just checking in quickly before i head to class

First day of university. A new beginning for the young snow haired girl who appeared to be lost in thought as she made her way through the crowd of busy students trying to find their way to their classes. This surrounding was new to her and she honestly felt a bit overwhelmed, but she kept an almost perfect poker face on to hide the fact that she was slightly nervous.

“Let’s see..,” she mumbled to herself as she looked through her folder for her schedule. She needed to check and make sure what classroom her first class would be in. “I’ve got…freshman seminar in room….219. Alright,” she said as she closed the book. 

Just as she was about to lift her head up, she felt a sudden bump and her papers dropped to the ground. She’d been walking the whole time she was checking her schedule, clearly not paying attention to where she was going. 

“Whoops,” she quickly dropped down to collect the scattered papers before they were blown away. “My ba-……,” her apology was cut short however as she stared up at the familiar face that belonged to the person she’d bumped into.