just cause this is my favorite song ever

Cause You’re My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 78/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into their world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: none just lots of fluff?

Word Count: 3,381

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A/N: lots ‘o fluff tbh

Everyone in the Jefferson household was beyond exhausted.

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By @gate-the-653rd

 Just answer all the questions and then tag some followers!

Name: Silvester 
Relationship status: In a relationship w/ my best friend :’)
Favorite colors: Bluuuuu and….. Orange I guess
Last song I listened to: Non-Stop from Hamilton.
Favorite TV shows: Shit. Uh….. Chowder? Flapjack? Yokai Watch? HTGAWM? Gumball? Regular Show?
First Fandom: I honestly have no idea. I’ve never been one to go DEEP into any fandom tbh. I guess pokemon?
Hobbies: Doing fuckin nothing, listening to music, procrastinating, gaming, sleeping, watching shows.
Books I’m currently reading: LMAO. but yeah i need to start reading more cause its important.
Worst thing I’ve ever eaten: uh…….I have no idea. I dont remember bad food at all. I just toss it out. Although the worst experience I’ve ever had with food was when I bit into a raw banana pepper and I was in hell for like 4 minutes.
I thought it would be sweet…. but i guess not
Favorite place: uhhhhhhhhhh. In my dorm where I can do what I want without being bothered.

I tag @alexthefusion, @villagersonthepoopdeck, @orderedreflections, @findinmimo, @legitpocahontas, @mahscarpone, @kokolokos, and @gmorningsunshine.
You aint gotta do this if you dont want to.

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TALK ABOUT THE NEW BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOVIE (heard you wanted someone to yell at u so hear ya go :) )

and a dif anon:  Hey I heard you saw the beauty and the beast remake! I’m kinda on the fence about seeing it… what’s your take on it?

OKAY YEAH thanks for reminding me! cause I do still wanna talk about it a bit

i wanna preface this by saying I’m someone who grew up on disney, but I’ve never particularly cared for Beauty and the Beast. Like, it just wasn’t ever one of my favorite of the movies, and even though I certainly appreciate the songs a lot more now that I’m older, I didn’t watch it a lot when I was a kid so I feel like anything I feel for the new one isn’t heavily influenced by a feeling of nostalgia. 

Overall, I think the new Beauty and the Best is… okay. But very messy. 

It was honestly kind of frustrating, because there are a lot of things that just kind of fall flat (not least of all Emma Watson’s performance). It was weird because they kept so many things similar, but also made some significant changes here and there… I know adaptations are very hard, especially when you wanna put a spin on something without revamping it completely, but with BatB it just made it feel really disjointed for me. 

One thing that frustrated me was that they could have done away with a couple of the aspects we already had (or maybe just tweek/streamline them) so they could focus on some of the new or ‘expanded’ aspects they put new emphasis on. Like, for example, Belle and Beast and their backstories concerning their moms, and their relationships with their dads. They tip toed into giving the both of them more depth, but never went all the way with it! After they talk about the Beast’s parents in the one scene, it’s never brought up again. I would have loved it if maybe one of the things they bond over and talk about is how their relationships with their fathers are so different. 

Like I said before, I think Watson’s performance as Belle was… serviceable at best. She really didn’t emote all that much, or maybe it’s more accurate to say I wish she had more expressions during subtle moments. She just didn’t convey a lot of personality… like, at all. She’s probably my least favorite character in this iteration of the story. Also, her singing was…. Well. 

I really liked Gaston and LeFou, their dynamic was funny and it actually seemed like they were friends more than just the Antagonist and his Toady. I think LeFou was surprisingly well-written, with his subtle moments of cleverness and mockery - he followed Gaston but it was obvious he saw though the guy’s bullshit, too. 

My FAVORITE part of the movie was the servants. I actually thought their designs were pretty neat (though Mrs. Potts and Chip looked a little creepy… their faces/eyes were just… hmm). They were very VERY well animated, I loved seeing Lumiere move and jump around, and the Be Our Guest sequence was gorgeous. I like how there was a lot more emphasis on the consequences of the curse? And a stronger, more caring relationship between the servents and the Beast, both before and after the curse (though, again, that’s definitely something I wish they could have gone into more!)

They were my favorite part of the movie I think, I loved all of them. They were very sympathetic, especially in like, the entire last bit of the movie. 

So yeah, I guess overall I’ll just say I thought it was an interesting experience and I’m glad I saw it, and I liked parts of it a lot, but it was definitely pretty messy and had a lot wrong with it. I can see why anyone would love OR hate it, or just be kinda amicably neutral like me. 

do you ever just

listen to a beatles love song

and just melt???????????????????????????? in to goop???? cause i am in pain

the early love songs just break me

i am so in love with them

theyve always been my favorite band of all time but sometimes ill turn on one of their songs or one will come on off shuffle and ill gawk cause i am so fucking in love

Made In The A.M. for the Signs

Aries: Wolves – Your beauty could start a war.

Taurus: I Want To Write You A Song – I want to lend you my coat, one that’s as soft as your cheek, so when the world is cold you will have a hiding place you can go.

Gemini: A.M. – All my favorite conversations always made in the A.M. ‘cause we don’t know what we’re saying. We’re just swimming 'round in our glasses, talking out of our asses like we’re all gonna make it.

Cancer: History – You and me got a whole lot of history. We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen.

Leo: Hey Angel – Oh, I wish I could be more like you. Do you wish you could be more like me?

Virgo: Olivia – The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation.

Libra: What A Feeling – Everybody needs someone around.

Scorpio: If I Could Fly – I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen, and pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing.

Sagittarius: Perfect – If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms, and if you like having secret little rendezvous, if you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do, baby, I’m perfect.

Capricorn: Infinity – It’s like I’m frozen, but the world still turns. Stuck in motion, and the wheels keep spinning 'round, moving in reverse with no way out.

Aquarius: Temporary Fix – You can call me when you’re lonely, when you can’t sleep, I’ll be your temporary fix.

Pisces: End Of The Day – All I know at the end of the day is you love who you love; there ain’t no other way.

I provided lyrics to give you an idea of what specifically reminded me of each of the signs. Feel free to ask for a more in-depth explanation!

@archi05​ Thank you so much for the tag! <33

AGE: secret lol <33



DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Lemon (¬‿¬)  Fanta xD


FAVORITE SONG: I can’t just chose one… o(;△;)o So I’ll tell you the ones that always, ALWAYS are in my playlist xD

“Diver” & “Niwaka ame ni mo makezu” by Nico Touches The Walls

Anything by GACKT, really xD (e.g. “Vanilla”, “Jesus”, “Ever”, “Last song” and a long etc xDD)

And won’t be listing any more ‘cause I could go on forever and ever xDD

GHOSTS ARE THEY REAL: you don’t believe ‘cause you haven’t seen them o__o


KILLED SOMEONE: No (why is this even a question? ∑ ⊙▂⊙ )

LAST TIME YOU CRIED: When my father got hospitalized a few weeks ago….


ONE WISH: Hmmmm…. I wish to survive this year….


QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: Hmmm… I can’t think of any right now xD I can’t come up with anything I’m “always” asked lol

REASONS TO SMILE: SNS? xD Also when my cat does something crazy xDDD



VACATION DESTINATION: First, Mallorca (Spain), next maybe Findland! x3

WORST HABIT: Daydreaming when I should not…. xDD

X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: Over my entire body by now lol

YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Ramen!!! and pizza!! owo!!!


TAGGING: @usuratialmant @uchihanochidori (it’s been a while buddy! <3 ) @dark-naruto @cubur @kazhmiran @sesilet-nymphet @it-started-over-sasunaru and anyone who wants to play, really, feel tagged by me <3

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19: What was the first song from your favorite band that you've ever heard?

Well, for My Chemical Romance it was Famous Last Words, and I actually remember hearing it back like exactly when it came out around the same time as Wttbp and I was like “this is a nifty song” so i googled the band and then I saw a picture of blonde gerard way and i was like “oh fuck no” cause idk, I just thought they looked like a stupid band and then I forgot about them for like two years hahahaha

Similar story when I first saw Young Guns I had never heard of them, they opened for you me at six and they opened with I want to say weight of the world and I was like “well this song’s shit” and then i forgot about them for two years and then they were on the bill for warped tour so I listened to them some because i recognized the name so i listened to the song Bones and fucking hell is bones a good song, like oh my god, it’s hard not to love Young guns with a song like bones.

For fall out boy it was either dance dance or sugar but I don’t remember which.

Paramore it was that’s what you get and I was really into it and downloaded it but never listened to anything but that song for several months until I got tired of it so i decided to look into more by the band which was how I got into them. The same thing happened with Hey there delilah by the plain white t’s. 

frictioninyourjeans  asked:

pmore b*nch

  • Favourite song: Ankelbiters or crushcrushcrush
  • least favourite song: Franklin (idk its just kinda boring in my opinion)
  • have i ever seen them live: god i wish but i havent
  • favourite band member: hayley 
  • least favourite band member:  josh cause hes a dick
  • how many of their albums i have: I physically own two but i illegally downloaded all of their albums
  • favourite album: self titled or riot!
  • favorite lyrics: “Its just a spark but its enough to keep me going”
  • favorite music video: aint it fun cause it was a look™
  • ever met any members: tragically not but if i ever met hayley i would bust a nut on the spot 

post concert thought blurbs

everyone is cute
b1a4 spends all their time telling banas we’re pretty
they did this cute thing where they had channie narrating this vcr where he said the hyungs ideal types and then they’d pick someone out of the audience on the camera and he’d be like NOW THERES A CUTIE and at the end he was like wanna see my ideal type and then panned to all the banas
they gave ppl flowers during yeppeo
they wore super embarrassing costumes and sang 그대와 함께 WHICH I DIDNT THINK THEY WOULD AND IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER
gongchan and i both cried during 10년후 except he tried to lie later and pretend he didn’t and i am doing no such thing
we all like watched bana home vids together and laughed for the 날 따라 해봐요 event and it was super cute
물한잔 had like SIX endings cause baro and cnu kept being like should we go for just ooooone more round and we were all like FUCKIN DUH
banas are seriously the cutest and when i came in and sat down the girl next to me was like “hello!” in english and just talked to me like it was a no brainer
also they came into the audience for wait and everyone was standing to look at them and baro was like “kids pls sit~” and everyone did hahaha cause we’re nice kids
encore vcr involved painting a mural for bana and each other’s faces
After the costume number they went to change and sandeul stayed to entertain us and changed on stage and got all flustered when everyone hooted at him taking off his giant schmock thing and was like “I’m wearing pants!! This isn’t sexy!!” and we were all like DUDE UR SEXY and he was like oh gosh
cnu pranked us all hard when we were waiting for chan to finish changing and cnu points to the back and is all CHAN HOWD YOU GET ALL THE WAY BACK THERE and we all looked and he was like hahaha gotcha and we were all like ARE YOU FIVE
that aside jinyoung is #1 most likely to tease bana
Baro cut his hair??
the sign event for 행복하자 was cute ofc
there was a drumming stage and it was really sexy!? like i’m mildly vexed

idk i love b1a4 they’re so cute and sweet to their fans and generally just the best

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite song lyric?

“Home is where the heart is but what a shame, cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same.” from Jesus of Suburbia  -Thalia 

I’m kind of torn between "die young and save yourself" from The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, and “Who do you carry the torch for, my young man? Do you carry it around just to burn things down?” From the Archers Bows Have Broken. -Nico 

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.” from Strawberry Fields Forever. -Will

“Come on Henry, I;m not Wendy, I am human only in form.” From Until I Open My Wings, by Small Wonder. -Drew 

“Theres words are all we have” from Overjoyed. -Piper 

“Destruction leads to a very rough rode, but it also breeds creation.” From Claiforniacation. -Percy

Know what an amazing feeling is? When I wake up each day and don’t have a guy on my mind. When I can see them on Facebook with their girlfriends and not feel a thing except a smile cause we shared a moment but now it’s over. When I can listen to songs that once made me cry about them and now I just sing along cause they hold memories but their my favorite songs and I can enjoy them again. When I can lay in bed and think back about them and not feel empty and cry my eyes out but just feel happiness. I am the happiest I have ever been and I’m single. Those are damn good feelings.
—  melindacaroline

I change shapes just to hide in this place
But I’m still, I’m still an animal

I’ve always liked Sky Ferreira’s cover of “Animal”, and this might be cheesy, but ever since starting the kumiho project, it’s been one of my favorite songs to work to while doing the drawings. Mostly ‘cause I like to imagine the struggles of an animal-turned-human trying to pass in human society, learning to balance animal instinct and vulnerability with social politeness and restraint.

Is there any beauty or truth to instictiveness? Or is it always best to say little and reveal less?

Er, I was trying to make a relevant and poetic concluding line. But I honestly have no idea. Personally, I’m always somewhere on the wrong end of “Oh no” and “Wordvomit” when it comes to conversing with strangers.

I hate that I can’t listen to my favorite songs anymore cause they remind me of you. I wonder if this lump in my throat will ever go away when I try to talk to you. I wonder if my heart will ever stop aching at the thought of you.
—  You took so much of me when you left. I just want it all back.

lmaaaaaaaao im trippin

why am I sad about someone who made me so sad for a year im a yung lil bug and im pretty and im smart and they’ll be other boys that’ll actually be nice to me and love me and it’s all gonna be okay and guess what I haven’t cried today and i didn’t cry yesterday and I cried the day before but that’s ok!!!!! it’ll be okay!!!!! I’ll be okay one day and im sure I’ll cry some more because he was the first guy I ever ever loved but im going to be just fine! Don’t let boys ruin u and ur happiness or your favorite song or your favorite restaurant don’t even give boys that power. this is such a weird post im sorry but im working on my happiness cause I’m very important to me

Pieces of me are shattered all around people I know, every one of you has taken a collection of my thoughts and have them written over your forehead
Every person I know, has a mutual interest that we speak out about together
Different links are coming out of me and connecting a part of my brain with someone
And it’s tiring because I want to share my every thought with just one person
My every fear, intrest, anxiety, amusement, favorite band, least favorite song, my biggest turn off and my smallest turn on, everything inside me every thought that has ever come outside of me; I wanna share it with just one person.
When I get my saddest news and life throws me right to the ground, I wanna call this person and tell them all about it. Cause they would already have an idea about what might happen. I don’t have to choose who to tell and somehow force myself to only continue the matter with the person who was there or who knew in some way.
When I get my happiest lift, I wanna dance around that same person and watch them move their butts with me, because they are genuinely happy for me and they know how much time I’ve waited for it to happen.
I don’t wanna go and tell people who happen to be on the same waiting list because we’re sharing the same goal.
I mean yes, it’s nice having different conversations with different people, but for once in my life, I wanna have all kind of conversations with only one person.