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I hate how Skyrim and Fallout 4 do that bullshit scaling enemy difficulty shit that results in every late game enemy being a ridiculous meatslab that can shrug off 6 grenades to the face.

Half the fun of RPGs is leveling up and becoming a fucking monster and liquidating enemies you used to be scared of. That’s the point of building a character and making them stronger over the course of the game.

Remember when you were sneaking to Novac because you knew a legion assassin party would fucking murder you after you just couldnt resist blowing off Vulpes Inculta’s smug grin? Now you’re kicking down the gates of the fort with Boone and a trail carbine and blowing away Praetorian Guards with a mouth full of chewing tobacco and a head full of empty.

Compare that to Skyrim where every enemy is a Draugr Deathlord and every fight takes ten minutes because you leveled up your smithing and didn’t pick all the combat perks. I had to stop playing Fallout 4 because I was sick of drugged out half starved Raiders taking mini nukes to the face and losing as much health as stubbing a toe.

TL;DR there’s a big difference between “This is too easy” and “I’ve earned the right for this to be easy”


Just because I needed a gif set of Jooheon chewing on his food.

Happy New Year

He was chewing on a peppermint and he had pine needles in his hair.

Lily Evans bit into her popcorn ball and chewed thoughtfully. As a general rule she liked to not stare at James Potter for too long, just incase he noticed and decided to do something about it. The last time he’d noticed her staring they’d made out for twenty minutes in a closet with a broom sticking into her back. They were both late to class.

Lily let her green eyes float from the messy black hair atop James’ head all the way down to his feet, which were bare. He was digging his toes into the thick burgundy carpet while he talked with his friends. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were making fun of him. Lily knew only because his ears were red and he was laughing awkwardly. Lily watched his toes dig into the rug more as he cackled. Lily wondered what made him go barefoot in the drafty castle like it was the middle of summer, instead of the day before the Christmas holidays.

Everyone was going home tonight. James was likely saying goodbye to his mates for the holidays. They were all going home apparently, even Sirius Black was going home with James and he never left Hogwarts. Lily had chosen to stay at Hogwarts for the Holidays. Home wasn’t a place she had wanted to be and Hogwarts at least had her friends (and James).

Currently, Lily was alone in the back corner of the Gryffindor common room. Her position isolated was something that had clearly escaped James’ notice. If he had noticed, she most certainly wouldn’t be alone. Lily didn’t mind the peace and quiet; it gave her time to watch him. She learned a lot of things by watching James the past few months.

For example, she learned James favored leaning on his right leg and when he got mad he waved his arms around like a lunatic. Lily knew he liked sugar in his coffee and milk in his tea. She had inkling he was afraid of snakes and preferred warm weather to cold. She had learned all of this by watching him. Lily’s green eyes focused on the bit of the pine in his black hair. Sirius had brown leaves clinging to the back of his sweater.

Suddenly hazel eyes met green eyes and she was no longer unnoticed.

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This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 881 Words
  • No warnings, just lots of fluffy cuteness.

You sat in the dining room, chewing on your thumbnail and glancing up at the clock every five minutes. For a while, it seemed like time had stopped. The little hand barely moving as each passing second goes on and fear enters your body.

At first, you were so sure Daryl Dixon was a goner. The way he slumped over Rick’s and Shane’s shoulders as they brought him up to the farm, his cries for help when he woke up on that bed. Hershel promised he would fix Daryl up, but you still had your doubts.

Now, Daryl’s cries of pain could be heard throughout the house. You try to cover your ears, try to focus on your thoughts—it didn’t help. He was too loud, too much in pain.

“Y/N.” Maggie came flying out of the room, a little bit of blood staining the front of her shirt. You couldn’t be sure, but you thought it was Daryl’s. Your stomach tightens at the thought and you had to swallow hard. “Daryl’s asking for you.” She said in her thick country drawl.

Any other time you would have questioned why Daryl was asking for you, even though you two were always just a little bit closer than he was with anyone else. You knew that and everybody else knew that, it was just never so obvious.

You got to your feet and made your way into the room. Rick was standing over Daryl, holding him down with his police officer strength, Hershel, who was trying his best to work with a fidgeting redneck, and a pacing Shane. None of them could have prepared you for Daryl, though.

“I need a needle.” Hershel commands as he begins cleaning a wound on Daryl’s side. You freeze in place as Maggie rushes around and gathers her father a needle to ready the stitches.

Daryl lifts his head and spots you, his eyes focusing on yours for a second before he reaches out a bloody hand and calls your name. “Please.” He begs. It’s very unlike the man, it causes you to hesitate before you dash over and take Rick’s place at the head of the bed.

“Keep him calm.” Hershel told you as he dug a strange looking knife into Daryl’s side. You couldn’t look, not at this. Looking would mean it was as bad as you thought and Daryl was too strong to get hurt, at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself for weeks.

“Y/N.” Daryl whimpers and tosses his head into your lap, pressing down as he tries to hold in more cries.

“I’m here.” You reach around, placing your left hand on the side of his head and your right hand soothing his shoulder with a gentle massage.


“Dinner was good, thank you.” You rose from the table and went to check on Daryl. He was seemingly fast asleep when you brought him a tray in to nibble on, but you hoped he woke up long enough to get a bite or two in. The man was out in the woods all day without a single bite.

Inside the room, Daryl was still asleep, his body heaving under the blankets as he clutches them to his chest. It’s a nice, familiar sight you like to watch. Daryl sleeping always calms you down, no matter what was happening in the outside world. He was so peaceful, so innocent as he slept the hours away.

You make your way to the other side of his bed and notice he hasn’t taken a bite yet. You sigh, clearing away the tray so you could take a seat on the chair beside the bed, wanting to make sure he has someone with him when he wakes up.

“No,” Daryl grunts and makes you jump. You turn to face him. His eyes are still closed but he could tell what you were doing so easily. He always can. “Please?” There it was again, that word you swore was never taught to him. Twice in one day? You feel lucky.

“If you want.” You say gently and pull his sheets back. His chest is bare, covered in scars from the day’s events and a little bit of dried up blood you wish you could have cleaned when you had the chance—not that Daryl would care in the slightest.

He nods and extends his arms, showing you what he wants, something very unusual for him. But Daryl was always a man of few words, unless provoked. He never understood how feelings work, how conversations worked, unless it had to do with killing something.

You slip under the covers and allow him to wrap his muscular arms around your torso. He rests his head against your breasts warily, wanting nothing more than to be held and feel comfort that he hasn’t felt in a long time—if ever. You read that much off him as he tries to relax, shifting some of his weight here and there until he found the correct spot and settles.

With a gentle kiss to his forehead, you realize that this wasn’t just Daryl needing a little bit of comfort. This was Daryl claiming you, telling you that he was willing to put aside his lonely boy attitude and try something…more.


Pairing: Modern!AU Alex Summers x Reader;

~based on these headcanons~

Prompt: “You should write something for Halloween, man, get off your lazy ass and actually do something.” by My Lovely Brain, This Morning;

Shameless Self-Promo: (since I’m actually proud) @phoenixejean, @x-women-x, @maximoffsjpeg, @andreasunny (thank you for bearing with me, thank you) 

Warnings: none?;

Word Count: 781.

“Babe, did you see my eyeliner?” You shout, trying to get you boyfriend’s attention. “I swear I saw it just a minute ago.” You mutter under your breath, chewing on your bottom lip.

“Wh- Eyel- No.” Alex stutters, tripping over his own words. His muffled voice comes from the bathroom, so you avert your attention to that place.

“Babe.” You deadpan, going over to him. Coincidentally, he is in front of the mirror.

“Okay, what are you doing, exactly?” You ask, causing him to flinch in surprise. When he turns to you, you see he has black smudged all over his eyes. Just in the nick of time, you stop the eyeliner from getting all over the floor, suspending it a few inches above the ground. Telekinesis can sure come in handy. You levitate the makeup into your hand and sigh, turning your attention to your dumbstruck boyfriend.

“What were you trying to do?” You ask, still confused. “The Batman costume doesn’t need eyeliner.” You add, explaining your thoughts.

“Well, um, no, but- I, uh, I thought it’d look cool, you know, more black and- uh, yeah, I’m- I’m lost, babe.” He finally admits, after ten seconds of torturing himself.

“To be completely honest, it does lowkey look cool. The right eye, that is. You’ve got some pretty bomb eyeliner skills going on there.” You add, taking a makeup wipe and removing the smudged eyeliner.

“Let me try, though.” You say, amusedly chewing on your bottom lip. He sighs and gives in as you raise the liner to his eyes.

“Close your eyes.” You order, not paying any mind to it.

“What, and disrespecting the Harley costume? No way.” He shamelessly winks, making you roll your eyes.

“Fine, then, close your left eye.” You retort, raising an eyebrow.

“Alright, doll.” He replies in his Batman voice, making your knees go weak.

“No doing any of that, Alex.”

“Are you sure, doll?” He keeps his act up, so you choose to play along. He’s not the only tease around here. You puff your chest out and assume your Harley stance.

“Very sure, puddin’.” You use your best Harley Quinn impression.

“Now that’s not fair, is it, babe?” Alex answers, returning to his normal self.

“D’ya really think so, Batsy? Well, what’re ya gonna do ‘bout it?” You continue, well aware of the fact that you’re pushing it. On your last words, Alex moves his hands on your bum, steadily gripping it while eyeing you up and down.

“I don’t know, how much do you want to find out?” He resumes his Batman voice, with a new husky twist. It takes everything you’ve got to shake his hands off and resume your work on his makeup.

“Alright now, steady, soldier.” You tease, going back to his eyeliner.

“When did you become such a tease, babe?” Alex asks, and you don’t bother replying. “Oh, and did I ever tell you how cute you are when you’re focusing on something?” Not taking your eyes or focus off the task, you manage to sass him.

“Harleen Quinzel is not cute. Neither is Margot Robbie. They’re both hotter than Ewan McGregor, and that really says it all.” You speak.

“And so are you, (Y/N), I wasn’t trying to imply anything different. You’re just really cute when you scrunch your nose and chew on your lower lip.” He explains.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” You reply, unknowingly drifting into your Harley voice.

“(Y/N), stop with the teasing, it’s excruciating.” He whines.

“Oh, shut up, that last one was totally unintentional, hold your panties.” You reply, finishing the makeup. “There, you’re done. Now let me finish so we can finally go to that damn party and be done with it.”

“Can I, uh- Can I watch?” Alex asks, all of a sudden.

“Watch what?” You reply, confused.

“You, putting your makeup on.” He answers, a faint blush coloring his cheeks.

“Okay.” You reply, trying to hide the smirk that was threatening to take over your features. You continue with your makeup, adding the finishing touches and ending with the trademark word, rotten and the small, black heart.

“Alright, we’re cool, let’s go.” You announce your boyfriend, assuming that you made him move. When you turn to look at him, though, he’s already in front of you, cupping your cheeks and hungrily kissing you.

You smirk into the kiss, immediately kissing back, instinctively moving your hands to his hair, only to find the wig. When you pull away, gasping for air, you see a lot of your lipstick all over his lips and turn to look in the mirror.

“Well, I would have never managed that smudged lipstick look by myself, anyway.”

I Give Up - part 3 (A Baekhyun Series)

Your phone was laying face up on the bench outside of the building in which you just took your exam. It was lit up, unlocked and on a contact page that read “Curry & Chocolate”. You paced in front of it, eyeing it nervously as you chewed on your thumb nail. Like you had been doing for 45 minutes since you finished your test.

You’d almost pressed it at least 10 times but each time you gave up and put it back down. Having tested out your voice each time and found that you sounded dumb, or nervous, or sleepy, or way too casual he would never buy that.

You walked in front of it again, biting your fingernails now.

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Family Issues

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Pairing: Negan x Daughter!Reader
Word count: 727
Warnings: Swearing

Part 10 of Gonna Marry That Boy

Sitting in the living room, you had your feet up on the coffee table, ankles crossed. Your head was leaning back on the couch, as you weren’t even allowed to watch tv. They figured that if you got bored enough, you’d talk. The joke was on them. You had so much on your mind that watching tv didn’t even sound remotely appealing at the moment. Closing your eyes, you drifted off, just be be nudged awake what seemed like minutes later.

You were standing at your locker at school, grabbing what you needed for your homework that night, when Carl came up to you. “Hi.” He smiled nervously.

“Hi.” You smiled bashfully. “What’s up?”

He leaned against the lockers next to yours. “Uh, I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me some time?”

Chewing on your lip, you nodded. “I’d really like that.” You thought it was adorable how his face lit up. “Here, I’ll give you my number.” Ripping out a piece of paper, you wrote your name and number on it. “I look forward to hearing from you, Carl.” You smiled, shutting your locker before walking away.

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To all my followers and the people at large,

check out ‘Chewing Gum’ on Netflix. It’s a pretty short show, just six episodes each running at about 22 minutes. However, it’s a great show following a girl from an ultra religious upbringing trying to find her sexual identity. It’s actually really hilarious, I laughed nearly every minute watching this show and the acting and story is just great. A very diverse cast telling a very undertold story. 

Couch Time

REID X MALE READER – this wasn’t written for a prompt or anything, I just think the whole Spencer x reader genre severely lacks the presence of a male reader, and I wanna do my part to remedy that. If anyone wants this to become a multi-shot, just let me know because you guys know how I love the smutty Spencer smut.
Happy reading!

Couch Time

(Y/n) licked his lips. He stared at Spencer, watched the genius’ every move.

Though he’d be sitting on the couch for almost thirty minutes, Spencer fidgeted. He chewed his lower lip, circled the fabric of his sweater between his index finger and his thumb, and every now and again, his eyes would flicker over to (y/n).

While they’d been dating for almost four months now, Spencer and (y/n) had never consummated their relationship, never experienced the physicality of their love, all on the part of Spencer’s inexperience.

It was fine, neither of them minded this missing aspect, though they both desired it, and (y/n) made sure to be careful with his words and his actions. He loved Spencer, loved everything about him, and that included his innocence. If Spencer were more open, more experience, more “touchy-feely”, well, he may not be the same wonderful person (y/n) had fallen in love with, and the last thing on earth he wanted to do was pressure someone so fragile.

That’s not to say pressure hadn’t still entered their relationship. A few nights ago, Morgan commented on the lack of PDA displayed between the couple, and it sent Spencer’s anxieties about his oddities through the roof.

Though (y/n) had comforted Spencer, assuring him that everything was fine and that Morgan’s perceptions didn’t make or break them, Spencer carried the idea on his shoulders as if it weighed a ton.

Tonight, Spencer wanted to be affectionate. He wanted to touch (y/n)‘a hand as they watched the movie. He felt the need to wrap his arms around him growing far deeper than it ever had before. Spencer wanted PDA, he wanted closeness, and truth be told, he wanted sex, but he had no idea how to go about it.

He continued to chew his lip as he considered sliding his hand away from his sweater and toward (y/n). He couldn’t do it.

He hoped this entire time that (y/n) would be the aggressor, but (y/n) couldn’t bring himself to do it either. He didn’t want to rush the timid doctor.

“Spence,” (y/n) finally broke the silence, unable to shake the feeling that Spencer was still upset about Morgan’s words, “You… You ok over there?”

Spencer inhaled deeply, terrified of revealing his needs to his boyfriend.

“Y-yeah,” he shook, glancing up to (y/n), “Yeah, I’m, uh, yeah, I’m totally fine.”

“So, what’s with all the lip chewing and the playing with the sweater?”

“You should’ve been a profiler,” Spencer smiled softly, and then he looked over to (y/n), “If I… I wanted to… You know, just before bed, when you put your arm around me?”

“Yeah,” (y/n)‘a brows furrowed a bit in panic, hoping he hadn’t been overstepping his boundaries these last few weeks.

“Well, I… I really l-like that,” Spencer worried as he spoke, but he felt like he had to express this, “I really, um, it’s just, what Morgan said–”

“Don’t pay attention to Morgan, Spencer. I told you, it doesn’t matter how affectionate you are physically. We know how we feel, right?”

“Right, and I appreciate that, but I just… I want the physical affection. I’ve been wanting it. I just, I don’t know how to initiate it. I don’t know when I can hold your hand or how to reach for it or what I’m supposed to do–”

“Spencer, Spencer, baby, shhh. Listen, look,” he moved closer to Spencer on the couch, “If you want to hold my hand, just hold. If you want to cuddle up when we’re not in bed, just grab me.”

“Just… just grab you,” Spencer eyed (y/n)'a torso, and raised his arms shakily.

“Come here,” (y/n) smiled, wrapping his arms around Spencer and pulling him in.

Spencer smiled widely, his cheeks flushing a bit as he moved his arms around (y/n)’s waist.

“I love holding you,” (y/n) whispered, kissing his forehead.

“I love being held,” Spencer smiled, and then grew nervous again, “And I love when you do that.”

“Do what?”

“K-kiss me,” Spencer looked up to him fearfully, “I wish we… I wish we did more of that. I, um, again, I just don’t know how to begin.”

“Just like this,” (y/n) smiled, reaching his hand to Spencer’s chin and lifting it, “Have you ever seen me do something more complicated?”

“No,” Spencer breathed, leaning into (y/n) and pressing his quivering lips against his.

(Y/n)’s eyes fluttered closed, and he brushed his fingers across Spencer jawline.

Breathing a bit more quickly, Spencer leaned into the touch, and parted his lips, deepening their embrace.

(Y/n) groaned faintly in his throat, experiencing a much more intimate side of Spencer than he’d ever been able to, and his hand slid down Spencers neck, falling on his shoulders, and urging him to lie back.

Spencer complied eagerly, his fingers flowing along (y/n)’s back and shoulders as he felt him move on top of him.

As their tongues began to mingle, Spencer’s hand rushed up (y/n)’s neck, danced along his jawline, and used the connection to pull his lips harder into his own.

“Spencer,” (y/n) breathed against his lips, and Spencer moaned softly at the gravely lust that dwelled inside the word.

He moved his hand away from (y/n)’s cheek, letting it continue its upward pursuit, finally resting in his (h/c) locks and gripping them tightly.

The slight tug sent (y/n)’s hips into motion, and they moved slowly, carefully against Spencer’s as his lips began to fall away from the genius’.

Spencer whined briefly at the loss of contact, but was quickly distracted by the new sensation tingling against his neck. His lips parted, and he panted softly as (y/n) allowed his tongue to escape his lips and taste the delicate flesh.

Spencer writhed in the new pleasures and their ability to assume control of his body, but he was saddened yet again when (y/n) stopped moving.

Settling back into the couch, Spencer opened his eyes to see (y/n)’s already staring at him.

“What, um, what’s wrong?” Spencer squeaked out, fearful that he’d messed this up somehow.

“Nothing’s wrong, Spencer,” (y/n) smiled, bringing his hand to Spencer’s lips and brushing the mm softly, “I just want you know that we don’t have to do this. I knew how you were the moment I met you, and I knew what I was in for if I actually got you.”

“I did mess it up,” Spencer whispered softly, looking away from (y/n).

“You what?”

“I just, I was so worried I’d mess this up because I haven’t done it before and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I just… I messed it up just by being me.”

“Spencer, baby, no. No, you didn’t mess anything up. I just don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do,” he tried to smile comfortingly, but the tears forming in Spencer’s eyes almost broke his heart, “Spencer, trust me, if you want to be physical, I’m not ever going to stop you.”

“So, you do want to be physical?”

“Yes, baby, of course I do, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t.”

“But I do,” Spencer smiled shyly, a playful look flashing through his worried eyes.

“You do?” (Y/n) grinned.

“Uh huh,” Spencer returned the smirk.

“Then show me,” (y/n) teased, and was surprised when Spencer did.

Leaning upward, Spencer pushed his lips back against (y/n)’s, taking his shoulders in his hands and pulling him back down on top of Spencer.

(Y/n) couldn’t help but smile at Spencer’s desire for him, and he parted his lips, picking up where they’d left off quickly.

He felt Spencer’s body begin to shift under his own, the genius mimicking his hip motions from moments ago.

A low growl rumbled in his throat, and his hands quickly searched Spencer’s clothing for their break. When he found it, he rushed his hands along Spencer’s sides, feeling his soft skin, and delighting in the response Spencer had to it.

“(Y/n),” Spencer breathed, his back arching in an effort to be closer to him.

“I got you, baby,” (y/n) whispered, moving his lips back to Spencer’s neck, “Don’t worry. I got you.”

Spencer let his hands find (y/n)’s hair again, and his fingers danced against the soft locks. He groaned and writhed under the tender kisses, and was surprisingly calm when he felt the buttons of his shirt pulling open.

As each one revealed new skin, Spencer felt lips in new places, sending new urges and desires through his body along with the overwhelming pleasure of it.

“Spencer,” (y/n) breathed against his hipbone as he opened the last button, “You’re so beautiful.”

Spencer forced his eyes open, looking down at (y/n) as his tongue danced across the top of his slacks.

“Can you…” Spencer panted, unable to form the words.

(Y/n) looked up to him, his eyebrow quirking, and then his eyes left Spencer’s for the bulge in his pants.

“Can I what?” (Y/n) grinned mischievously before running his hand down Spencer’s erection, “This?”

“Y-yes,” Spencer pleaded, unsure of what he was asking with such need and desperation, “C-can you?”

The corner of (Y/n)’s lips pulled them into a cocked smile before he returned them to Spencer’s hipbone. His hand moved back up the bulge in Spencer’s pants, causing him to groan, and then landed on Spencer’s belt, quickly unsnapping it. Following suit with Spencer’s button and zipper, (y/n) sat up on his knees, tugging the slacks away from Spencer’s body, but never breaking his lips connection to it.

Spencer breathed heavily, deep nervous breaths filling his lungs so quickly it almost hurt. He was worried, he was thrilled, he was excited, and he was afraid. He didn’t want to disappoint (y/n), but, God, he needed him.

His heart began to race as he watched (y/n)’s fingers wrap around his boxers.

As he urged them down, (y/n)’s lips followed their direction, and before Spencer knew it, he was naked with his boyfriend’s lips dangerously close to his anatomy.

“You sure this is ok?” (Y/n) met Spencer’s eyes seriously, his tongue begging to taste the genius, “Baby, just tell me if it isn’t.”

“It is,” Spencer said hastily, “It is. It’s ok. Please.”

(Y/n) grinned at Spencer’s yearning before he leaned back down, and allowed his tongue to brush against the tip of Spencer’s hardened cock softly.

Spencer gasped at the fleeting sensation, moving his hips in an effort to find it again.

“Calm down, baby,” (y/n) cooed, placing his hands on Spencer’s hip bones and edging them back against the couch, “I’ll take care of you.”

Making his way to his stomach, (y/n) laid down between Spencer’s shaking legs. Leaning toward again, he rushed his tongue up Spencer’s shaft before engulfing it inside his mouth.

Spencer moaned at his boyfriend’s warm, wet mouth, and gripped the couch cushion roughly.

“Oh, my god,” Spencer groaned as (y/n)’s lips slid up and down his cock, “Oh, god. (Y/n)…”

(Y/n) moaned at Spencer’s fiery words, and the vibrations danced along Spencer’s cock, adding to the pleasure created by (y/n)’s mouth.

His hips began to shift again, and (y/n) allowed it this time, feeling his own cock throb at Spencer’s urgency for him.

He allowed one more moan to form in his throat before he felt Spencer’s bliss reach its peak.

Moaning (y/n)’s name, Spencer filled his mouth with his ecstasy, shaking and panting through the overwhelming release crashing through his body.

(Y/n) gripped Spencer’s hips tightly, his fingers digging into the skin there, as he tasted Spencer’s climax, his tongue careful to catch every last drop and swallow it down ravenously.

Releasing Spencer from his lips, (y/n) moved back up his body, Spencer’s hand reaching for him desperately.

When he made his way back to Spencer, the genius wrapped his arms around his neck and forced him tightly against him.

“That was… Oh, my god… (y/n)… I can’t believe… Can we please do that again? That was so amazing. Wait, can I do that to you? I want to. Let me touch you–”

“Shh, shh,” (y/n) smiled, pulling away from Spencer long enough to steal a chaste kiss. “Calm down, just breathe. We have all night, baby.”

“Y-yes, we do,” Spencer smiled, his breathing still heavy as he pulled (y/n) back against him, “But that doesn’t mean we should waste any time, right?”

“Right,” (y/n) grinned as he crashed his lips against Spencer’s, “God, you are so right.”

Request: Imagine being hungry and threatening to eat Demetri

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“I’m so hungry I am actually tempted to just eat you whole Jane.”
“…I don’t think that’s possible.”
“No but I’m hungryyyyyy.”
“The human is being dramatic again.” Demetri declared.
“Demetri I swear if I don’t eat soon, I will eat you!“

“This is abuse, this has to be against my human rights.” You stared into the floor.

“Oh my god.” You groaned as Bianca came in with food. “Bianca, I pledge my undying allegiance to you.”
“Maybe we’ll get peace now.” Demetri commented.
“Seriously, five more minutes and I’d be chewing my way through you all.” You said before tearing into your food.


“Imagine: you’re about to finally get married to the woman you love but instead of being excited you’re panicking to your best man”

Inspired by Sick of Losing Soulmates by Dodie

warnings: this was so gross and happy okay i barely ever do this anymore. also there is a lot of dialogue between other characters!

[i do not own the gif above!]


With your breath caught in your throat and the expensive material of your outfit clinging your back, your were hardly ready to just waltz out there. Ten minutes.

All you had was ten minutes to pull yourself together.

Your eyes were focused on the almost blinding white material of the tent you had gotten ready in. Brooke was staring at you and chewing on one of her manicured nails, even tugging her grey dress down as if she didn’t know what to do with her hands. Audrey and you had decided to share bridesmaids, none specific to either of you as you loved all of them. But you did both have a best man to walk you down the isle. Neither of your father’s were present, but that was okay. At least Audrey’s father had let you eat dinner there once in a while. He was coming around you, Audrey had told you that she was never sure about anything with her father, but she did know he loved you both.

“Stavo will be back in a minute, he was just trying to find Noah to see how Audrey’s doing.” Brooke sounded slightly unsure and kissed your cheek quickly before running off, probably to find her on and off again boyfriend; your best friend. The funny thing about Stavo and Brooke was that they never seemed to realize how in love they were until they were apart.

One day they would figure it out; you were sure of it.

With Brooke off on a hunt for her boyfriend and Audrey and Noah getting ready not so far from you, you realized how quickly everything had happened. One day you had been pacing outside of a jewelry store and a month later you were bothering Foster.

Noah Foster. You chewed on your lip and let your mind drift to when you had spoken to Foster for the first time about marrying Audrey.


“I have a ring. But you’re her best friend, you’ve been there for everything with her. While you guys faced the murders I wasn’t there for her. So I need your blessing, Foster.”

“You make it sound like leaving was your choice. I was here because I had to be, Audrey and I have both told you that.”

“I should have fought though. I shouldn’t have let my father drag me away. He wasn’t just worried that I would end up like my brother and he’d lose another kid. He was worried of being blamed for it. He was a coward. And I should have fought to stay.”

“Y/N, what if you had of stayed and gotten hurt? What if you had been slaughtered like Will? Did you want to end up like your brother? Because you wouldn’t be here today, shaking like I’m about to kick your puppy and asking me if you’re allowed to marry Audrey. And just so you know, I’ve never been more excited for a wedding in my whole life.”

“Thank you for being her friend, Foster. Sometimes I wonder if she even deserves a friend like you.”

“She does. Well, now at least. She earned it. She just had to kidnap me once or twice and almost have me killed before she realized that.”

“Right… Forgot about that actually. She’s lucky to have us both I guess. And we’re lucky to have her. I can’t believe I’m going to finally ask her.”


Stack came bounding into the tent and almost had the whole thing crashing down before he steadied himself. You took one look at him and almost cried at the sight of your best friend and a freshly printed comic book in hand. Of course he had a graphic novel or comic with him, when did he not? But one look at the cover told you this was a special one.

“I had to unwrap a gift or two but I found something that will help you out I think. I just finished it last night. I think it’s my best work yet.”

His voice was soothing and slightly out of breath and you were reminded that Stavo was your Noah. He was the one that always had your back and knew how to help. Ironically, he was also the reason you had met Audrey. He’d warned you off her when you came back to Lakewood for your senior year of high school. Telling you that she wasn’t a bad person but she wasn’t “girlfriend material”. But college came and everyone changed, leading to Stavo and Audrey becoming friends.

“You made me a comic book?” You voice wavered slightly and he seemed to beam at you, clearly pleased that you were no longer panicking.

He gestured for you to read it and you quickly opened the first page after smiling softly at the cover. It was a drawing of you in your wedding attire, holding Audrey’s hand. You flipped through the pages and read a story about a disastrous wedding in which nothing was going as planned. Your character wound up running off with Stavo’s character in tow and living in a a shack in the woods on the edge of Lakewood forever. Two spinsters making crafts and drawing graphic novels for the rest of their days.

“See? You have to get married today or you’ll be stuck with me forever.”

You began to laugh uncontrollably and Brooke had to carefully wipe tears from your eyes so your light amount of make up wouldn’t smudge. This was why Stavo was your friend, he made you forget your insecurities and fears with a bunch of terrible jokes. He was also the most loyal person you had ever met.

“While that isn’t the worst thing in the world, the only person I really want to be stuck with forever is Audrey,” you said softly, grabbing Stavo’s hand and squeezing tightly. He helped you stand up and stay steady before kissing your forehead. You could do this, especially with your best friend by your side. “Oh, did you ever get to Noah?”

Stavo tugged at the collar of his navy blue suit and looked away. “Yeah, he’s just dealing with Audrey.”

Dealing with?” Suddenly you were feeling insanely nervous again, wondering if Audrey was planning on bolting. What if she wouldn’t go through with it? Maybe you weren’t the only one terrified.

“Relax, she’s not going to run. She was freaking out about her hair and so Noah and I grabbed your presents to help distract you.”

The wind started to pick up outside and you found yourself walking quicker but begging yourself to slow down. You were terrified of a million things in that moment. What if you went into the barn and Audrey didn’t show up? What if the wedding was perfect and you somehow ruined it by stuttering or saying the wrong thing? The two of you were headed for the huge rustic barn that was designed for events like weddings. It was perfect for Audrey and you but suddenly it was looming and daunting all at once.

Stavo stopped walking and grabbed your shoulders, forcing you to meet his gaze. “You can do this. I know you, Y/N. This day has been fated since you and Audrey had that stupid argument about eighties romance movies at your first college party.”

You giggled and bit your lip absentmindedly, remembering that dreadful party. Nothing stuck in your mind more than the end of your iconic ‘fight’.

You had another argument prepared on how Say Anything was anything but tacky, your mouth open and your eyes holding a furious glint. Audrey had taken your hand, sending a sort of shock through your entire body. Your brow had been furrowed in confusion and Audrey had leaned in slowly, making it hard for you to continue breathing. “This party is pretty gay, any chance you want to get out of here?”

Stavo didn’t notice your moment of reminiscing and continued his little speech. “If any couple is ever going to work out, it’s you two. If you weren’t ready, would you be here now? Look at Brooke and I; just because we aren’t married doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. But if we were ready, we would be.”

You felt your head moving up and down in a nod and tried to let his words sink in. He was right, if it wasn’t supposed to happen, you wouldn’t have let it. Some people spent their lives being married when it wasn’t supposed to be, but you knew that you and Audrey would only do it if you meant it.

And you did.

You couldn’t imagine a life without her curled up next to you, her bangs constantly covering her gorgeous eyes that seemed to do nothing but adore you and her hand clasped in your’s. That was the kind of future you wanted.

All you had to do was take it.


It was a completely unexplainable experience, watching her walk down the aisle towards you after you yourself had just come stumbling down it. She was far more graceful than you were, Noah’s arm wrapped around hers and a goofy grin on his still-childish face. But even through the surprising grace, her entire body was illuminated with a halo of fear mixed with excitement. Any fear of her running away was dismissed as you watched her.

Her black suit was trimmed and fit perfectly on her body, hugging her curves like a glove and sending a small rush down your spine. Just because it wasn’t the time didn’t mean you wouldn’t take a second to appreciate how gorgeous she was.

How had you ever gotten so lucky?

Your mind seemed to numb when she was finally right in front of you. It really did feel like just the two of you there at that moment, as if no one was watching the two of you as closely as they were. How was it possible that everything could melt away like that? All you could feel was a bundle of nerves in your stomach and the weight of Audrey’s gaze.

For a moment everything was silent, the wedding officiate taking a moment to start the official wedding. In a moment you would be saying your vows and finally marrying the woman you loved more than anyone in the world.

But for a split second, you were just a stunning, but nervous, wreck of young adult, standing across from a girl and completely open to the future.

Audrey surprised you by taking both of your hands in hers and leaning in closely. It seemed like she was going in for a kiss, her lips parted, until she cracked a small smile. Her eyes were practically glowing and you swore that she had never looked happier. You worried about how you looked. Did you looked too nervous, too sweaty, too unsure?

“Hey, this wedding is pretty gay. Any chance you want to get out of here?” she whispered with a glint of amusement in her eyes.

You pursed your lips and did everything in your power not to laugh and break the silence in the barn. With close to hundreds of eyes on you, you weren’t confident in your ability to recover from any embarrassment.

“Oh gosh, are they here for a gay wedding? What if they find out we’re just here for the champagne?” you responded in a hushed voice. Audrey grinned and her hands gripped yours even tighter. She was stopping your hands from shaking and warming them at the same time, giving you something else to focus on. She knew you too well.

“I guess we’ll have to be pretty convincing.”

Before the wedding had even officially began, Audrey lips were against yours and the entire world was void of anything but the two of you. There was no one watching, no one waiting for declarations of love or perfect hallmark card material.

There was just the soft tug of her lips and a subtle taste of cherry candy and your favourite mint gum.

Reality came crashing back when she gently pulled away and you had never felt more ready for anything in your life. This was it. You were going to finally commit to someone for the rest of your life in front of everyone else the two of you loved and appreciated. It was thrilling and scary and beautiful all at once.

Your ears finally caught the joyful sound of clapping at the surprise kiss and before glancing at the crowd of friends and family, you leaned back into Audrey one more time.

“That kiss was pretty gay, think we might stay for a while?”

“Always,” she whispered back.

The modern far-right have a lot in common with Jihadis in that their sexual desperation has been used to radicalise them online. The Brexit and Trump campaigns have been their training camps: the equivalent of a few weeks in some desert barracks shooting an AK-47 into an old mattress. Imagine the adrenaline surge of feeling responsible for a huge election upset. And then they have to go back to normal life. A life where during the 10 minutes they had their picture up on Tinder it was left-swiped so many times they got whiplash due to voodoo. Where they look like Joseph Merrick carried a photograph of their face in his wallet as an appetite suppressant. Where their mail-order bride heard who she was being delivered to and chewed off her toes just so she had something to block up the air holes in her crate. And so they channel their energy back into the trenches of hate that now pass for political discourse, to where they feel safe and newly empowered. There’s never been a better time to be wrong.
—  Frankie Boyle
lil’ linguistic tidbit

NCT Dream’s “Chewing Gum” (arguably one of the cutest songs of the summer/year/my lifetime) is a play on the Korean word 주인공 (chu-in-gong) which means “heroine” or “protagonist”. so phrases like “너는 내 chewing gum” would sound something like “you’re my heroine/my favorite character” to a Korean speaker. 

idk i just thought it was cooler than being compared to bubblicious for three minutes and twenty seconds

Kiyoyachi living together

*screams* oh my gosh more fluff yes please

Thank you for the request! 

  • so first of all Yachi would be the one to ask
  • but it would take some encouragment from Hinata and Kageyama
  • because she always gets so flustered when ever she’s with Kiyoko
  • but she would eventually muster up all the strength she has and ask
  • Suga told her to give Kiyoko a rose
  • but Yachi’s so nervous she practically chucks the rose at Kiyoko and asks to go out to dinner
  • Kiyoko easily agrees, saying she can that night
  • but then Yachi chews nervously on her lip, realising what she needs to do, adding:
  • “as uh not friends?”
  • at this moment Yachi feels like she’s going to explode, her face is on fire
  • but she’s relieved when Kiyoko nods, after taking 30 minutes to adjust her glasses
  • Yachi screams thank you and hugs her before running off
  • because now she’s gotta get ready for her date
  • Yachi ends up spending 3 hours on just figuring out how to braid hair
  • she really didn’t think it would be that hard
  • she also ends up debating whether to wear makeup, because she really wants to impress Kiyoko
  • but after another hour of tutorials, she doesn’t have a clue
  • Kiyoko arrives at the restuarant first, feeling calm as usual
  • but that quickly changes when Yachi arrives in a dress
  • because the sight of her crush looking absoulety perfect is enough to make her heart skip a beat
  • oh and it skips more than one when Yachi see’s Kiyoko and starts smiling
  • but Kiyoko’s not alone because Yachi is absolutely loving the sight of Kiyoko with out glasses
  • none the less the sit at their table
  • and at first it’s awkard, like all dates are
  • mostly just because Yachi is rambling to prevent awkward silence
  • but Kiyoko doesn’t really mind because Yachi is cute when she’s rambling
  • and oh shit Kiyoko just said that out loud
  • and now Yachi is choking on her water
  • which causes Kiyoko to instantly put her hand on Yachi’s
  • by now Yachi is pretty sure she’s dead and in heaven
  • after they order they talk about volleyball
  • which is comfortable topic, so they’re both feeling less stressed
  • but once the food arrives, things get a more silly
  • Yachi starts to make a joke and Kiyoko can’t help but crack a smile
  • Yachi keeps going until Kiyoko full on barks a laugh
  • which causes Kiyoko to blush, cause she’s always calm and collected
  • but Yachi finds it hilarious, and continues to laugh
  • and Yachi laughing makes Kiyoko want to laugh
  • so soon their laughter is filling the entire resturaunt
  • pissing off almost everyone in there, but they’re having so much fun so who cares
  • after they leave the resturaunt Kiyoko drops Yachi off at her house
  • but before Yachi leaves she sneaks a peck onto Kiyoko’s slips
  • and then screams “THANKS FOR THE NIGHT!” and disappears into her house before Kiyoko can react
  • mainly because holy shit Yachi just did that
  • and needs to scream into a pillow
  • but Kiyoko’s just left stunned
  • cuz she really enjoyed that