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               I’m here with you.I see you.You are my friend, M’gann M’orzz.You are forgiven

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Is there any fanfic with Levi being a dad? I don't know why but I think Levi as a father is really cute.

Hi! You can check out the [single dad] ask I answered a few weeks ago! There’s also quite a few other fics in our [parenthood] tag. 

Humanity’s Greatest Bedtime Story
Summary: Eren and Levi’s son has a nightmare, but Eren is out for the night, so the storytelling duties fall to Levi. He tells their son the best story he knows.

Don’t Let Me Down
Summary: Levi is a twenty-three-year-old runaway raising his six-year-old cousin, Mikasa, after escaping from their abusive alcoholic Uncle several years before.
     Now a young man, Levi works two jobs just to support Mikasa and himself. With a string of failed relationships behind him, Levi pours himself into working to make sure Mikasa can live comfortably. With a six-year-old child to support,      Levi firmly believes he is better off alone but his friends all think otherwise.
     Enter Eren Jaeger. It’s love at first sight but Levi stubbornly refuses to act on his feelings. Can Hanji and their friends, including one very attractive Eren Jaeger, convince Levi that it’s okay for him to try to be happy despite his broken past?

Make You Feel My Love
Summary: Levi is Trost’s strongest soldier, he’s Captain of the Special Ops Squad and he’s also the only chance Trost has to end their long war with Maria. Eren is Maria’s Prince, he’s beloved and respected by all of his people, he’s also the only hope Maria has to survive their long struggle against Trost.
     What neither of them expected was an arranged marriage to try and solve all their problems. Fun fact: it doesn’t.

Remembering You
Summary: Eren is a member of the Scouting Legion, a branch of the military tasked with surveying the lands outside the walls and killing titans. For as long as he can remember, he’s been there with his adopted sister, Mikasa, and best friend, Armin. After the brutal battle to reclaim Shiganshina, which resulted in the death of the commander and many members of the Legion, the outer walls are finally humanity’s once more.
     The titan threat seems to have cooled down in the last few years and humanity is gradually rebuilding. Life should be pleasant for the soldier, but he keeps having recurring dreams of flying through the forest on 3DMG chasing after a stranger. Who is this faceless stranger? And are the dreams portents of something to come or forgotten memories of a time past?

parent trap au?

  • where Marcus and Oliver are single dads
  • Currently rivals, had a kid with someone else but the relationship didn’t work out for either of them
  • and lo and behold, they send their respective child to the same summer camp
  • Quidditch camp per se
  • these kids hate each other on sight because that rivalry of flintwood rubbed off onto their kids
  • sabotage shenanigans
  • being forced to share the same cabin
  • maybe at one point, someone’s like, “how do you not know about the time your dads dated???”
  • and as they ask around, they find out their dads used to be pretty in love with each other and they wonder what happened, hearing all these great stories
  • why do they hate each other now?
  • so the kids decide to get the dads back together when they’re done with camp
  • Begging their dad to take them to see their new best friend
  • and when the kids meet up, it’s instant ‘oh hell no’ from Marcus and Oliver, but they put on a face for the kids
  • we can have the potential evil fiance that hates kids if you guys want lol
  • anyways
  • family camping trip???
  • Marcus and Oliver falling back in love???
  • One family chasing after the other for a happily ever after???
  • pls

You ever look at your art and just think “This isn’t good enough, I’m sure I can do better than this” but no matter how much improve, or how fast, that feeling never goes away and it leaves you with this sense of perpetual disappointment in yourself. Friends assure you that “No really it looks awesome”, part of you knows that it is good but then the ‘not good enough’ comes back around and suddenly compliments seem patronizing and insincere even when you know they’re not. You push your abilities a bit more than you have before, you make something you can finally be proud of only to see all the flaws in it and everything you could have done differently three days later. It’s a frustrating cycle that never seems to end and you question “why do I keep doing this? Am I just stuck with art because it’s all I’ve ever been good at? Is this what I really want to do?” The only consolation prize comes right at the perfect moment while you’re still proud of what you made and the overwhelming inferiority hasn’t set in yet. It comes in the form of a compliment. Maybe just one or two but in that moment, at the peak of the high, that one compliment is what you’ve been chasing. Somebody else acknowledging that you are good enough and in that moment nothing could make you happier. So the cycle resets, you chase the high and you get better. Some highs last longer than others and some lows are especially treacherous. Sometimes it’s easier to turn the struggle into a competition, sometimes you want to give up altogether.