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I’m the One Who Wears Cashmere

inspired by @reioka‘s idea about Bucky wearing sweaters on assassin missions because it’s cozy. 

Tony really hated that Natasha was putting him on a blind date, because he could pick out his own people just fine. “The last one you picked try to murder you,” Natasha says flatly. 

“You try to murder Clint literally everyday he visits your apartment with his dog, are you sure you’re the best candidate to tell me this?” Tony asks. Natasha shrugs. 

“Well, I have a reason to try and murder him. Lucky gets on my couch. The only thing that gets on that couch is me, blankets, and occasionally pizza rolls.” 

“Pizza rolls are not an occasional thing, you buy them in the forty-count bags,” Tony replies. “Do I really have to go on a date? I could be building a death ray right now.” 

“A.) Don’t build a death ray unless my people rise again. B.) You’ll like this guy.” 

“Natasha, you moved from Russia when you were, like, twelve. Don’t call them your people, I’ve already been asked by Steve if I’m harboring a communist.” Natasha actually snorts at that. 

“Steve was joking. He knows that he’s really the one who works hard and seizes the means of production.” Tony actually laughs at that. “By the way, wear that oversized red sweater that you swear you didn’t steal from Rhodey. It looks good on you.” 

“It makes me look like I’m twelve,” Tony whines. 

“No, it doesn’t. No twelve year old has awesome facial hair.” 

“You agree it’s awesome?! Score! I told Stephen it was cool.” 

“Whatever. You’re meeting Barnes at the soup and bread restaurant on the corner. You know, where Boris sells his ‘authentic’ knives?” 

“Oh my god, it’s one of your creepy friends. No, nope, nada. I’m not going.” Natasha levels him with a glare that would be enough to overtake the roll of president and maybe get a free coffee from that hipster place a block over. “Fine, I’m going. But if I don’t come back by one in the morning…” 

“I’ll just tell Rhodey that you went on a date and he’ll go ballistic and call the military to find you or whatever. Move, Clint’s coming over to watch Dog Cops with me.” 

Bucky is at the restaurant, sitting by himself for all of ten minutes. He hates that Natasha threatens to do this to him. Apparently, he needs “regular interaction.” Whatever that is, he gets it. He pets a dog everyday. Talks with Boris about his knives. Hisses at cats because they’re as bad as Steve’s friend Sam is. (He hates Sam. And his insistence that birds are better than dogs, because They Are Not.) 

Natasha texted him that there would be a man in an over-sized red sweater. Bucky doesn’t bother trying to make assumptions; while Natasha is great at many things, setting up dates isn’t always the best. She thought Johnny Storm would’ve made a great match for Sharon, which the most hilarious thought since dogs falling off slides.  

Tony sees Bucky, the guy with the Murder Face and a menu in front of his face. He could just ditch this. Tell Natasha that everything was great. But then he runs the risk of hurting this Bucky’s feelings, and that is Not A Good Thing. So, he sits down at the table, and the man puts his menu down. 

Oh. God. 

That face is the best thing since Rhodey showed him that video of Steve falling in the parking lot. (They have a weird friendship, and Rhodey just flat out does not Tolerate Steve a lot.) 

“Hello,” Bucky says, voice all gravelly. “Are you Tony?” 

“Yes, hello,” Tony says. “You’re Bucky right? Because if this is the wrong booth, then I am ditching whoever Natasha said was Bucky. Wait, you’d never know me if you weren’t Bucky, okay, cool. Oh, wow, this is a thing I’m doing. Rambling.” Bucky smiles at him, and that is like gold all on its own. That could be currency, oh god. Bucky Smiles, worth a million dollars. 

“How was your day today?” Bucky asks, sliding him a menu. 

“It was pretty good, not gonna lie. I saw two dogs and one video of a baby giraffe,” Tony says. He’s not afraid to admit that dogs and videos of baby animals are awesome. “How was your day?” 

“I killed a guy,” Bucky says with a shrug. “I also bought a new sweater.” Tony laughs, because he’s just so casual with the joke that it makes him sound like he actually killed a man. 

“What’s the sweater like?” Bucky thrusts out his sweater sleeve, and Tony gets to touch it. It’s soft, a cable knit. It actually is a nice color; a dark green that Tony would wear too. “Oh my god, that’s so soft.” 

“Yeah, it was on sale too!” Bucky adds. “Seventy-five percent off.” 

“That. Is. Amazing. Where?” So, conversation starts. They talk around their food and drink. Bucky learns that Tony is an engineer, super smart, and knows Steve. 

They’re walking home–well, Bucky is walking Tony home. Everything is going great, Bucky is telling him about Supreme Evil Sam, when someone is ahead of them. They look dangerous; bulky, breathing heavy, basically every jock Tony had experienced in high school. “Hey buddy,” Tony says, trying to move. The guy grabs him arm–what the heck–and turns him around to face Bucky. 

“It’s you or him,” he growls. 

“Bucky, please either call 911 or get him breath mints, this guy’s breath is rank,” Tony says as calmly as possible. 

Instead, Bucky grabs a knife and nails the guy in the head. It is safe to say that Tony was not expecting that. “Oh god oh god Bucky what the hell did you do oh my god–” 

“Tony, please be quiet and help me drag him to my car,” Bucky says. Tony stands frozen. “Tony, I told you what I do for a living. I kill people.” 

“Are you gonna kill me?” 

“You’re too sweet to kill.” 

“Oh my god thank you, that’s so sweet–NO WAIT YOU KILL PEOPLE?!” Bucky rolls his eyes, having the decency to look at least sheepish. “Bucky, no offense, but no one kills someone in sweaters.” 

“They’re cozy,” Bucky says. He pops the trunk, lifting the body in. Tony can’t look, and pulls out his cellphone. “Don’t call 911. I’ve been tracking this guy for months. He’s a human trafficker.” 

“I’m calling Nat,” Tony says shakily. “Oh my god, what am I gonna do? I can’t go to jail, the judge at court hates me and will sentence me to death!” 

“There’s more than one judge, Tony,” Bucky says. “And you’re not going to jail.” 

“Hello?” Natasha answers. “Tony, this better be an emergency.” 

“You didn’t tell me that my date kills people for a living,” Tony hisses into the phone. “And in a soft sweater!” 

“Put him on the phone,” Natasha says curtly. “Clint, don’t try and dominate Lucky in this round, you’ll never win.” Tony passes the phone to Bucky. 

“You aren’t supposed to reveal that until the third date,” Natasha hisses. “Did we go over all this for nothing?” 

“To be fair, he’s taking it better than Steve did,” Bucky defends. “And Tony likes that I pet dogs everyday and my sweaters.” 

“Okay, fine. Come to my place with the car. I’ll dump it.” Bucky nods. “Clint, I swear to god if you touch my borscht I’ll cut your arm off. How do you think Bucky got his arm?” Bucky snorts, hanging up. 

“We need to go to Natasha’s.” 

“Wait, she knows about this?!” 

“She helped me get the job. I don’t kill innocent people,” Bucky says, blush forming. God, he’s getting sappy over murder. Not something that happens every day. “I kill the really, really bad ones. Like human traffickers and people who want to release rare diseases into the atmosphere. I saved Iowa from destroying itself last month.” Tony nods. 

“Oh. So it’s bad people?” Bucky nods. “Okay, that’s not so bad. But what if you ruin your sweaters?” 

“I’m too good to ruin any of my sweaters,” Bucky boasts. Tony rolls his eyes. 

“Sure you are.” Bucky grins at him. “So, next date, I’m choosing where we go, and I choose a shelter so we can volunteer and walk dogs.” 

“Best date ever,” Bucky agrees solemnly. 

Their third date goes a bit sideways; they have to wash a sweater that got drenched. Bucky cries. Tony tries to placate him with funny videos of cats falling and stories about his utter disappointment of a robot that is his pride and joy, Dum-E. 

Relatives we all have, as told by the angels of Supernatural:

1.  The gay cousin:

In a conservative family, this is the last person you want to be, but someone had to do it, so he stepped up to the plate.  At best, he’s the one who gets the “We still love you, we just don’t approve of your lifestyle” talk from older relatives, the homophobic jokes from younger relatives, and has probably been banned from family gatherings at least once.  Is bullied in one way or another by literally his entire family, yet paradoxically probably the only decent person there.

2.  The family disappointment: 

If there’s anyone who gives the gay cousin a run for his money, this guy’s it.  He was probably at some point his parents favorite golden child, probably their first born.  The bar was as high as their expectations of him, and he missed both by a solid mile.  Is now the black sheep who shows up drunk to Christmas dinner.

3.  The overachiever: 

When the family disappointment fell from grace, someone had to rise to the occasion, and boy, did he ever:  Ivy-league college?  Check.  Sports scholarship?  Check.  High-paying job before he even graduates?  Check, check, check.  He’s the pride and joy of older relatives and the standard by which younger relatives are compared.  But beware:  all that pressure can easily go to your head, and sooner or later, he might fall just like the family disappointment did.

4.  The “funny one:”

This guy’s the Chandler Bing of his own family:  he tells jokes to diffuse tense situations, to convey messages, and to cope, probably to the point where it gets a little annoying to everyone around him.  At the end of the day, though, he just wants a little bit of peace and quiet and a happy family, though he rarely gets either.

5.  The cool uncle:

He’s the one that let you stay up late and eat junkfood when you stayed at his house, probably your favorite adult relative.  Generally gave zero fucks, and is probably looked down on by everyone else, for his promiscuity, drunkenness, or both.

6.  The creepy uncle:

Yes, he’s probably a cool enough guy, but you definitely wouldn’t get in a van with him.  The guy just gives off some weird vibes, has at least at some point been up to no good, and isn’t above using younger relatives as pawns in his schemes. 

7.  The vodka aunt:

Nothing is above her:  she’s weird, she’s inappropriate, she WILL get drunk and start sexually harassing your boyfriend.  Her skills include holding grudges, ruining self-esteems, and making Thanksgiving dinners super awkward, but everyone’s too scared of her to tell her off. 

8.  The overwhelmed single dad:

He’s supposed to be all-powerful and wise, but something tells you he has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s known for playing favorites, over-extreme punishments, and avoiding his problems, but you can see that he’s doing his best – after all, since he invented parenting, he’s literally making it up as he goes along.

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Hiya, I was just curious as to whether you have any other good fiction podcasts to recommend for fans of things like the Penumbra podcast and WTNV (and all of their stuff). It's cool if not I'm just trying to find more things bc I've gone through your revs and they're great I just can't get enough fiction podcasts whoops Alex Xx

hey alex!

im not entirely sure how many of my recs you’ve gone through, so i might repeat myself a bit (forgive me for that!)

if you liked wtnv, you might also like:

  • king falls am, which is kinda like nightvale except there are two hosts, people who call in and the weird goings on are actually seen as weird to everyone living there
  • the bridge, which is super creepy happenings on a bridge in the middle of the ocean (its very creepy)
  • ars paradoxica, is about time travel and ww2
  • the far meridian idk anything about bc its new but it looks good
  • the black tapes is a paranormal ghost hunt 

for the penumbra:

  • the strange case of starship iris is set in space and super queer yo
  • inkwyrm, also set in space and also super queer
  • under pressure is about a crew living at the bottom of the ocean and
  • wolf 359 is about a crew in space (and is back for its newest season so its a great time to get in if you havent already)
  • wooden overcoats is about two competing funeral homes on a very small island off the coast of englad (a lot of people are dying for such a small island tbh

a few more are also the beef and dairy network, the adventure zone, join the party (not strictly fiction podcasts (they are but they arent if that makes sense)), red rover, secrets crimes and audiotape, rabbits and quake are all worth checking out as well

i hope theres something here that quenches your thirst!

helena x

Blackmail- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 2)

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Ok so don’t talk to me about the Caps/Leafs game I’m so salty rn… Can’t we just let the kids win? Ugh… anyway here you guys go! A little Auston Matthews love! Sorry it’s late! I promise I’m getting back on schedule!

Warning:  None

@iangiemae Request: Awww, the Auston Matthews Damsel in Distress was cute. Do you think we can get a sequel? I really like your imagines.


              Here you were standing and staring at the Air Canada Centre.

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Some Ideas for a sequel to TLNM
  • People know who the Ninja are.
  • Garmadon is trying to be a good guy but sometimes returns home with something he…’borrowed kindly’ from somebody.
  • Koko still isn’t remarried to him, but it’s on her mind. Lloyd keeps trying to get them back together, which becomes a running gag in the film.
  • Meowthra is now the resident therapist cat. She’s a very sweet cat actually, and part of the island is now her litterbox. Fishermen find her food.
  • Kai has practically adopted her but she always purrs more when Lloyd is around. Kai no likey
  • Suddenly the Ninja are out training on an adventure when Lloyd spots a…thing, and it summons another beast. 
  • Garmadon recognizes it as the snake that bit him…
  • It’s a giant python named “Ouroboros, the Great Devourer of Worlds, Countries, Cities, Towns and the Occasional Mouse”, but is just called “The Great Devourer” for short.
  • Jay asks how its the snake that bit him if it’s like 60 feet long and has no legs. Garmadon says it was “smaller back then” and the legs never grew with the snake. On it’s chest are some really tiny spider legs.
  • Meowthra goes against it, mimicking a Japanese Kaiju fight. Everyone thinks she’s gonna win until the snake splashes her with water, making her very angry, and her leg is broken by TGD. Kai is is on the brink of rage and tries to destroy the snake, but ends up almost killing himself when the snake smacks him with his tail.
  • Don’t worry, she’s not dead, just hurt.
  • The Ninja now have to find a way to force TGD off the island and trap it somewhere, and Garmadon suggests his old volcano. They could feed it food in there and keep it napping, since it’s “probs a billion years old or something, I dunno”.
  • Lloyd has a dream that some creepy guy wants to help
  • He goes out to look for him at night and finds a cave with a strange helmet inside. A mysterious voice tells Lloyd to put on the helmet and he will have enough power not to drive away the snake, but to kill it. He questions why it sounds so evil and the voice responds “That’s what everyone calls me. Why do you think there’s still so much g-I mean, evil in this world? Because nobody trusts the creepy guy with the obviously evil magical helmet! If somebody picked it up a long while ago, a lot of stuff wouldn’t have had to happen!”
  • Lloyd is really tired so he picks up the helmet anyway and tells his friends about it, not wanting them to repeat the Ultimate Weapon nonsense again. They’re skeptical, but agree the helmet looks cool enough it could save the day. Plus Lloyd doesn’t remember a lot of the evil stuff with the guy.
  • Even though the helmet is clearly evil and is whispering curse words.
  • Lloyd uses the helmet and the snake disappears, but the creepy voice calls out and takes control of Lloyd’s powers, screaming “I AM THE OVERLORD!!! AND I AM ALIVE ONCE AGAIN!!!”. Lloyd is whisked away somewhere else.
  • Everyone is a mess. Without Lloyd as the team glue, how do they function?
  • Surprise surprise, Kai decides to be the team leader, which everyone agrees to because they just don’t want to be leader.

Should I go on?

Fantasy Meihem- Part 3

“Look, I’m just saying, you’re the one still stuck on the ‘goats’ issue. They wandered into my turf, they got eaten. Could’ve been a wild cat, or a bear, or whatever things you got here, but it just happened to be me. That time.” Jamison’s voice whined in her head for at least the third time that hour.

“They still weren’t your goats. And it wasn’t a cat or a bear, it was you, eating things that don’t belong to you! Those goats are almost all those people had, you could at least feel a little remorseful about it,” she huffed, despite having gone over this point a thousand times.

“I was starving, darl! Trapped and starving!”

“Well, I understand that there were…circumstances,” she admitted. “And I paid for the goats you ate, but you are absolutely not to do it again! If you want something to eat, we’ll buy it properly, because that’s how we do things here.”

“Heh. I know something else I want instead. Something sweet and moist and tender…”

“What? I don’t have any meat on me.”

“I mean, I don’t just eat meat. If you really wanted to keep me fed without dipping into that cute little coinpurse of yours, we could…uh…do some things…” His voice trailed off.

“Are you planning something nefarious again?”

“Uh…Nothing. Maybe later.”

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1x03 was bullshit

I’m sorry but drugging, handcuffing, and threatening a stupid ass teenage boy is not girl power. It’s literally the dumbest thing ever that people are trying to justify a boy writing down who he’s slept with being reason enough to drug him and threaten to “boil him alive” and then proceed to push his head under the water. What those boys did wasn’t cool, but neither was what Betty did. I did not feel empowered as a woman. I felt uncomfortable and ashamed. That wasn’t justice, that was vengeance. It was vindictive and creepy and cruel. I get that they did it to exhibit and further introduce Betty’s mental issues and instability, but fuck, stop glorifying what she did. Just because a show talks about feminism (purely because they know that teenage girls will eat that shit up by the way) doesn’t mean it’s being represented in the right way. I myself am a huge advocate for feminism, but tonight’s reaction to the show was disappointing. The end result, them getting kicked off of the team, great, awesome, perfect. They deserve it. But threatening their lives is too much. And it’s fine that the threatening was in the show. It’s fiction and who cares? It was a great way to show how fucked up Betty is, but glorifying it like it was totally reasonable is absolutely absurd.

Heather's Crazy Teen Wolf 6B Fan Theories.... #1

So after watching this trailer \/\/\/\/\/ I have a few things I’ve noticed so watch it and be prepared for a long rant lol. All gifs in this are created by me, so please ask before you take. Rant below the cut….

So the first thing I have to mention… if they hadn’t used this image of Deucalion as the video thumbnail I may have missed him in it. I might have been focused on other people but that’ll come a bit later.

Anyone else getting a nogitsune vibe off that thing in the back. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the big bad for this season. We know from previously trailers that this chick is a hunter. They’ve also talked about fear quite a bit in this particular trailer. So my guess is this thing is something like the nogitsune and feeds off of their fear. But with the addition of having some sort of power to amplify it. This could cause some interesting situations for Stiles as he hasn’t been the best with dealing with what’s happened to him in my opinion. But we all know his “I prefer to ignore problems until they go away” theory.

And this my friends is Sheriff John (I refuse to call him Noah) Stilinski letting go of a damn hand grenade surrounded but bullet shells. Now maybe this fear thing is causing Stiles to see his Dad die, or maybe JD is trying to kill us all by making the Sheriff sacrifice himself. I had a horrible feeling after that first trailer when we didn’t see him but heard him saying “no one’s getting out of this alive.” I hope I’m wrong that’s all I’m gonna say. But seeing him surrounded by all the hunters earlier in the trailer doesn’t bode well.

Is it just me or is this Parrish in Eichon house?If so I’m hoping this is him escaping. Haven’t we had enough of this damn place? I know I have. Like 3b I was done and ready to never go back. But they keep pulling back to it. Weird ass, creepy house. It’s almost like a TARDIS bigger on the inside than the outside. But not as cool as the TARDIS obviously.

So the first trailer for 6b when they showed that bit with someone on the fence being tortured I thought it was Theo. But then they add in this bit with a very injured, possibly dead, looking Ethan wearing a similar shirt (which might all be done to confuse us on purpose) I was rethinking things. And another thing I’m gonna state from that hand gripping the arrow. I think they want to throw us off and think it’s Stiles’ hand because hello red hoodie. But those are not DOB’s hands, I’m sorry. My guess is the kid from the beginning of the trailer, I can’t seem to find where I wrote his name down damn it.

And just in case you didn’t notice it. KATE ARGENT IS WEARING A FUCKING FBI JACKET!!!! Did she go in to get to Stiles? Take out her competition for Derek? I’m not ok with Kate being affiliated with any law enforcement group. And also which side would she be on??? I mean Gerard says they’re going to kill all of the supernaturals. Isn’t Kate on that list?

Which of course logically brings me here. You knew I had to talk about it, if you follow this blog at all you know my love for these two as actors and characters. Now to me the background actually looks like the pool. And they both look wet. So if TW is going to revisit the pool scene just to get viewers I’ll be disappointed. But if they do it right and make my little Sterek heart explode I’m okay with it. Another thing I noticed when I went frame by frame is Stiles seems to have a black mark on his neck similar to the lichtenburge marks he had as void Stiles. Or maybe it’s just a smear of Derek’s blood? Not sure. But I’m happy to say that the leather jacket is back at least. Yay!!!

So I’ve had my issues with Liam. Mostly with the writers trying to make him the new Scott and not his own character. He could’ve had so much more development with his anger issues but nooooo lets just make him have a possibly doomed romance just like his idol Scott. But anyways off track. This scene already breaks my heart to see them holding Mason back while they beat the shit out of his buddy. My guess is that Liam won’t fight back because it would confirm to these people he’s a werewolf. And I know it goes by quick but the guy beating him up is the new character Gabe, someone I thought was going to be friends with them all from some of the articles but looks like NOPE. I know that both Dylan and Khyelin have said that this season was hard for them to shoot as Liam and Mason go through allot. Considering what they went through with La Bete that’s saying allot.

ALL THE SCALIA!!!!!! This is a ship people either love or they hate. I’m happy if they’re happy but TW not everyone has to end up with someone in the end to be happy. I think Malia being Aromantic makes more sense to me but that’s just my opinion. So we’ll see how this pans out.

If Mama McCall doesn’t make it out of this I’m DONE!!! I will not ever watch this show again. This broke my heart. We all know Gerard has threatened Melissa to get to Scott before but who actually went after her??? I can’t wait but I also don’t want see it.

It also seems that Parrish has come into his powers more. I thought at first this was something about to hit them but it’s coming towards the camera. So it has to be come from him. Also look who’s back. Everyone’s favourite absent Father Raef McCall!!! Curious to see if that has anything to do with Kate and her FBI gear, or Stiles, or both.

And this just seems to be a supercut of who else do we need to fit in this trailer… Peter, Deucalion, Ethan, Jackson…. But if you notice they’re all in the high school too. Is the high school like the train station last season. Some sort of vortex they all get sucked into or something? I’m curious for sure.

And of course you have to have a group shot, that seems to be missing a few key people and has one random girl who I have no idea who she is. And Scott’s comment about “what did you think we were going to do run?” tells me he’s most likely talking to Gerard and that he’s been in contact with Chris. He’s also at the Vet Clinic by the windows behind him. 

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Sorry you lost a bunch of followers, but tbh it gives me relief to know there's people in this hecking fandom who realize sh//eith and other age related ships are not healthy depictions of age-difference relationships. Personally I'm 19, and have a 25 y/o co-worker who hits on me and it's UNCOMFORTABLE. Like if you think about this in real life, it's not usually a good sign. Not that Shiro's creepy I love space dad but... I also don't want to normalize that age difference.

Ikr???? I have a coworker who’s like 25-26, who’s really cool and he’s really nice to me. He went to school for art and we talk about it sometimes. And I’m pretty certain he thinks of me as kind of a little kid. Like,,, he’s Married and shit. I just REALLY hope that me being friendly to this man doesn’t make him think I like him (I don’t even like men but that’s a whole other story lmao). I’m pretty sure he’s smart enough to not Do anything even if he thought I did, but even still, the thought of this Actual Adult, who’s already on his Next Chapter of Life, being in a relationship with a kiddo like me is. Frightening to say the least.

Some Day (Samuel)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi I am the one who requested a Samuel story! He could fall in love with his new dance teacher. But I would love to read anything with him. Thank you :*

He watched you smile through the mirror. “Stop staring at me” you hum stretching your body with ease as he felt his cheeks warm.This wasn’t his first class with you and it wasn’t the first time he was caught staring at you, you were nearly 17 years old at this point and were an incredible dancer who was lucky enough to be able to teach others. “You gonna be able to impress me this time?” you tease him as he nodded. 


“You’re doing well but I think you need a new teacher” you tell him as he straightens up and looks at you concerned “what? Why would I need a new one?” he asked nervously. “You don’t pay attention well when I teach you” you tell him as he shook his head rapidly “no no you’re fine. I think you’re a great teacher” he says quickly “you like me Samuel and liking me makes it hard to concentrate” you explain. “One more lesson. I’ll prove to you that I can listen” he told you. You made a face “please” he begged as you smiled lightly “alright one more class.If I don’t think you do well then you get one of the other people to teach you different moves for you songs” you tell him. “Thank you” he says as he nods rapidly before giving you large smile.


He panted as he pulled his shirt rapidly allowing cool air onto him. You gave him a thumbs up “I’m proud that you stopped watching me with that creepy smile” you tease him as he scoffs. “I doubt it” he tells you “all you do is stand there and stare at me” you tell him. “Like you said. I have a thing for you” he say moving closer. You took a step back “you’re a little young to be hitting on girls” you tell him as he frowns.”Why would you say that? I’m old enough to date” he says “but you’re just getting famous so you don’t need to stress” you tell him. 

“Worry about you for now” you tell him “maybe in a few years” you tell him as you pressed a light kiss onto his sweaty cheek before you headed off. “Tomorrow same time” you remind him as he nods rubbing his cheek. “A few years. Wonder how long that will take to change that” he says as he smiled to himself and sat down onto the floor letting out a sigh.

@ciphernetics @junebugpancakes Y'all might be into this, so I’m tagging you.

I had a dream last night about Camp Camp. Basically Max, Nikki, and Neil find this old cursed painting but Max is the one who actually finds it first. It’s just a photo of some kid playing an acoustic guitar. They question why this painting would be in a pile of Campbell’s old junk but they quickly dismiss it.

But then weird shit starts happening to Max. He keeps hearing a guitar and keeps getting on David’s case about playing it - except David wasn’t playing whenever this happened.

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Birthday Message

Wow, this has got to be the shortest thing I’ve written in a long time. I said I’d write something short, and I did! Huzzah!
I got the idea from @otp-fanfic-ideas​, so check out their blog if you want some cool ideas! I’ll reblog the one I used, shall I?

UsUk fanfic, 2,398 words.

It’s Alfred’s birthday today! Send him a birthday wish to let him know you’re thinking of him! 

Yes, Arthur knew it was Alfred’s birthday. He didn’t need a Facebook notification to tell him that it was his crush’s birthday

Furthermore, Arthur was always thinking of Alfred. Well, not always. That would be creepy and obsessive. Just enough times during the day to confirm that he did indeed have a crush on Alfred. 

If he let Alfred know he was thinking of him, Alfred would know he had a huge-ass crush on him. 

But Arthur needed to send him a birthday wish. Alfred was the type of guy who regularly updated his Facebook status, tagged people (mostly Arthur and Matthew) in stuff, posted pictures, the like. He’d consider the lack of a Facebook birthday message an insult. 

So Arthur had to send him a birthday message.

The only thing was, he didn’t know how. Not literally; he knew what he had to do to post it, he just didn’t know what to write. Usually he just wrote a quick ‘Happy birthday, Alfred!’ and accompanied it with a picture of his favourite superhero or something, but he couldn’t do that on Alfred’s sixteenth! The sixteenth was special, and so the message had to be special

Plus, there was the fact that Alfred had sent that birthday message that made his heart flutter and made him fall deeper in love.

Happy birthday, Artie! Sixteen now, bro! Just wanted to say that you’re a hella awesome friend and if I didn’t have you in my life it would be duller ‘cause I wouldn’t have your shining sarcasm to brighten it up! Not to mention your intelligence and sharp wit and all that stuff. Also, your writing abilities are mega-awesome and you’ve got the best imagination I’ve ever seen! So, y’know. Have a hella awesome birthday, and I’m really glad you’re my friend!!

Arthur could not send a simple ‘Happy birthday!’.

His fingers hovered over the keyboard, itching to type what he really wanted to say. He really wanted to tell Alfred what a brilliant person he was; tell him just how seeing his dazzling smile made Arthur’s day better; tell him how his laugh was wonderfully infectious, if loud and obnoxious; tell him about how addictive his shining optimism and hyperactivity were; tell him how his outrageous ideas were simply testament to how much of a genius he was; tell him that he was amazing in every sense of the word.

But that would be the same as typing ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFRED DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A MASSIVE CRUSH ON YOU?’. 

So, no.

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mooncactus  asked:

do you think if Disney had kept their hands off strange magic's plot it would have been better received? would you have liked it better, or do you love it so much that it's all moot?

I don’t think it would have done much better, for a couple of reasons.

1.) The marketing of the movie probably would have always missed the mark.

2.) The marketing of the movie almost worked for the madcap comedy that Strange Magic is; the problem was that the trailers were so generic that they erased the heart of the film and concealed its other genre elements. If we had gotten a darker, more mythical story in the vein of Labyrinth and strange, Froudian imagery, those genre elements would have been even more niche. 

3.) The niche-ier the genre, the easier it is to stumble. Critics who didn’t know what to make of its jukebox soundtrack wouldn’t have known what to do with it anyway, even if it had “Love Hurts” and “Bring Me to Life” in the mix. They wouldn’t have known what to do with two princesses falling in love with a goblin, or the animation style, or the tone swings that are so evocative of forgotten fantasy films, or the point of creating all these cool environments just to spend so much screentime on musical heartbreak. This was never going to be a film with a big enough history to subvert for a mainstream audience. Megamind has instantly recognizable superhero tropes, but the genre of creepy fantasy love interests, where the appeal comes entirely from not softening them up too much, is not widely known, as evidenced by the fact that this film came along and soothed my parched soul. 

4.) There are a lot of things about George Lucas’s original plan that I adore: Bog being crueler, falling in love with Dawn only to discover real ass-kicking love with Marianne, the lean into measured, completely serious musical melodrama.

5.) But half the charm of Strange Magic is that it chooses to spin off into its own thing entirely. I can’t imagine another version of the film that has the same amount of gusto and joy, the kind of thing that makes you want to jump out of your seat and YELL because “BUT I’M EVILLLLL” is played so purposefully straight but so winkingly but so EARNESTLY, do you feel me? Rydstrom takes all these elements and throws them up in the air and loves where they land. It taps into a stream of creativity that can’t be planned–it’s gotta be felt. The Lucas version may have been able to get at that, but it would have been in a totally different way. It probably would have had more time spent with Bog, which I would never turn down–but would it have had “Mistreated” staged exactly the way it was, ending my life? I don’t know. 

6.) Personally I’ve never really understood how Dawn as the framing character would have worked, and I’m glad Marianne is the unequivocal heroine. I’m glad that the film is its own thing that sings a song no one else will ever quite achieve again, and while I’d love to see every possible version, I don’t think this film was ever going to be understood for what it was, because it’s so deliberately not like anything else ever, and the spring of silliness that we got heightens everything it’s trying to achieve. :)

anonymous asked:

i love your art! can you recommend more blogs about little nightmares and fanart of it? i need more people to follow and finding blogs is not always easy (sorry if my english isnt that well :S)

 (Thank you! And I’ll recommend some here, yeah. No worries about your English either, lord knows you have it down better than me anyway! XD

https://rottingbirdies.tumblr.com/  <- Awesome creepy art, curly homie nomies, currently working on an OC called the Treasurer I think? 

https://sallyslittlenightmares.tumblr.com/  <- The most ADORB art, Their Six is the bomb dot com!

https://purplerage0592.tumblr.com/  <- The artist who made me want to start drawing in the first place, knows the truth about how cool the chefs are. Preach.

https://the-ladys-servant.tumblr.com/  <- Made me brave enough to make my own OC and reminds me just how dark the series is, very good for inspiration!

https://om–nom.tumblr.com/  <- Does like all the best and funniest quotes, and I think is working on a roleplay/story thing with xellas-the-wanderer and their OC The Stoker at the moment? 

  Okay there are so many others though, so like, if anyone wants to help out anon here and add some more or their own blogs, go for it!)


Soooo the last episode of Dice, Camera, ACTION was something else lmao.

Here’s Evelyn. Also one without clothes because her body came out really cool damnit.

BTS Reaction When They Think You're scared of spiders, But you're actually not

Hi again! Sorry that this is so late!

“Don’t worry princess! I got it-”
“It’s okay Jin, I already put him outside”
“O-Oh… Okay. You’re not scared of spiders?”
“Eh. They can be creepy, but not enough to bother me”

Originally posted by hugtae

“Joonie~ There’s a spider in the house!”
“I’ll be right there, hold on! Just let me finish this up!” once he’s done what he’s doing, he puts down his book and walks into the room, “So where is it?”
“Oh.. I already took it outside..”
“Why would you call me over if you weren’t scared?”
“Ah, I just needed something to pick it up with. But since you didn’t come on time, it started moving, so I just used my hands”
“Cool cool”

Originally posted by hogays

“What you got in your hands there, jagi?”
“A spider” he looked at you confused, “A what?”
“A spider. I found it on the bed, oh hey, mind opening the door for me?”

Originally posted by hugtae

I personally think he wouldn’t care. He would tease you if you were afraid, but if you weren’t, then he wouldn’t really bother xD

Originally posted by sugagifs

The both of you would be looking at it and talking to it before you had to discuss which one of you was gonna take it outside. He found it really cool that you weren’t afraid

Originally posted by bangthebae

He would be the one that was scared. But trying to act tough, he would look into the spiders many eyes before getting intimidated and called your name.
“What is it Hobi?”
“There’s a spider!” He points to it
“Ah, I see” You carefully pick it up and move it outside, out of harms way. When you come back in, you find Hoseok staring at you with wide eyes, “Wanna hug?” You smirk suggestively as you slowly move closer to him. His face went white before running away, “WASH YOUR HANDS JAGI”

Originally posted by j-ngk--k

He’s like a mix of Suga and V. He would be cool with it, but would also play with you and ask who’s going to take it outside.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Sorry I kinda cut this short, It’ll be on the master list, but under the original one where you're scared of spiders. Hope you liked!
~Admin Luna 

TITLE: Mind Over Batter
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen 
SUMMARY: Part of my What Baking Can Do series. After getting continuously rejected for a first date by Evan over text, Connor decides to take matters into his own hands. This, like most of Connor’s decisions, turns out to be a bad one.
NOTES: Y’all were so nice about the first part of this series that I wanted to give you more, so here you go! You can also read on Ao3 here

Connor would have been sure that he was being catfished had he not actually met Evan already. 

They’d spent the last two weeks texting pretty much non-stop, which was not something Connor, a notoriously bad texter, was accustomed to doing. And it was remarkable how much he’d learned about the other man just in their extensive texting conversations.

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Night Swimming - iDubbbz Imagine

You and Ian escaped to the roof of this hotel about half an hour ago, stolen goods (a pack of fancy crackers and a bottle of questionable wine) in hand, hellbent on escaping the wedding the two of you have been suffering through for the better part of the evening. It’s some friend of a friend that’s getting married, and you honestly aren’t sure how either of you got an invite to this thing. But it’s open bar, and they promised to feed you, so you and Ian thought you should come for the hell of it.

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did i ever mention faeries are my favorite ‘unpopular’ tribe in mtg

like i know faerie tribal is a good tier 2-3 modern deck, but we’ve gotten like one faerie in origins and haven’t seen shit since then for the tribe. its not popular enough to get reps every few planes like elves or goblins

but faeries are GREAT. perfect for UB, a bunch of little fliers who can do all sorts of neat effects? the sheer flavor of cards like puppeteer clique where a bunch of faeries are moving corpses around? 

also the lorwyn faeries being insectoid is SO COOL and contribute to their mix of mischief, cute, and creepy

shit dude i just love faeries and want more faerie legends