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Seventeen’s s/o never telling them about their problems

There’s no doubt you love your boyfriend, a Seventeen member, and you trust him with everything. But knowing how busy he can be with his crazy idol life, you often choose to vent to other people about your problems instead of “bothering” him. However, he eventually finds out about your unintentional secrets. How would each Seventeen member react?

Requested by anon. Thanks for requesting this idea! Hope you enjoy <3


“Hey y/n, is there anything that’s been on your mind lately?” Seungcheol hesitantly asks out of the blue. You’re both on the couch; his head is lying down comfortably on your lap as you play with his strands of hair. “You haven’t been telling me a lot about your days lately, and it’s kind of been worrying me to say the least,” he blurts out. Truth is, Seungcheol spotted you the other day venting to Jeonghan about your problems, and it made him wonder why he wasn’t the person you went to for that. “I don’t know..” you sigh. “You’ve been so busy lately and I’d just hate to bother you with that kind of stuff, you know.” Seungcheol immediately gets up from your lap and takes both of your hands in his. “There’s never a day I wouldn’t be willing to sit down and talk to you.” he looks at you softly. “And I’d do it for hours honestly. I want to be here for you the same way you’re always here for me.”


GRUDGE! ALERT! The minute Jeonghan finds you talking to Joshua about personal things you haven’t told him, he’s going to be in utter disbelief. Did his s/o really just pick someone over him? A n g e r y He’s the type to confront you as soon as possible because nO shAme. “Y/n, how do I put this subtly… do you trust me?” Jeonghan says as he holds your arm firmly so that you don’t turn away. “Uh yeah, of course,” you quirk your brow. “Is there something wrong?” “Well it doesn’t seem like it since you’re always hiding these problems from me,” he says with disappointment apparent in his tone. You figure out that he’s been eavesdropping on you and Joshua and can’t help but feel a bit guilty. “Look, Jeonghan, I trust you. I really do. It’s just that your schedule’s been pretty hectic lately compared to everyone else, so I don’t want to burden you with anything more than what’s on your plate.” Your explanation makes him feel bad for getting a little mad at you, so his face softens as he pulls you in for a hug. “Look,” he says quietly into your ear. “I may seem pretty busy, but I’d literally drop everything just for you. Believe me.”


No doubt Joshua would be concerned about your relationship if he sees you talking to Junhui about your problems instead of him. But he’d be so fucking good at hiding his worry from you… Well at least for a good while, because if he gets stuck in a quiet moment with you, he’s probably gonna let it out then. “Y/n, can I be honest with you for a second?” he asks, his face staring away from you into a distance. “Yeah, of course,” you laugh a little. “What kind of relationship doesn’t have honesty?” “Well,” Josh pauses briefly. “I’ve just been getting the feeling that you don’t want to talk to me sometimes about… the less happy things going on in your life…” He also confesses that he eavesdropped on you that one time you were talking to Jun, but you don’t take it too personally. You explain your side, how you don’t want to put any more weight on his shoulders with that busy schedule he’s always got. Josh looks to your hand and inches his closer to yours. “Y/n, believe me when I say I’d go the extra mile to take the weight off of your shoulders too,” his hand lies atop yours and he slowly intertwines his fingers with yours. “Opening up to me is all I ask of you.”


“Can we talk, y/n?” Junhui suddenly pulls you aside. The moment he caught you talking to Soonyoung about your problems has been bothering him for a good week now, and he just had to bring it up. “About what?” you ask, confused. “About… trust? Yeah trust, that’s the word,” he hesitates. “Mmm, I’m listening,” you reply. “Well, I noticed that although we talk a lot, we don’t seem to talk about… everything,” Junhui looks down. “Jun,” you start after realizing what he meant by “everything.” “I want to tell you all about my days but… I don’t want to make your day any more tiresome with my problems. I know how much you go through everyday already,” you stare at your shoes to avoid his gaze. “But don’t you think I’m curious about your day too?” he leans in a little to recapture your eyes. “Y/n, I want to know you as well as you know me. I’m always worried about you… always. Just trust me and I’ll do anything I can to make you happier.”


Soonyoung honestly wouldn’t take it too seriously but he’d still be kind of hurt to see you chatting out your problems with Wonwoo instead of him. “Jagi,” he calls you cutely from afar in a room that only the two of you occupied. “Yes?” you answer with only half of your attention. “Just wanted to let you know that you can tell me absolutely anything… anything at all,” he hides his worry behind a cute smile. “Soonyoung,” you suspect. “What’s going on?” “Nothing,” Soonyoung hums nervously. “I’m only reminding you that I’m an excellent boyfriend who can listen to your hopes, dreams, the happy things… the not-so-happy things…” he trails off in the end. “You give him a stern look. “You heard me talking to Wonwoo about my problems the other day, didn’t you?” “Okay fine, yes I did,” he gives up his overly-cheery facade. “But why though? You know you can always come to me, right?” You tell Soonyoung all about how much you respect his busy idol life, and how much you don’t want to ruin his mood with the negative happenings in your life. “Jagi,” he pulls you close and sways you side to side gently in his arms. “I want to make you happier, but I need to know what’s on your mind so I can figure out how it can do that. Don’t worry about me too much, okay?”


“So I heard you’ve been talking to Soonyoung a lot lately,” Wonwoo brings up the topic out of the blue while you’re cuddling on the couch. “Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” you ask. Ever since Wonwoo caught you two talking about personal problems, he’s definitely been a little concerned. Was your boyfriend not trustworthy enough for the things you told Soonyoung? “I just want to let you know that you can come to me for anything, okay?” Wonwoo replies as he looks into your face with concern. “You caught us talking about my life the other day, didn’t you,” you reply while looking away from him. “Mmm yeah I did,” Wonwoo replies guiltily. “But I’m sorry, I just can’t help but think that there’s something wrong if you’re not coming to me for problems.” You tell him that you think he’s always busy and that you’re afraid of the negativity your problems might give him. “I’m never to busy for you, y/n. Tell me whatever you want to tell me, I’ll always listen,” he says before pecking your forehead lightly.


*Cue Jealous! Jihoon* because oh boy, he’s gonna catch you talking to Jeonghan about your problems and instantly want to pull out his guitar and sMacK tHe BoY. He’d kinda be hurt too, like why ain’t you coming to him for this stuff?? “Y/n,” Jihoon calls your name out of nowhere while you guys are hanging out. “Yeah?” “Why don’t you ever talk to me about your problems?” Jihoon speeds through his sentence out of nervousness. “I mean, you’re always telling me about the good things that happen to you, but I know that’s not all of what you have to say.” Silence sets in for a moment. “I’m sorry if I’m coming off as intrusive but-” “No no, I get what you mean,” you cut off Jihoon. “It’s just… you’re always so busy and I hate to bother you with the not-so-great things that happen to me.” “Y/n I’m always gonna make time for you, and you can tell me anything at all.” Jihoon then pulls you into a hug and rubs your arm.


He’ll try not to take it too seriously tbh. Seokmin will probably just come up to you one day and give you a reassuring smile before saying, “hey jagi, you know you can tell me anything whenever, right?” And the way he says that would be pretty suspicious so you’d ask him why he’s suddenly bringing this up. “I don’t know… you don’t seem to talk to me about… you know… your problems,” he trails off as he looks to the floor. “You’re always so busy, and I hate to ruin your day with negative things like that,” you reply quietly. “Y/n, I want to help you,” he smiles comfortingly. “If there’s anything I can say or do for you to help you get through them, I’ll do it.”


Poor puppygyu would get pretty sad when he overhears you venting about your problems to Minghao. The fact that you’re not telling him anything this personal would put a damper on his day, and it’d be obvious. “Hey Mingyu, are you alright?” you tilt your head slightly to observe Mingyu’s sad facial expression from afar. “You’re always so happy when you talk to me, but…” his face lowers. “I know that’s not all of it.” Silence sets in. “I would tell you everything, but you know how much I hate to bother you when you’re clearly busy with work,” you sigh. “Y/n,” Mingyu takes a hand of yours and steps closer. “I care about you too much to leave you like that. Just let me help you, because I promise I’ll do anything I can to help you get through anything.”


After Minghao catches you talking to Seungkwan about your problems, it’ll be obvious that he’s thinking about it. He’ll get super clingy when hanging out with you because he wants to see your reaction, as one question will constantly linger in his mind: are you really distancing yourself from him? “Minghao, you’re never this touchy with me,” you giggle as he holds onto your arm tightly and leans his head on your shoulder. “Y/n,” he starts of hesitantly. “Is there anything I’m doing wrong?” “Wrong in what?” you ask curiously. “In our relationship,” he replies. “You can tell me anything, you know. I’ll respect whatever is on your mind.” You explain to him your effort to give him some space with his busy schedule, but Minghao shakes his head and smiles, slightly relieved that you weren’t actually distancing yourself from him. His face comes closer: “I care about you more than some schedule. That schedule means nothing to me when I’m with you.”


Seungkwan would be worried as heCk when he finds out you’ve been telling Hansol about your problems. Are you distancing yourself from him? Is there something wrong with your relationship? Has he been coming off as judgmental lately? These questions would be circling in his head for nights until he finally asks you about it (he’ll probably try to make the convo more casual to make him less nervous) “sO I HEARD FROM A BIRDIE THAT YOU’VE BEEN TELLING HANSOL ALL ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. INSTEAD OF ME???” You finally explain to him that you think he’s always busy and you don’t want to burden him with your problems, so he’ll get hella soft and probably want to cry while hugging you sadly. “Jagi, I’m never too busy for you. I’d stop time for you any day.”


Like Seungkwan, Hansol would be pretty concerned when he finds you sharing your problems with Joshua instead of him. After a few days of contemplating, he’d straight up ask you, “Hey, why do you never come to me when you have problems? You know I’m always here to listen, right?” “I know how tough your job is, Hansol,” you say as you twiddle your fingers. “I don’t want to give you anything else to worry about everyday, that’s all.” “Hey,” he takes a hand and makes you look at him. “I’m always thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing. And if you’re not telling me how you’re doing, you only make me more worried. You don’t have to hold back from telling me anything, okay?”


He’d feel pretty left out when he finds out you’ve been telling Hansol about all of your problems instead of him. Chan might start to think that you’re interested in someone else, and that would keep him up at night. “Y/n, can we talk?” he’d randomly ask you while you’re sitting closely together on the couch. You nod. “Well, I know I shouldn’t be nosy like this but… have you been talking to Hansol a lot lately?” “Yeah, but I only go to him when I’ve got something on my mind,” you respond. “Why?” Chan asks. “You know, if anything is bothering you, you can always let me know too.” He sighs before continuing. “I just feel like you haven’t been telling me a lot lately. I want to talk to you.” You explain yourself and how you don’t want to interfere with his busy life, so his arm around you pulls you closer to his chest. “Y/n, I want to take care of you. Just let me.”


Your dad, Steve, is a superhero, which means he spend most of the time protecting the world instead of taking care of you. Thus, on your birthday, you let yourself get sick in order to draw his attention

“So, tell me what happened.”
“Well, we were in the zoo…”
“There were penguins…..”
“Is it the same as what I think it is?”
“So she said she want some ice cream…”
“God, Nat, I’d forbidden her from eating  that. She got lactose intolerance.”
“She insisted that a small ice cream once in a while would not harm. So I ordered a chocolate nut –”
“–Please don’t tell me you really did THAT–”
“–She didn’t tell me–”
“– She. Is. Allergic. To. Nuts.”
“Listen, Rogers, who the damn would know a child of supersoldier can’t touch milk and walnuts!?”
“I got you a list! Didn’t you read it?”
“Barnes must lost it.”
Steve sighs and rubs his face. The fact of his daughter lying in hospital punches him like an alien’s fist, reminding him what an unqualified father he is.

“Steve, what she needs now, is you beside her. Wash your face and get yourself together. I’ll look after her when you do these things.”
He nods and pat on her arm. She watches him leave then enters your room. You open your eyes and give her a weak smirk.

“Girl, you’re outrageous.”
“Learned it from my nanny.”
Natasha pinches your nose but smile.
“Come on, Nat, you were besides me. I know I’m gotta be okay.”
“I’ll talk to your dad. Never do this again, I was terrified.”
You blink your big eyes. They are full of wonder.
“More afraid than facing Ultron?”
“You know… when you face your enemy, most time the worst thing can happen is that you die, but young lady, what you did today hurt more than any villain could done.”
You look away. Guilty burns in your heart, making your eyes wet, throat tight.
“I’m sorry. I just want him to stay with me more often.”
She caresses your hair and press a soft kiss on them. Her gentleness soothes you.
“I knew I’m gotta be okay. You were beside me.”
“And I’m with you. I’ll stay with you until the fossil learned how to love you right.”
You giggle till Steve walks in and gives you a sunshine like smile, then wraps you into the warmest hug.

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h.s drabble list

#1 : “I don’t want you to miss all the things that someone else could give you.”

#2: “Please don’t tell me you’ve shaved off my eyebrows.” 

#3: “I’m not plain but I’m not beautiful.”

#4: “Do you know how hard it is to say no?” 

#5: “How come you’ve never wrote a song about me?” 

#6: “This is the you that I adore.” 

#7: “It’s okay if you decide to go.” 

#8: “Just say yes.”

#9: “Let’s give these fuckers something to talk about.”

#10: “I wanted more.”

#11: “It’s not the fans and the band you’re afraid of…it’s him.”

it’s a short list but i’m excited to write each and every one of these! let me know what you guys would like me to write! send a request!

ill’ admit i stole a lot of these quotes from my fav movies lol 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Sentence Starters
  • -----------------------MADOKA KANAME-------------------------
  • "It doesn't make any sense, does it?"
  • "I sorta thought it'd be good to have some costume ideas."
  • "Well, actually...Lots of things happened..."
  • "But I...I can't do something like that for a cake!"
  • "It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing!"
  • "And I guess...you've seen lots of people die horribly, haven't you?"
  • "I keep thinking 'if only I listened to you before'."
  • "I feel bad I can't help. Everyone else has always done the fighting for me..."
  • "No...It can't be..."
  • "I don't care what I become."
  • -------------------------SAYAKA MIKI-------------------------
  • "That's awesome! The anime character in you is popping out, too!"
  • "What the heck's that supposed to mean?!"
  • "It seems a shame to fight it and not get anything."
  • "It's gonna be okay. I'm sure someday somehow..."
  • "And right now...this is the happiest moment of my life."
  • "Shut up. I don't need your advice."
  • "No one's gonna need me anyway, right?"
  • "When you talk, you use empty words."
  • "I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble."
  • "It got so bad I even hurt my best friend."
  • ------------------------MAMI TOMOE-------------------------
  • "Well, you certainly have the right spirit."
  • "This isn't supposed to be fun."
  • "That wasn't an option for me..."
  • "Don't forget that, okay?"
  • "And I guess you don't like that?"
  • "Afraid of someone coming stronger coming along to challenge you?"
  • "It won't be easy. You will get hurt."
  • "We have no choice but to die!"
  • "Dying would be a kinder fate."
  • "Then just make sure you and I never see each other again."
  • -----------------------HOMURA AKEMI-------------------------
  • "I warned you, remember?"
  • "Why are you doing this to yourself?"
  • "Why won't you trust me? Can't you see I just want to help you?"
  • "Do you realize that you're just making ____ suffer more and more?"
  • "I'm sorry, I'm not making any sense. I'm scaring you aren't I?"
  • "We'll break and smash and pound it into dust."
  • "I swear I'll save you!"
  • "Did you know what would happen, afterwards?"
  • "Why do you always sacrifice your self like that?"
  • "I know what you really are and I know what you are planning."
  • ------------------------KYOKO SAKURA----------------------
  • "It means you're paying too high a price for this."
  • "So how much longer are you gonna do the stubborn thing, huh?"
  • "Maybe there will come a time when your back's gonna be up against the wall and you'll have to stand up and fight."
  • "Why you...What the hell's your problem?!"
  • "And you dare call yourself human?!"
  • "I mean, you found your reason to fight, yeah?"
  • "Seriously? Doesn't sound like you at all."
  • "Don't waste food. I'll kill you."
  • "Get out here. I got something to say."
  • "Ever heard of the food chain? Didn't they teach you that in school?"
  • ------------------------NAGISA MOMOE------------------------
  • "We were once bringers of hope."
  • "We despaired and spread our curses."
  • "We planned that if things went bad, at least one of us would survive."
  • "Turn into cheese!"
  • "I just wanted to eat cheese one more time!"
  • "What a pain in the neck."
  • "Why do you ask?"
  • "You get lonely super easy."
  • "I don't know. Don't blame me for that."
  • "___....can't breathe...."

I seem to be the only one who headcanons that Hiccup is afraid of the Red Death. Please tell me I’m not alone in this! It makes so much sense! Think about it! Anyway, here’s a drabble (the longest one I have ever written so far) for my headcanon. Takes place sometime during RTTE. Hiccstrid is about 19.

“Come on, come on!” Fishlegs grumbled as he looked through the Dragon Eye. Meatlug nosed her rider, soft eyes looking up at him. Fishlegs just ignored her and kept rifling through the Eye. “It’s gotta be in here!”

“Whoa, Fishlegs,” Hiccup said as he walked into the clubhouse, Astrid at his side. “Whatever you’re angry about, I can assure you the Dragon Eye had nothing to do with it.”

Fishlegs either didn’t hear Hiccup or was just ignoring him. “It has to be in here!”

“What is he looking for so intently?” Astrid whispered to Hiccup, her eyes on Fishlegs.

Hiccup shrugged, as lost as she was. He walked over to his friend, standing behind his chair. “Fishlegs, you haven’t slept since yesterday. What’s going on?”

Fishlegs didn’t respond until Hiccup laid a hand on his shoulder. The larger boy jumped and looked back at the heir. “Hiccup! I didn’t realize you were in here.”

“We’ve been in here,” Astrid said, crossing her arms. “We’ve been trying to get your attention. You kept ignoring us.”

“Astrid.” Hiccup gave her a look and she rolled her eyes. He just shrugged it off and looked back at Fishlegs. “What are you trying to do?”

“I’m trying to figure out this new slide for the Dragon Eye,” Fishlegs explained, going back to his work as he spoke. “I think it has information on Legendary dragons.”

“Legendary dragons?” Astrid asked. Hiccup and she shared a confused look before looking back at Fishlegs.

“Dragons that are extremely rare and can control other, lesser dragons,” Fishlegs explained. “The Screaming Death is an example of this class, as is–” Suddenly the Dragon Eye lit up, projecting a scarlet dragon slide onto the wall. “The Red Death!” Fishlegs exclaimed excitedly.

Hiccup froze, his eyes locked on the image on the wall in front of him. The Red Death’s face was projected four times: one in the middle, and three around it for various attributes of the dragon. The one in the middle had its giant mouth open, as if it was roaring.

Hiccup’s face paled. Fire swirled in his vision, an endless inferno with no escape. He remembered the flames, closing them in on all sides as he and Toothless weaved their way through the spines on the dying queen’s back. Then suddenly, the fire is gone, and a giant bludgeon of a tail replaces the flames. Hiccup is knocked off of Toothless’s back, dazed and disoriented, falling down to the blaze below. He remembered reaching for Toothless, trying to get to him. Then, pain flares in his left shin as teeth are sunk into flesh, and the boy is yanked into the arms of the dragon. Hiccup’s vision goes black as dark wings wrap around him, and the dragon crashes to the ground. Flames lick at scales that won’t burn, and exposed, injured flesh that will. He can’t even scream, the pain muting him completely. The heat is almost unbearable, even through fireproof wings. He remembered falling asleep, not knowing if he’d wake up again, as there is the repetitive sound of someone yelling “Hiccup! Hiccup!”

“Hiccup!” Astrid placed a hand on Hiccup’s arm, shocking him back to reality. Hiccup leapt away from her, still on edge from the resurfaced memories. Astrid drew her arm back, her eyes full of concern. “Are…you alright?”

“I…” Hiccup glanced between Astrid and Fishlegs, both of whom had their eyes locked on him. His eyes flicked back to the projection on the wall, then back to Astrid as she took a small step towards him. Hiccup took a step back in response, with wild eyes like a cornered animal.

“Hiccup?” Astrid took another step forward, reaching out to Hiccup. But before she could do or say anything more, Hiccup turned and bolted out the door. In a split second he was taking off on Toothless.

“Hiccup!” Astrid yelled after him, but whether he heard her or not, he didn’t slow down.

“What was that about?” Fishlegs asked.

“I don’t know…” Astrid looked back at the projection, at the Red Death pictured in the center of all the indecipherable information. Hiccup had been perfectly fine until Fishlegs projected it onto the wall, then he’d gone ghost white and froze, almost like he was in a trance. Astrid had to say his name five times before he snapped out of it. A thought started to form in her head, a theory to explain what had happened. “But I’m gonna find out.” She ran outside and leapt onto Stormfly. “Find him, girl.”

The Nadder squawked obediently and took off, following the scent of human and Night Fury.

With Stormfly’s nose, it didn’t take them long to find Hiccup and Toothless. The two had flown off to a secluded part of the island, where a few mother Night Terrors were raising their young away from the flock. The large tree branches seemed to overlap, creating the perfect canopy over the entire clearing. A small pond sat in the center, almost like a replication of the cove back on Berk. The sunlight streamed through the leaves, casting moving shadows on the water and giving the impression that the entire place was alive. Astrid wondered how beautiful the place must look in the fall, when the leaves are all sorts of different colors, and in the winter, when the pond would be frozen over and snow and ice would blanket the branches of the trees.

Stormfly flew through a hole in the leaves, a Night Fury-shaped hole. Judging by how broken the branches were, and by how long the branches seemed to have been broken, Astrid figured that Hiccup and Toothless had crashed here a couple weeks ago, when Hiccup was trying to test out a new tail operation for Toothless.

Astrid slid off of Stormfly and looked around the clearing. Toothless was in a patch of what must be dragon nip, rolling around on his back like nothing was wrong. Stormfly soon joined him, curling up in the patch of nip like it was a comfy bed.

Hiccup was sitting by the pond, his chin resting on his knees with his arms around his legs. His right hand cupped his left leg, where flesh met prosthesis. He didn’t appear to be rubbing it, just resting his hand against it, like it was a child he was comforting from a nightmare.

Astrid stepped slowly towards him, fallen leaves crunching under her boots. She stopped when she was right behind Hiccup, gently running her fingers through his auburn hair to announce her already known presence. Hiccup didn’t say anything, just stayed perfectly still with his eyes staring blankly at the water.

Astrid stayed quiet as she moved to sit beside him, her left leg brushing lightly against his right. She reached out to him hesitantly, afraid she might make him run again. When he didn’t move, the hand buried itself in his hair, fingers idly twirling smooth auburn locks between each other.

“You okay?” she asked softly, almost in a whisper. When Hiccup didn’t answer, Astrid shifted closer to him so her other hand could play with his hair, braiding a rattail behind his ear that would surely be taken out after she left. “Can I ask what happened back there?”

A flash of green graced Astrid’s peripheral, then turned back to the sky-blue water. “I freaked…” came Hiccup’s soft reply. His voice broke halfway through, the way it often did when he was trying to hide something he didn’t want the others to see.

Like a certain fear Astrid was beginning to suspect. “I know,” she said softly, tying off the end of the braid with a thing piece of black thread. “I saw you in there. I was there.” Both of them were quiet for about a minute before Astrid spoke up again. “Can I ask why?”

Hiccup sighed, turning his head slightly so Astrid couldn’t see his face. “It’s complicated…”

“The least I can do is listen.” Astrid moved closer to him, sliding her arm around his shoulders. She didn’t dare show this much affection to Hiccup in public, as the progression of their relationship would have led their parents to pressure them into a marriage contract, which neither of them were ready for. “Please, talk to me.”

Hiccup remained silent.

“Hiccup you’re scaring me.” Astrid drew away from him slightly, her arm coming away from his shoulders. “You never get like this, at least not with me.”

“I was afraid, okay?!” Hiccup snapped, his head whipping to Astrid as he yelled. Astrid’s eyes widened, and she moved back a few more inches. Hiccup sighed, running a hand through his hair and tirning his bloodshot eyes back to the water. “Fishlegs put that…that thing up on the wall and I just…”

“Hiccup, you’re not making any sense,” Astrid said calmly, daring to move closer to him. “Start from the beginning, as far back as you need to. I promise I won’t make fun of you for whatever you say.”

Hiccup sighed, staring at the ripples moving across the surface of the water. He sat in silence for a few minutes before speaking. “It was about a week after I woke up from the Red Death battle. I don’t know, I guess my brain was starting to remember things from the battle while I slept, because I started getting nightmares about falling into the…the fire that started when the dragon exploded. I thought I was unconscious during that part, but I guess I wasn’t. The nightmare was always the same thing: Toothless and I flying through the maze of spines, hitting the tail, falling into the fire, Toothless sinking his teeth into my leg to pull me close, falling to the ground, feeling the heat of the fire through his wings, hearing my dad yell my name before everything goes dark.”

Astrid listened intently, saying nothing as Hiccup continued: “Each time I had it, the nightmare got more and more intense. I talked to Gobber about it, and he said it was a result of the trauma I’d endured. He said they’d go away in time…”

“But they didn’t,” Astrid concluded.

Hiccup nodded. “They just got worse and worse. Soon, every image of the Red Death reminded me of the inferno of my nightmare, and just seeing its face could send me back to the battle. That’s…that’s what happened back in the clubhouse. I saw the Death and…I just…”

“It reminded you of that moment,” Astrid offered. “Falling into the flames, staring death in the face. Not knowing if you’d even make it out alive.”

Hiccup nodded again, his eyes still on the water. “As time passed, the nightmares faded away, from nightly to weekly to monthly, until I rarely ever had it. But the image of the Death, any mention of it…I just lose it. I can’t focus, I can’t concentrate…It feels like it’s everywhere and nowhere all at once, waiting to trap me in its fiery jaws and swallow me whole.”

Astrid slid her arm around Hiccup’s shoulders again, drawing him in close to her. “It’s okay to have this fear, you know that right? It’s rational, logical, considering what you went through. I’d be scared of it too if I was in your shoes.”

“Shoe,” Hiccup corrected, a hint of a smirk on his face as his eyes flicked over to her.

Astrid rolled her eyes in response to his sass. “Still, it’s natural. Everyone’s afraid of something, even the biggest, baddest, fiercest Viking alive.” Astrid paused. “Even your father.”

“I know he’s afraid of something,” Hiccup said simply. “He’s afraid of losing me. Everyone knows that. It’s kind of obvious.”

“Yes, but some fears people show openly. And some people choose to hide it.”

“Like me.”

Astrid sighed. “Yes, like you. Although I don’t understand why. You don’t have to.”

“I don’t want the others finding out about this. Can you imagine what they would say? Their leader falling to shambles because of a huge dragon.”

“That almost cost you your life trying to kill,” Astrid pointed out. “Hiccup, it’s okay. Really. It is. I don’t think any less of you because of it. If anything, it makes you stronger.”

“How in Midgard does it make me stronger?”

“Because you live with it. Grow with it. Learn from it. It’s something you always have. Maybe you’ll overcome it someday, maybe you won’t. But having a fear like that makes you a stronger person in the sense that it doesn’t control your life. Yes, you’re afraid of something, but it doesn’t lock you up in your house and give you massive paranoia. It just comes up at random times and you work through it, like any sensible person would.” Astrid laid her free hand on Hiccup’s. “But if it ever becomes too much for you to handle, come to me. I’ll help you through it. We can just sit and talk, cuddle up in a blanket, go for a flight, whatever you want. I’ll always be here for you. Through anything.”

Hiccup looked up at her. “Promise?”

“I swear to it.”

Hiccup leaned against her, his head resting in the small space between her neck and shoulder pads. “Thanks Astrid.”

Astrid smiled, wrapping her arms around Hiccup in a hug. He returned the gesture, and the two stayed locked in each other’s embrace until sunset, when they raced each other back to the outpost and spent the night cuddling in Hiccup’s bed.

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clexa 18

18. Things you said when you were scared.

Clarke can hear the sirens in the distance, the sounds breaking through the crackle of flames, the whir of a tire that has yet to stop spinning, and the crunch of metal as the wreckage shifts in the breeze. Nothing is quite as loud as the wheezing, though; the gurgle in Lexa’s throat as Clarke hovers over her, her hands pressed over a bleeding wound in her best friend’s abdomen.

“Hear that?” Clarke’s voice trembles as hard as her lips and hands. “They’re coming.”

Lexa’s eyes are wide, glossed. Tear streaks break through dirt and blood marring her cheeks. When she forces a pained smile, her teeth are stained crimson, and Clarke’s stomach rolls.

“They’re c-coming?” Lexa chokes out, and Clarke nods and shifts closer to her.

“They’re coming, Lexa,” she repeats. “Just hold on a little longer, okay?”

“O … okay,” Lexa says, doing her best to nod. She shifts her hand, shaky fingers slipping over Clarke’s bloody knee, exposed through ripped jeans. She squeezes as hard as she can. “Clarke.”

“Just hold on.” Clarke blinks and tilts her head back, tries not to let new tears fall but they come anyway.

“Clarke,” Lexa says again, forcing Clarke’s eyes back down.

When their gazes meet, Lexa opens her mouth like she wants to speak, but nothing comes out. Clarke can see the fear in her eyes, as hot and alive as the flames behind them and the pain searing through Clarke’s back. Her shirt is hanging around her in tatters, and she doesn’t know how bad the damage is, but she knows it hurts. None of that matters, though, because Lexa is worse. Lexa is fading. Lexa is terrified.

And so is Clarke.

“I know you’re scared,” Clarke says, earthquakes between her teeth. “It’s gonna be okay, though, Lex. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. You hear me?”

Lexa tilts her head again in a nod. “I-I never … Clarke, I never wanted—”

The sirens are louder now and Clarke’s heart is racing.

“You never what?” She urges Lexa to keep talking, to stay awake, because those wet, green eyes are growing heavy. Clarke has never been more afraid in her entire life. “Lexa! Stay awake! You never what? Tell me what you were going to say, okay? Stay awake and talk to me.”

Lexa takes a deep, rattling breath that makes her face contort in pain. Her eyes blow wide for a second and every word comes out in one long rush of wind. “I never wanted to be just your friend.”

10 Things I’ll Tell My Daughter

1. Do not be scared to bring home the D you get in your freshman math class. You are worth more than the number they are making you.

2. Eat. Always. Love your body. Forgive your mind. Apologize to your body. Take care of yourself.

3. Choose a best friend so, so carefully. The person will change but the security the person gives you never will.

4. Cut him out of your life. You know what person I’m talking about. Delete his number and never look back.

5. Stand up to your teacher when you’re angry. I will not side with administration. If you’re my kid, you’re just as stubborn as your mother. We’ll kick ass.

6. When you’re afraid to go to school, stay in bed. It’s okay. I’ll take off work and take you shopping or build a pillow fort with you to watch movies under.

7. Do not be afraid to come home when there is more tequila in your system than coherent thoughts. Don’t drive. Call me. Don’t go to the party alone, remember that best friend I told you to be careful choosing? She’ll be the one who holds your hair back while you throw up.

8. When your mind feels dark and blank, tell me. Cuddle with me. Do not cry yourself to sleep with thoughts that you are unloved. You are the most beautiful gift I have ever and will ever receive. You. Everything about you. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

9. When the girls with eyes that seem like daggers stare at you because you aren’t wearing what they think you should be or you ace the quiz everyone else failed, do not hang your head low. Chin up, my love. You earned the right to be comfortable in yourself, in your intelligence, and in your beauty.

10. Never, ever, ever be afraid to say I love you. Even if the person doesn’t say it back, tell them anyway so they know. Three words mean more than you or I will ever know or be able to comprehend. I love you.

We'll Meet Again

A/N: this is really long and really sad. Hahahaha sorry it’s so long and kind of strays from the request. I hope you like it!!

Prompt: If it’s fine with you, can you write a song fic with the song “We’ll Meet Again” (By Vera-Lynn, a WWII song) with Bucky, and the reader using that song as their last dance before Bucky gets shipped off and he’s just like soothingly, quietly, singing the words to the song and telling her that everything will be alright, and then he promises to come back after the war, but then he never comes back? I don’t know I’m sorry I’m just craving feels right now

You readjusted your skirt as you sat on a barstool inside the bar. Bucky sat next to you, gently holding your hand. You observed as most of the people in the bar had coupled up and began dancing to a catchy tune. You sighed, hating them for being able to enjoy this fun event. Still furiously adjusting your skirt, you noticed Bucky rest his other hand on yours. You sniffled and looked up at him.

“Darling,” he murmured, staring concernedly into your eyes. “Why are you fussing with your skirt?”

You shut your eyes, turning your head back to the couples still dancing their hearts out. Jealously filled your veins, but sadness colored your skin. “I hate them all,” you whispered, focusing on different pairs every so often. “They get to enjoy their fella longer than I can.”

Bucky pressed a gentle kiss to your head. “Darlin, don’t spoil our time feeling jealous. You can write me detailed letters about it. At least dance with me?”

You looked into his hopeful eyes, hating him for signing up to leave you. You sighed, giving him a soft smile. This man had your heart in the palm of his hand. “Okay,” you murmured.

The music slowed as the singer walked back up to the mic. “This song is dedicated to all the servicemen and their ladies. Thank you for defending our country!”

A pout rested on your lips as you recognized the song. It was the popular song that soldiers sang to their gals. Bucky led you to the center of the dance floor, giving you a cautious smile. He took your right hand in his left as his other rested on your waist. Your hand wrapped around his neck and pulled him a bit closer to you.

“We’ll meet again,” Bucky softly sang into your ear. You started blinking, rapidly, trying to stop the tears you felt. The familiar ache in your heart returned as the two of you swayed to the music. “Don’t know where, don’t know when.”

Tears filled your eyes as you looked into his sincere eyes. For the first time, since you knew Bucky, he looked so vulnerable. “Buck,” you murmured as more tears filled your eyes.

Bucky kissed your head, holding you tighter. “But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.” You rested your forehead against his shoulder as he continued singing softly to you. “Keep smiling through, like you always do, till the blue skies drive the dark clouds away.”

Tears slipped down your cheeks as you tried to even your breaths. Your grip on his shoulder tightened as you squeezed his hand. “Please don’t go,” you whispered, muffled by the fabric of his shirt.

Bucky continued singing the song, softly to you. His angelic voice did little to soothe the anxiety in your chest. You had a bad feeling about this.


When the song had ended, Bucky drove the two of you home. The two of you changed into your pajamas and laid in bed.

You curled into his chest, still crying, his arms tightly encircling your waist. “Why do you want to do this so bad,” you spoke, hoarsely. “What do you have to prove?”

Bucky kissed your head, rubbing your arm, gently. “I just want to make sure the world is a safe place for us. If we want a family, I want this world to be safe for our kids.”

A sob escaped your lips as you buried your head in his chest. “But what if you don’t come back,” you whispered, afraid of Bucky’s response.

“You know I will, love, but if I don’t, I want you to find another man. Don’t feel guilty for moving on, okay? Just don’t forget me.” You could hear the sureness in his voice, but you could also hear the sadness.

Bucky rarely ever talked this way, so you knew you had to be serious. You rested your chin on his chest, staring into his eyes. “Buck, I’m not going to be able to move on. I’ve never been more in love. You’ve done so much for me,” you spoke, tears spilling down your cheeks. “You’ve helped me with more than anyone ever has. You’re the best thing I’ve ever had. I love you, Buck. You and only you.”

Bucky gave you a soft smile. “Let’s get some sleep, doll.”

You nodded, rolling over, staring into the darkness, wide awake. You weren’t going to sleep for a long time.


The next morning, you stood at the gate where Bucky was departing. He held your hands, tightly, telling you comforting things. A knot tied it’s way around your throat as your heart plummeted. A feeling of desperation seeped into your veins. Steve stood next to you guys, hands in his jacket pockets.

“I love you,” Bucky murmured, sensing your distress. “I don’t care where I am, nothing will change how I feel about you.”

Your eyes watered as you rested your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “I love you, so much Bucky. You’re the best thing in my life.”

Bucky kissed your temple as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You pressed a hard kiss against his lips. Worry and anxiety filled your pores as you shamelessly made out with him. You pulled away, staring into Bucky’s blood shot eyes. “I’m going to miss you. I’ll write to you and send you letters every chance I get, darling. I’ll miss you, so much.”

You pecked his lips, nodding, you had to be strong. “I’ll miss you, too.”

You pulled away, allowing Bucky and Steve to say goodbye. “Don’t do anything, stupid,” Bucky warned, pointing at Steve.

Steve chuckled, shrugging. “That’s my middle name, jerk.”

Bucky sighed. “Punk,” he groaned as he pulled Steve into a short hug. “Take care of Y/N.” He turned and started walking away. He stopped and looked back at the both of you. “I love you, darling. Take care of Steve.”

You waved as your heart sunk to your feet. He was your best friend, your soulmate, your everything. He meant so much to you, but he had to leave. Tears filled your eyes as Steve wrapped an arm around your shoulders. He was an inch or two shorter, but it was still comforting.

Your happiness washed away as the aircraft, carrying Bucky, flew away. You turned to Steve, sobbing. “I-I don’t want to be without him,” you cried.

Steve rubbed your shoulder, comfortingly. The three of you had been best friends for a while before you started dating Bucky. You were comfortable with the both of them. “I know, Y/N, but you can. You have to keep going.”

You felt foolish for crying, but Steve was nice enough to make you feel better. “Why does he want to leave us so badly?”

Steve sighed, holding you a bit tighter. “He doesn’t want to leave, he wants to protect you. I want to, too, Y/N. We want to keep the world safe! It’s heroic!”

You shoved him away, straightening up and wiping away the tears. “Shut up! It isn’t heroic, it’s stupid and dangerous and if you want to throw away everything you have, then go ahead!”

You stormed away from him, angry at the fact that propaganda made the war look like a good thing. Your father had died in the First World War, causing you to hate any war effort. “Y/N, where are you going?” Steve called.

“I have a job interview with someone important,” you growled, stomping back to your car and driving to the interview.


“So, Y/N, why do you want to work for Stark Industries?”

You smiled at Mister Stark, prepared for you answer. “Well, Mister Stark, I’m pretty advanced for my age in science and I hear that your business is very scientific oriented and I hope to change the world.”

“Please, Y/N, call me Howard,” he spoke, winking, flirtatiously. “I’d love to hire a pretty thing like you, but I don’t know how the men would feel with a female scientist.”

You pursed your lips, offended. Not only was he trying to put the moves on you, hours after your boyfriend was shipped to war, but he was also going to turn you down just for the fact that you were female. “With all due respect, Mister Stark, I don’t care how the men feel, I’m just here to help my boyfriend return from war, unharmed. I’m not a traditional girl and it doesn’t matter what they think of me.”

Howard sat back, smiling to himself. “I like you, you’re fiery. You remind me of a girl I know in the military. Anyway, you’re hired. You start Monday.”


As the weeks and months passed, so much had changed. Bucky had written you numerous letters, telling you he missed your hair and your smile, your cuddles, your laughter, telling you he loved you and missed you. You wrote back, telling him you missed his protection, his jokes, his everything and that you loved him.

Steve had been shipped off to Europe, after being injected with growth serum, you’d been traveling and followed Howard and your new friend Peggy to Europe. You currently lived in England, awaiting a break in the war to go visit Steve or Bucky.

On a particularly rainy day, you’d just opened a letter from Bucky. The date had been posted a week prior to you receiving it, but that was typical. You laughed at the jokes and cried at the emotional bits, but you were glad to hear from him. It’s been hard to keep your faith in his return, but it’d slowly been growing when you heard about the winnings of the Howling Commandos.

You grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, about to start a letter, when a knock interrupted you. You opened the door, a smile on your face.

“Steve,” you breathed, looking up at the grown man. “Gosh, I don’t think I could get used to you being so huge! What brings you here?” Your smile quickly faded when you saw his stern expression. “Is everything alright?” Steve clenched his jaw, looking down. He was clad in his Captain America suit, hands resting on his hips and his blond hair slicked back. You grew worried as his silence grew. “Steve, you’re scaring me.”

“It’s Bucky, Y/N/N,” he whispered, pained.

Tears filled your eyes as you shook your head. You knew what was coming. Taking a few steps back, tears spilled down your cheeks. “No.”

Steve looked up, eyes bloodshot and full of tears. “He died, he sacrificed his life for me and I could’ve saved him. I couldn’t get to him in time, I’m so sorry.”

The world closed in on you as a sob escaped your lips. Your knees gave out as you fell to your knees. Curling into yourself, you sobbed as everything else disappeared. Everything ounce of faith and happiness you’d felt shriveled into nothing but despair. “No, no, no,” you cried, punching the air. “He promised!”

Steve stepped into the house, closing the door. He easily lifted you onto his lap, holding you to him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

You sobbed into Steve’s chest, punching it, weakly. “He promised,” you wailed, as Steve rocked you back and forth. “He promised.”


Years passed, quickly. Steve had sacrificed his life for New York, Peggy and Howard created SHEILD, you continued advancing medicine and science. Howard had welcomed a boy into the world, named Anthony. You helped watch him a few times, showing him what it meant to save the world. Peggy and you had grown old together, living without the loves of your lives.

You lay in your bed, weakened from a recent cold. Taking a drink of water, you noticed your caretaker walk into your room. “Hello, Alice,” you spoke, kindly, smiling.

“Hello, ma'am, you have a visitor. Shall I send him in?”

You smiled, not knowing who it was. “Okay.”

A man, familiar to you, walked in. He was fairly young, long brown hair and a metal arm. He hid his face with his hair, but he thanked Alice as she showed him the chair by your bed. He sat down, looking nervous.

“Well, now, move your hair, hon, I can’t see who you are! I’m old, give me a break,” you chuckled, touching his knee. The man sighed, but pushed his hair out of his face. Your world stopped for the second time in your life. The blue eyes you loved with all of your heart, the blue eyes you never thought you’d see again, stared into your soul. “Bucky?” You whispered as tears filled your eyes.

“Hey, darling,” he murmured, leaning forward. A soft smile lifted his lips. “It’s been a while.”

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20. Things you said that I wasn't meant to hear ;)

(sometime between 19 and 20 of Teacakes)

I’m hungry for the first time since arriving home from Tennessee. It’s been two days of laying in a mess of cold and tangled sheets while staring at the ceiling. I haven’t been aware of much, just that I’ve been alone. I haven’t seen Harry since we walked through the front door. Occasionally I hear him tiptoeing around our room, but I never open my eyes to see.

But I need something to eat, so I unwrap myself from the blankets that have become my second skin and I walk quietly out of the bedroom thinking about toast. Before I decide what spread I want, I stop at the top of the stairs. I hear voices. We have company.

“I don’t know,” Harry says and I hear something in his voice that suggests he hasn’t slept. “I don’t… I don’t know what I’m going to do if therapy doesn’t go well.”

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By popular demand, I continued the Jasico Soulmate High Shcool AU. There will still be one more part after this.

Also, I just realized this fit the weeklypjoprompts High School prompt. I was planning on doing something else but unsurprisingly i haven’t finished it yet.

Part 1 is here.


He recognized that shape.

The mark wasn’t completely visible, but the top part definitely looked the same as the mark on his own body. Nico stared. He needed to see the rest of it, but how was he going to manage that. Just ask? “Hey, excuse me, let me just look down your shirt real quick, I think we might have the same mark.” Yes, that would work well. especially if he was wrong.

The lesson continued as their teacher went over the different topics they would be expected to cover during their discussions, but Nico didn’t hear any of it. His eyes kept glancing back at Jason, wondering if it could really be possible. And if it was, what then?

Jason wouldn’t be happy about it, that’s for sure. He probably expected his soulmate to be a pretty cheerleader, or something like that. Not a scrawny guy half his size who didn’t participate in any school activities, had basically no friends and spent most of his time in his own room.

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September 27, 2013

I woke up today saying , once again, that I would forget you.
It’s been five days since I last visited your blog.
It’s been three days since I last opened a photo of you.
It’s been five minutes since I last thought of you smiling.

October 09, 2013

This is not working.
Your name keeps spinning in my head.
Your voice keeps screaming in my ears.

October 29, 2013

I tried to meet someone new today.
She has dark brown eyes just like you.
This may work.

October 30, 2013

She thinks that Harry Potter is a cartoon.
This is so not going to work.
And I keep trying to see you in her.
I can’t keep doing this.

November 14, 2013

I give up.
Every girl I try to meet doesn’t look nothing like you.
They don’t tell me racist jokes.
They don’t talk about books.
They don’t write like you.
They’re not smart like you are.
Please, come back and tell me that you are okay.

November 30, 2013

Today I saw you with him.
You look happy so I’m happy too.
I’m happy for you. Just for you.

December 12, 2013

It still hurts to see you with him.
But you look happy and I know I have to let you go.
But I am afraid. Because I know I will never find someone like
And I am afraid to find someone like you.
I don’t want to replace you.

December 18, 2013

I still haven’t found a way to let you go.
But I will keep trying I promise.

December 22, 2013

I’m starting to understand how to let you go.
I am seeing you slowly going away.
I will not try to stop you.
I understand now.
It wasn’t you that I needed to set free.
It was me.

—  Short parts of me that you will never know by Mariana Seabra