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advice to white artist: when making characters of color (especially black and brown characters) don’t just;;; draw a white person and then change the skin tone. believe it or not its quite obvious to tell when you still had a white character in mind (still has the small lips, triangle nose, etc) and only made them black or brown in a half ass attempt to be diverse

actually look at features people of color have and study them please

my intention with transcribing that exchange from rose buddies was just to let people know that hey! griffin doesn’t really like it when you call pictures of him as a kid are “cursed.” i’ve probably said stuff like that once or twice in the past unthinkingly! but now, knowing he isn’t cool with it, i’m gonna stop. i advise you do too in order to respect griffin’s boundaries! you aren’t a bad person if you said “cursed image” in the tags of a post once or twice - what matters is that you change now that you know better.

but as a general word of advice, since i think this is a good time - don’t reblog photos of real people (especially internet personalities) if you don’t know where they came from. it’s fine to reblog pictures of the mcelroys as kids if the mcelroys actually consented to publishing them. for example, the photo of them with dave chapelle, or the pictures of travis and griffin that mary smirl posted for maxfundrive - those are meant to be seen.

but if you don’t see a PUBLIC instagram, twitter, or facebook source? if you can’t tell if something is MEANT to be shared? don’t reblog them. because sure, that blurry photo of a teenage nick robinson is a bit goofy and “relatable,” but are you seeing it because someone rifled through his second aunt’s private facebook?

it’s alright to be fans of real people. just remember: don’t be cruel, don’t be creepy, don’t be invasive. above all else, respect their boundaries, privacy, and feelings. they’re just regular people who say funny stuff for a living. their whole LIVES don’t exist for our consumption. we’re fortunate that they feel comfortable sharing what they do. don’t abuse that trust.

u know when yr borderline so u get so unnecessarily attached to people’s routines especially when they involve you - down to their style of speaking to you and how they react to your jokes - so when anything changes like they don’t message you around the time they usually do or they use different words or mannerisms yr brain goes ABANDONMENT ABANDONMENT and you start to prepare for the inevitable neglect and just try to accept that okay this person hates me now gotta start learning to live with it

I just found a notebook of mine from when I was a little kid and the outside is decorated with rainbow smileys, and phrases like “LUCKY ME” and “SUPER COOL” in really cheesy wordart. And the inside of the cover, in scrawly, backwards-letter handwriting says “DEATH JOURNAL”. The only thing written in the notebook are descriptions of various dead wildlife I’d found and analysis of how it might’ve died. I think that’s probably all you need to know about me as a person

When you're feeling lazy but you have/want to write, just know that the docs on Google Drive have your back!

Just open a document, click on ’tools’ and then on ’voice typing’. The icon of a microphone will show up: just click on it and talk away, iT WILL FRIGGING WRITE WHAT YOU SAY

I’ve just found this out but I feel like it has already fixed all my problems as a writer and a student!

AND IT WRITES IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TOO! Just make sure to change the language when the microphone icon shows up!

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  •    I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.  
  •   You weren’t wanted!  
  •   Oh dear, what an awkward situation.  
  •   And you’re not offended?  
  •   Just do your best.  
  •   True love conquers all.  
  •   I’m sure it’ll work out somehow.  
  •   … Shh, shh, shh! Even walls have ears.  
  •   You know, sometimes I don’t think _______ really very happy.  
  •   Are you sure you searched everywhere?  
  •   Oh, (they’re/you’re) hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.   
  •   But, I never baked a fancy cake.  
  •   All you do is follow the book…  
  •   You can be the dummy.  
  •   I can’t breathe!  
  •   We all knew this day had to come.  
  •   Well, he’s tall and handsome and … and so romantic.  
  •   Yes, it’s only in my dreams.   
  •   But they say if you dream a thing more than once, It’s sure to come true.   
  •   You know, there was something strange about ______. Too beautiful to be real.  
  •    I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.  
  •   But don’t you remember? We’ve met before!  
  •   But when will I see you again?  
  •   We can’t take any chances!   
  •   Look what you’ve done!  
  •   This is the happiest day of my life.  
  •   _______ in love? This is terrible?  
  •   You’ve met some stranger?  
  •   And ______ thought ______ would be so happy.  
  •   The past, all in the past. Tonight, we toast to the future!  
  •   Let me fill up your glass, that glass was all foam!  
  •   You unreasonable, pompous, blustering, old windbag!  
  •   I warn you, this means war!  
  •   Hurry, hurry, and change in something suitable!  
  •   You can’t do this to me! Give up everything, for some, some nobody?  
  •   I command you to come to your senses.  
  •   I’ll marry the _____ I love.  
  •   Now, that’s not for ______ to decide.  
  •   Don’t touch anything!  
  •   There’s something important I have to tell you.  
  •   They’ll be heartbroken when they find out.  
  •   Oh come now. Why so melancholy?  
  •   Yes, you … said that. A moment ago.  
  •   I just love happy endings!  
hair dye [ cm x r ]

fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Summer

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : in which you and Zoe are dying your hair and try to convince Connor to dye his. 

request : “Could you write some Connor Murphy imagine where he is a virgin and the reader isn’t and it’s some smut.”

word count : 7,007

warnings : boy oh boy is this gonna be a sMUT HNNGGGFFFF, y’all can’t have a smut w/o a hella lotta sexual innuendos, cursing, mentions blood?, ooc writing, rushed writing, terrible writing in general;;,,,,,

 a / n : Inspired by when I dyed my hair and was super lazy per usual and stained my pillowcase. i’m such a sinner… Is it just me or did my writing change completely like halfway through it? idk it’s bad, sorry. Thanks for reading though. Any sort of support is sincerely respected: liking, commenting, reblogging, following, anything! Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) Much love.

“What the alien cult shit is going on?” Connor asked with a very pissed and very confused expression.

He had just walked past the bathroom when he saw his sister sitting on a chair with strands of hair sectioned off into tubes of tin foil. Y/N, his girlfriend was standing beside Zoe with purple hands. Purple? Blue? Indigo.

“It’s the devil himself,” Zoe said sarcastically.

“You little bi-”

“Zoe,” You cut off Connor rapidly, “if anything he’s a handsome devil.

“…Fuck you,” Connor mumbled, crossing his arms, and leaning against the doorframe.

“Y/N, you’re gross,” Zoe groaned. You snapped your indigo stained gloves off.

“Grossly in love,” you sang, walking over to Connor and tapping him on the nose. His scowl softened just slightly. Zoe simply groaned.

“I literally cannot have a single day without sharing you,” Zoe slapped the bathroom counter with both hands, “Y/N, you’re supposed to be my best friend. If anything, you’re like my sister and that’d be super weird to think of my sister dating my brother.”

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let’s talk about

all right, let’s tackle this!

I’ll start off by saying I’m of the opinion that the current person on the Castle bridge is not, in fact, Shiro but rather a clone that thinks he’s Shiro (which is heartbreaking in its own way).  Other people have done plenty of posts about this and in more detail than mine so I’m just going to throw in, from time to time, little ‘addendums’ of a few little things I noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

1. ‘I say Vol - you say?’

This threw me so badly I can’t even tell you and I honestly had to stop the feed for a second over it.  He’s in an enemy ship, trying to catch up to a swiftly disappearing Voltron and as it rockets out of sight he yells -


Voltron?  When the hell has Shiro ever referred to his crew as ‘Voltron’.  ‘Team Voltron’ sure.  But Voltron is the robot.  Shiro isn’t in this for the robot.  He’s here for his team.  He knows each one of them by name.  And while yelling each name would be awkward, a simple ‘Keith’ for his strongest bond with the team or even ‘guys/team’ or something human and including would have sounded much more ‘Shiro’ than calling after the robot.  Even calling his lion would have sounded more like Shiro than yelling the robot’s name.  It was honestly the moment my feelings flipped from ‘I feel awkward’ to ‘holy shit, what terrible writing!’.  Looking back now, if there are programs inside the clones head, they would focus on reaching, not the team, but rather Voltron.

also I was pissed about the lack of attempted radio contact from fight ship to retreating Voltron but eventually figured a bunch of robot pilots that run on wi-fi apparently wouldn’t need radios so the ship probably doesn’t have one.  Not sure why an expendable robot would need a distress beacon either but I’ll roll with it.

and 2. Tell who?

So this, right here.  Who are they notifying?  Well, its very apparent that its not Lotor because he spends the first few episodes completely unaware that Shiro is missing from the paladins and a big point is him figuring out that the pilots have switched around.  If they were intentionally releasing a clone (and that ‘escape’ was very obviously orchestrated), with the awareness that it would try to find its way back to Voltron, it would make no sense at all to do so while the original was still aboard the Castle.  So - ‘command headquarters’ isn’t Lotor.  Lotor, new head of the Galra empire, didn’t know Shiro was even missing.

Its not Zarkon for obvious reasons. 

Which leaves Haggar.

That said?  I don’t think the Galra have the actual Shiro.  Especially if ‘end it quickly’ Haggar is in charge of this.  She’s a very decisive, don’t mess around personality style, as seen when, in Season 2, she went with the strategic ‘blow up the Castle home base and the only being that can open a worm hole and then go after the flying lion who will be entirely without support at that point’.  Girl doesn’t play games or mess around.  If she had Shiro, he’d be dead.  She wouldn‘t make the mistake of underestimating him a second time.  She might be in the ‘clone escape plan’ which would make her aware of Shiro’s absence but she doesn’t have him or he’d be dead.  And the writers, who go out of their way to make you care about secondary characters so you’ll feel it when they die two episodes later, aren’t going to kill a main character they’ve worked so hard to give depth and development to off screen.  Theory?  Shiro’s alive and still on the loose.  Hope?  That he’ll pop up in season 4.

This is a one month difference! 

 I lost 55lbs and gained some of it back and got comfortable with being too busy as an excuse for everything and well, I simply grew tired of that lifestyle and decided to start my healthy Journey again. I’m not going to lie I’m really enjoying it and I’m loving how i feel. 

 I was in a store and saw these jeans, it was as if they were designed for me, I fell in love with them and not only were they amazing THEY WERE ON SALE! So I hurried to the fitting room to try them on because if they fit it would be the find of the year for me… well sadly, I struggled to get them up my legs and they wouldn’t even budge to do up. I was devastated but motivated at the same time. These jeans DID NOT FIT ME, but I was determined to change that. So I bought them and hung them outside my closet as a reminder to myself that I was no longer going to accept how unhealthy I have been, I snapped a photo of them the day I got them, a little over a month and I began to eat healthy foods and workout. WELL I woke up after feeling amazing of a month of clean eating and exercise and checked my monthly weigh in which I was so happy to see the number decrease and I tried on those jeans. Not only did they go up smoothly, they buttoned up…. I couldn’t even budge them a month ago and now it was like putting on a pair of pants made just for me.

 So guys, make small goals for yourself, don’t just always go by weight, buy a dress or pants that you want to work towards, because it is possible to make this change.

 P.S I ugly cried when I realized these fit. 


being an antizionist jew and discussing it on this website is so fucking annoying lmfao bc on the one hand we have zionist jews screaming about how our “internalized antisemitism” etc and on the other and we have non-palestinian goyim who shut us out of any conversation the second we try to shed some light on WHY so many jews (in the west especially) are zionists so that we can perhaps approach them and get underneath all the brainwashing they likely grew up with, and gain their support for our cause

like golly gee i, a jew, sure do love getting shut out of conversations about jewish nationalism by goyim who have no stock in the issue whatsoever other than earning their Good Tumblr Leftist points so they can yell about how antisemitism doesn’t matter because #FREEPALESTINE and really have no clue what the hell they’re even talking about

it’s not hard to tell when someone considers themself an antizionist because they’re truly against nationalism and settler colonialism and are for the liberation of palestinians, and when they’re actually just antisemites or following what they think they should because tumblr says so…this issue is so complex and i’m tired of seeing people discuss it in such a reductive way lol 

when antizionist jews try to explain the reasons why there are so many zionist jews (mostly, brainwashing and antisemitism) LISTEN TO US!!!! tackling these issues is the first step to making an actual change. otherwise your “activism” is performative and helps absolutely nobody.

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

How Dan and Phil will use tumblr in the future | 17.08.17
  • Phil: Something I wanted to talk about, which I'm just going to randomly bring up.
  • Dan: Do it.
  • Phil: I want to change the way I use my tumblr a little bit. Because with tumblr I used to use it for a little reblogging, posting my videos but then like choosing aesthetic pictures of a dog or a cute animal or a lake. I'm kind of done with the whole lake, cute animal vibe of Tumblr right now.
  • Dan: Well, I mean what is tumblr supposed to be? It's just a blog website.
  • Phil: It's just your blog. Yeah, I mean I used -
  • Dan: Then it became this whole like reblog things that reflect your aesthetic slash who you are.
  • Phil: I kind of want to like, showcase more art that you guys do. I like a lot of it but I'd like to start reblogging it. So I'm still going to post my videos on tumblr and stuff but I'm also going to start reblogging lots of art. So, if you've done some art of me or you've done some art of me and Dan, just tag it as AmazingPhil and I'll see it and then I might reblog it. I'm not saying I'll reblog everything I see, I'm just going to reblog a few. I'll like some more as well. But I'll be doing some more of that and trying to boost some of you artists. Because then I feel like I'll use the website more.
  • Someone in chat: That's awesome.
  • Someone else in chat: Cool but I'm not good at art.
  • Phil: That's fine. You can still tweet me and we can have a chat and then you can enjoy them as well and get to look at some other people's art.
  • Dan: I like a lot, so if you go to whatever the hell the url for my tumblr likes is, then you can see all the... stuff.
  • Phil: So you're still cool with your tumblr though, you like reblog...
  • Dan: Yeah, like once a month I curate. It just so much pressure. Like it has to be... like I save drafts for weeks and then go through and just turn it into one lot of queue that's like fifteen posts because it just has to be...
  • Phil: To be perfect.
  • Dan: Exactly what it's supposed to be, which is kind of pointless when my theme is so trash. But where do you even begin? I don't even know to change... Like I, honestly, you know how you go to customise and there'e the html and I'm just like... I don't want to touch this!
  • Phil: You don't want to mess it up.
  • Dan: Like they say don't fix what's broke. My theme is already broke but like, don't broke even more what's already kind of broke, you know what I mean?
  • Phil: Did you just even say a sentence? I don't know but yeah, so if you want to follow me on tumblr to find out what's going on, it's just amazingphil.tumblr.com and you can see me reblogging some stuff.
Need more Supernatural blogs

I know I’m not exactly active lately, but a lot of things are happening in my life right now.

I was away a lot, so many blogs I follow are not that active anymore or they changed topics.

So… I need more Supernatural blogs to follow ❤

Reblog this if:

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Also, I might start a funnycasfamily thing, because I just hit 17k followers, but that’s another story for when I’ll have more time to take care of it.

For now, just reblog this and I’ll check your blog 💋

Looking for blogs to follow

My original account is @widgetwriter but i’d like to get this account up and running too just in case the other account gets terminated from being hacked and also for a change of scenery as and when I need it. So, i’m looking for blogs to follow.

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Barbara Gordon icons from art by Christian Wildgoose 

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lockscreens no. 22 - THE 1975 LYRICS FOR A TON OF REQUESTS! Just a few songs for now but I will do a few more after I cover a couple other requests. 5 Lockscreens + 4 Alternate Versions (because I was indecisive, as per usual).

likes and reblogs are always appreciated, thank you!

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more lockscreens | request things (please check desc. for status) | commissions | masterlist

- kaespo

anonymous asked:

I haven't heard ONE larrie, not a big larrie, or a little larrie, or a larrie anon explain or discuss the fact that Louis directly compared his and his mothers relationship to his and Freddie's. Like HOW do you disregard that? That fact ALONE, that Louis's would say that, makes Larry or babygate impossible. If I believed in larrie, there would be no way to rationalize it to make Larry make sense. I don't care if you think Louis signed his life away, that wouldn't come out of mouth EVER.



edit: chibis are now $15! the previous price wasnt enough to cover for the time i was spending on them. thank u!

lou is back at it again with the commishes…………..who woulda thunk it

i apologize profusely if it seems a little pricey but u see… the £ has gone to shit (thanx brexit) so i have to hike up the dollar prices a little so that it means i get payed enough once the $$ is converted if that makes sense. im sorry, i hate it too

anyway. make me draw u things in return for digital money. its a great time

extremely detailed things (machinery, armour, complex outfits/designs etc etc) will probably require like an extra $5 or so but just lemme know in the e-mail and we can chitchat about it. also please bear in mind im really shit at drawing animals. i can try my hardest for u but i cannot promise a good quality horse. IM SORRY

you also get the bonus of seeing my birth name when you pay because fucking paypal wont let me change it to good humble lou. priceless really

thanks! if u cant buy plz reblog!

Learning to love urself phandom meetup

Hey pals! I’m trying to spread and learn self love myself! This meet-up is all about loving and appreciating each other flaws and all! 

What you can participate with are:




-any talents 

-just anything you love or want to love about yourself 

-reblogging other ppls post

 Rules are: 

-simply b nice 


This Tuesday at 1:00 pm wct. 

If anyone else has a meet up at this time let me know! I’ll change the date! The tag will be #self love phandom meet-up