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“Clearing his throat, Lance drops into a graceful and practiced bow. ‘Welcome to The Altean Kitchen. Keith and I will be your waiters this evening. Hunk has already prepared a lovely meal for you both, which we’ll be serving shortly.’ He straightens and smoothly steps up behind Allura, pulling out her chair and gesturing to it. ‘We invite you to sit, and we hope you enjoy your evening.’” 

Shut Up and Dance With Me, Chapter 9 by @wittyy-name​ (and @wolfpainters​)

So I heard it was Witty’s birthday (It’s a week late I’m sorry). So here’s a little gift?

Witty and Sora, thank you so much for Shut Up and Dance With Me. It gives me so much life and I can’t count the many times The Marks We Make has revived me from college stress. Your collabs are amazing and a gift to this fandom. Witty’s writing fills me up with warm gooey feels and Sora’s art makes me want to just drool and stare at it all day. Thank you so much and happy (very belated) birthday witty :> 

I’m gonna tell y'all the story of when I got my first period
So I was about 11, freshly in the 6th grade, and I woke up because I felt a wet spot on my bed. So I sort of just got up and blindly went to the bathroom thinking idk that I peed myself or something
So I’m just going my thing and I looked down to see that my underwear is completely covered in blood and I did what any sane 11 year old would do
I screamed as if I was being stabbed
I literally thought I was dying
And I went to catholic school from the tender age of 4-18 so our sex education was non existent, I honestly can’t tell you if we were even taught what a period was
So I just thought I was dying
So I’m screaming and crying and my mom runs out of her bedroom and into the bathroom with a look of terror on her face asking “what’s wrong????!”
In which I say, totally not dramatically might I add, “IM DYING!”
So she sees the blood and she just goes “oh honey it’s okay! You just got your period!”
Which of course I’m like “WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN??!”
So after that she calls my dad who just left for work to come back and bring me pads and let’s me stay home from school cause I was clearly traumatized and I remember for the longest time not telling people I know that I had my period cause it was meant to be this embarrassing thing, and being a preteen was hard enough and I went to a small school and everyone was actually the devil and just not needing that extra annoyance in my life
And looking back at it now I’m just mad that I had to feel like something my body naturally does is embarrassing when I have no control over it
So now I’m just so vocal about it and I really don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable or not
“Hey how are you?”
“Bleeding from my vagina, how are you?”
Like if someone is telling you not to speak about your period just talk about it louder who gives a fuck
Literally tell them you’ll bleed on their favourite shirt or something cause we all know how hard it is to get period blood stains out
So moral of the story: bleed on people who try and make you feel embarrassed about your period just chuck tampons at them till they shut up


So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.

I feel morally obligated to make at least one shitpost a week

adsom headcanon (kind of a spoiler for acol):

-kell and lila end up having a son and it’s not exactly planned bc lila didn’t want kids but they end up rolling with it

-his name is holland barron and it was a hard fought battle that kell eventually won at much risk to his own life and lila only managed to semi agree and had to settle for his middle name being barron (and she would have gotten her way but she felt slightly guilty bc…u kno)

-holland has heterochromia and one eye is brown and the other is green (bc it is okay)

-he can also wield fire but it’s his only element

-rhy and alucard basically adopt holland as well and rhy decides that holland should be his heir bc “he just oozes charm like me” and no one can say anything against it bc technically he is royal since kell is a prince

-so holland basically has three dads and a badass mom

-fun fact: rhy calls holland holly berry bc he can (and he gets away with it. alucard tries and kell almost punches him while rhy claims that no one else can call holland that cause it’s his special nickname)

-whenever holland makes friends everyone is semi wary but he’s so damn charming that they forget that he’s their crown prince and they just wanna be his friend

-but forever in the bg his parents are all ready to fight™ if anything happens to their son

-rhy is fricken king he has a crap ton of power ready at any time and he could talk someone into totally destroying themselves with just his words no need for magic

-this is the only time kell and alucard would ever 100% agree on something (because even on rhy they only agree sometimes) but both of them are so ready to fight for holland they would honestly wreak havoc

-unfortunately for these three they won’t ever get to do anything bc not only has lila made sure her boy can take care of himself, but she’s even scarier than the three put together and if someone was stupid enough to try and cross rhy and kell and alucard…well they have lila bard to deal with

-holland also travels a lot with lila and kell and sees a lot of the world and rhy makes sure he does bc he doesn’t want holland to stay cooped up all of his life

-unfortunately for kell, holland absolutely loves to sail and alucard is more than happy to teach him some ways

-kell is jealous and tells alucard to stop filling his son’s mind with pirate fantasies and lila comes and smacks kell and tells him to let their son learn

-sometimes holland has fears that he can’t live up to be the great prince/king that rhy is and his fear runs deeper than his parents know because he’s been surrounded by greatness but he’s not sure he can do it and he’s afraid he’s going to do things wrong

-rhy is the one who actually finds out about this and sits down and talks with holland about how he felt having no magic and how he felt he wasn’t good enough and they both sit down and talk for a long time

-holland’s fears aren’t totally gone but they’re better and then later he gets to hear the story of how holland (antari) saved them and how he’s one of the reasons why they survived and holland then feels better about himself bc his namesake fucked up a lot but in the end he was the reason why they’re all there

-basically holland has an incredibly loving family lmao

Some protag headcanons I wrote at 2 am

Minato is really the most open with his depression. He kinda stopped caring if people knew or not. The notion of nihilism at first provided comfort but soon began to envelop most of his waking thoughts. Similar to the movie, the dark hour is one of the few things that have gave his life meaning and he’s conflicted on letting that go or not

Souji tries so damn hard to hide his emotions and very few people ever get him to open up. He firmly believes that people only care for him for the support he provides and for the masks that he wears. The moment people realize he’s not the perfect honors student and friend that they believe and want him to be they’ll leave him. Souji can’t let that happen

Akira is just full of an impatient rage. His efforts to be the good samaritan left him with an assult on his record and feeling empty. He’s fed up with the world and just wants to get back at it. Conflicting emotions arise when he starts to consider if he’s acting as a phantom thief to save others or to satisfy his needs for revenge or as a way to channel that anger. The world turned him cold while simultaneously setting him ablaze

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Yo, I'm not sure if i told you this headcanon or if I told another blog... I just thought it would be cute if like after a crazy fight during a mission and Hanzo and Mccree both almost died but they saved each other and all that. Anyway the mission is a success and Mccree is so happy and excited that he kisses Hanzo. Hanzo is surprised at first and tenses up but he gets super happy too and they're just embracing each other because they're happy and aaaaahahdhsjdjskskckckf feels my dude

Are we talkin before they get together? Cause I love that idea. The two of them as partners and best friends, though they haven’t bridged the gap into Lover territory yet. They go on this hard as fuck mission together, with Jesse running head on into danger and Hanzo covering him from a vantage point, and then Jesse taking down a group of enemies as Hanzo is taking cover or something. Either way, Jesse almost gets ambushed and Hanzo almost gets outnumbered, but the other comes in right in the nick of time and saves the other. At one point they are back to back, taking down enemies as one unit, an unstoppable force. And finally the last one falls, only barely, right before they can be overtaken. And they both lose it, the team exploding over their com when Athena announces its a mission success, everyone is thrilled and relieved. Jesse is a laughing mess and hooting and hollering, and Hanzo is smiling brightly at his side before Jesse scoops him up in his arms, swinging him around with laughter before leaning in and kissing him hard on the lips, overcome by that thrill a soldier gets from surviving a hard fight. 

And when he pulls back he’s still grinning before reality hits him and he freezes, staring into Hanzo’s face of sheer surprise. He stutters and blushes, dropping him cause he thinks he fucked up and says something like “O-oh shit hanzo I’m sorry, I just got so caught up, I wasn’t thinking, I’m so-” But Hanzo grabs him by the collar of his serape and pulls him down, kissing him just as hard. And when they pull away, Jesse’s the one with wide eyes, clutching his hat with hearts in his eyes, and he pulls Hanzo to his chest and the two can’t help but laugh as they hold one another, lost in the ecstasy of each other’s company and their victory.

Glory Days sentence starters
  • "Heard he in love with some other chick."
  • "That hurt me, I'll admit."
  • "Forget that boy, I'm over it."
  • "I hope she gettin' better sex. Hope she ain't fakin' it like I did."
  • "Took four long years to call it quits."
  • "Guess I should say thank you."
  • "Ain't sure I loved you anyway."
  • "You're really quite the man."
  • "You made my heart break and that made me who I am."
  • "I swear you'll never bring me down."
  • "I deleted all your pics then blocked your number from my phone."
  • "You ain't getting this love no more."
  • "I feel like for the first time I am not faking."
  • "Don't you keep it all to yourself."
  • "Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week."
  • "Why you making me wait so long?"
  • "I promise to keep this a secret, I'll never tell."
  • "I know that this could be something real."
  • "All damn night I was here waiting."
  • "I know you were with her, I know that you kissed her."
  • "I was so mad, had my break-up speech ready."
  • "You're dirty, disgusting, but I can't get enough of your loving."
  • "Boy, I hate you, really hate you."
  • "My mama said I shouldn't date you."
  • "You're cheatin', you're lyin', I know that you're hiding."
  • "Why am I such a fool when it comes to you?"
  • "All my friends say I'm a sucker."
  • "I wish you were dead 'til you take me to bed."
  • "You lead on my love."
  • "Oh, them brown eyes and that body..."
  • "I'll get my revenge, take my key to your Benz."
  • "Then you smile, that's my killer."
  • "We broke up, we're better off as friends."
  • "We broke up... Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do."
  • "I messed around and got caught up with you."
  • "I don't know how long I can wait."
  • "This could be my greatest mistake."
  • "We had a good run."
  • "We messed around and had some good fun."
  • "Guess it turns out I lost a good one."
  • "I accidentally know that you're in love with me, too."
  • "So can we try again?"
  • "We're official, more than friends."
  • "Is that what you call flirtin'?"
  • "When you wanna start growin' up, we can maybe fall in love."
  • "I need a man who can act like a man."
  • "Everybody warned me."
  • "But you're kinda hot, so I thought, why not?"
  • "I need a man."
  • "I'm tasty, delicious, I'm rough around the edges."
  • "My mind is obsessive, my flex is aggressive."
  • "Glad I didn't listen to my teachers."
  • "I don't mind offending, I ain't 'bout pretending."
  • "Them haters be hating, my fashion be trending."
  • "Get down and dirty."
  • "I don't ask the mirror, I know I'm the fairest."
  • "They wanna know who I'm sneakin' into my place, they don't need to know, no one's business how I play."
  • "Baby, you're the man, but I got the power."
  • "You make rain, but I'll make it shower."
  • "You should know, I'm the one who's in control."
  • "I got the power."
  • "Got you thinking that I'm all innocent, but wait 'till I get you home."
  • "If I ain't got nothin', least I got you."
  • "Come and kiss me like the first time."
  • "Let's pack up and run away, just me and you."
  • "There ain't no heartache you can't undo."
  • "You're the one that I need."
  • "Take my hand baby, please."
  • "I'm alive, if living's just a beating heart."
  • "We won't admit we've taken it too far."
  • "I know it's love cause I will always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts."
  • "I'm alone again and all I want is to feel again."
  • "There's nobody like you."
  • "I'm screaming "I don't want you" but you know that I do."
  • "I only like myself when I'm with you."
  • "I'm alone again."
  • "All you left me with was scars."
  • "I keep trying to put this behind me."
  • "I still wanna know who's taking you home."
  • "For tonight, I'm going to get my mind off it."
  • "No more sad songs."
  • "Don't care where I go, just can't be alone."
  • "They'll never know me like you used to know me."
  • "I will only hurt myself, tryna hurt you."
  • "You got my adrenaline pumping when you stand so close."
  • "You had me at hello."
  • "You're the only one that's taking me home."
  • "If you want to touch it then baby you should."
  • "You got my permission to do what you like."
  • "No matter what the deal, babe, you know that I'll be there."
  • "We've come so far, baby."
  • "Nothing else matters like us."
  • "I don't wanna fight, not tonight."
  • "I don't really care about nothing else."
  • "I told you don't let me down, I know you never did."
  • "Look at us now, still you and me."
  • "I don't want nobody else."
  • "I got you all to myself."
  • "I give it all to you, so baby don't let me down."
  • "We got it all, babe, right where we want it to be."
  • "My leather jacket smells like your aftershave."
  • "All I wanna do is get your hands up on my booty."
  • "The thought of you is driving me wild."
  • "I love, love, love making love to you."
  • "You don't get these kisses for free."
  • "Don't make it worse lying to me."
  • "You'll be sleeping in the bed alone."
  • "Little boy, you better run along."
  • "I ain't playing games no more.
  • "Get your story straight."
  • "I won't forgive you for your mistakes."
  • "Don't try to turn this 'round boy, it's too late."
  • "Go 'head, boy, live your dream, don't come crawling back to me."
  • "I've got two sides of me, boy; the one you want your mother to meet and the one that's a freak."
The Signs as Charlie Puth Songs (Nine Track Mind)
  • **Check your Venus sign too!**
  • Aries: My Gospel // There's nothing that I won't do just to make you love me
  • Taurus: Then There's You // There's beautiful and then there's you
  • Gemini: Losing My Mind // I'm sorry that I'm not there to give you what you want, I'll think about us some other time
  • Cancer: As You Are // I could never judge you, I would take you as you are
  • Leo: Suffer // Don't keep me waiting, you should come over
  • Virgo: River // Nothing is as cold as running on your own
  • Libra: One Call Away // Call me baby if you need a friend, I just wanna give you love
  • Scorpio: Up All Night // Cause there ain't nobody else that could light me up so bright and break this crazy spell
  • Sagittarius: Dangerously // I loved you dangerously, more than the air that I breathe
  • Capricorn: Some Type Of Love // When the world's on fire we won't even move, there is no reason if I'm here with you
  • Aquarius: Does it Feel // Tell me lies, like how you're better off without me
  • Pisces: We Don't Talk Anymore // Should've known your love was a game, now I can't get you out of my brain

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I've been coughing up a lung all week and I'm still doing shit cause i gotta get stuff done. Could i get 2d and murdoc just dealing with an s/o who's sick and just doesn't know when to stop and they're just like 'babe no stop you're sick' ?

Sorry about how long this took! <3 And I hope you feel better :) 


“Shit! I have to send this out before the post closes or my boss will have my head impaled on a stake by next week!”

You’ve been running around frantically all day trying to get everything done. Your sister called today asking if you could take your nephews while she goes to another job interview. You had to send this package, take the kids to school, pick them up, pick up a pizza pie for when they got hungry, all while “working” from home today. On top of all this you had a horrible sore throat and headache and the twins were screaming at each other.

“What’s all this?” Murdoc walks in the room looking at the rugrats.

“Ugh Mudz, I’m sorry I just had to take them for today and-” You say rushing by him, picking up pizza crusts from the floor and tossing them when he interrupts you

“You don’t look so good, love.” He saunters towards you looking worried, giving a glance to the kids before putting out his cigarette.

“Well thanks, that’s all I needed to hear!” You rolled your eyes and start looking for the car keys so you could get to the post office in time, suddenly you hear a jingle and look up to see Murdoc holding the keys by the loop on one of his long and sharp nails. You sigh and grab for the keys when he pulls them away..

“Ah ah ah! “ He tuts, “C’mere, love.”

“Mudz, I don’t have time for this!” You half yell, frustrated.

He gives you a serious look and you walk towards him. He reaches towards you, placing the back of his green tinted hand on your forehead gently.

“Babe no, stop, you’re sick! Yer burning up!” He exclaims, looking even more worried. You can actually see his eyebrows peep below his bangs as he frowns at you, pouting.

“Someone has to get all this shit done!” You say and flinch when you hear a crash. The future criminals were apparently playing catch with a vase…

“Okay that’s enough of that…” he turned towards the kids. “YOU TWO. SIT DOWN. SHUT UP. WATCH THE TELLY UNTIL YA MOTHER GETS HERE. I HERE A PEEP OUT OF ANY OF YOU AND YOU’LL BE CORTEZ’S DINNER.” He aggressively points to the raven that just flew in the room.

The boys look up and the green man and scuttle away towards the TV where they sit down quietly.

He moves Cortez and gently pets the beautiful bird looking at you with a grin “That works didn’t it? Now you just need to send this? Anything else? Alright then I’ll be off right away then, lets get you in bed.” Cortez hops on his head and he rolls his eyes at the bird “Bloody doofus…” He mutters, making you giggle. He manages to snag some pizza and a napkin as he pushes you towards the bedroom, he roughly shoves you in bed and tosses the slice on top of the napkin in your lap, then turns on the TV.

“Relax, love. I’ll be back soon! Stay in bed, call one of the mongrels over there, if you need anything. I’ll be home in 10 minutes, just going to drop this off for ya” He gestures to the package and kisses your forehead before he exits the room, leaving you stunned.


You were sitting in a dark room, your desk and surrounding area the only things illuminated. A pencil in your hands and you other hand clutching your hard cover textbook, you have a final exam tomorrow and you’re just not getting it. You head is pounding, your throat is itchy, and your eyes are burning. But you have to drill this information through your head. Suddenly more light filters into the room, you take out your earplugs to hear your boyfriend mid sentence:

“-some takeout, would you like me to bring you some?” 2D says, walking towards you, eventually resting a hand on your shoulder.

“No thanks, D, I’m not really feeling so well”

Whatsamatter?” He responds sounding worried, and he spins your desk chair so that you’re facing him. He sees your flushed cheeks, bagged eyes and pale lips and his black eyes widen with concern. “Wha- on earth are ya doin up if you’re this sick?” He squeaks.

“It’s nothing, I took a few dayquil already, I just have to study, I need to pass this exam.” You say trying to swivel the chair back to face the desk. Your attempt is futile as he puts both arms at your sides, gripping the tops of the chair, by your shoulders.

He leans in and moves his hands, positioning himself like he’s trying to give you a hug, he mutters: “Baby no, stop that, you’re sick.” by your ear; then both his arms were under your underarms, wrapped around you as he pulls you out the chair. He hoists you up and wraps your legs around his waist, moving his hands so that one is underneath your bottom, and the other supports your back. He’s holding you like he would hold a toddler, and he starts to walk out of your dark room, ignoring your protests.

You’re too weak to argue any longer so you give up and just sigh and lay your cheek on his shoulder. He walks down the hall holding you and ignoring a weird look from Russel, he says “Ey Russ, would you be able to make y/n here some soup?”

Russel seems to understand now and says “I’m on it!”

2D chuckles as he enters his room: “What did we do ta deserve Russel, amiright? He’s the only one of us in this place that actually knows how to cook!” He finishes his sentence and plops you on his bed, bringing the covers up. He lays next to you and turns on the TV. “What are ya in the mood for? A movie?”

“I need to study…” You grumble.

“Your health is more important than this class!” He exclaims. “Now you stay here, i’m going to help Russel. If I find out ya moved to get your book or anything I swear I’ll… I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” You raise an eyebrow, amused at his struggle to find a good threat.

“I’ll borrow Murdoc’s handcuffs and lock you to the bed next time! In fact, I’ll have him babysit ya!” He says confidently, proud of his ability to come up with a threat so quickly, smiling at your reaction as you grimace at the thought of having to spend time with that green stale pickle man.

“Fine.” You huff, secretly happy that you get to relax.    


Following the Red and Yellow in Alola, I had to do Green and Blue as well 8D Blue is excited by all the shopping possibilities, while Green…. isn’t.

And then I needed Pichu in shades sipping a drink so Gold happened. I imagine Crystal would be in the background shouting for him to stop slacking, because they promised Professor Elm to check out the breeding differences in Alola mons, but Gold just brushes her off ‘cause “we’re never gonna get this sun back in Johto ok”.

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Hoe story kinda?: so basically I lost my virginity this year (I'm a freshman in college) to my friends roommate. He was wayyy out of my league and had been flirting with me hardcore. The one night we were both kinda buzzed and he just randomly kissed me and I ended up sucking his dick and riding him all night. I was also hella nervous cause I hadn't shaved down there and was self conscious but he said I looked beautiful and I shouldn't hook up with a guy who makes me feel bad about that!

Yaaasss 👏🏻👏🏻😭

turn up your sound and press play
it goes with the comic

I see a million silhouettes dancing in this room.

I wanna be the one who GETS the attention from yooooooou.

I’ve got my BEST on.

And I feel like SULKING all night LONG.

Nothing’s gonna stop me.

You’re what I WANT.

So, baby, come and get me,

‘Cause I don’t wanna dance aloooooone.

-audacity update illustrated, basically levi at a party

@ geology lovers: collecting pretty rocks gets expensive FAST doesn’t it because if I had money I’d be buying up these fucking rocks so fast (I bought a blue howlite worry stone the other day cause my therapist had a tiger’s eye one in her office and I LOVED it so I had to get me one)

but god it’s tempting to just throw all these rocks on my wishlist to buy later because they’re All so Pretty.

they’re minerals marie

ultimafangirl  asked:

Um, could I request the NDRV3 guys reacting when their S/O almost/nearly collapses? (Like, personally if I'm about to black out I'll either very slowly sit down (which helps) or I'll grab onto a wall or table and try to hold myself up (which usually never works and I just end up hitting something on the way down.) But other people may have different reactions to that. I was just trying to give examples of what I mean. And I'm sorry I'm probably being rude or something...)

You’re not being rude at all! In fact, I wouldn’t have been sure what you meant by that if you didn’t explain, so thank you!

This isn’t really a topic I’m familiar with, but I’ll do my best! Here you go!

Shuichi Saihara

  • Will panic slightly but he knows he needs to do something first and foremost
  • Will try to help you steady up, but he also feels a bit awkward cause he doesn’t really know where to hold you
  • Dammit, Saihara, now’s not the time to be blushing!
  • Will try to help you the best he can, but will ask someone more experienced about it afterwards, because he wants to be prepared in case something like this happens again
  • Once your okay he will awkwardly hug you and playfully scold you for scaring him
  • Might cry a little

Rantaro Amami

  • Oh
  • Oh shit
  • Will make you lean on him and start asking what’s going on
  • If you don’t respond he will start freaking out
  • Will take you in his arms and rub your back
  • “It’s all gonna be good, s/o. Just hang in there a little longer.”
  • Will sit you down somewhere calm and quiet
  • Then he will bring you some water and maybe some pills if he feels like you need them
  • Will insist on you going to the doctor, because he will not risk losing you
  • Will hug you a lot afterwards and scold you for not telling him you get like that sooner

Kaito Momota

  • “Hang in there, s/o! What’s wrong?!”
  • Well you’ve already seen him cough up blood, so this kind of thing isn’t really that much of a big deal
  • But he’s still very worried about you
  • “Do you need me to carry you, s/o?”
  • “C’mon, stay with me, s/o.”
  • He will sit you down and try to snap you out of it somehow, rubbing your shoulder, holding you hand, touching your face, something to keep you in touch with reality
  • Once you calm down, he will bring you some water and make you drink it, whether you like it or not
  • Will cuddle with you afterwards
  • “Geez, s/o. Don’t scare me like that!”
  • After the first time he is calmer when it happens, but he definitely doesn’t like it
  • Well at least he gets to cuddle you


  • “Hmm? What’s going on s/o?”
  • He is very confused
  • “I-Is this what happens when a human system crashes?”
  • “W-Wait hold on, I’ll quickly do some research, you will be alright, s/o!”
  • Somebody will probably have to come and help you instead, while Kiibo keeps asking what just happened
  • He does careful research and is more prepared the next time it happens
  • Will make especially good research to be sure how to deal specifically with your black out at top performance
  • You are even now, cause you have to help him too if his system suddenly crashes
  • On second thought, here’s a different scenario: He’s so shocked that he overheats and crashes, so there’s two fucking unconscious people now. Wow thanks a lot for the help Kiibo

Kokichi Ouma

  • For a minute he thinks you’re joking
  • “Nishishi, what are you doing, s/o? Your tricks won’t work on me ya kno—“
  • Never mind you’re fucking serious about this
  • Will try to hold you up but then he will start to scream
  • He doesn’t know what to do in a situation like this so he just screams for someone to come and help him
  • You might be dying!!
  • When someone finally comes he starts screaming at them for being too slow and to help you right now!!
  • While they’re helping take care of you he cries that you might die
  • Once you’re okay he will hug you very tight and complain not to scare him like that!
  • You tell him you’ll be fine and he shouldn’t cry
  • He’s still sobbing, but insists those are fake tears
  • They’re totally real and he almost just had a heart attack

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He will let you lean on him and calmly try to escort you somewhere where you can be at peace
  • Will ask you why did you feel bad
  • Will research all kind of remedies and buy you an amulet to help you with that
  • Probably the calmest out of all
  • On the inside he’s super worried, but he knows he needs to keep his cool and help you first and foremost
  • “Interesting how you can be reduced to someone so vulnerable in a manner of seconds! Humanity is so beautiful!”
  • Yeah, might get slapped in the face for that one
  • Deserved it
  • Either way, it’d be better if this didn’t happen again, so better make some research how to get rid of it
  • May do some kind of rituals or excursuses with you to help
  • “Well I like it when you’re dependant on me, so maybe it’s not really necessary to try so har—“
  • Another slap
  • Goddammit Korekiyo
  • He’s like a hellish combination of Mikan and Izuru holy shit

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Will panic and immediately grab you
  • He’s going to hoist you up in his arms and start running around
  • Somebody tell him what’s going on!
  • What does he do in a situation like this?!
  • Will try to get you somewhere where you can lie down completely
  • Will cry and ask you if you’re okay a million times
  • He will go get someone who actually knows what to do about this
  • Will be on your tail 24/7, cause he’s not sure if this can happen again
  • And if it does, the gentleman must be there to assist!

Ryoma Hoshi

  • SHIT
  • FUCK
  • He would like to catch you but he kind of can’t
  • Like, he’s trying okay, but it’s pretty difficult when you’re so much taller than him
  • Will try to get you somewhere where you can sit down comfortably
  • “Do you need me to bring you something? A wet towel? Some water? I’ll get you anything you want, just tell me, please.”
  • Even after you’re okay he will still fuss over you
  • Are you sure you’re okay now?
  • He’s really worried what would happen if he weren’t there
  • Will keep a close eye on you and try to figure out why it happens in the first place so you can get rid of it
  • Doesn’t find it bothersome even if it keeps happening, he just wants to make sure you’re okay

Well those were pretty short… Sorry about that, couldn’t really come up with anything else, cause there is basically only one proper reaction to somebody collapsing… Well I hope you liked it either way~ Thank you for your request!

Sorry I’ve been so negative lately. I’m so stressed.. So tired.. My sleeping schedule is all fucked up so I don’t know what to say. This will all pass, I know it. I’m just, so tired.. It feels like I’m wilting away.


CÁNCER: Summertime Sadness

Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime sadness. I just wanted you to know, That baby you're the best. I got my red dress on tonight, Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight. Got my hair up real big beauty queen style High heels off, I'm feeling alive. Oh, my God, I feel it in the air telephone wire's above, All sizzling like a snare. Honey I'm on fire I feel it everywhere, Nothing scares me anymore

ESCORPIO: Body Electric

“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn's my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend. We don't need nobody cause we got each other, Or at least I pretend. We get down every Friday night dancing and grinding in the pale moonlight. Grand Ole Opry, we are feeling alright, Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind. My clothes still smell like you, And all the photographs say you're still young. I pretend I'm not hurt, And go about the world like I'm having fun”

PISCIS: Dark Paradise

“All my friends tell me I should move on, I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song. Ahhh, that's how you sang it loving you forever, can't be wrong
Even though you're not here, won't move on 'Ahhh', that's how we played it... And there's no remedy for memory of faces like a melody, it won't leave my head. Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine, But I wish I was dead... Everytime I close my eyes It's like a dark paradise. No one compares to you I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side. Everytime I close my eyes It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side...


  • me in the evening: *can't keep my eyes open 'cause i am so sleepy and tired, feels like i'm gonna fall asleep standing*
  • my brain, the second my head hits the pillow: hey, so listen, i've come up with 30 different scenarios of how bad can the smallest things in your life go, i think it's good time i told you all about them right now

lacey-lamb  asked:

Ooh I have a request! How about some Reinhardt angst cause he's out on a date with his s/o and sees how they interact with friends that he deems more attractive and younger than him, making him feel not good enough and jealous. With a fluffy ending please! ♡ (congrats on the blog success I'm so happy for you! Keep it up!)

Thank you for your support, I always see you liking and replying to my posts so I’m sorry this took forever! 


It was times like this that Reinhardt wished he would’ve just kept you locked up with him all the time. Yes, it was nice going out on an actual date with you but it wasn’t so nice that your friends insisted on tagging along because it’d ‘be more fun that way’. Why did everyone think an older man like himself would want to spend any time with this crowd, a group of people who could’ve looked like his children. 

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