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Just an idea I had the first time Kitten received mints from Don G.

There are certain hidden messages behind each items Don hands.

Mint: You’re no enemy

Cigarette: You’re an enemy

Cigar: I revere you

It’s a tactic usually used during negotiations, allowing his boys to understand how it’s going so they can prepare for it.

My local library has a service where I ca have a librarian try to answer a question for me or find a book on any subject over the internet any time. I requested magazines in Esperanto yesterday and I just asked how closely clams and fungus were related (close, but not as close as fungus and insects[I think]) and it is free! See if your local library has this, it is so useful!


Isn’t It Beautiful? primo generation ½

giotto ‘you wanna tell me i can’t be a boy i’ll stab you in the gut’ vongola primo
g ‘yeah my name is just one letter do you have a problem’ the right hand
asari ‘oh yeah i just do yakuza business when i’m not being a lonely starving musician’ ugetsu

i’m gonna write stuff for them one day. ONE DAY. i have so much stuff to write.

I was driving home from a piano class I no longer go too (and I don’t have a license), but my BFF Paula showed up and asked for a ride. We made it to this road that goes down the hill to my house, and were driving on it when we saw these little bright lights in the road with short, indecipherable words below them. Paula said they were oracular clams, but I told her oracular clams were just a legend. Then they started getting brighter and coming towards us, and we screamed and I accelerated. We saw a jogger, and we opened the door so she could escape and get in. She couldn’t go fast enough and the clams got her.

After reading other people’s ideas and opinions, I think I do agree that Gook Du’s ideal type stemmed from the way Bong Soon appeared to be (or at least, to some degree).

I mean, when you look at someone so small and cute like her, stereotypically, you wouldn’t guess that she would be so strong. 

And also, no one describes the type of girl they like while staring at a girl who possesses the exact same qualities (or so you would think) unless they like them, or at least, have some kind of attraction to them in whatever way. 

No one

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I don’t think Gook Du knows the meaning of subtly. 

But then I think, how the hell did he not realise it all these years? How did he just realise he likes her now?

I kind of feel sorry for him.

But the important thing is, my ship is sailing through the winds. Minhyuk and Bongsoon forever

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I actually paused the episode and screamed for a solid ten minutes just to clam down. My feels were overflowing so much, it wasn’t even funny. 

What exactly are EXO's achievements you ask....

Well… It’s just a small list. Nothing to big

- First million sellers in 12 years

- Double million sellers within 2 months

- First group to achieve an All-Kill within 3 hours

- Artist with the most pre sales (500k)

- Biggest sales week for a kpop group ever

- Best charting for a kpop album on the Billboard 200 for EXODUS (70 and 90)

- Highest charting album for a male group

- Beat SNSD for the best selling album on Gaon

- EXODUS album being #1 On Gaon for 4 consecutive weeks

- A webdrama which reached 50,000,000 views, being the first Korean webdrama submitted to the Cannes Film Market. Offers from big names in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan…

- Baek ost is the first drama ost to be #1 on digital charts

- 18 wins on Music Shows for the same song (CMB)

- Beat BB record for sold out artists

- Tokyo Dome concerts only after 3 years

- 1.2 M EXO-L trying to buy tickets for Exoluxion (that could fill 21 Tokyo Domes)

- Ranked #1 at Forbes Korea (Korea #1 power celebrity)

- Won 4 times in 4 different categories at MAMA 2014 + Album of the year for 2 consecutive years (and probably three  )

-  Topped Gaon Digital with the highest streaming total of 2015

- Has one of the most powerful and successful endorsement deals

- Has ¼ of the physical market to themselves for consecutive years

- Has one of the biggest online fandom sits wit over 3 Million fans

- Nearly 500,000,0000 in Total Youtube Views

- Most streams for an Asian artist on Spotify with half a million with the EXODUS on debut day.

cr. Besmug

“But EXO is still seen as something only ‘fangirls’ care for an the ‘public’ doesn’t care.”

“EXO can’t be the nations boy group when the public doesn’t know their music”

When I see comments like this it bothers me. So what if EXO doesn’t have the public wrapped around their finger. Music is subjective, and rather if your a fan girl or a regular old joe. You’re going to like what you like. This Idea that only success comes if the public knows you is utter BS. It’s nice to have public support but that doesn’t garner success. If you don’t have a fandom backing you to get the word out there, ain’t no one checking for your shit.

 You can have the money and the general public all you want but if your fandom isn’t buying your shit and your ass is only a one hit wonder or you can never live up to your last hit… don’t say the general public is everything, because the publics taste changes ever so often. If they won’t buy they wont buy it. 

 Instead of sticking to a sound for people who have been backing you ass for years. You’re sitting here trying to please the public with boring old music that’s the same shit over and over. You don’t grow as an artist and you remain the same. Meaning the public is only buying your music for the name not quality.

Funny I say that because its the same shit these people claim a fan does. Hmmm…. 

While your sitting here saying EXO only has fans, EXO will never have the general public, EXO this and EXO that. Us fans will sit here enjoy this good old hot tea and continue to collect these lovely receipts. It’s only 3 years in and still growing. Why settle for just the general public. When you have the fans worldwide.

You can keep saying fandom power is what gets EXO success. No matter what those fans were once apart of the general public. Don’t forget that. 

Fans are what rank in the money and can create a receipt as lovely as the one above. With popularity and fans and spreading the word it turns non-fans into fans. That general public you claim thats so important. Looks like fans to me.

At the end of the day. General public lasts for so long and can only get you so far, but a fan… oh a fan. That’s the real Tea.



Father Brown Wardrobe Appreciation

↳“The Maddest of All”  (Series 2, Episode 2)

The signs on a roller-coaster

Aries: *screams and laughs*
Taurus: *pukes the McDonald meal they just ate awhile ago*
Gemini: *is behind Taurus and gets puke all over their face and just clams up their face*
Cancer:: *is screaming and gets all the puke in their mouth then sobs from disgust*
Leo: *hair gets puffy and crazy from the strong wind*
Virgo:: *just perfectly laughs and screams*
Libra: * is holding Scorpio tightly*
Scorpio: *challenges everyone by not Reacting, AT ALL.*
Sagittarius: I’ve done much worse than this shit.
Capricorn: *gets smacked on the face by Cancer panicking*
Aquarius: *laughs at everyone, literally*
Pisces: *was too scared to even get on the roller-coaster and stays down. Unfortunately Gemini’s puke falls all over Pisces* wth, rip

~Scorpio boy

Comic Con /:/ Dylan O'Brien


I’m sitting in the left wing on a comfortable couch backstage at Comic Con. I was asked to be the host for the Teen Wolf panel and I’m really nervous.

I have done big interviews like this but never this big and never with such an attractive cast. I’ve watch Teen Wolf since the start and my favourite charter is Stiles. I think he is just looked the cutest in season 1 and 2 with his buzz cut, and he looked hot in the season’s after.

So you might say I have a small crush on Dylan the actor who plays Stiles. Dylan seems to be a funny, relaxed guy and he is fucking attractive.

A loud voice booms from the speakers. “Please welcome your host, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Oh God, I’m not ready. ‘Just do it Y/N, just keep clam and stay focus on the job’

I ran out onto the stage and I’m greeted with a loud cheer from the crowd. I smile happily and, for the time being, my nervous have calm down.

Dylan’s POV

I’m sitting in the right wing on a comfortable couch backstage at Comic Con. Shelly is on my right and T. Pose is on my left.

I’m really nervous, I don’t normally get this nervous at Comic Con but this year had something the other years didn’t. Y/F/N Y/L/N. She was beautiful, I listen to all the interviews she did and she seems like such a kind and caring person. She has gorgeous Y/E/C eyes and soft Y/H/C hair.

My knees where bouncing, my palms were sweating and I just couldn’t get my breath at a normal pace. Tyler and Shelley must have notice because I see them giving each other confused glances.

“D-Balls, are you okay? I’ve never seen you so nervous for an interview.” Tyler asked.

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