just close the app and stop

4x06 and the foreshadowing of both Clarke’s and Bellamy’s love declarations/realizations....

Not to be too extra but 4x06 just mapped out how Bellamy and Clarke will come to a head about their feelings for each other AND probably confirmed how the interpretation of the latest spoilers is right.

So here it comes my speculation of this. If you don’t want spoilers (or the interpretation of them ) don’t read this.

(and if you’re on the app and without read mores, please close your eyes and scroll down)

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me, 65 years from now: hey jimmy what’s that doohickey you got there? a new app? seems to complicated for me. back in my day we had yikyak. we had peach. you could play basketball with your finger. i remember when they closed down vine. it feels like just yesterday they changed the gun emoji. do you kiddos remember the time i told you about pokemon go? those sons of guns really wanted us to walk

my grandchildren: grandma please stop

anonymous asked:

The love of my life broke up with me early December and I've just... barely got by. They say it gets better, but I haven't seen it. I downloaded tinder yesterday and felt like I was cheating on him even though he's moved on. I closed the app and I feel so gross, heartbroken and upset. At the situation, at myself for not moving on, at him for moving on. I don't know what to do. I really don't

it really does take time. of course you can’t force yourself to stop having feelings that won’t go away, but you need to put the situation into perspective. why stay hooked on someone who doesn’t care and who had no trouble moving on? what purpose does that serve? believe me i had to learn the hard way too but the next one is going to open your heart in newer and much more exciting ways so don’t shut everyone else out because you’re only focused on this one guy. think of all the reasons it didn’t work out and maybe try to look at it as a lesson. i know you didn’t really ask for my advice and i’m in no way telling you how to think, but truly he taught you valuable things. carry those lessons with you and be grateful for what you’ve learned.

This pic is good and bad.

Good: my net calories were pretty close to the goal 5/7 days which is SUCH and improvement.

Bad: I ate back all of my fitbit calories which means more than a few of those days are over 2000 calories and that’s too much food for weight loss. I’m thinking maybe I just need to stop using the fitbit and just log actual workouts with a hrm and have a set calorie amount that I aim for (maybe a range of 1600-1800)

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i hope this doesnt sound weird but ur moving to another city in the future right? i was wondering what ur plans are with that, how ur going to do it? i really really want to move cities but i have no clue how/where to even start. it all seems so overwhelming D:

It is very overwhelming! I’ve had the amazing experience of living in a city for college. I was in a dorm but I still got to see how public transit worked and walk around. (Learn everything you can about public transit driving in a city is very difficult and probably super expensive bc of parking passes and junk)

If you get to visit and house hunt, look around and figure out your resources (if you’re close to transit stops, convenience stores, medical, etc. or research that before you move.

Zillow is a great site/app for apartment hunting. Joining local Facebook groups (I just joined an LGBT housing group and made a post looking for a roommate.) this can help you find a roommate you can trust or at least learn something about before you move in with them. Craigslist isn’t bad but you should be very critical (I personally avoid any post with the words Seeking Female Roommate).

I’m not great with this I’m just starting my new search and this would be my first apartment but that’s sort of what I’ve been doing!!

quick exec. dysfunction/ocd tip for other people who have issues with not being able to get off tumblr when they need to to get things accomplished: try to take your eyes off the screen as much as you can, even if you just look up at something for a second; try saying audible phrases like “im gonna get off now !” Or when your ocd makes you feel like youre not allowed to stop scrolling, say things like “boring!” Out loud and take your eyes off the screen and dont let yrself see your dash, so that its easier for you to close the app. i have lots of problems w this stuff and i hope i help other ppl who are in the same boat

Just a heads up that Vaughn Body Arts will be closed Thursday, November 26th - Friday, November 27th so we can spend time our family. 

Now then, check out this gorgeous ear on Melissa. 

She stopped in today for two forward helix piercings. Pictured on the bottom is a lovely yellow gold Kira end from Anatometal, and on top, a cute little turquoise from NeoMetal. 

Also pictured is her conch piercing with a stunning yellow gold Kendra from BVLA we did a little over two months ago.

Thank you so much, Melissa. It’s always a pleasure working with you.

Monterey, CA  

im so funny but also so stupid??????? i got upset earlier today all because i saw some shit online. like i legit got so hurt over something i saw ON MY PHONE. it’s not real, Carly. stop this. you’re being stupid it’s on your phone like how you gonna get sad over it just close the app lmfaoooo bye @ myself

Tonight I:

1) took down the gym behind the restaurant

2) Went on a impromptu Pokemon adventure with my boyfriend when we saw the park next to us had 16! Pokestops!

3) Met dozens of other trainers in the park

4) Helped a Blue gym gain prestige after four other Blues said they’d just trounced a Red gym

5) Got stuck in a Pokemon Lure Vortex when people banded together to throw down lures between four stops which were close together

6) Someone yelled ‘HEY! There’s a BEEDRILL HERE!’ and had half the park dash to the right Pokestop

7) Had a fucking blast even with the app crashing every five minutes GOTY

Good afternoon, everybody! We hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Friday.

Just a heads up that the studio will be CLOSED THIS SUNDAY.

We will be here today and Saturday for all of your piercing needs, so stop on by if you need anything.

Now then, here’s a beautiful daith we got to do a couple months ago for Angelica. anatometal​​ clusters are such a great look in daith piercings.

Thank you, Angelica!

Monterey, CA