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Can I get a headcanon where the reader joins the Avengers? She’s a literal ball of cotton candy, rainbows and cupcakes plated in golden sunshine, too pure for this world. She’s very loving and invites the team to just give her hugs and kisses whenever they want, so they take her up on her offer because they all need that extra bit of love. Sorry this is so long. @itsmarshalltime98

You  ran on to the jet and got in the pilot’s seat. The mission was going south very quickly and if everyone was to get out safely, you would have to improvise a little, even if that meant disobeying Steve’s direct orders. You flipped the needed switches in between strapping yourself in. When you were ready for left off you went as fast is you could to where the team was. Your  mission had been different from everyone else’s. You were working on hostage extraction, but after getting the hostages to a secure location you heard  your team’s distress over COMMS.

“Natasha do you read me?” You questioned, knowing she’d be the only one with the mental capacity to respond at the moment.

“Loud and clear. Please don’t tell me you ran in to trouble with the hostages.”

“Absolutely not. They are at the safe house, but you guys need extraction.”

“Steve told you-”

“Well that’s not gonna matter if Steve is dead,” you contradicted. There was a beat of silence, in which you panicked, wondering if something had happened to Natasha.

“Are you over our position?” Natasha asked.

“Yeah, I’m looking for somewhere to touch down.”

“Give me a sec, I’ll send up a flare.”

You could see the various explosions happening in the Weapon’s facility the team was supposed to storm. You watched anxiously, hoping she’d find a safe place soon. As you waited, you promised yourself that you were going to give Steve the lecture of a lifetime about biting off more than he can chew.  Tony flew by the jet and seemed to pause when he looked at you.

“It’s good to see you,” he spoke over COMMS.

“I’m glad you’re alive.  Nat’s finding a place for me touch down. I need you guys moving to that point ASAP.”

“Spangles won’t be happy.”

“Yeah but he’ll be alive.”

You noticed the bright red flare go up, and you hurried to the sight leaving Tony behind. You were the best pilot the world had ever seen able to glide through the sky with your aircraft more gracefully than a bird. Stealth flying was your specialty which is why you were employed to get the hostages.  The clearing was small, and entry was difficult but you touched down without any difficulty.

“Captain,” you called, hoping he was listening.

“Y/N tell me that jet in the sky wasn’t you.”

“It absolutely was. Sending you extraction coordinates.”

“Coming your way,” Wanda responded.

You opened the hatch so Natasha could board. She lumbered on holding her side as if wounded. You unstrapped to meet her and help her sit down. As she sat, you snagged a medical kit and got ready to do what ever was necessary so she could last until you got back to the compound.

“It’s not that bad,” Natasha breathed out. She could barely pull in breath for the pain.

“You don’t have to act tough, "you smiled shaking your head a little. You unzipped her suit so you could properly treat the wound, "It’s like you really wanna swear off bikini’s,” you joked to keep the atmosphere light. She laughed a little, wincing at the pain it brought.

“Yeah, I bet I’ll look horrible in them now,” she rolled her eyes. You cleaned the wound quickly, keeping an ear out for anyone over COMMS.  Wanda soon bounded on to the plane with Vision at her tail.

“Falcon, Captain what’s your position?” you asked as you placed gauze on Natasha’s wound.

“We’re a little caught up,” Sam responded.

“Listen her dynamic duo, I want you hauling ass to the jet. Natasha’s hurt she needs an actual doctor.”

“Natasha?” Steve called.

“Yeah, it looks bad. Maybe hurry it up grandpa,” she grumbled. You smiled at that. Tony came on next, the face plate on his went up to show his face.

“It is good to see you, Y/N. I was afraid you were going to be a teacher’s pet on this mission.”

“I’ll disobey wrong orders any day, Stark.”

“Ooo Captain, you hear that? I think your good noodle is going rogue.”

Steve and Sam walked on to the jet looking worse for wear. Sam sat next to Natasha letting his head rest against the wall. You hurried to the pilot’s seat to get your team out of there.

When you made it back to the compound, you helped Natasha to the medical wing and set upon looking after the rest of the team.

“Is everyone else okay? Anybody have a boo-boo you need me to kiss better,” you joked lightening the mood. Sam smirked, then pretended to be hurt.

“I took a hit right here,” Sam touched his cheek, “will you kiss it better?”

“Of course,” you kissed his cheek, playing along.

“I want in on this action,” Tony announced, and you naturally went over to kiss his cheek too, “And one on the other side.”

You laughed but obliged him.

“Come on, let me get you a drink,” Tony went to the bar to start his after mission ritual of drinking until somebody took the liquor away. You sat on the couch beside Wanda and turned on the T.V. She naturally rested her head on your shoulder while you flipped lazily through the channels.

“How are you Wanda?” you asked absently.

“Just tired,” she sighed.

You took the blanket off the back of the sofa and gave it to her, “Take a nap. Honestly you all need rest,” you glanced behind you where you knew Steve was sitting in one of the arm chairs. He like preoccupied with his thoughts. You elected not to bother him. After particularly trying missions he had the tendency to be distant. He would come talk to you later.  Tony sat down on your other side with a drink and settled in to watch T.V. with you and Wanda. Sam left to go take a nap in an actual bed.

When the full weight of the day had finally settled on you, you coaxed the rest of the Avengers to go to bed, before checking on Natasha. She was in her own room, under orders to rest for the next few days. She smiled a little at the sight of you.

“I thought you’d be in bed by now, sunshine,” she spoke the nickname with a slight smirk. Tony was responsible for the name, it just happened to stick.

“I’m headed that way, I just thought I’d check on you. Is there anything I can get you?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” she assured.

“Welp,” you pulled in a deep breath as you looked around the room to be sure you weren’t needed, then let the breath out, “Okay. See you in the morning,” you kissed her forehead, “Good night, sweet dreams.”

Natasha smiled a little wider at that, “Good night, Y/N.”

You left the room with the intentions of taking a hot shower then crawling into bed. As you passed the common room, you noticed a form out of the corner of your eye. It was Steve, he was sitting in the dark room probably brooding. You came to stand in front of him.

“Steve, what’s up with you?” you asked, waiting for him to make eye contact with you. He pulled in a startled breath, then blinked as if clearing his eyes of fog.


“Don’t give me that. Tell me, what’s wrong.”

“I nearly got the team killed, and Natasha…”

“She’s fine, so is everyone else.”

“But they wouldn’t have been if you had followed my orders.”

“Well that’s what a team is for Cap. We have each other’s back. You did what you thought was best. Your intentions were good and everything turned out fine. So all you can do now is learn from the mistakes made and carry on.”

“You make it sound simple,” he laughed a little.

“It is simple, it just might not be easy,” you shrugged, “Come on, get to bed.”

As he stood up, you grabbed him in a tight hug, “You’re still a great leader. You’re just human,” you assured.

“I don’t know what this team would do without you,” he admitted.

“You’d be very emotionally constipated. I mean you guys don’t hug each other. You just have weird vague conversations. I love all of you though,” you teased.

~ Mod Lillian

Polar Opposites (Part 2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: First Person/Reader’s
Warning: Contains swearing!!

A/N: Hi everyone! I enjoyed writing this request so much! I have used 2 quotes from 2 books/movies that I am totally in love with. The first person who can pick up those 2 quotes and tell me where they were from can get a cookie! LMAO. Anyway, enjoy everyone! I hope you have fun reading this as much as I did writing it.

Request: I was wondering if you could do a part two to Polar Opposites where Zach and Y/N meet in their late-twenties. Zach is living out his dream and Y/N is stuck being an accountant but Zach helps her to chase her own dreams?


I sat around the long table inside the conference room. It has already been 3 years since I’ve graduated from university and now, I’m already an Accounting Executive for a huge firm.

My dad was obviously ecstatic when I landed this job after just a few months of graduating. Of course I was happy too, since I made my parents proud but sometimes, I just couldn’t help but miss writing. I can’t really do those things anymore since I don’t have the time. I just wonder sometimes what my life would be like, if I went with that route instead.

“Y/N.” my boss calls for me and I turn to face him.

“Yes Mr. Smith?” I reply softly.

“We have a new client from a new firm, and the board and I have decided that you’d be the perfect person for him to talk to.” he says with a smile.

“M-me? But Sir, I’m just an Accounting Executive and I–” I reply but my boss cuts me off.

“All you have to do, is to get him to sign this contract.” he says as he hands me a black folder with the contract inside it. “If you succeed with this task, you will be promoted to Chief Finance Officer.” he adds, my eyes widen is shock and my lips form an O.

“Chief Finance Officer? CFO?” I ask bewildered.

“Yes, CFO. Why? Don’t you want to be a CFO?” he asks as he crosses his arms in front of his chest with a mischievous grin on his face.

“No, no, I’d be honored sir! I’ll do my best to get him to sign this contract!” I say with a huge grin plastered on my face.

“Good. Alright, good afternoon everyone, meeting adjourned.” he says and the people in the room begin to disperse.

Just as I was about to leave the conference room, my boss calls out for my name once again.

“Oh Y/N!” he says while fixing a few folders on the table.

“Yes Sir?” I say as I turn to face him.

“Your first task is to meet the client; you’ll be having lunch with him at 1 o'clock today.” he says as he shuts his laptop and turns the projector off.

“Sir? 1 o'clock? That’s in 30 minutes!” I exclaim as I look at my wristwatch.

“Well, I guess you better hurry then, shouldn’t you?” he replies with the same mischievous grin on his face again and I give him a nervous chuckle.

“I’ll go ahead then sir, thank you so much for the opportunity once again.” I say as I hastily open the door and leave.

I run to my office and organize the papers on my desk quickly. I take my purse along with the black folder which had the contract in it. I was hoping that I can already get the contract signed during lunch which would make things easier for me and our firm.

I arrive at a little Thai restaurant which was hidden in the corners of town. I checked the time and it was already 1:08pm. Fuck, I thought to myself, I’m late. I make my way quickly out of the cab and straighten out my outfit just before I enter the small restaurant. I walked up to the receptionist with a smile.

“Hi! Reservation under…” I begin to ask.

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Bold - Steve X Reader



Summary: You have elctrokinetic powers and are a part of the Avengers team. After you have a little too much fun one eveing, Steve takes you out for some fresh air.

Warnings: Kissing.

Words: 1 604

A/N: This is my least favorite thing I have written but I’m freaking out cause I don’t post as much as I want to so I’m posting this in pure, anxious panic :))))

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Originally posted by flyngdream

Y/N was one of the happiest people that the entire Avengers team knew. Give her a drink or two and that happiness doubled, if not even triples. That was exactly what had happened that night. She had only had a cosmopolitan made by Natasha but it wasn’t as much as she was intoxicated as the drinks put her in a good spirit.

Tony was throwing a party. Not a gathering, not a celebration. A party, and it was crazy. Everyone could at some point during the night, both drunk and sober, swear they felt the Tower moving.

It was that night that Steve, Sam, Tony and Natasha found Y/N dancing on a coffee table to Sir Duke with a crowd of strangers laughing around her. Tony had started taking out his phone to record but Steve had intervened. Clearly Y/N was in no state to acknowledge her surroundings, but Steve knew she didn’t like being on camera and decided to step in.

“Hey…” He approached her, pushing through the crowd that had gathered to watch her performance. She didn’t hear Steve over the music, chatter and laughing however but kept swaying her body in her skintight dress. Steve could feel his cheeks heat up and had to continuously make an effort to not look anywhere other than her eyes. “Y/N?”

She finally noticed him and let out an ecstatic yelp and motioned for Steve to join her up on the table that definitely wouldn’t be able to take his weight.

“Come on, let’s grab some fresh air.” He suggested and waved his hand for her to step down. She shook her head side to side along the beat with a grin on her face.

“No, I’m already fresh.” She assured and frowned when the song abruptly ended but was quickly back to her joyful mood as Sir Duke changed into Celebration. God knows who created the playlist for that night, but that playlist and Y/N was a recipe for absolute destruction. “Ease up, Steve. Celebrate good times, come on!

Steve looked back over his shoulder to the others for some help. Sam held his hands up in defense, Tony was laughing and Natasha was trying to make it seem as if she wasn’t as well.

“Y/N, I’m serious. You need to breathe for a moment.” He continued to try and convince her. She just kept dancing when suddenly the song changed half way through it. It wasn’t until then that Steve realized that Y/N was choosing the songs herself.

Shame, Shame, Shame… Shame on you, if you can’t dance too.” She sang loudly, not half bad. Steve was starting to become annoyed however. Her damn abilities would end up being the reason for a lot of regrets that night if someone didn’t stop her. That someone seemed to be Steve as everyone else let her rave completely.

“Alright, that’s it Ms. Electric…” He put his drink down and without warning grabbed her legs and threw her over his shoulder effortlessly. He spun around and began heading to the elevator to get to the balcony one floor above, walking past the others. “I’m taking her out for some air.”

Natasha nodded, not laughing any more as she knew it was for the best.

The lights began to flicker and the speakers cracked as Y/N protested. “You’re out of you mind…” Steve groaned and got into the elevator, pressing the button up. As the doors were half closed, the elevator went dark, not moving even an inch. He put her down and she almost growled at him, pouting angrily as she corrected her hair and pulled down her dress over her thighs.

“You’re such a party pooper!” She practically yelled as she allowed the power to the elevator to be turned back on.

Steve covered his mouth with his hand to stifle his laughter. “Party pooper? Really?”

“Oh screw you…” She frowned and crossed her arms, walking out of the elevator first as they got to the floor above the lounge. She began heading for the balcony with quick steps while Steve sauntered after her with a faint smile. She was crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t lie, she was entertaining. Whenever he was down she would always manage to raise his spirit, intentional or not.

As he got out on the balcony she was already standing by the railing and leaning her elbows against it, looking out over New York City with the island of Manhattan illuminating her body, reflecting in her eyes.

“You alright?” He asked and paced up to her side. She let out a long sigh, nodding her head.

“Yeah… I just want to let go for a night.” She admitted with a new tone to her words. “We always have to save someone or defend something. It just gets to me in the long run.”

Now he felt bad for pulling her out of the party. “Sorry for ruining the mood, I just thought that you might regret it in the morning when you see all the videos.”

“No, don’t apologize. I’m glad you got me out of there, so thank you, really.” She looked up at him with a faint smile. It was an honest confession, even if Steve doubted it slightly. She had been stressed beyond compare for about four months with continuous missions and no break in between them. She just wanted to let go for one night, but she should have known better than to go crazy like that. No matter how much she partied, the anxiety from her missions would only haunt her in the morning along with a dreadful hangover.

“You okay?” Steve asked, glancing around him as the balcony lights had began to flicker as Y/N had focused on something that clearly had troubled her.

“Oh, sorry…” She looked down at her hands and straightened her back, ashamed. She had the most difficult time controlling her powers in the team, apart from Banner when he was in the mood, and she hated it.

“Don’t apologize.” He said, both realizing that she had just said the same but to him. They both laughed lightly, feeling the air turn lighter.

“Let’s just not apologize anymore tonight.” She chuckled and wiped her hair away from her face. Steve agreed, looking down at her as she stretched her arms back to gather her hair. Perhaps his drinks were starting to get to him as well, but he couldn’t help but look at her anymore. He had done his best all night, but his willpower had a limit and god knows Y/N was testing it.

“You’re staring, you know.” She said without even looking up at him. Instead she smiled and kept looking out over Manhattan.

“I- I wasn’t.” He defended himself. “I was just…”

“Geez, Cap.” She turned towards him completely with a big grin. “Are you stuttering?”

“No.” He blurted out all too quickly, causing her to burst out laughing.

“Wow, I thought you had a rock solid game by now, but apparently not.”

“Game?” He was lost.

She turned towards him with a raised brow. “Game? As in how you flirt with girls? Or, well, stare at them creepily. Whatever floats your boat really.” She shrugged with a teasing grin and he rolled his eyes, scoffing.

“I don’t play games. If I like a girl, I make that clear.” He said with determination like he had something to prove.

“Really?” She was surprised. “I always took you for the shy type, not the confident one.”

“I’m not shy.” He tried to justify, cheeks turning slightly pink from her accusation, which only confirmed her belief.

“Alright then, do something crazy, something bold.” She dared him with a playful grin. She wished she could blame the alcohol, but she couldn’t. That entire night she couldn’t blame a single thing on her one glass of cosmopolitan.

“Right here? Now?” Steve questioned hesitantly, looking across the empty balcony like someone would join them at any second.

“Yes, or are you too shy?” She pushed and Steve groaned, not liking to be called shy when he wasn’t. “Maybe little, ole’ Steve is too scared to do something?”

He wasn’t, but just as she requested him to do something crazy, his thoughts became completely irrational.

He quickly leaned in and pressed his lips against hers without warning. She yelped in surprise at first but she would be stupid to not kiss back after all the months of crushing on the super soldier. The same went for him. Ever since Y/N became part of the team he had felt something in between them and as time went by, that feeling only grew.

As Steve had made a fair point that he wasn’t shy, he still continued, and neither of them minded it. Y/N wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck and he placed one hand below her ear and one on her hip.

The lights on the balcony began to flicker again and this time it spread to the point where half of the Tower stood flashing.

“Y/N.” He mumbled through their kiss-turned-make out session. She hummed in response, curling her lips around his bottom one which made him moan quietly. “The lights.”

She pulled away for a second and the lights returned to normal and the hacking music from below turned back on wholly. Steve leaned down to her again, placing his lips softly against hers in a slow and passionate kiss to wrap it up.

“I have to say.” She cleared her throat, peaking up at Steve with a cheeky smile. “That was pretty bold.”

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Three)

Thanks for all the love on this fic guys! I love all my readers!

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Things were… a little awkward between Steve and Bucky the next few days.

Bucky was sure he’d never been so aware that Steve only slept a few yards away, and spent most of the night trying not to think of how easy it would be to just jump on the other bed and do something. But he didn’t think he wanted Steve like that, so maybe it was just the idea of Tony wanting both of them that suddenly drew him to his best friend?

Steve was positive he had never noticed how thick Bucky’s thighs were, but when the soldier crouched to pull a pan out of a cupboard Steve nearly spit his coffee out when a jolt of awareness went through him. Never in his life had he had a thought like that about his friend, and those thoughts certainly hadn’t been there a week ago so… so where were they coming from? It had to be because of Tony.

Damn cat.

Everything was made worse, much much worse when Tony sashayed his perfect pert little ass into the kitchen the morning of day four and pinned both of them down with a stare.

“My honeybear is telling me that I need to shift more, to keep myself balanced. He is also telling me to make sure I don’t shift alone because my animal form is needy and suffers when it’s alone. Or some…” he waved his hands around. “–other spectacular bullshit. So here’s what we are going to do.” He cleared his throat.

“I will be in my lab, shifted, in about five minutes. I would like both of you to come down and sit on the couch with me. You don’t need to talk to me, just be there and available for some physical contact. That is all. Thank you for your time.”
And he turned on his heel and swept back of the door.

“Honeybear?” Steve questioned and Bucky groaned.

“Remember Rhodes threatening us? How much do you want to bet Tony calls Rhodes eight foot tall partial shifted animal honeybear?”

“Of course he does. Of course Tony has a stupid nickname for an Alpha level shifter.” Steve stood to his feet uncertainly. “So– shall we?” He motioned towards the door and Bucky stood just as slowly.

“I guess. So this will be sharing–”

“Don’t.” Steve’s eyes snapped closed. “Do not finish that sentence. Do not. We will talk about that if the time comes.”

“Been thinking about it?” Bucky asked as they headed down the stairs.

“Damn it Bucky. Shut up.”

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anonymous asked:

14 - Steve/Tony, post-CW or CW-compliant would be preferable, but an AU is fine.

(For clarity’s sake, Tony and Pepper were never together in this. Actually, just assume Iron Man 3 doesn’t happen for my peace of mind, or move it down the timeline after TWS. OK, and a little bit of a warning, even though it might be overzealous. This fic deals a bit with my personal headcanon that both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have issues with obsession/fixation, and this isn’t exactly a positive spin on that. SO. Some of the ways they think might be a little eh?!?! if you weren’t prepared, but now you are!)

I Was A Fool

1. (Do you remember I searched you out? How I climbed your city walls.)

Tony watches him at the railing for a long time, one hand wrapped around the tumbler of whiskey and one hand half reaching for the panel that would open the sliding doors leading outside. “How long has he been out there, J?” he asks softly.

There’s something about the angle of Steve’s body as he leans over the railing. Something about the curve of his neck as he stares down at the street. Something about the arch of his feet, neither planted on the ground. Unsteady, the engineer in him thinks. Ready to fall-

“Two hours, sir,” JARVIS answers, and Tony thinks of the two hours he’s just spent in his bed, waking up from nightmare after nightmare, waking up and drifting off until they all became one big long terror.

He had given up and headed for the nearest source of alcohol when he saw Steve standing at the ledge of the balcony, leaning. The light of the moon and the city have washed him out, the gold of his hair gone silver and his pale skin gone white. He looks like a statue. Screw it, he thinks, and heads outside.

Steve must hear the door hiss, throwing a cursory glance over his shoulder and tensing when he sees Tony. They still haven’t quite managed to get along, even after the epic bonding experience that was an alien invasion. “Late night or early morning for you?” he asks gruffly.

“I like that you think I went to bed at all,” Tony quips, wondering at the strangely coaxing tone to his voice. “What about you, Cap? This isn’t cramping into your five AM wake up call?”

Steve shrugs. “Thought I might skip it.”

There’s another joke on the edge of his tongue, but instead Tony just wanders over until he’s right beside Cap. He sees blue eyes flicker down to his glass and then back up, but Steve says nothing, which leaves him oddly disappointed. Not like he had wanted someone to be here in the communal floor when there was a bottle of Jack in the workshop, not like he wanted someone to look at him and say oh, Tony, you don’t need that. It might have been nice though, just to hear. 

Leaving the talking to Tony, then. That’s okay. Tony can do talking.

“Lot has changed, I bet,” he says, gesturing out to the city. 

“Well,” Steve says, clearing his throat when the one word comes out choked. “I never much had the chance to see it from this view.”

“Still, doesn’t mean you don’t-” Tony says, because he is good at talking, but he is not good at knowing where and what not to talk about. “What are you doing out here, anyway?”

“Like you said. A lot has changed.” It doesn’t sound agreeable, or even kind. It’s miserable, Steve’s voice, and angry. 

“I figure building’s are the least of your worries there, Cap,” Tony says.

Steve is quiet for a long moment. “You’re probably right. I just - remember things a lot differently. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it isn’t…like that anymore.”

“How well do you remember it?”

“Perfectly,” Steve whispers. Then, to Tony: “I always had a good memory, but after the serum-”

“Photographic,” Tony finishes. He takes a swallow of his drink and lets it burn all the way down, finds his lips curling up against his will. “Sucks, doesn’t it?”

“What?” Steve says, looking at him for the first time. 

Tony tries to smooth out his sneer into something normal, something not so bitter. Tries not to show Yinsen’s body going slack or the dark of space or the ripples of water as he drowned over and over in his face. “I mean. Useful, right? It’s useful. Plans, schematics, there at the back of your mind forever, but sometimes. Not so good.”

He thinks Steve sees it all in his face anyway, because his eyes go a little soft and more than a little pained. “Yeah,” he says. “Sometimes.” And Steve’s seen friends slip between his fingers, too. Steve’s seen death, too.

“Sometimes I have nightmares,” Tony says out to the sky. “But. They’re just memories.”

Steve shifts a little closer. “Yeah,” the soldier agrees again. Then, seemingly apropos of nothing: “I hate the cold.”

“I wish you had a glass so I could toast to that. Deserts are fucking freezing at night.” Not as cold as, oh, being frozen alive, but still. “Water. On my face.”

“The window broke first thing on the plane,” Steve agrees, and this conversation of half-filled fears is less gruesome than it has any right to be. Tony almost finds himself smiling in the brief seconds he isn’t wondering what the hell Fury was thinking, putting this team together. The Island of Misfit Toys was a part of fiction for a reason.

“You know,” he says. “It’s not all gone.” When Steve raises an eyebrow, he gestures out at the city. “New Yorkers are nostalgia-ridden fools, near as I can tell. Never tear anything down. They just built around it. Or on top, more likely, I guess, there’s not just excessive amounts of space here. But they make something new of out it. The old, I mean.”

Steve looks at him for a long time, then back out at the city. “You figure?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tony says. “I mean, c’mon, you know better than me. The Chrysler Building. And that one over there-”

“It was there, back then-”

“Yeah, so, and it’s still there, but look at that line there, they added on, brand spanking new. Hey, come here, sit down with me, I’m getting creaky in my old age-”

“So dramatic,” Steve huffs, but he releases his death grip on the railing and they sit, legs through the slots as they look out at the city, still looking at building. “It was an insurance company in my day.”

“Cell phones now,” Tony corrects, and Steve looks at him dubiously, and they’re off, cataloging the differences, the similarities, and he never thought of using buildings as metaphors - left that up to architects who waxed philosophic about arches and singers who sang uncomfortably intimate songs about their hometowns - but it seems to be working now so he sticks with it.

Tony puts his drink down. When he and Steve are finally through talking, barely getting words through their yawns, he stands, leaving it out there, completely forgotten.

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Can I prompt you? Sayyyyyyy Darcy and Steve are together and he is restrained during sexy times. One day Tony drags Darcy into his lab where Steve has been hit with truth serum and is confessing allllllll the dirty kinky things he wats to do to Darcy

heh.  here you go, rated T for language and slightly inappropriate truths.


Darcy dropped her entire mug of coffee, with the last little bit of pumpkin pie creamer that had been surreptitiously dropped into Jane’s lab’s fridge two weeks after New Year’s (with a post it note attached to it stating it was to Darcy, from an admirer).  She’d made that bottle last well into the summer, just one week past the expiration date, too.  And now the last delicious mug was gone, running down the sink to join its coffee ground brethren (that she had mercilessly dumped into the garbage disposal in revenge for Tony calling out her staring at Steve Rogers at the last Facility wide get together)  

Rhodey ran into the common room and gestured with his hand emphatically.

“You have to get down to Tony’s lab. NOW.”

Now James Rhodes was the level headed one of the operation, really.  He was the only other person on base that seemed to have his wits about him.  Darcy relied on him to be the other steady hand when Tony went a little crazy with the science benders.  Pepper couldn’t be counted on all the time, due to her own incredibly busy schedule.  Jane and Bruce were laughably incapable of tending to their own needs, much less Tony’s.  And Steve and the rest of the Avengers were always busy.  

Especially Steve.  He was always going here or there with Sam and/or Natasha, looking for Bucky  Darcy didn’t see him nearly enough

Darcy chased after Rhodey, knowing that if the other steady hand of the Avengers Corral was desperate and rushed, then it must be something HUGE.  The elevator was waiting for them and they were running into Tony’s lab in less than forty-five seconds.


Darcy jumped back at the roaring shout coming from the middle of Tony’s lab and Rhodey had the good grace to put a calming hand on her shoulder, even if he was smirking at Natasha and Tony across the room.  In between the standing people, Steve Rogers was strapped to a chair with what looked to be steel restraints that he was actively trying (and succeeding) to bend and break.  

“And don’t give me that look, Rhodes, you fucking asshole!” Steve snarled out.  "I always wondered how you could have stuck by fucking Stark all this god damned time and now I know that it’s because you’re just as much of a son of a bitch as he is!“

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He Needs A Hero

A little Shrunkyclunks action for @getluckywithbucky! Sending you all the positive vibes, friend!

— —

“This tastes like crap,” Bucky says, wincing as he deposits his used spoon into the sink. “What the fuck is that?”

“I think it’s supposed to be broccoli cheddar soup,” Darcy says.

“We’re servin’ this to, like, important people, right?” Bucky asks.

Darcy nods. “I think there’s a senator in there,” she says.

Bucky groans. “This place is gonna go out of business and then I’m gonna default on my student loan, and all because Maurice decided to have a hissy fit and quit! Today of all days!”

“I still can’t believe that we hired someone named Maurice in the first place.”

“I think boss was just impressed that he was French.” Bucky sighs, flips the steaks he’s searing in preparation for service. “Doesn’t matter now, since we’re fucked.”

“Don’t say that, Bucko,” Darcy says, mock-punching Bucky’s arm. He rolls his eyes and nudges her away from the searing hot pans on his stove. “We could still find us a hero.”

“Uh, excuse me?” says a tentative voice from the other side of the kitchen. Bucky looks up to see…

Mother fucking Captain America.

“Oh my God,” Darcy says. “He heard me. Awesome.”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “Yeah? Need something?” he asks, because even if he is Captain America, he should not be in the kitchen of Bucky’s restaurant. A kitchen doing prep is a dangerous place even for American icons.

“Can I hide back here?” Captain America asks.

He looks at Bucky.

Bucky looks at him.

Darcy snickers, and Bucky elbows her side.

“Why?” Bucky asks after a pause that bordered on awkward.

He gives Bucky a shy smile. “The people out there are really boring,” he says.

“Can you chop vegetables?” Bucky asks, perking up.

“What?” Captain America asks.

“Can. You. Chop. Vegetables.” Bucky says, saying each syllable slowly and clear.

Captain America nods. “I sure can,” he says.

“Darcy, take him to get a hairnet and and an apron. Cap, welcome to mise en place.”

— —

“Didn’t they miss you?” Bucky asks at the end of — an admittedly terrible — service. He wipes his hands off on a clean towel; Steve’s just finished up with the dishes. Steve isn’t the best help he’s ever had in his years in the kitchen, but he’s been friendly and funny on a pretty shitty night. Even though he’s sure that the restaurant’s reputation is completely trashed, Bucky can’t bring himself to mind all that much.

Steve shrugs. “Don’t think so,” he says.

“Maybe they miss Captain America,” Bucky says.

“Yeah, well, I’m Steve.”

Bucky smiles. “You wanna grab a drink?” Bucky asks.

Steve looks up from the plate he’s putting away. “Really?” he asks.

“Sort of a tradition after a bad shift,” Bucky says, then adds, “or any shift, really.”

Steve chuckles. “You want me to ask everyone else if they wanna go?” he asks.

Most of the staff has taken off already, and it’s really just he and Steve left. “Nah,” Bucky says. “Let’s just go. Keeps you from havin’ to buy too many people a drink,” he says.

“Shouldn’t you buy one for me, since I did all this work for free?”

“And I’m the one who did you a favor by lettin’ you stay back here.”

“Maybe I could do you a favor some other way,” Steve says, face going red. His face didn’t go that red when he lifted the lid off of a pot of boiling potatoes and had a close encounter with a burst of steam. It’s pretty damn cute.

Bucky smirks. “Drink first,” Bucky says. “Then we’ll see.”

“Drink’s on me,” Steve says.

“Drink’s on you,” Bucky agrees before he hangs up his apron for the night and sets out with Steve.

Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter 3)

Welcome back guys! I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying this little fic because it fun to write! And I’m LOVING  the messages/asks speculating which one Tony is going to end up with!!!
Catch up on the other chapters HERE, not super necessary but it helps give a little context.

On Wednesday, Bucky knocked on Tony’s door, looking dashing and respectable in his dress uniform and holding a dozen roses.

“Bucky… what’s up?” Tony took the flowers with a small smile, burying his nose in the blooms and breathing in deep, trying to hide his grin. The soldier had been acting odd since lunch, pulling Tony’s chair out every time he went to sit, opening doors for him. He had even served Tony dinner, filling his plate and keeping his glass full. It had been entirely sweet and entirely endearing, and Tony would be lying if he said he hadn’t hoped it would end with Bucky in his room.

“I came to ask you to dance.” Bucky said softly, pulling his hat off and running a quick hand through his hair. “If you’re free this evening, that is.”

“I’m not doing anything at all.” Tony replied, and opened his door a little wider. “And I feel like dancing is suddenly the only thing I want to do tonight. Come on in. Let me put something nicer on.”

“Sure thing, sugar.” Bucky sat on the couch in Tony’s suite as he disappeared into his bedroom to change.

“Say, Bucky–” he called from the other room. “Is there any particular reason why three of you guys have suddenly up and decided to… try and date me?”

“I don’t know why the others are trying.” Bucky answered smoothly. “But I just wanted to spend some extra time with you, if that’s alright.”

“I’m not complaining.” Tony reappeared in black dress pants and a red button up. “I was just wondering. But don’t worry. I’m suddenly really looking forward to dancing with you.”

“I’m awfully excited to dance with you too, Tony.” A perfect gentleman, he offered Tony his right arm and escorted him out of the room and down the stairs.
The common area was empty, no team members in sight, and Tony thought was maybe a little odd, but he was too focused on Bucky to care all that much.

The soldier led him out through glass doors and onto the
balcony that overlooked the city.

“Wait, are you serious? What is this?” Tony turned in a circle, his mouth falling open as he took it all in. “Bucky this is—”

Bucky had worked hard all to transform the balcony into a ball room. Any patio furniture had been gotten rid of, and several padded benches had replaced them. He had hung lights from every post, and through the branches of any potted trees, and now that the sun was setting the balcony was nearly glowing. The far corner of the balcony had curtains hung up in a semi circle, shielding it from anyone in the tower while still affording a view of the city. Inside the sheltered area was a table with champagne in ice and several small bowls of fruit and chocolate.

And an overly long, overly plush chaise lounge, with several pillows and a blanket arranged on it.

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Yes Ma’am: Part One (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: The Avengers have a brand new doctor, and she catches the eye of a certain super soldier. What will this super soldier do when he feels feelings that he hasn’t felt in half a century, especially when they are no longer directed towards the girl in his compass?

Word Count: 1, 051

Warnings: Slight swearing

A/N: Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at something that hasn’t been requested, so I hope you like it! I am horrible at summaries so forgive me if it’s horrible. I’m not sure how long this imagine/fic will last, so please be patient with me! FYI, (Y/H/C) means “your hair color” for all those who do not know. If you would like to be added to my tag list, just send me an ask and let me know! Well, I hope you enjoy!

Tag List: @mp938368 @gcneral-organa @thatgirlsar


Originally posted by naih-reedus

“Right this way, Dr. (Y/L/N),”

“Thank you, Agent,” You breathed out. Adrenaline coursed through your body, igniting every nerve and fiber in you. Following the agent, you look up and see the enormous compound before you.

Holy crap…

Sun gleaming off of the compound, you see the familiar insignia proudly displayed on the front of the large building. Halting in your tracks, you take in a sharp breath as you stare up at the enormous building.

“Doctor (Y/L/N)!” A voice called out, drawing you from your thoughts of ‘Oh my gosh I’m really doing this. Holy crap.’

“Director Fury, so nice to see you again,” You shakily say, offering your hand. 

“So nice to see you. Not many people were willing to take up this position.”


“Yeah. Believe it or not, people actually don’t want to work with the Avengers. Something about ‘not wanting to deal with Stark.’”

“I heard that,” A metallic voice rang out. Looking up to the sky, you see Iron Man- holy crow, Iron Man!- descending from the vast blue above you. Landing ever so gracefully, the face plate opened up to reveal Tony Stark.

“Yes, well, some people do believe that you are difficult to work with, Stark,” Fury retorted.

“Bullshit. I am delightful,” Tony grumbled, staring daggers at Fury. His eyes shifted towards you, and with one glance at you, his frown turned into a smirk. “Well, hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Tony.”

Hand extended towards you, you shakily took his hand. Keep it together, (Y/N). “I’m Dr. (Y/L/N), but most people call me (Y/N).”

“Well, (Y/N), it was a pleasure meeting you. I’ll see you around,” Tony replied, and with that, his face plate closed and then he was off. 

Breathing deeply, you try to control your nerves. You just met Iron Man! Okay, okay, be cool.

“So, what do you think of Stark?” Fury asked, once again bringing you back to reality. 

“He’s… interesting,” You answer, following Fury into the compound.

“Yeah, interesting’s a word alright,” Fury laughed, leading you through the compound. “Just wait till you meet the rest of them. They are all interesting.”

“Looking forward to it,” You say with a hint of sarcasm, earning another laugh from Fury.

“I like you, Doctor. I knew I chose well. You’re just the type of person we need for the job,”

“Glad I could help,”

“Yeah, you won’t be saying that for long,” Fury chuckled, leading you down a hallway. “You’ll meet the rest of the team later. But for now, I’ll give you a little bit of a tour. Shall we?”

Fury had stopped, and was now looking at you. Gulping down your fear and anxiety, you nodded to him. “We shall.”

Groaning, Steve slumped into the nearest chair available in the conference room. Kicking one foot up after the other, Steve placed his feet on the long table as he relaxed after a hard day’s work of training. 

“You’re getting slow, old man,” Sam joked, taking a seat next to him. “Almost beat you back there.”

“You wish,” Steve retorted, a small smile playing on his lips. 

“Hey, Capsicle, no feet on the table,” Tony scolded, smacking Steve’s feet off the table. Rolling his eyes, Steve took down his feet as the rest of the team filed into the conference room.

“Okay, team meeting. Let’s do this,” Clint yawned as he laid his head on the table. 

“I agree,” Wanda said with a yawn. “The sooner we are done with this the sooner I get a nap.”

“You will get your nap soon,” Tony said as he pulled out the folder with the meeting’s agenda on it. “Now, let’s get to it.”

The meeting dragged on for Steve. All he wanted to do was go take a cold shower and relax for the rest of the day. Because of the meeting’s overall boringness, Steve found himself glancing out of the window that displayed the hall. Just as Steve was about to look away, a flash of (Y/H/C) caught his eyes, drawing him back to the window. 

There you were, following Fury in tow as he showed you around. Steve, intrigued by you, in more ways than one, kept looking at you from the window, ignoring whatever Tony was talking about. You listened intently to Fury, Steve noticed, always nodding along to whatever he had to say. You had moved further down the hall, which made Steve lean back on his chair as he tried to look at you for as long as he could. The further you moved down the hall, the further Steve had leaned back until-


“Uh, Steve?” Bucky asked as he looked down at his best friend sprawled out on the floor. Cheeks reddening at what just happened, Steve scrambled back up into his chair as the rest of the team looked at their Captain with confused looks. 

“I’m all good,” Steve squeaked out, causing him to clear his throat. “Go on.”

Tony, finding this just too hilarious, began to walk towards the hallway. “What made you fall over, Cap?” Sticking his head out the door, Tony saw you and Fury at the end of the hallway talking as you turned down another corridor. Smiling to himself, Tony walked back into the conference room.

“I see what it is, now,” Tony said with a smirk, causing Steve’s cheeks to redden a bit more. “You’ve caught a glimpse of Dr. (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

(Y/N)… that’s a pretty name, Steve thought as Tony explained that the team had a new doctor. 

“When will we meet her?” Bruce asked, collecting all of his materials since the meeting had ended. 

“Why not now?” Nat asked with a smile as she stood up. “I want a good look at the girl that made Steve fall over.”

The rest of the team stood up as they all said their agreements, following Nat and Tony out the door. Steve, still a little bit embarrassed, fell towards the back of the group with Bucky.

“All good, punk?” Bucky asked, nudging his best friend in the arm.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Steve replied, still in a daze about what just had happened.

Bucky, slightly chuckling at the look on his best friend’s face, pushed Steve forward. “Come on, let’s go meet the new Doc.”

Blessings in disguise

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Ton Tumblr prompts
Prompt 3- Taste


Oliver groaned inwardly as the waitress laid a serving tray full of food on the table. Followed by three more.

“As you can see, I’ve prepared a little bit of everything.” Martin, the owner of Gourmet Affairs, smiled proudly. “Only the finest will do for the Queen wedding.”

Felicity scanned the food laid out. “Nothing has nuts, right?”

“Of course not! Ms. Queen was very clear about your allergy.”

“Good.” Felicity shook out a napkin, laying it across her lap. “Oliver…?”

“Oh… Yes.” He followed her lead, smiling politely at their host.

“Alright, let’s begin shall we?”

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 20/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 19

The sound of the fire alarm overhead at the compound was shrill and painful, piercing through what had been a lovely afternoon on your own without interruption.  Of course, no time in peace was guaranteed, and all it took today was one forgotten lasagna in the oven to ruin it.  “Dammit,” you groaned, waving the smoke away with your oven mitt as you opened the door, “I’m shocked that I can keep anyone alive around here.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, (Y/N),” Clint smiled from his seat at the table behind you, “you made that turkey a few years ago and no one died.”

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 3: The Time The Lesson Was Slightly More Prepared

Recommended Song: Blanket Kick by BTS

|All Chapters|


Now that a weekly session schedule had been agreed on you had time to prepare something. You soon find that things tend to go off course when dealing with the Golden Maknae.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2335

Length: 3/?

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Mayday - viii

Genre; Horror

Length; 3,800+ words

Warning(s); violence, blood

Originally posted by pinkjuho

Jackson’s p.o.v. 

Looking down at the little red envelope that held your short cry for help brought the brightest, most twisted smile upon his face. He knew exactly how badly Mark would lose it, how much they’d all lose it and though these were the men he had formed a close connection with for so long.. he just couldn’t wait to see them hurt; to see their hearts shatter in their chest, watching them decay from the inside out. 
It was cruel and sadistic, he knew this, but it still didn’t change the fact that he was giddy with pure excitement to see it all unfold. 

The moment he finally got to the dorm, he stood outside the door rehearsing his lines before walking in.
“Uhh, guys?” He called out to his friends, immediately Yugyeom popped out from around the corner. 

“Hyung, the detective’s with Jaebum-Hyung and Jinyoung-Hyung right now.” Yugyeom spoke in an anxious tone as he constantly fiddled with the bottom hem of his shirt. 

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Piece by Piece

Summary: Based on Piece by Piece
Warnings: one swear, abandonment theme

Six years old

Their voices echoed around the house, filled with rage. You were hidden beneath your desk, head between your knees and arms wrapped around yourself. Something crashed and you flinched, pulling your blanket over your head. His words grew louder, fueled by fury. Tears began to slip down your cheeks.

“You just fuck everything up! You-you and that daughter of yours!”

“Then why the hell are you still here?”

It grew quiet after your mother’s words.

“I’m not.”

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anonymous asked:

Tony is always extra excited when Rhodey gets leave. He makes sure to be out of the lab and clean so that he doesn't waste any of their time together. This time he wants to surprise him with something new so he decided to put on some thigh high stockings. Rhodey walks in on him as he is half way through putting on them on.

Hi anon! I don’t think this is quite what you asked for, but hopefully you’ll like it anyway!


Rhodey gets in almost an hour early.

They don’t get to spend as much time together as either of them would like. Tony has Stark Industries and the Avengers, and his consultation work with SHIELD. Rhodey is a colonel in the Air Force with all the responsibilities that entails, as well as his assignment to the Secret Avengers. Tony is in New York except when he’s in San Francisco or Latveria or on another planet. Rhodey is stateside, sometimes, except when he’s in Iraq or Antartica or somewhere he’s not allowed to talk about. They spend more time together as Iron Man and War Machine than they do as Tony and Jim, and it wears on them sometimes.

It makes the time they do spend together infinitely precious. Tony has refused to take time off after heart attacks and near-death experiences, but all it takes is one call from Rhodey for him to clear his schedule for an entire week.

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anonymous asked:

Please ignore this if it's too serious or difficult or whatever. I want to ask my friends to call me by a different version of my name (and maybe pronouns) and I don't know how to bring it up with them. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions! Thanks for all you do Cap!

Hi sweetie!!! I’m so proud of you for reaching out about this important thing, and I’m so proud of you for being able to identify what you need!!! Honestly, a lot of this stuff, in my mind, is about figuring out how you communicate best with your people: when and how are they most open to things? How are you most comfortable communicating? Being as clear and direct as you were with me just now sounds like a very good start! 

When I told my friends, they were so much less awkward than me. They certainly stumbled over their words a lot less and cried a lot less than I did, lol I’m a fucking sap/perpetual emotional roller coaster.

I’m so proud of you, honey: you’re amazing and brave and powerful and so, so fabulous. Other folks, hit up replies with suggestions!!! <3 <3 <3