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Making that other gif released a menace, a monster!! Also made some sidebar images and some icons…one which I am using on my AO3 page, coz, yeah, too pretty. This one was also a quick gif to make. All I did was slow it down a lot, coz I just like seeing them smile together. *sob*

Aaaaahhhhh omg. I didn’t even notice in the film that Bones laughs too! They have a legit moment of enjoyment together before Bones freaks out. Beautiful.


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Favorite Heir(s): Clementine Blush, from the Cider legacy, is my favorite so far. She was just so pretty coz of who her moms were @.@

Favorite Spouse: Viridian from the Flurry PGC! If I’m honest, he was one of the ones I was rooting for during Snow Drop’s BC.

Mishaps during your legacy? In the Cider legacy, Papaya caught on fire while using the deep fryer, and I wasn’t paying attention, so I came back to the family mourning over her pile of ashes /-\ || In the Flurry PGC, there was the time Viridian caught on fire while working on an invention. Thankfully he got to the shower on time!

Largest number of children? For the Ciders, 6 (Clementine and Parfait) || For the Flurrys, thus far, 13 (Snow Drop and Viridian).

Any Surprises? Well, the Flurry quads were definitely a surprise! || Likewise, Elderberry Currant from the Ciders, the time child as I refer to her, was also a surprise!

Legacy OTP: Clementine and Parfait ♥

So uh… I tag whoever wants to do this :P

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That post is driving everyone crazy rn even me cuz I'm all for Camden but now if they don't want it. They are a cute couple

i was literally freakin out when i saw this vid on twitter then this post by Clara. IF the account was not hacked which is the only reason that makes sense for me atm, MAYBE they’ve decided to let the world know about 🌗 but then change their minds right away and deleted it. coz it just don’t fucking make sense man. like wtf


When the hyung-deul are as excited as Hyuk when he received his Justin Bieber album from the MC as a birthday present ^^

Lady in Red, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
She's the end. She's the beginning. She's a lady in red and now she's his. Sirimione one-shot, post war, rated M only for language


“All right there, Padfoot?”

His smile was wan when he lowered his head and looked over at his oldest friend. Remus stood the doorway to his dining room, the corner of his mouth twitching with a knowing smirk. Sirius grimaced, then bared his teeth at him.

“Just fine, thanks, Moony. How about you?”

Remus laughed, walked over and slapped a hand on his mate’s shoulder, green eyes dancing with amusement. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so jumpy,” he said with a grin. “I find it extremely entertaining.”

Sirius scowled and speared a hand through his hair. His stomach was a mass of knots. “Fuck you, mate.”

“Well now I don’t think I’m the one you should be-”

“Remus, would you leave the poor man alone?”

Head snapping towards the staircase, Sirius’s heart stopped. It felt like time slowed. Blurring and tunnelling, it zoomed in to focus on the magnificent creature slowly coming down the stairs. The air fled his lungs and Sirius stared, wide-eyed and tongue-tied, unable to look away.

She was a vision in red.

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