just chillin there in the background

no offense but just imagine in an alternate universe richie and eddie as college age students, sharing a cigeratte without any complaints, on the balcony of their apartment as the sun sets in the background and their both just chillin in pajamas, shoulders brushing against one another and everyone is happy

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What would happen if all three Freddy’s were around Jason?

There are too many Freddys!! Jason is so confused!!


C2E2 Day 2: Down with the LMDs! 

Season 4 Jemma Simmons: me

Daisy Johnson/Quake: @daisy-in-the-skye
LMD!Fitz: @centurionjones
Season 1 Jemma Simmons: Lily, 10, who did all of the blood makeup for the aftermath of our LMD battle!

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Lazy Saturdays - Peter Parker x Reader

Request: can i request a fic about cuddling with peter (Parker))

A/N: It’s my birthday today! Thought I would spread a little happiness by posting a short and sweet Peter fic that was requested a while back. Hope you guys enjoy it! (Also I know the gif doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, but I like the idea of Peter chillin in his pizza tee.)

- Written by Brie - 

Originally posted by fandomediiits

It wasn’t often that you and Peter got some downtime to spend together; but when you did, you took full advantage. This advantage just so happened to be the two of you spread out on the couch together switching between watching Netflix and napping. With The Office playing in the background and Peter’s arms wrapped around you, you couldn’t imagine a more perfect Saturday night.

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Here we go:

Tim’s chillin, wearing a Superboy shirt in the Cave (even though that’s totally not okay) typing at the computer and ignoring Damian who’s training in the background, when Steph and Dick descend upon him - as birds do.

They start teasing him-

(“Oh, wearing your boyfriend’s symbol, huh?” from Steph.

“It’s kind of cute that he’s bought like a million of them” from Dick)

-and Tim is so unfazed, he just responds with “Because experience has shown I’m such a doting boyfriend - and I didn’t buy them. I stole them. He has like 63 of these. And I only have 7.”

And Dick and Steph are laughing and Tim is trying to focus.

Want to know who’s not unfazed?


He overheard the conversation and is, quite frankly, offended. On Tim’s behalf.

He’d never admit it, but he definitely thinks Tim could do better than the alien.

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So the other day me and my friends were just chillin and we were singing songs cos we're weird and don't mind singing in public. And then one of my friends said "Can we talk? Cos WE DONT TALK ANYMORE" and just started singing that song by Charlie Puth. Then she said "Oops! I just singed." And then my other friend just simply replied "Sang." And I was laughing in the background. It's just like one of those incorrect houses conversations with a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin lol.

That is pretty great. 😂😂😂
I could see that as a post tbh.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

DannyMay Day Thirteen: Jonny 13/Lucky

…How? How is it that he can defeat the Ghost King but can’t even tell the Goth chick how he feels? He’s getting sick of the little punk’s denial. It’s obvious that they like each other. It’s obvious to humans and ghosts. He reaches a decision.

He’s gonna have to play Cupid, Jonny 13 style.

Riding down the streets of Amity Park is the infamous ghost bicker Jonny 13, and Shadow, faithfully following. He’s come to spy on the little punk. See what’s up with him and the Goth- hey there girl you looking fine- no, no. He’s on a mission. He can flirt after.

He rides past the park and spots his target. There they are, all three of them. They look like they’re just chillin. Jonny slams on the breaks and kills the engine. He knows he can’t get too close without alerting the kid’s Ghost Sense. That’s it! He can use this to his advantage.

“C'mon Sam, the only reason you think that is cuz he wears black.”

“So? You like Spider-Man for his nerdy background”

“But we can all agree that Super Man is the greatest right?”

“Shut up Danny”

“Aww c'mon guys-gasp”

Damn, the kids got a wide range. He can see him tense his muscles. His friends getting into defensive stances seconds after the gasp. Well whatever, gonna have to play this by ear. He makes his way over to them. Putting on an impassive expression.

“Relax punk, I’m not here to cause trouble, yet.”

“Jonny? What, have another fight with Kitty?”

“Something like that. Just wanted to get away, ride around a while. Ya know, see the sights”

“And by sights you mean anything with a skirt on?”

Damn, that Goth chick’s got a sharp tongue. How does this kid deal with the constant sass. Whatever, to each his own he guesses…Anything with a skirt huh? He could work with this. He smirks.

“Well girlie, you’ve got a skirt on”

She makes a face. A cross between walking in wet socks and sucking on a lemon. The techie friend just looks horrified. He would have laughed but He’s gotta observe the punk’s reaction. And boy what a reaction it was. The kid looks about ready to tear him to pieces. Fists clenched, muscles taught, eyes glowing green. He shifts in front of the Goth chick.

“Watch it Jonny”

“Why? You dating her?”

“Well no-”

“So you’re not her boyfriend”

“No but-”

“So she’s single”

“Yeah but-”

“So you have no say in who wants a piece”

With each fact his confidence shrinks more and more. Shadow is just cackling behind me. The Goth chick looks caught between wanting to tell us off and waiting for the punk’s answers. The Techie friend looks like he’s caught on to whats going down. We make eye contact. He nods slightly. This is perfect.

“Yes I do-”

“Why? do you like her?”

They both freeze at that. Gotcha. He starts to sweat. Goth chick can’t see his face but the both of them look like cherry tomatoes. Maybe he’ll admit it if I’m more forceful? He snaps out of it and starts sputtering excuses.

“W-what!? No, I mean yes, I mean…”

Goth chick looks like a mess. Her eyes betray her bored expression. He can tell she’s holding her breath. Techie is watching like a hawk. This kid is crashing and burning fast.

“Do you?”

He stops the word vomit and looks at me. He just stares. Like he’s in a far away place. After a few seconds he looks like she’s come to a decision. He squared his shoulders, puffed out his chest, and stared daggers.

“Yes I do. So back off.”

The surprise is tangible. Didn’t think he would admit it just like that. Techie is silently celebrating. Goth chick though, she looks like she’s about to explode. Face red and caught between laughing and crying. I guess my work here is done.

“Alright whatever man. See you around then.”

He turns to leave the same way he came. She asks if he meant what he said. As he makes his way to his bike he smirks. He’ll have to check in later to see how it went. Now though, he’s gonna go check out those sights, maybe flirt a bit with the locals, try a Nasty Burger.

Sitting on his bike watching the setting sun he wonders if his plan worked. Hopefully. When the entire ghost zone has a betting pool as to when the two of them are going to get together, you know it’s serious. It’s honestly ridiculous how perfect for each other they are. Maybe he will go check in on them. However as he makes to turn on the bike he sees something that just makes howl with laughter.

There, walking hand in hand is Goth chick and ghost punk. He smirks. They just made him the richest man in the Ghost Zone. What a lucky break.


It was everything I wanted it to be. Some highlights:

- This movie was High School Musical meets Disney Fairy Tale AU meets honestly impressive Broadway-style dance routines?? what I’m saying is the whole movie was a highlight, bless.

- Their fencing style is not… how fencing works? but it looks cool so idk

- “WE CARE ABOUT THE RULES!!!” Bro all of your teammates just broke out of formation to do fancy parkour flips. Please. You’re playing Calvinball with swords.

- the sub-plot of “Who has custody of this 3D printer”

- The two main ladies heading off for some sort-through-conflicting-emotions talk and the two main guys saying NO WE’RE YOUR FAMILY TOO LET US HELP. And they all have a sit-down and a good talk and it’s very sweet.

- the abusive parents undertone and how downright SCARED these kids are to go back to the Isle. Not a happy thing, but I like that no one writing for these movies is going to pretend that any of the villains were/would be good parents

- The prince disguising himself as a villain to infiltrate the Isle and the three villain kids looking at him like ‘this boy is going to die’

- related: the prince getting a lecture/song-and-dance/makeover to help him blend in with the bad guys but he still gets caught after 5 seconds because he is SO BAD AT BEING MEAN (gpoy)

- every extra in the background of “Chillin’ like a Villain” who just does not give a damn about the four kids dancing & singing their way through the Mean Streets

- I was going to be annoyed by the “Son of Cruella/Daughter of the Fairy Godmother” relationship, but it was really cute by the end. (”Oh!! does this mean we can… hold hands??? and… I can text you all the time about how great you are?? because you’re really cute and sweet and I’m the luckiest girl!”/”Me, too – I’m the luckiest girl!!! I mean guy!”)

- nothing can unconvince me that the Son of Jafar and the Daughter of Mulan are not bad-ass bros/wingmen who tag-team flirt with girls

- the whole movie’s aesthetic being Disney meets Hot Topic meets Fingerless Gloves For Everyone

- the main villains in Descendants were VILLAINS but they still buckled their seat-belts in the car; meanwhile, the same characters in Descendants 2 are GOOD GUYS but they no longer buckle their seat-belts. What is this inconsistency

- The prince’s ‘oh man my girlfriend turned into a DRAGON and she’s WONDERFUL” expression

- ANYTHING with the trope “Villains/reformed villains defend THEIR heroes from other villains” will melt my heart, I love it, especially if the villains are no-holds-barred and don’t hold themselves to the moral standards of the heroes

- related: the main couple being a Slytherin girl/Hufflepuff guy pairing

- Uma’s hair??? It looks so cool??? I was so charmed by it for the whole movie even though god that looks really inconvenient for fight scenes

- also Uma just being a darn good actress with some really good dialogue delivery. She had all the right pauses and never came off as goofy or hokey when she was talking which is something the first movie really struggled with (and oh boy some of the dialogue was a wreck waiting to happen)

- “HOSTAGE EXCHANGE GIVE ME WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW OR THE PRINCE DIES but first we need to Shark vs. Jets at each other for a good five minutes, okay? okay cool”

- 20-minute sword-fight.

- the son of Captain Hook using/being openly attached to his dad’s hook aww