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Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 

god im so excited for comicon

things that fuck dione up: episode 17. specifically the scene where angor marks jim.

like honest to god i’m a total weenie and just, the atmosphere, angor’s voice, combined with jim’s desperate and hopeless frustrated muffled calls to whimpers just mess me the hell up. i’ve always been scared of things like sleep paralysis or never being able to move my body (a ‘i have no mouth and i must scream’ kind of trope) so this scene really Hecked Me Up

it’s such a chilling and greatly written/animated scene steeped with a different kind of fear/scare – it’s not like a jumpscare where it relies on cheap quick unexpected fear, but just the unsettling drawn out sense of dread; like you are feeling what jim is. that futile desperation.

this post honestly started out with me just casually wondering if the mark burns him or anything like that and i went to rewatch the scene and god i’m glad i did. for the actual intention of the post: i think the mark only burns when it’s active. daylight is essentially being ripped from him; from his soul. it’s probably painful to battle angor whenever he tries to use daylight. 

but anyway look at these icons and just, look at jim. this boy is way in over his head against angor and i think he’s only just realizes

elizabethrobertajones replied to your post “Hey, idk if you noticed but in Hibbing 911 Donna asked if Dean was…”

*casually points out that narratively just by Dean asking Cas to stop him he’s officially promoted him to the role of Colette and there’s no takebacksies on that in whatever form the story goes down Cas is now in the role which was not canon before*

Casually wondering how people would feel if I wrote an ongoing AU fic in which I rework the entire TWD world and replace the Walkers with werewolves.

And we ain’t talkin’ no Twilight “Oh look at me I’m all magically clean when I revert and hey I have a six pack and oh yeah I’m just a giant wolf when I turn gimme a fuckin’ bone” kind of werewolves.

We’re talking dirty, gritty, skin ripping apart and screaming at the top of your lungs and losing your GODDAMN MIND because the pain is so horrible and all you want to do is EAT EAT EAT kind of werewolves.

And Daryl, of course, would be one. Eventually. And angst. And Caryl. And Caryl angst. And lots of dark, gory death and maybe some dirty sex at some point.

She was small, I was straight

We left our love in a bedridden gate

[Basil & Claire, characters of dellbelle39’s :) ]

its transparent!

So aside from the ridiculous flailing I’ve been having over… well, everything about last night’s episode, I’ve been having a particular meltdown over the line “I’m not fortune’s fool, I’m yours.” Partly because of the Shakespeare reference, and partly because Will actually referred to himself as Hannibal’s fool. Calling yourself someone’s fool is generally an acknowledgement that yes, this person is not good for you, that they are using/controlling you, but you’re with them anyway because you love them. Which yeah, basically sums up Will and Hannibal’s relationship. It also has the extra possessive feel to it with Will explicitly stating that he is Hannibal’s, that he belongs to him which I’m super excited about, because while we all know that it’s kinda awesome to have it acknowledged so casually in text.

It also, by way of a particular song that uses the phrase “I’m your fool” takes me back to another repeated quote between the two. Foo Fighters ‘Best of You’ has this:

I’ve got another confession to make
I’m your fool
Everyone’s got their chains to break
Holdin’ you

Were you born to resist or be abused?
Is someone getting the best of you?

Are you gone and onto someone new?
I needed somewhere to hang my head
Without your noose
You gave me something that I didn’t have
But had no use

And that takes me back around to these two quotes:

Hannibal: I want you to believe in the best of me. Just as I believe in the best of you.

Will: A mutually-unspoken pact to ignore the worst in one another in order to continue enjoying the best.

All of which just means I have a lot of feelings about these two. Molly is wonderful, and good for Will, and I think he wants to want everything she represents. But ultimately she just didn’t seem to be enough to be able to pull him away from Hannibal, not now that they’re drawing so strongly back in to one another.