just checked twitter and this is one of the first tweets i see

Jack’s phone buzzes. He is confused at first. No one has texted him, why did it buzz? Then he sees the little bird on the notification bar and he remembers. That means Bitty has tweeted something. He opens the Twitter app to read it, feeling quite curious, but when his timeline finally loads—there is nothing for him to read. Just four squares in brakets.

He decides to text Bitty.

(17:29) Jack: haha was that a secret message?

(17:32) Bitty: what? º-º

(17:33) Jack: all those squares and the brakets

(17:33) Jack: do they mean something?

(17:34) Bitty: ?? i don’t know what you’re talking about º-º

(17:35) Jack: you tweeted that just now?

Bitty calls him then instead of texting back, and when Jack picks up, he is cackling.

“That—that wasn’t a secret message, honey,” Bitty says, trying to catch his breath. “It was one of those special emoticons I showed you a few weeks ago. Maybe you need to restart your phone? You could read them that day.”

Needless to say, Jack gets chirp texts from Bitty for the rest of the day.


I feel like I need to say something since people keep reusing those bottom two tweets believing they’re real, when they’re not… at all. This (^^) is the original post where those two fake tweets originally came from. The first tweet is a real one Brendon posted, but the second two are completely fabricated. We used a website called lemmetweetthatforyou.com to make the fake replies. It was just a fun thing we were messing around with at the time, nothin’ better to do, and we tried to do our best to make sure everyone would know they were fake, putting “fake-” at the beginning of the url to make it as clear as possible, and you can see the tags there… but of course people still reblogged it without knowing the source or original tags or anything. And the amount of notes that post got is crazy. 

So anyway. Just be aware that those two replies, the conversation between Brendon and Dallon, are totally fake. Check fake-brallontweetsandtexts for more fake Brallon tweets/convos we made a few years back.. There are a few others I’ve seen people repost under the false pretense of them being real tweets.. so if you look at the blog you’ll be able to see which ones are made up. It was just me and my RP buddy, madamvengeance27, messin’ around, having some fun. We haven’t used that blog in years though.

Ps. Another way you can tell they’re fake is by looking at the timestamps on the second two compared to the first (real) one. Brendon’s was posted at 6:55pm and the other two are both stamped before then.. so clearly they’re not real replies. Again.. we weren’t trying to trick anyone, else we wouldn’t have told everyone they’re fake and put incorrect timestamps. We were just having some fun. 

Just a head’s up!