just cause i felt like it lol


Half thought out idea that I felt like rough doodling.

I was thinking about how since Arthurs been looking for Lewis, how different things might have gone in Ghost if Lewis hadnt used a disguise. Arthur probably would have been tackle hugging Lewis before he even got his spooky threats out. Then he’d take him to Vivi, cause he wants Vivi to be able to remember Lewis and maybe seeing him will help. Arthur is just so happy and excited and Lewis is just lost.

*Something Special* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your stories and you’re a really great writer❤ so may I ask if you could make a story where the reader thinks she’s just a muggle, but newt knows something she doesn’t know about herself. Lots and lost of fluff! Well if you wouldn’t mind that’s it…❤

So for this one, let’s just assume the reader didn’t lose control of her powers or struggle to harness them and doesn’t turn in to an Obscurus. Also, I hope this is’t like super stupid lol

Throughout all your life you never felt special or like you stood out in any way. There were times when things would happen that you couldn’t explain. Like back in your youth, you got mad at your older brother and somehow managed to make his hot cocoa tip over and splash all over his pants causing his friends to tease him relentlessly. You never thought much of it and figured it was just good timing. 

As the years would go by and you’d get older, you began noticing more and more times things like that would happen. It popped in to your mind maybe once or twice that maybe you possessed some type of magical ability, but you’d quickly brush away the idea seeing as magic didn’t exist.

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A Place to Call Home pt. 5


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 7,069

Warnings: Mentions of the assault, language, miscarriage 

A/N: To be honest, I thought this would come out better than I think it actually did. The idea was there, not sure the writing lived up to the idea lol. Again, thanks to Chloe ( @writing-obrien ) for helping me with the idea! I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! 

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mypatronusisrorypond said:                                                                              I’m sure friends can get over things like that, but Beth and Ellie were both victims of what Joe did, while Trish did actively betray Cath just as much as the husband did. Ellie did absolutely nothing wrong, Trish did.                             

yeah, you’re right… They’re not very comparable situations, are they…

Ayy I felt like I should make one of these myself cause I just love all these characters and want them all to have love and be happy?? PLEASE KUBO-SENSEI GIEV THEM ALL HAPPINESS
Imma list my ships now:
(No specific order btw)
Milasara (idk hwat their ship name is)
EmilMichele (lol, idk either of the Italian sibs’ ship names with their baes)
Georgi needs to learn to be loved more, he especially needs to love himself (I didn’t expect me to love this guy so much and yet here I am)
Chris and that mystery guy ain’t slick (that’s all I have to say for some reason lol)
And idek, I just thought since Minami is a big Yuuri fan, a Victor fan would be a nice date mate for him. They can be fans of their favorite skaters together (and be total shippers of Victuri as well~//shot)

If anyone ships any of these as well please follow and/or message me! I’d love to talk about them!!

Fasted through my 8 hour shift today at a restaurant so pretty happy about that. I’m trying to fast til Friday cause I have a date :P but I doubt its gonna happen cause dinners with the fam. The last two days all I’ve eaten were oranges and the three days before that I was on coke the whole time so I didnt eat at all however I’ve managed to maintain which sucks but whatever I just dont wanna be bloated. Anyway the point is that I fasted all day and did pretty strenuous labor lol but I feel fatter than this morning and I felt fat this morning too. Idk I’ve been bloated the past couple of days and idk if its because of my period or because I need to take some laxatives if ya know what I mean.. Honestly thats probably it cause like I said I haven’t been eating and I’m not even hungry… Blah. Hope everyones doing well. Feel free to drop by my asks/ inbox and say helloooo

Sick Comfort (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Character: Lucifer Morningstar

Word Count: 440

Warnings: None that I can think of.

A/N: Sorry, this isnt my best one shot ;-; I decided to combine two requests so i hope you dont mind~

Requested:  Hi! I love your blog and I’d like to request a Lucifer (from the tv show, not supernatural lol) x reader where the reader is sick and Lucifer is taking care of the reader.


Hi! I was wondering if you could make another one short of Lucifer Morningstar where the read e r and him are already dating?

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inspibraithional  asked:

Oooh!! What are the reasons behind the backgrounds in your Thomas Sanders personality doodles? They're so adorable and cute, by the way! You're an awesome artist! :D

Aww! Thank you so much!!!🙌🏾

And the reason behind each background, starting with Logic, those are puzzle pieces! Cause Thomas mentioned a while ago that putting puzzles together is his logical side(if I remember correctly). And they were blue and yellow because I googled color meanings and both blue and yellow popped up as “intellect” or “intelligence”.

With Morality i went with Pink cause that color symbolizes love, friendship, honor, (morality lol) and general success! I googled patterns and the one I used popped up along with another one and I just felt like it really fit Thomas’ Dad character! I also did a red line for “Love” cause in a more recent video Morality was referred to as Thomas’ “heart” so..! Lol

For Princey I went with a purple background cause that’s the color for royalty!! And the design I again googled “royalty pattern” and the one I used I liked the best and just seemed to work with this character. Plus I revamped his outfit a bit. Added some shoulder..pad things(idk what they’re called) and 2 gold chains and a red pin. I tried to stay true to the original outfit as best I could! And if I have to explain the music note then we have a problem lol

Then we have Anxiety! His background was actually the first one I came up with. I figured a fractured background would be cool cause sometimes that’s how you feel when your anxiety kicks in! You just feel kinda broken(at least that’s how it is for me)

Lastly. We have Thomas himself. I put him in the baseball tee cause it’s one of my faves! I originally wanted to put him in the SU shirt but everyone always draws him in that and I wanted to do something different! Plus I think the white on that shirt created a good contrast with the background. Speaking of which. I combined all the backgrounds of the previous drawings into one cause he’s all of those things wrapped into one(obviously lol)! And why I went with a circle for each background? idk just thought it looked cool! Plus I don’t normally do backgrounds so this was fun to experiment with!

Oh! The little stars by his head? Why not? Lol and then the bands on his wrists!! I don’t think I ever mentioned this before, but those bands represent all the social media platforms he’s on! Dark blue is Tumblr. Yellow is Snapchat. Red is YouTube. Light blue is Twitter. And lastly, green is Vine(RIP)!

And there ya have it! One big ol explanation of this series lol hope that all makes sense! ✌🏾️

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yo its me again cause i learned a new cow fact and it is that cows enjoy soothing music and produce more milk when they listen to it. just felt like sharing sorry lol

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg im glad???? im glad they like soothing music thats wonderful

Oh, God…I was sitting in the breakroom with one of my coworkers and another coworker came in and goes “are y'all dating?” cause we’re always together and I felt soooo uncomfortable and the guy goes “hopefully” and I just pretended like I didn’t hear anything…awkward lol. Especially since he always makes comments like that.
“Oh who’s that guy? Do I have competition?” (When my guy friends come to work to visit me)
“Oh I thought I was the only one who brings you lattes” (some other guy brought me a latte to work lol)
And just things like that…and I always dodge those comments *___*

Locker Room // Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: Isaac oneshot please? Like the imagine you reblogged of him overhearing people talking about you crudely in the locker room and he’s ready to maul them but Scott holds them back while stiles gets you cause you’re his anchor? Maybe after they’re talking and hugging etc she asks what got him so angry and he admits his feelings for her? Maybe stiles and Scott overhear and cheer they’re finally together ?

I don’t really know if you would classify crudely as in like insulting and mean or as in like inappropriate sexually so I went with the later just because I felt like that I would be more fun lol. Hope you enjoy :)

Warnings: Explicit Language….kinda.
Word Count: 1,120

“Hey, I saw Y/N in gym class today. She was wearing a sad excuse for shorts. I could have bent her over the side of the bleachers and railed her right then and there.” Lucas, the biggest perv in school joked, high-fiving his friend. 

“Shit, you should have man. That’s one fine piece of ass.” Tyler, Scott’s friend, laughed. “You know, I saw her at the pool this summer, she was giving me the eye. I could have taken her back to my car and had my way with her but the parents were around.” 

“Yeah right, man.” Lucas laughed. “I was thinking of asking her out and see how long it takes for me to get her on her knees.” 

Isaac, who was standing at his locker the row behind those inconsiderate asshole, was gritting his teeth. He normally didn’t use his wolf hearing unless it was absolutely necessary but he was hook when he heard your name and he instantly regretted it. Anger boiled through his veins and he was gripping so tightly on to his locker he was sure that one wrong move would break it off it’s hinges. He could feel the wolf in him fighting at the surface and it was taking everything in him to not hop over the row of lockers to sink his teeth into their jugulars. 

Scott had just slid his practice jersey over his body when he sensed Isaac’s fury. He had heard the guys talking the row over and he knew Isaac wouldn’t be too happy about. He glanced over at Stiles who was also watching Isaac intently. 

“Is he good?” Stiles asked warily. 

“I-I’m not sure.” Scott replied, shutting his locker. He cautiously walked over to Isaac, jumping back when Isaac suddenly slammed his locker with an un-humane like force. His eyes were glowing a ferocious yellow, his teeth snarling from underneath his lips. “Isaac…don’t.” 

Isaac glared at Scott, his chest heaving up and down. “They’re talking about Y/N like she’s just a piece of meat and that’s not okay.” He grumbled, his teeth grinding against each other. 

“No, you’re right, it’s not. But it’s also not okay for you to go over there and attack them. Just think about something else, Isaac. Anything to calm you down.” Scott instructed, put his hands against Isaac’s chest in attempt to keep him rooted there. “Stiles, go get Y/N.” 

Stiles didn’t need to be told twice. He took off out of the boy’s locker room and down the hall, straight to your locker. You were standing there with Lydia and Allison, laughing at some joke Lydia had said. Stiles skidded to a halt in front of you, breathing erratically. “Y/N, you need to uh come with me uh right now. Like right now.”

There was a look in his eyes that worried you. You furrowed your eyebrows together. “Stiles, what is it?” 

Stiles scratched the back of his head nervously. “It’s uh Isaac. But look, we need to go like now.” Stiles didn’t give you a chance to say anything when he grabbed your arm and pulled you down the hall. Your heart had dropped at the mentioned of Isaac’s name and you were trying your hardest to keep up with Stiles who was miraculously pretty fast. 

“Stiles, why are we going into the boy’s locker room?” You questioned as you pushed through the door before coming up to a complete halt yourself. Scott had Isaac pressed against the lockers, his eyes glowing red. He was shouting at Isaac but you couldn’t really make out the words because you were too focused on Isaac. He was fighting against Scott, his eyes glowing and his teeth gnashing at Scott. 

“Isaac?” You asked softly. 

Isaac’s head immediately snapped up at the sound of your voice. Scott released his grip and Isaac fell against the benches, breathing heavily. You walked slowly near him, never getting too close too fast. You knew the risks of being near him when he was like this but you also knew how to calm him down. “Isaac..” You said again, this time more of a soft statement than a question. 

He looked up at you, his hands gripping on to the wooden benches. His teeth had sunk away but his eyes were still brightly illuminated. Very gradually you sat down on the bench, placing your hand gently against his cheek. He flinched at your touch at first before relaxing into your touch. His breathing slowed. “Calm down, Isaac. You’re okay.” Eventually, his eyes faded back to blue and you watched as he swallowed thickly. You turned to look at Scott and Stiles who were watching intently from the sidelines. “I got this.” You said softly. Scott nodded before leaving, pulling Stiles with him. 

You turned your attention back to Isaac, rubbing your thumb against his cheek. “What happened?” 

He took a shaky breath, reaching his hand up to place it over yours. “These guys were talking about you. They were talking about you in such vulgar ways and I tried to keep calm, I really did but I just lost it. I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t keep my cool sometimes, especially when it comes to you.” 

You gave him a small smile. “I appreciate you coming to my defense, Isaac but not when it puts yourself in a compromising position.” 

“I really am sorry, Y/N. I can’t help it. I can’t help that my feelings for you sometimes mix in with the anger that comes with being a wolf and I just snap.”

Your heart thudded loudly at his words, your eyes widening slightly. “Feelings for me?”

Isaac suddenly became rigid, a blush creeping on to his already flush cheeks at the realization of what he said. “Uh..yeah, I uh..I like you Y/N.” He whispered. “That wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to tell you.” 

You smiled brightly, scooting closer to him. You used your finger to tilt his chin up so that he was looking at you again. “You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed of you saying those exact words.”

A grin slowly appeared on Isaac’s face. He grabbed your hand again, gently pulling it away from his face before closing the large gap between the too of you, kissing you quickly and sweetly. Before he had a chance to pull fully away, you cupped your hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a searing kiss. 

Scott and Stiles were peaking around the lockers, watching the entire scene unfold before them. As soon as they saw you kiss, Stiles let out a loud cat call and Scott muttered a “It’s about damn time” that left you and Isaac blushing furiously. 

I still don’t know if I liked the end of TVD or what… I liked it but just at the very end I felt like I was watching the final episode of Lost lol Also, I’m so mad because of what they did to Bonnie. She deserved better after saving everyone’s asses every single time. Her last scene should have been more epic or something idk But I’m gonna miss that damn show. And I hope that Caroline appears in TO or something. I will be so happy because klaroline is still in my heart.

I wish I felt good in clothes like I hate buying clothes cause I always feel like I’m wasting my money and that I never look good in them. Like the other day I put on this dress and I just wanted to cry cause I looked so horrible. I just don’t look good in anything lol

the drag race premiere was disappointing tbh it was basically an extended Meet The Queens special feat. Lady Gaga. The lack of an elimination made it feel so inconclusive and underwhelming tbh. I think this season will be good and I like this new pool of girls but they should have just done a two hour premiere cause it literally felt like there was nothing at stake in this episode lol

anonymous asked:

okay normally I ignore the haters and those pathetic anons but the recent one you got *the one with the frozen parody* was really stupid like wtf? Why do people blatantly ignore the fact they communicated for 12yrs the time they were separated from each other I mean c'mon Noctis knows everything there is to know about Luna and same with Luna that's exactly why they got a friggon notebook referred to as the "lovers notebook" like why?

lol yeah, I almost want to see the parody they were talking about cause holy shit the reach on that very idea

That one just felt worth addressing and responding to since it was so easy to show how very wrong the very idea was XD