just chillin around here with nothing to do

Okay story time:

We got there around like 11 and the line was already long. @hope-solo is with me and we get in line and sit cause there’s nothing else to do. Then @nardleylloyd joins and we’re just chillin as the line gets even LONGER. Becca’s mutual was also there and she let us cut the line since she was higher up (thank you so much). So it turns 12 and nothing happens.

Then security came and told us to make some room cause Hope was going to walk passed here. We were in the perfect spot to see her come up and shake hands. (I was internally screaming at this point) Eventually she starts walking down and everyone starts losing their shit. People are cheering and reaching out. Hope is so fucking excited and happy. That’s when she says “I missed my fans” She’s high fiving people and she grabs @hope-solo hand (I’m surprised she didn’t die on the spot).

The event finally starts! But workers started to tell us that Hope will only sign Shanti boxes (the ones we were forced to buy) and soccer balls that the store gave away if you bought 5 boxes… So I’m kinda bummed cause I wanted to have her sign the future is equal shirt. The line moves up and we start to hear different things: she’s signing anything, only jerseys, no just the boxes. But then we heard she signed a baby… So we were confused.

We reached the area were she was at and it was amazing. Just the energy and atmosphere. She’s hugging everyone and smiling. Hope takes off her blazer and people start wooing (and by people I mean @nardleylloyd 😂) Hope smiles and says “it’s hot in here!”

The line moved up and soon we were next to see her @hope-solo goes first and it was a special moment (that’s her story). Then it was my turn and I completely forgot about I was supposed to say.

So I walk up with this white box that I’ve been carrying around all day. It was mine and @cypher2 gift to her. I say something like “Here’s another gift for you” and she smiles. She lifts the box and says “It’s an early Christmas- a late Christmas”. I don’t really remember what I said but it was something like: My friend and I got you this gift because you deserve it or earned it.

Hope asks me if she can open it and I’m like yeah. She looks inside and then looks at me. At the time I didn’t hear what she said but on the video I think she says “you guys are going to make me cry today”. She starts to take it out of the box and I quickly try to tell her it’s fucking huge (Mens XL…. Long story) but it’s too late

She holds the jersey up and says: “It’s my 200 cap celebration!” She smiles at me and pulls me into a hug (dead). Hope then says she wants a picture with it. She moves closer and asks if she should have it with the front or back. I’m like whatever you want (I can’t even keep eye contact with her lol)

We take a few pictures with the people who work with her. She asks for my social media and said I put it on the box. I also motioned to @cypher2 and I’s letters in the box. She thanks me many times and I just keep saying my friend and I thought you deserved it. (Her eyes were a bit red now)

I ask her if she could sign my item and she goes “is that the future is equal shirt?” (She kinda sounded surprised). She puts it on my back and signs and then I ask her for a selfie. She agrees and then thanks me again. But I was already leaving cause I was getting way to shaky and now I feel bad for turning around so fast.