just cersei sipping wine from a glass

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Would you write something with Cersei Lannister x female! Tyrell reader and #36, #29 and #4? Thank you!

Characters: Reader x Cersei Lannister

Warnings: mentions of incest and alcohol consumption

Prompts: 4: “It’s always been you. You and only you.” 29: “Look at me.” 36: “I don’t know who I am without you.”

Word Count: 477

A/N: idk why i like writing about Cersei she’s not even one of my faves on GoT but anyway i hope you like it !!


You tried your best not to gasp too loudly as Cersei pushed you against the wall, her hand travelling up your skirt. A smirk fluttered onto Cersei’s face as she put a finger to your lips, shushing you, before she began kissing your collarbone. You ran your hands through her long hair, and closed your eyes, relishing the moment. 

“Cersei,” you murmured. “We’re going to get caught.”

“No, we won’t.” she muttered against your skin, and you laughed lightly to yourself. The two of you had been together for some time already, but deep down, you felt like it was inevitable that you would be discovered. Cersei was supposed to be married to your brother, Loras. How would everyone react if they found out that you were the one she wanted chambers every night, instead? 

“We should run away.” the suggestion tumbled from your lips before you could stop them, and Cersei abruptly stopped and looked up at you. She raised an eyebrow, studying your expression, before taking a step back.

“Don’t tell me you’re serious.” Cersei scoffed, swiftly turning around and reaching for some wine on the table. She poured herself a glass, before pouring you some too. “It’s a ridiculous suggestion, y/n.”

“Why not?” you grabbed her hand, stopping her from taking a sip from her goblet. “We could just disappear, and not have to worry about sneaking around-”

“Disappear where?” Cersei cut you off, snatching her hand away. She took a gulp from her wine as you looked away. “Look at me, y/n. We’re not leaving King’s Landing.” 

“I’m tired of sneaking around, Cersei.” you said desperately. “I’m tired of this being our… our secret. I don’t want to hide anymore.”

“Well that’s too bad.” Cersei replied coldly, and you frowned. “You’re asking me to leave my children, y/n.” 

“We could take them with us?” you suggested, and Cersei shook her head. “Oh please, Cersei, your children can’t be the reason you want to stay in King’s Landing so bad. Is there someone else here?”

Cersei didn’t respond, and your eyebrows furrowed. You made eye contact, and as if the two of you thought about the same thing, Cersei quickly looked away as you said, “Cersei… those are just rumors, right?”

Rumors about her fucking her own brother. 

“Of course they’re rumors.” Cersei snapped. She sighed, turning around as her voice softened. “There’s no one else here, y/n. It’s always been you. You and only you.”

“Then why won’t you run away with me?” you asked, and Cersei pressed her lips together. Shaking your head, you backed away. “Forget it, Cersei. I’m going back to Highgarden.” 

“Don’t leave.” Cersei suddenly exclaimed, and you looked at her. “I… I don’t know who I am without you.”

“Then at least consider leaving with me, please.” you said quietly, before exiting the room.