honestly, I’ve gotta thank the world for having such great actors as Jared and Jensen to play the characters I love the most because clearly without them I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Winchesters. Thanks for,  and to, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.