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what the heck do you get more popular on here, i only have about 150 and i've been on here for months. there are people who have been on here less amount than i have and have ten times as much. i make posts and i make friends, idk what i'm doing wrong please help.

hmm i would try to interact with ppl as much as you can for ex. participating in meetups (i usually dont [cause i cant oop) n reblogging other ppls selfies, dont send asks on anon (gotta get that recognition), and i spam the tags on my posts it helps a fuckbunch, and also i feel like just making personal posts for ppl to get to know you also helps, and this seems kinda petty but i would personally look at ur url first and if i think its good i would check out ur theme and the rest of ur blog skdhsjfh thats all i can think of atm i hope i helped somewhat?? anyways good luck, hope u get those followers my guy

i am aware that it is not new years yet but i rly wanted to post this now ok? i am a rebel i do what i want *hairflip*

So I decided to make a follow forever for new years since the last follow forever was an autumn follow forever so u know, it’s about time to make a new one. Also, I was a lazy shit and didn’t really feel like making an edit for this so I just took a screen cap with my awesome new macbook.

I love all the people that I follow, but these are the people that stood out most for me this year. Also bolded people are the ones that I’m absolutely obsessed with. But I still love you all equally as much ofc. I didnt really include humor blogs even though there are shit loads of them, its just cause i feel like they’re all too cool and famous so idk, ok? I’t so I’m going to shut up now cause I could bet real money that no1 even reads this lmao ok so

ps i possibly forgot shit loads of people cause i can’t recognize them ‘cause of all the jolly christmas urls damn u people

also sorry if i wrote ur url wrong omg

I love you guys, keep on the good work and especially, happy new years x

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ily all, stay fab x