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Sebastian Michaelis x Charity Mood Board

“As far back as I can remember, I always love the colors red and black. I know that it was always beautiful to me and I hope to see if I can hold on to the red roses in an empty Chanel perfume bottle. I later grew up to love a movie that has the famous black dress that I have seen with my two eyes. I always love the mystery of a poet from long ago who wrote about a raven. I always love my little black dress with lacy black heels to match. My love for red and black never stopped. That’s when I first saw a tall man in a butler’s uniform. His appearances reflect a poem that made me think of him. The style of his black hair falls so perfectly on his face. His eyes are like two orbs of dark red rubies that had me spellbound. When I saw him, I felt something strong and powerful from him that was not from this world. I wanted to be a part of his world, but I wasn’t sure how. I wanted that connection that was just beyond my reach. It’s a romantic connection that I always see in movies and read in stories. He saw me as a strong young woman who is vibrant and happy. He has never seen anyone like me before. My height was average and my looks were beautiful according to him. I always thought he saw me as just another girl who wanted to have his affection. He never saw it that way. He looked at me with the same red eyes that I’ve feel for. He looked at me as soft, delicate, and truly beautiful. He made me feel like I was the most important person to him. Of course, I knew he wasn’t human. Did it scare me? It never did. Why? It’s because that I fell in love with him. In return, he fell in love with me with little heart he has in him. When we are around each other, I feel like that our bond grew stronger and more desirable every time when we hold each other close. A song will always appear in my head as I hum to it with the idea of him not being far behind. We will always make each other weaker and stronger at the same time. All of our memories will be something that will feel like that was only in literature and the love that defies everything. A young woman who loves romance and a fallen angel with an open heart. That is the story of us and our love for red rose petals on black satin sheets.”

I have to admit, if this ever happened in real life I’m pretty sure that it will be a difficult relationship to be in. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

Original Work & Mood: Charity L. Martin (Me: @itsjustlife231)



Their shipname is Blaley.

seriously tho Chanel #3 is like the best character on Scream Queens. she’s in the background most of the time and yet she gets these super weird and interesting tidbits of backstory like her father is Charles Manson?? her family is rich because they invented these shitty TV dinners and they force everyone in the family to eat them for every meal even tho they’re rich as fuck?? she wears earmuffs all the time because some boy she dated fell in love with her ears and threatened to cut them off when they broke up?? like wtf this girl has the most interesting life why is she not the main character

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Did Malcolm get into Harvard? Did he even go to college? Was he still dealin'? What happened to his band? Are Diggy and Jib okay? Did they go to college? Did Nakia go to college? What even happened to Lily and Jaleel? What?!