just coffee black like my soul

She dies a little when he says sorry. So that’s it? Another apology? Is that all you’ve got for me today? He doesn’t know any better, the sinner will melt his skin into your bones if he could. There is lava everywhere and we can’t share a day without finding flaws to make us jump. There is enough distance between us to make the sun and the moon seem like two love birds who should’ve pushed a little harder to show up all at once. And while we’re on the topic of day and night, you’re on my mind daily and you’re the reason why it’s hard to sleep. I keep telling myself that there’s enough hope out there to save myself from who I used to be. I keep waking up with a belly filled with regrets and maybe that’s why I skip breakfast and lunch. I have a basket of poetry for dinner and it’s the only thing that ever fills me up. The weight of my soul doesn’t match up with the weight of my body, I guess I don’t eat enough. I do eat enough apologies though. Another I’m sorry and I’ll be full again. Some would say I’m full of shit. What’s a writer to a poet? Just someone who’s better at bullshitting. Maybe I’m kidding myself and there’s just a whole other world behind these doors that I’ve nailed shut. Behind the blinds before the sun comes in, behind my lies before the truth sinks in like black coffee that wasn’t brewed right, so we’ve been spilling the beans and claiming that ink is all we know. Some say that eyes are the windows of the soul, I have eyes dipped into ink and written into oak, which parts that I’ve shown, which hidden parts speak out the most? Those are the bits of who I am that I love to death. I want a lover that knows my words inside and out before I even have a thought. I want a lover that knows the size of the ocean and claims that it is intense enough to cut deep space open with nothing more than another I’m sorry. I want a lover that would tell me there’s no need to feel sorry for how you can’t be, rather… you should feel sorry for who you couldn’t be when you needed to be that person. Baby, mistakes come in three. For every broken heart, you’ve got to write. For the company that misery demands, you must love yourself. Wake up and eat your breakfast, smile a little today. Everything’s going to be okay. And no, we don’t have to fall in love. I don’t have to be your lover to be your lover. We don’t need anything to our names. We don’t need the stars. We don’t need the poems. We don’t even need the feeling of home because as long as you’re trying, I think that speaks enough for the sun to rise and for the moon to be full. They say that we should stick to the familiar, if you take a risk and fail then you’ll just end up miserable again. But what about the what if? What if we risk it all and get away with it? What if we make it through all of this without even a small scratch? There is hope where you see pain. Where one sees ugliness, another sees beauty. Where you’ve been blind, I can show you the way. Where you’ve been mute, I can speak you into my truths. Where you’ve been deaf, I can feel the vibrations. Where you lost yourself, that is exactly where I’ve found you. Alone, alone, alone. Lonely, lonely, lonely. Wouldn’t you know? The prettiest stars usually end up clustered. A universe within a universe within a universe. I want to love you like that. He doesn’t bat an eye every time a tear falls through the fingers she loaned him to warm up his night. Another brush of his lips and there will be a smile waiting for him at the bottom of the glass, another piece of his heart and she will see that the world doesn’t only turn when you hear the words you want. how did we end up like this? an ocean of regrets trying to forgive where we became two hearts beating for three. that’s the thing about jealously though, we feed on sentences we believe should be for us and curse the light for showing up too soon. But, the sun dims when you enter the room, the clouds always seem to have something better to say when every pocket is full. I over think each minute until we are a hypothetical season trying to love through winter and wondering where summer goes when the hugs go silent. I think the thing that hurts the most is thinking about how much I don’t think about you anymore– every unanswered goodnight, each letter I saved to play for the stars to reflect on those lost, another day of finding footprints towards places I can’t hear your laughter. what do you call a dream that keeps on coming back? a love you can’t see, but still finds its way into the core of your veins? an equation that only feels complete when your memory meets me for coffee? a day that doesn’t end until I hear the dial-tone of a call that said they would never hang up? I thought I found a home in you, but we were both running from the people we didn’t want to see, avoiding situational errors caused by the same hands that promised to love the earth tenderly, the same harmonious effort to extract positivity from an open wound. we knew we were going to sink, we just wanted to test out the water. we knew the first i love you was going to hurt, I just wanted to see how many people I could leave behind until I lost myself. baby, home is a list of people that are never coming back. maybe I don’t want to be yours, maybe I don’t want to be mine, but someday has a lot of questions to answer for.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
Kitty Fic Recommendations ➸ 1

So, I read a lot of fics and I wanted to share some (!) of them throughout my time here. The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference.

Summary :  Ty manages to get Kit out of his room and to get to know people better.

Summary :  Kit and Ty think they understand themselves and their worlds, but life decides to shake everything up, meaning that they no longer understand what they used to. They need each other to work out where they need each other to ease their confusion. Friendships and relationships follow.

Summary :  (LOS SPOILERS!) Kit wanders into Ty’s room at night, feeling the need to fulfill an unspoken promise to Livvy.

Summary :  It starts out with Kit and Ty training together. Soon they realize their feelings for each other. This is my interpretation of how they would end up together. Events take place after Lady Midnight.

Summary :  Kit does his best to hide from the Shadowhunters in their own Institute. Ty wants to meet him properly.

Summary :  Drabble. Kit finds out what Ty’s been listening to.

Summary :  AU? Maybe? Drabble. Sometimes all you have is the people you care about.

Summary :  AU. Which is worse, a school shooting or a school bear attack? Warning: Flippant treatment of serious issues.

Summary :  The story of Ty and Kit’s first (and second) kiss. Posted for Autism Awareness Month in April.

Summary :  He was suddenly the first person, in that way, that Ty could look at with true interest, wonderment. He’d never, ever experienced anything like it.

Summary :  Kit hasn’t come out if that room since he went in. He’s stubborn, but Ty knows he can wait him out.

Summary :  He didn’t talk like his family. Hell he didn’t even look people in the eyes. Well, that wasn’t entirely true; he looked into Kit’s eyes. Kit Rook. The one person he felt close to.. It was a sense of familiarity and recognition. It was something he didn’t know how to explain. Nonetheless, he knew one thing for sure and that was that he could see the world in Kit’s eyes.

Summary :  Spoilers from LOS so if you haven’t read it skip this! Kit does his best to comfort Ty after tragedy strikes.

Summary :  A tale of an unlikely friendship that grew into something more. Kit Rook and Ty Blackthorn.

Summary :  (SPOILERS FOR LORD OF SHADOWS) Ty isn’t dealing well with his sister’s death, but maybe Kit knows a way he can help. Sad, kinda fluffy one-shot for Kitty.

Summary :  Kit and Tiberius. Discovery of new feelings, adventure and romance and drama. All about Kit and Ty but not only that, Kit forms bonds with other characters, including Livvy.

Summary :  KITxTY Fluff. It’s been a month and Ty is always sitting outside Kit’s door. One day he asks him inside and Ty seems to have found some comfort in this new boy. And Kit is trying to figure out what’s going on in his head, and he can’t help but find the Blackthorn boy very intriguing.

Summary :  Ty took a deep breath. “Okay. Well. If you don’t want a book, I understand that too. Sometimes I just want to listen to music. I don’t know what kind of music you like, but I was looking for songs that talked about people who stayed in their rooms, and other people who missed them and wanted them to come out.”

Summary :  Friends noticed these things about one another, sure, but they didn’t agonize over them in detail as the last thought before sleep.

Summary :  Traveling is harder to do when you have someone you don’t want to leave behind.

Summary :  Kit supposed he could have refused to accept the offer, the way he had when Julian had suggesting healing him in the car. But he didn’t.

Summary :  Ty is starting a new school and is worried that he isn’t going to make any friends and that he will get bullied. Luckily he has Livvy with him.

Summary : "I’m not normal,“ Ty told him a month later, as the pair of them tried to catch frogs outside. He said it with the casual air of someone discussing the weather, or pointing out that a shoelace was untied.

Kit blinked. “Obviously,” he said.

Summary :  When Ty realises that he and his sister both like the same guy, things get complicated.

Summary :  Just three different perspectives on Kit and Ty’s first kiss. Going into a battle is a perfect time for rash decisions, right?

Summary :  A bunch of firsts in Ty’s and Kit’s friendship/relationship.

Summary :  Throughout the past month, he learned many things about Shadowhunters, but three things stood clear:
One was that Mark and Emma were definitely in a relationship.
Two was that he was getting pretty good at being a Shadowhunter, though he’d never admit it.
And the third was Tiberius Blackthorn.

Summary :  Soulmate AU where you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you see them.
or, the one where Kit can’t see grey until a pair of stormy eyes allow him to see the shining steel of the knife pressed against his throat.

Summary : Tiberius Blackthorn and Kit Rook have each been harboring some feelings for one another, but keeping them to themselves. Eventually, it has to all come bursting out.

“Ty didn’t laugh very often, and Kit had learned over the past few months of being at the Institute that his smiles needed to be cherished. Kit felt his heart warm at the sight of laughter in Ty’s normally stormy eyes.”

Summary : Kit feels lost without the dark-haired shadowhunter beside him (and when had that happened, that he’d gotten used to his steady presence? He hasn’t even been here for a whole day!), but the girl bites her lip, “I was just joking,” she hesitates, and then turns a beaming smile at Kit, “I’m Livvy, Ty’s twin sister.” She goes on pointing around the table, “And those are Tavvy,” the smallest of them all, a quiet boy who seems to be clinging to - “Dru,” -a short girl who’s hugging him, “and that’s Perfect Diego, who’s a Centurion.”

‘Perfect Diego’ sighs, “Please, I beg you all, stop calling me that.”

Livvy laughs, “Right! Anyway, Kit, you’re welcome to sit down wherever you want and have breakfast; you’re one of us, now.”

“I’m not a Shadowhunter,” he grunts, but quietly, “I just want to eat.”

“Don’t we all,” Julian agrees easily.

Summary : “You know,” an amused voice says, and Ty freezes, slowly looking up to meet irresistible blue eyes, “I make my coffee hot, but you may just be hotter.”

From his left, there’s the sound of Livvy choking and dropping a spoon.

He flushes, gritting his teeth, “What would you like to order?”

“A cup of you, to go, please, no sugar, you’re sweet enough,” Kit smirks, and Livvy’s giggling now, not even trying to hide it, “And I would also appreciate if you stopped stalking my coffee shop. It just isn’t good to keep meeting like that.”

Ty narrows his eyes, “This war isn’t over until I say it’s over, you truant. One coffee, black like your soul, coming up.”
// The Blackthorns have a coffee shop. There’s competition in town. Detective Ty is on the case.

Summary : Livvy grinned wide, and Kit was suddenly struck with how the smile of one twin could feel so different from that of the other. Livvy’s was bigger and brighter, but it just didn’t hold that spark that made his chest feel warm, and full of light.
Kit is now living at the Institute, begrudgingly training to become a Shadowhunter. He would have left already, but his father was dead, and he has no other place to go. His only solace was a dark haired boy who understands the troubles of being an outsider. Kit wasn’t even looking friendship with the Shadowhunters, but he thinks he may have found that and more.

Summary : Kit definitely doesn’t want to be at the Institute, and he definitely didn’t want the Shadowhunter that stayed outside his door after everyone else had left…

…At first, anyway.

Summary :  Ty leaned forward, touching Kit’s hand. Kit’s eyes shot up, looking into Ty’s eyes.
“Where do you go?” Ty asked under his breath. To you, always to you, Kit thought.

Summary :  Ty and Kit carry out a theft and watch a movie.

Summary :  Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary : ( LOS- SPOILERS ) Those were simpler times. Times when his parents were still alive. Times when he had no idea that Mark and Helen were different from the rest of his siblings in any way apart from the fact they were older. Times when he didn’t know he was different either, when he still dreamed of the scholomance. Times when he still had his sister, when he still had Livvy.

Summary :  Ty finally comes out.

Summary : Just a pointless little kitty drabble.

Summary :  In which Kit and Ty are in London and there is bickering and snowball fighting.

Summary :  Exactly what the title says.

Summary :  Some people say that eyes are the window to the soul. And for once, Ty has to agree.

Summary :  Ty apologizes to Kit for holding a knife to his throat when they first meet.

  1. From the Shadow                                                                              Summary :  Kit’s trying to leave his bedroom for the first time since he’s gotten to the Institute and realizes he has no clue where to go. Thankfully, Ty is there to help him.
  2. Pancake Day                                                                                           Summary :  It’s Pancake Day at the Blackthorns, and Kit doesn’t get the whole “family meal” thing.
  3. The Weapons Room                                                                     Summary :  Kit picks out his weapon.
  4. Training                                                                                                     Summary :  Kit and Ty in the training room.
    Kit learns how to throw knives.
  5. On the Rooftop                                                                             Summary :  There’s not much left that scares Kit, but seeing Ty standing on the edge of the roof and staring down at the ground below has quickly skipped ahead on his list of terrible things.
  6. Melting Wings                                                                                       Summary :  Icarus got too close to things he wanted most in the world, and it killed him.
    Ty kind of knows how it felt.
  7. Cuddling                                                                                     Summary : Ty doesn’t really know what to do, but Kit’s fallen asleep on  his shoulder and no one’s here to watch, so he might as well just stay put.
  8. Hypotheticals                                                                                               Summary :  They sleep in the same room sometimes.
       Not together.
       Just… near each other. It’s easier that way.
  9. Uncle Arthur                                                                                              Summary : Kit had never met Uncle Arthur, but he had gotten the gist of the situation from Ty’s uneasiness and Julian’s hushed explanations. And yet, despite all the whispered warnings, he still did not expect to come face to face with raving lunatic.-or-The story of how Kit saves Ty from Uncle Arthur.

adorablecrab  asked:

I have a theory that Enjolras and Montparnasse bond over their extremely sugary and fancy coffee orders.

“You didn’t say mister Loud and Blonde was coming too,” Montparnasse complains.

“Shush,” Jehan smiles. “You like this coffee shop.”

“I’d like it better without people being loud and blonde at me,” he grumbles, holding the door open for Jehan.

“Oh they’re here already!” Jehan chirps happily and they wave towards the table where Grantaire and Enjolras are sitting. Well, Enjolras is sitting at the table. Grantaire is sitting on the floor on his knees, trying to coax a tabby cat out from underneath a bench.

“Can you order for me?” Jehan asks, eyes immediately focussed on the cat. “I’d like a mint tea.”

“That isn’t really tea, Jehan,” Montparnasse grimaces.

Jehan makes a kissy mouth at him and skips off, giving Enjolras a hasty hug from behind before dropping to their knees besides Grantaire.

Montparnasse walks up to the bar and nods at the barista. He does like this place, the guy knows his way around a coffee machine. “A fresh mint tea and a caffé mocha, please,” he says.

“Usual obscene amount of whipped cream?” the barista grins.

He hums approvingly.

“Here you go,” he says, sliding a tall glass with a sprig of mint soaking in boiling water towards Montparnasse. “I’ll bring yours over in a minute.”

“Thanks,” Montparnasse nods and he joins the others, which means sitting down opposite Enjolras, while Grantaire and Jehan make purring sounds at the cat.

“Hi,” Enjolras says stiffly.

“Hi,” Montparnasse returns in kind as he places the cup of tea next to a cup of nondescript black liquid that he supposes is what Grantaire considers coffee.

Jehan makes a content squealing sound from behind a chair and Grantaire gets to his feet with the cat in his arms. He sits down and Jehan follows, scooting their chair closer to Montparnasse’s and pulling the tea glass towards them. “Thank you, love,” they hum.

Montparnasse leans his head towards theirs for a moment and looks at Grantaire. The cat is now sprawled out across his lap, letting him pet her tummy. “You’re creepy, you know that,” he says. He’s seen people try to cuddle the shy tabby before and it never works.

“You’re one to talk,” Enjolras says. “And R is just good with cats.”

“Awesomely good with cats,” Jehan grins, stretching out their hand to scratch the cat under her chin. She purrs in approval.

“So, what’s new with you guys,” Grantaire says, taking big gulp of black coffee.

“How can you drink that as is,” Enjolras horrors and Montparnasse has to admit that’s basically what went through his mind.

“We can’t all be cleansed souls like Jehan,” Grantaire says, unconcerned.

Jehan sips their tea and bats their eyes wholesomely.

“What’s up is several things I won’t talk about,” Montparnasse says, sitting back. “Because I don’t feel like listening to a lecture about my ‘lifestyle’.”

Enjolras rolls his eyes.

“He promised not to do that though,” Grantaire grins. “Can’t guarantee he’ll make it of course,” he says with a wink.

Jehan gives Montparnasse an expressive smile. So he’s not the only one that has to be bribed and instructed into these hangouts. The idea of Enjolras having to agree to behave is kind of funny though.

“Here you are,” the barista announces his presence, walking up to the table with two cups. “Two caffé mocha’s with extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream.”

He puts the cups down and Jehan thanks him. Montparnasse and Enjolras don’t, instead they are staring at each other with a very uncomfortable realisation on their face.

“Well,” Montparnasse huffs. “At least you have better taste in coffee than your- Than Grantaire.”

“I resent that,” Grantaire says with a face completely free of resentment.

“He’s right for once,” Enjolras snarks. He gives a small shrug with his shoulders. “And…we’ve decided to actually go by boyfriends now.”

“Really?” Jehan beams. “That’s awesome! Aw, but I also really liked your ‘we’re together, fuck your labels’.”

“That still applies,” Enjolras says.

“Except now I can also tell literally everyone I meet that the blonde tornado of justice is my boyfriend,” Grantaire says triumphantly.

Jehan snorts.

“Stop nicknaming me after natural disasters,” Enjolras says, hiding a grin. “Drink your disgusting bitter insomnia juice.”

“I think it’s cute,” Jehan says, eyes twinkling. “What would you be, Parnasse. One of those forest fires that you don’t see coming?”

Montparnasse gives him a sideways glance. “Drink your boiled weed, Jehan.”

Jehan laughs and they and Grantaire wonder out loud whether Bahorel could be classified as a hurricane or a tsunami, while Montparnasse picks up his cup. He glances at Enjolras across the brim of it and smiles ever so slightly. Enjolras pulls a face in return and they both take a sip. At least this is getting your money’s worth.

Zane~Chan Headcanons

-Zane keeps one of those pin roll things to pick up after all of K~C’s fur

-K~C bakes special cupcakes for Zane whenever he’s in a extremely bad mood (otherwise you could say he’s in a bad mood 90% of the time LMAO)

-Zane the ‘hater of hugs’ secretly enjoys it when she hugs him and sometimes gives in to cuddling on the couch w/her

-K~C sometimes steals Zane’s sweaters and wears them just to annoy him (unbeknowest to her that he actually thinks that they look good on her–not that he’d ever admit that)

-They constantly argue over whether to watch Horror or Romance on movie nights and/or going to the movies

-Having to find homes for kittens or puppies that Kawaii~Chan finds off the street since she won’t do with 'just leaving them there’

-Them BOTH being the alpha’s of the relationship (tbh bc even though K~C’s like super sweet and bubbly I don’t see her as the submissive type but that’s just my opinion lel)

-MARATHONS OF (my little cutie?? idr the show name)

-Having a shelf completely dedicated to collectible MLC(?) figures


-Zane making th emistake of letting K~C make his coffee, only to have him spit it out full force because it’s beyond sweet instead of being black (like his soul–)

-K~C excitedly bouncing up and down and shouting about something in public while he just stands there with an 'I don’t know them I swear’ look

-Pranking Zane with her and Aph’s infamous make-over while he’s sleep

-K~C knitting Zane the cutest, pinkest, most adorable scarf ever and forcing him to wear it all Christmas, though overtime he comes to love it and treasure it

-LOTS of sleeping in

-K~C teaching Zane how to bake, and him miserably failing and getting mad but he eventually gets better

-Zane not allowing her to drive whenever he’s in the car because she’s a crazy driver

-Kawaii~Chan dragging Zane to Mall Day with Garroth

-Her also trying and failing to get him to join her yoga practices

-Zane constantly scolding her for scratching up the furniture

-K~C using her annoyingly cute charm on him to get out of situations

Some unneeded Klangst

Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me are you too?

Lance lay in Keith’s lap, gazing up at his boyfriend’s face. Keith smiled back at him, running his fingers through Lance’s chestnut brown hair. “You’re beautiful.” Lance smiled, the sunlight streaming in through the window creating a halo of golden light around Keith’s body. Keith smiled back, planting a small kiss on Lance’s forehead. “You’re beautiful too, pretty boy.”

Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

Lance yelled in exhilaration, hugging Keith’s waist as the two of them sped down a highway at way more than the actual speed limit. Keith smirked at Lance. “You scared, pretty boy?” Lance laughed and choked as Keith’s dark ebony hair whipped back into his face.

“Me? Never.”

“Tell me about it.”

‘Cause I wanna touch you baby
And I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sun rise
On your sins just me and you

Keith and Lance lay in a field, gazing up at the heavens. Clasping Keith’s gloved hand in his own, Lance let out a small sigh of contentment as Keith squeezed it comfortingly. “Look. There’s the Ursa major. And the Ursa minor.” Keith raised his hand to point out the constellations. He held Lance’s hand as he showed Lance the constellations. “Was your father an astronaut?” Lance grinned, turning to Keith. “Uhhhh… I…. Don’t think so.” Keith replied, confused. “Cus there are galaxies in your eyes.” Lance finished, planting a small peck on Keith’s cheek.“Not another one of those pickup lines. We’ve talked about this, pretty boy.” Keith groaned, but a small smile played on his lips.

Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love

“Happy Birthday, Keith.” Lance whispered into Keith’s ear, Keith yelping and pulling his hands up into fists. “Lance! Quiznak! You scared me!” Keith hissed, putting down his fists. “What did you want?” Lance smiled and took Keith’s hand. “Follow me.” Leading Keith to the kitchen, Lance covered Keith’s eyes with his hand. “It’s a surprise.” Lance nodded at Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro. They gave him a thumbs up and flicked on the lights. “SURPRISE!” They all yelled in unison, big smiles adorning their faces. Pidge placed a flower crown on Keith’s head, while Hunk and Shiro carried a big marpizan cake. Lance lit the candle and nodded at Keith. Keith looked up at Lance, tears in his eyes. “I-i can’t believe you guys did this for me!” Lance grinned, kissing Keith on the lips to cheers from Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge. “ I SHIP IT!” Pidge screamed, highfiving Hunk while Shiro stood there like a proud father.

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

“Lance? Lance!” Keith screamed, hot tears rolling down his cheeks, mixing with the raindrops falling from the skies above. He picked Lance up, cradling him in his arms. He got onto his motorcycle, staunching the blood coming from Lance’s head wound with his red jacket. “Why are you always so stupidly stubborn? You just had to show me that you could ride a bicycle without hands?” Keith yelled at Lance’s limp body, revving the engine of his red motorcycle. “Don’t worry Lance. Everything’s going to be okay. Stay with me.”

Baby, I’m right here
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

Keith lay by Lance’s bedside. Holding his clammy hand in his gloved one, Keith wearily brushed Lance’s soft brown hair out of his face. “Mr Kogane, Visiting hours are over. You can come back tomorrow.” The nurse politely informed the tired Korean.

“I’m not going anywhere! You can’t stop me from staying here!”

“Mr Kogane, please, this is a hos-”


“Mr Kogane, if you don’t leave now, we will call security.”


Wandering outside of the hospital after being kicked out, Keith caught a glimpse of himself in the glass windows. Dishevelled and exhausted, his reflection stared back at him. Crumpling up into a ball, Keith’s body shook with sobs.

We were shut like a jacket
So do your zip
We would roll down the rapids
To find a wave that fits

Lance smiled at Keith. “So…I heard someone was very rude to the hospital staff.” “Shut up.” Keith grumbled, sipping his coffee. “What did you get?” Lance asked after a while, pointing to the thermos in Keith’s hands. “Black. Bitter. Like my soul.” Keith muttered, taking a large gulp to prove his point. Lance grinned. “You’re so funny, Keith. Your soul is the definition of positivity.” Keith sighed. “Sweet Jesus. We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms.” Lance shot a grin back at him. “Nope. Don’t remember, didn’t happen.” “Exactly! It’s just you keep denying it!” Keith huffed.

Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

Lance shrieked as Keith splashed water at him. “Nope! NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” Lance yelled, chasing after Keith with a bucket of ice-cold water. Cornering Keith at the fence surrounding the garden, Lance smirked. “Got you now, Mullet.” Flinging the water in the bucket towards Keith, he grinned in triumph. “Victory is MINE!” He cackled gleefully as he stood atop a rock and lost his balance. The next thing he knew, Keith had caught him in his arms and the two were soaked and shivering. “N-Now you will remember me c-cradling you in m-my arms.” Keith smirked, pecking Lance on the forehead before dropping him. “Keith! Buddy? My man?” Lance sighed as he flailed around helplessly in a wheelbarrow.

'Cause I wanna touch you baby
I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sun rise
On your sins just me and you

Keith sneezed and grabbed a tissue from the box. “T-this is all your fault, L-lance. I h-hate you.” Shivering, he blew his nose into a tissue for what seemed like the millionth time that hour. “I-if you keep blowing your nose s-so hard, it might f-fall off.” Lance sniffled, wiping his nose with a tissue. Keith laughed. “A-as if. Netflix? I’ll get some pizza.”

“Shiro will kill us for this.”

“You can join me in my death then.”

Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love

Lighting up a match, Keith whispered into Lance’s ear. “You ready?” Lance scoffed and lit one too. “I was BORN ready. I bet mine will fly higher than yours.” Keith narrowed his eyes. “Oh, it’s ON.”

“3…2…1… Go!”

They released their sky lanterns simultaneously, two glowing lights in the night sky. “You drew your FACE on it?” Keith deadpanned, unimpressed. “Yeah! Wait… what did you draw on yours? Is that… a HIPPO?” Lance shrieked, gaping up at the giant hippo lantern floating in the sky. “Yes. That is correct.” Keith gazed up at his lantern adoringly.

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

“Keith? Can I come in?”

“Go away, Lance.”

“Please, Keith, let me in! I want to help!”

“Lance, go away. Please.”

Keith stared at the x-ray, tears clouding his vision. Stage four lung cancer.The doctor said that it’s particularly hard to cure. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy may be needed. I’m dying.

Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
It’s only you that can stop it
Go give love to your body
Go give love to your body

Lance held Keith’s hand, the two of them sitting in silence on a park bench. “So…Where do we go from here?” Lance asked, eyes trained on a pigeon pecking the seeds Keith was throwing at it. “Dunno. Where do you want to go, pretty boy? I’m not going anywhere. I’m dying, Lance. I hate myself. I hate my life.” Keith quietly said, putting his head in his hands.

“Keith… You’re amazing. Don’t say that you’re dying. You’ll live.”

“Thanks, Lance.”

“I love you, Keith.”

“I-i love you too, pretty boy.”

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

Lance tucked his hands into his pockets and shuffled into the flower shop. “Hey, Lance. The usual?” Lance nodded stiffly, barely acknowledging the florist. “Alright. that will be 3 bucks.” Lance paid quickly, stalking out of the shop without another word. Grabbing a coffee for Keith, he made his way back.

Lance sat on the ground, putting down the coffee for Keith. “Black and bitter, like your soul, just how you like it.” Lance smiled. He took out the single red rose and put it beside the coffee. “For you. You love red, don’t you? Don’t worry. I’ll be with you shortly.” Lance smiled, getting up and returning to his apartment. Keith’s things were strewn all over the place. Normally, Lance would have stopped to clean up but he walked past them without batting an eye. He stopped and turned back, picking up a framed polaroid from the coffee table.

Standing on the roof, Lance inhaled the fresh air and looked at the Polaroid. It was taken when Keith and Lance visited the amusement park.

“Lance! Let’s go!” Keith huffed, unhappily being dragged into a photo booth.

“Come on, Keith. We need some memories of this day!”


The two sat on the jetty, watching the sunset.



“Will you be my boyfriend?”


Keith pitched forward, hugging Lance in a warm embrace. Lance sighed and ran his fingers through Keith’s hair.

“You know… About your hair?”

“Are you going to insult it again?”

“No. I love it. You look great.”

Lance choked back a sob. Keith was gone. He tucked the picture into his jacket pocket and stepped towards the edge of the roof.

“Lance! Stop! Please!”

“Lance! Stop!”

“Please! Keith would never have wanted this to happen!”

“I’m sorry, guys. I promised him that I’d be with him soon.” Lance took a deep breath and stepped off the building. Freefalling, tears streamed down his face. “I’m coming, Keith. Wait for me.” He whispered, closing his eyes as he crashed into the sidewalk, the sound of police sirens and the ambulance wailing in the distance.

An: I’m sorry. I just had to do this. This will be available on my wattpad rand0m_un1c0rn from tomorrow!

Lemon Drops and Chocolate Chips

CHAPTER 4  ( 3, 2, 1 )

Here is the next chapter! Sorry this one took me a while. Hoping to turn out chapter 5 a little quicker. This ones ends in a bit of cliffhanger again. Thanks to my tol bean, @strix for being my super talented, amazing beta.

Read it on ao3 here

Betty swallowed a large gulp of beer from the bottle she had raised to her lips before Jughead spoke. His blue eyes staring at her in equal measures of curiosity and mischief — as if he knew what his words would invoke in her. He was being cheeky.

“Well, now that you mention it,” she started, standing up and heading over to the kitchen counter. Betty took out some smaller dessert plates and spoons, and pulled the pie from where it had been sitting. She took the foil from the top and cut some slices with a serving knife.

“I want you to tell me what you think is in this pie,” Betty was curious to his answer, wondering if his love of food could tell the difference between carrot and pumpkin. The spices might make it difficult as she supposed they would mask the taste pretty well. And cream cheese pretty much made anything taste good.

Once she had placed a good size piece on each plate, she brought them back to the table. Jughead had pushed their dinner plates to the side, stacked on top of each other. He was sitting casually, an arm thrown around the back of the chair. Betty admired the way the green cable knit stretched against his shoulders before sliding into her seat across from him.

He looked down at the plate, eyes appraising the pie. It had a layer of sweetened cream cheese and then the bulk of the carrot mixture with thinly sliced almonds (that she bad roasted and sprinkled with salt) on top. Jughead rubbed his hand over his jaw, fingers brushing out nonexistent hairs on his chin. Betty wanted to giggle.

“Well, it looks kinda like pumpkin pie. But, I’m guessing it’s not.”

He picked up the spoon, both arms back on the table as he swirled the plate around, looking at it from multiple angles. Jughead bent down and inhaled deeply, belting out a deep groan of satisfaction.

“It smells like Thanksgiving.”

Betty nodded to him, lips quirking up in a grin. She pulled her own spoon through her slice and popped it in her mouth. The burst of flavors on her tongue was all spicy and sweet at the same time. “Yup.”

Jughead was watching her for any reaction after she started eating. She rolled her eyes and gestured with her spoon at him. He finally took a bite, eyes fluttering as his lips closed around the spoon. She watched in trepidation, her free hand curling into a fist underneath the table. Betty’s fingernails were pinching into her skin of her palm.

He opened his eyes wide as he started to chew. Letting out a low whistle, he looked down at the piece of pie and shook his head.

“You could tell me there was dog shit in this pie and I would still eat it, Betty.”

A giggle escaped her mouth at that, her fist relaxing as she clamped it over her lips, her chest bubbling up and down.

“But, to be honest it tastes like pumpkin, but it’s creamier, sweeter. This cream cheese layer?” He paused and she nodded to his question. “Combination reminds me of carrot cake.”

Betty hummed, taking another bite of the pie and nodding along with his words. It was like the best mix of both desserts.

“So, carrot or pumpkin?” She asked after she swallowed. Jughead was looking at her warily, another bite on his spoon.

“This feels like a trick question.”

“Maybe it is?” Her eyebrows raised at him and she cut into the edge of her crust.

She let Jughead finish eating before prompting him to decide. He licked his lips, her eyes following his tongue. Betty tilted her head and crossed her arms on the table, leaning forward.


“What do I get if I guess correctly?”

His question caught her off guard. She wasn’t really expecting this. To be fair though, she really hadn’t expected any of this. As in, Jughead being in her apartment at all. So she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe for a moment. It wasn’t like he was propositioning to take something, he was giving her the power to choose what she wanted to give. It could be as simple as a dollar bill, another meal cooked…

“A kiss.”

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Julian Albert x Reader Headcanon

Requested: Yes. 

A/N: So like I said in my Julian Albert x reader drabble, I’m going to be posting more things with Julian. Here’s a headcanon that I admit I got a little carried away with haha. I’m going on a late summer vacation on the 23rd though, so I won’t be on my laptop to write a lot. Typing on your phone is annoying :P Anyways, I hope you enjoy! This is unedited whoops.

Warnings: None

  • Being a bit younger than Julian, joining the CCPD straight out of college
  • Him hearing rumors spreading around the precinct about Joe’s “gorgeous new partner”
  • But let’s be honest: he couldn’t care less
  • Until he actually saw you, that is
  • Your first day out in the field had been about a long-term case he was assigned to
  • You had clutched a manila folder outside of his lab with tired but sparkling eyes
  • Being startled when you saw his own alluring blue-gray eyes
  • Julian being at a loss for words for the first time in his life.  
  • “You’re Julian Albert, right?”
  • He had expected his morning to be filled with the irrelevance of Barry Allen’s presence
  • He was pleasantly surprised, to say the least
  • And his lack of social skills making him say:
  • “Who wants to know?”
  • It didn’t have the edge he intended to give it
  • But he was glad for that
  • Him smirking in triumph at the sound of your rewarding giggle    
  • “I’m (Y/N) (L/N). I was told to give these to you.”
  • Julian had reached for the folder a bit too quickly
  • His fingers brushed against yours and he didn’t quite pull away
  • You didn’t mind
  • There was a spark, as cheesy as it sounded, that turned Julian into a flustered mess
  • “Thank you, Miss (L/N).”
  • “You’re making me sound so old! You can just call me (Y/N).”
  • It was an incredibly rare moment that terrified him
  • People warning you about his snappy, reserved persona
  • After all, he’d never been close with anyone
  • More importantly: he never wanted to be
  • Him pushing you away because he was afraid
  • Being disappointed that your co-workers were right
  • You accepting it, eventually
  • Oh, so many of those gosh what are you doing
  • “Black coffee is obviously better, don’t even try.”
  • “You just like anything that mirrors your soul.”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • “Get out of my lab, (Y/N).”
  • Barry finding it amusing
  • Everyone else getting annoyed at the obvious sexual tension
  • “Get a room, you two.”
  • Barry becoming an older brother figure
  • Ranting together about how annoying Julian is
  • Julian getting low-key jealous when he saw you two constantly together
  • When the flash team needing someone to temporarily fill in for Caitlin, Barry asking you
  • You minored in bio-engineering, obviously
  • Julian was actually quite impressed by that
  • Not that he’d admit it
  • “Great. Now I get to see Albert at work and after work.”
  • “Come on, (Y/N). We need you.”
  • Reluctantly agreeing
  • You and Julian teasing each other
  • Or flirting, whatever you crazy kids thought it was
  • And when you did, the rest of the Flash team being incredibly entertained by it
  • Cisco being on your team for every single argument, impressed by your sick burns
  • “I think that if you mixed up the ego of Mariah Carey and the scowl of an uptight British King, you’ll have the perfect Julian.”
  • “What about his stubbornness?”
  • That was Cisco
  • “Oh, that’s unprecedented. I couldn’t find anyone to compare it to. I’d just be saying ‘the stubbornness of Julian Albert.’”
  • “Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, (Y/N). Do you ever cry because you’re not me?”
  • “Tears of joy, yeah.”
  • It was never serious
  • You would just smile at the ground and Julian would smirk at you and roll his eyes from across the room
  • Two jobs became a lot to handle, eventually
  • You getting stressed out from all of the work that piled on
  • Late nights at the lab together
  • (You didn’t have super speed to finish it all like Barry)
  • Occasional kind gestures from Julian that showed he was concerned
  • “You look tired.  Go home, (nickname). I’ll finish up here.”
  • “Are you going soft on me, Julian?”
  • “Just go before I change my mind.”
  • He couldn’t keep the grin on his face when he said that.
  • Being kidnapped by a meta a few months later and Julian freaking the fuck out
  • He would yell at everybody, constantly running his hands through his hair
  • Him punching the walls
  • Finally accepting that he had feelings for you
  • Taking a week or so before they finally found you, all bruised up and dehydrated
  • Julian’s arms being the first place you run to when you’re brought back.
  • Which surprised everybody
  • You would whimper and bury your head in his chest
  • Him never wanting to let go
  • “Julian…”
  • “Shhh, it’s okay. It’s okay. Hey, I’m right here, okay?”
  • He had to hide the fact that he was shaking
  • Him kissing you for the first time
  • “You’re home now.”
  • Being inseparable since then
  • PDA lmao
  • Pecks across his desk in the morning
  • His arm around your waist
  • Tons of forehead kisses
  • The teasing turning into something more loving and less fiery
  • But it was still there
  • Julian asking you to move in with him
  • Barry was skeptical when you told him about it
  • He was protective, but you didn’t care
  • Saying yes, of course
  • Curling up next to him underneath the sheets, not being able to fall asleep without each other
  • Him saying “I love you” first
  • And being really nervous the whole day up until that point, mind you
  • Never letting each other forget it

Twin Peaks Season 1 ( Sentence Starters )

  • “She’s dead…wrapped in plastic.”
  • “There are many stories in _____. Some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery: the mystery of life.”
  • “It is a story of many, but begins with one – and I knew her.”
  • “Never seen so many trees in my life.”
  • “_____, I’ll see you in my dreams.”
  • “_____, I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies.”
  • “That’s what you do in a town where a yellow light still means slow down and not speed up.”
  • “Behind all things are reasons.”
  • “Reasons can even explain the absurd.”
  • “You know, this is – excuse me – a damn fine cup of coffee!”
  • “Black as midnight on a moonless night.”
  • “I hear that you’re real good at what you do.”
  • “Normally, if a stranger walked into my station talking this kind of crap, he’d be looking for his teeth two blocks up.”
  • “You may think I’ve gone insane, but I promise, I will kill again.”
  • “There is a sadness in this world, for we are ignorant of many things.”
  • “Then the day when the sadness comes, we ask: ‘Will this sadness which makes me cry, will this sadness which makes me cry my heart out, will it ever end?’ The answer, of course, is yes.”
  • “Will this sadness which makes me cry, will this sadness which makes me cry my heart out, will it ever end?“
  • “One day the sadness will end.”
  • “Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham.”
  • “You’re the most cold-blooded man I’ve ever seen!”
  • “I’ve never in my life met a man with so little regard for human frailty.”
  • “Have you no compassion?”
  • “I just ask you to get the hell out of my way, so that I can finish my work. Is that clear?”
  • “I’ve had just about enough of you and your insults.”
  • “Oh yeah, well I’ve had about enough of morons and half-wits, dolts, dunces, dullards, and dumbells, and you, you chowder-head yokel, you blithering hayseed, you’ve had enough of me?”
  • “He hit me!”
  • “Well, I’m sure he meant to do that.”
  • “Maybe you should have a little talk with _____.”
  • “_____ doesn’t talk, he hits.”
  • “The fire I speak of is not a kind fire.”
  • “You’ll have to excuse me this morning, I’m running late. I only have time for coffee.”
  • “Well maybe I could go with you.”
  • “Wednesdays were traditionally a school day when I was your age.”
  • “I can’t believe you were ever my age.”
  • “What did you see that night?”
  • “_____ wanted to die.”
  • “What else did she tell you? Did she tell you that there was no goodness in the world?”
  • “Every time it got harder to go back up into the light.”
  • “I’m telling you this because I don’t want to have any secrets from you. I don’t want there to be any lies between us.”
  • “It’s the secrets people keep that destroy any chance they have of happiness and I don’t want us to be like that.”
  • “Sometimes when we see the eyes – those horrible times when we see the eyes that have no soul – then we know a darkness.”
  • “Where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless.”
  • “Do you like to gamble, _____?”
  • “_____, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”
  • “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen.”
  • “A present? Like Christmas?”
  • “Ah, man, that hits the spot. Nothing like a great cup of black coffee.”
  • “What’s up, doc?”
  • “Just a few words before I go to sleep.”
  • “I feel like I’m going to dream tonight. Big bad ones.”
  • “That’ll be my little secret, okay?”
  • “I’m going to go down and get us two malts and some fries downstairs. Then I want you to tell me all your troubles.”
  • “That could take all night.”
  • “Now, I’m going to get the food, and you’re going to get dressed.”
  • “I can’t tell you all my secrets.”
  • “Secrets are dangerous things, _____.”
  • “Do you have any secrets?”
  • “_____ had a lot of secrets.”
  • “Finding those out is my job.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any Kit Rook and Ty Blackthorn fics?

I’ll make a list below!

He was suddenly the first person, in that way, that Ty could look at with true interest, wonderment. He’d never, ever experienced anything like it. [ONESHOT]

Ty leaned forward, touching Kit’s hand. Kit’s eyes shot up, looking into Ty’s eyes. 
“Where do you go?” Ty asked under his breath. To you, always to you, Kit thought.

Ty doesn’t really know what to do, but Kit’s fallen asleep on his shoulder and  no one’s here to watch, so he might as well just stay put.
Part 7 of Kit’s Explorations of the Institutes, With the Help of Ty

“You know,” an amused voice says, and Ty freezes, slowly looking up to meet irresistible blue eyes, “I make my coffee hot, but you may just be hotter.”

From his left, there’s the sound of Livvy choking and dropping a spoon.

He flushes, gritting his teeth, “What would you like to order?”

“A cup of you, to go, please, no sugar, you’re sweet enough,” Kit smirks, and Livvy’s giggling now, not even trying to hide it, “And I would also appreciate if you stopped stalking my coffee shop. It just isn’t good to keep meeting like that.”

Ty narrows his eyes, “This war isn’t over until I say it’s over, you truant. One coffee, black like your soul, coming up.”
// The Blackthorns have a coffee shop. There’s competition in town. Detective Ty is on the case.

“What are you doing here?” Kit blurted, a bit fearful.

Tiberius blinked again. “I live here,”

In which Kit and Ty are in London and there is bickering and snowball fighting

When Ty realises that he and his sister both like the same guy, things get complicated.

Exactly what the title says.
(I’m so creative with titles, aren’t I?)

Dating Chris would include:

  • “Babe, have you seen my glasses?”
  • “You know, the Velma from Scooby Doo joke gets less funny the more you say it.”
  • Timing him and Josh in a ‘Who can eat the most hotdogs in under minute?’
  • Pouting and getting huffy when he loses 
  • Complaining that you’re hungry for him to reply ‘Hi Hungry, I’m Chris.”
  • Organising big group outings with everyone
  • Having to hold his hands to guide him around when ice skating
  • “Aw, at least everyone else seems to be enjoying it.”
  • Filming his reaction to the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones
  • “Where does George R.R Martin live? I am willing to fight him.”
  • “What? I could fight him. I’m a badass.”
  • “Yes, I know I sprained my wrist carrying the groceries but they were heavy!”
  • Camping outside the game store so he can get the new game he wants at midnight
  • Giving you a piggy back ride to the car because you’re tired
  • “Thanks for camping out with me, y/n. I owe you big time, bro.
  • “No, I didn’t just bring you because Josh was busy.”
  • Him always being the first to wake up
  • “I brought you a coffee, sleepyhead. Black like your soul.”
  • Smiling whenever he sees his lock screen because it’s a photo of you
  • Always resting his hand on your thigh when he’s driving
  • Singing really loudly to all the songs on the radio and forcing you to join in
  • “Man, I love Adele. She just gets me.”
  • Insisting that he needs all of the coats when packing for Mount Washington
  • “I’ve also got you to keep me warm, haven’t I babe?”
  • “I’m glad you’re my player two. I love you, y/n.”
Batfamily Opinions on Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Dick: Hooray! Fall! Coffee! Whipped cream! They're so tasty and make me happy! Yippee!
  • Jason: Don't really care for them. They're pointless and were only created for white girls with an aesthetic. What's that? I'm holding one behind my back and stroking it like it's the most important thing in my life? Well, you see, about that.... *punches interviewer and runs away* Nobody will believe you!
  • Cass: *happy slurping noises*
  • Tim: Are you kidding me? I thrive on caffeine, while this concoction is just a pathetic excuse for coffee. I can't waste my time on this sugary mess when there is a black as my soul coffee out there waiting for me. I've been awake for four days straight, I can't afford to let a thick warm cup of diabetes slow me down! *scares off interviewer with the crazy sleep-deprived look in his eyes*
  • Stephanie: Well of course I love them, why would you even need to ask? A warm frothy coffee with spices and whipped cream? Yes, please! I drink at least five a day and will chop off the legs of anyone who gets in my way.
  • Damian: It's a stupid idea. Why are they only available during a specific time of the year? Do pumpkins suddenly not exist during the summer? What is the point?! If I want a pumpkin spice latte on Valentine's Day then I sure as hell am going to get one!
  • Bruce: The night doesn't drink lattes *hides 'I Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes' shirt and cup behind his back* You never saw that.

bxtchiplier  asked:

What would the egos/Antis favorite coffee be? Idk just a bit curious

(I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I’ll try my best!)

Dark–black like his soul (I say that unironically)

The Host–medium roast with a little cream and sugar

Doc–espresso; whatever has the most caffeine

Wilford–he takes a little coffee with his sugar

Bim–likes iced dark roast coffee ever since Amy got him to try it

Google–doesn’t touch the stuff. It fries his circuits.

Silver–cinnamon caramel macchiato topped with whipped cream

Ed–again, black but that’s just because it’s manly

Working in the coffee business means that I have dirt on everybody now. And there’s nothing wrong with pumpkin lattes, just entertaining when it’s the kid who claims to be dark and brooding who orders the sugar filled stuff.

OOC Transcript

[Feuilly]: So I tend to know all my friends’ Coffee orders. Except for Montparnasse’s. And I’ve always asked him, you know, “Hey how do you take your coffee?” And I get, “Uh black like my soul.” But I’ve never actually seen him come through the cafe so I didn’t know if that was true or not. But today I just saw him come through and guess what? It’s not black like his soul, in fact it is a pumpkin spice latte. You’re not edgy, kid, you’re basic.

Fate (Min Yoongi)

Originally posted by meanyoongis

Word Count: 1,173

Genre: Fluff, somewhat angst


Sorry guys, I haven’t written in a while and so I feel a bit rusty lol. I hope it isn’t too bad! This will def be a series as well, I would(not) ever leave you guys like this!

Day 872;  1:23

That day that we had met in the post office on 2nd street, both of us always said it was fate then. How the lines were long and how it was such a pain in the ass and how you cheered me up then. By making up a silly rap about the situation so I laughed all the four hours we were waiting. I had always thought that it was fate right?

Fate must be a real bitch then.

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Re-reading Holly Black’s Curse Worker Trilogy and noticed this:

“Barron hands me a cup of coffee. ‘Black, like your soul.’ he says with a grin.”

- Black Heart (The Curse Workers #3) by Holly Black.

Does this not look rather familiar?

“Just coffee. Black- like my soul.”

- City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

Apparently writers that also happen to friend’s occasionally share quotes. Lol