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January Running Club

Who’s up for a run? 

This January, I am going to sponsor a casual, mutual-support group that will focus on running and I would love you to join us! Here is what I have in mind for some guiding principles and activities for the group: 

  • Everyone is welcome! If you have never ran before, you are welcome. If you just ran the Boston Marathon, you are welcome. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here. 
  • I will post weekly prompts to stimulate discussion. 
  • You will be encouraged to set and track goals as you see fit. 
  • All posts will be tracked under the janrunclub tag.

If this sounds fun to you, please reblog this and start tracking the tag janrunclub for more details. 

1D Hiatus: Day 337

* Louis posts THREE selfies on Instagram, THREE

* Niall and Fizzy comment on one of Louis’ Instagram selfies

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

* Louis likes a collage of his selfie and a picture of Harry on Instagram, we obviously freak out

* Niall posts a video on Instagram

* Liam meets fans in LA

* Niall will be attending and performing ‘This Town’ at the American Music Awards next Sunday

It’s Nov 14th, 2016.


what your favorite tres horny boy says about you
  • taako: you are either a well-meaning but clueless casual fan with the miraculous ability to tune out all discourse or a literal demon there are no other options. if there are, they are few and far between and must be treasured
  • magnus: a good, nice, approachable person. you really just love magnus with no ulterior motives. that or you are just supremely thirsty.
  • merle: enigmatic, yet trustworthy. you don't follow the mob mentality and i respect that. highly mysterious but equally unlikely to be Cursed
Jan Run Club - Week 1

Welcome to the Jan Run Club! This post will serve as our kickoff Week 1 post. As a reminder, the Jan run club is a casual mutual-support team of runners of all skill level and expierence. 

Here are our guidelines: 

  • Everyone is welcome! If you have never ran before, you are welcome. If you just ran the Boston Marathon, you are welcome. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here. 
  • John will host and post weekly prompts to stimulate discussion. These are always optional. Answer as many or as few as the prompts as you want. 
  • You will be encouraged to set and track goals as you see fit.
  • All posts will be tracked under the janrunclub tag. Please feel free and share your post run notes and pictures as well. They are super motivating / relatable. 

Week 1 will run Jan 1-7. You can start earlier if you want. Here are our prompts for the week. You can reply to as many or as few as you want - and you can do it in one, or several posts. You decide. 

  • Tell us about yourself. Include anything you feel comfortable sharing. some ideas might be - Name, age, job / school, a selfie, family info etc. Only what you are comfortable sharing. :)
  • What are your running goals for January? These can be whatever you want.
  • What is your running background / experience? Why do you want to run now? 
  • Do you follow a formal training plan?
  • Do you have any formal running events scheduled?
  • Share one random fact about yourself :)
  • Feel free and ask any running related questions as well and someone will probably reply :) 
[Magazine] To The New World of Love: Groom-to-be Q&A

From  Otomedia 2015 June Issue
scanned by kurukurumaki


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“As long as I get YES for an answer, I’m willing to take the challenge and propose in any way! (unless it’s scary or if it hurts) But if I am to propose in my own style… I’ll probably just do it casually without being too stiff and formal, like usual!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“Well~ I want a ceremony that’s wow and glamourous, yay yay and lots of fun, and with lots and lots of delicious food! ”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Germany, of course!  He’s just too straight-laced… eh, wait, nooo your face is too scary stop glaring at me like thatttt!!! (cry)”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“Since it’s about two people making an important decision for their lives, I’d like to organize it properly by first making an appointment with my partner and dressing in formal clothes.  The location… should be somewhere indoor, so it won’t become affected by the weather.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I’m not particularly picky about it, but I think it’s a good idea to have a solemn ceremony in a church.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Probably… Japan. The fact that he’s attracted to those who aren’t in the same dimension as him… tldr”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I have a strong yearning for a love confession under a Tree of Legend.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony in Kimono would be lovely.  It’s about time I become more serious with developing technologies that will bring my bride out of the computer screen.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“It would be terribly rude of me to answer such a question… I am very sorry but I cannot answer that.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I think it’d be rather nice and romantic to propose on a ship, while reminiscing the glorious Age of Discovery.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A grand wedding ceremony full of majesty and style of the Great Britain Empire.  After vowing eternal love to each other at the cathedral, I would like to hold a splendid wedding reception at the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“He’s not one of the five guys here, but France.  Because he’s naked.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I want my proposal to be during Superbowl halftime or right in front of Times Square with national tv live stream, it sounds like fun and a total blast!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I just want it to be something cool!  Maybe we can combine all the resources and technology of NASA and have a wedding on the moon?”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Hmm… probably England? He becomes too obsessed with everything he does, so he can be too overbearing.”


I was serious when I talked about those Not Sinbad shirts.
Because bless Kouen and Muu for being good ojii-sans, unlike Sinbad who makes all our faves cry.

@ohtaka-sensei let me help u write magi pls

juna1lens  asked:

rfa react when mc tags them in posts that start off as nice dog bork scales but qucikly turn dark in a way that is traitorous and leaves mc feeling hollow and sad

oh my god holly (this is a reference to this post that i tagged her in like twenty minutes ago) (also i confirmed with her that she doesn’t care who sent the post so I’m gonna switch it up between characters) (oh and i left out v cause he’s blind lmao)


  • So he’s a casual anime watcher
  • He wasn’t into it at all before you got him to watch some of your favorites but he was into Naruto when he was a kid but he’s taking that secret to the grave
  • Anyway, he’d been watching the show for a couple weeks, he was on the third or so season
  • Just enough time to forget
  • You had been planning this since the moment he started watching it
  • You’d been played too, some of your friends would tag you in Nina posts
  • But this time you would be the player
  • Anyway you tag him in it and at first he’s like “aww cute dogs”
  • And then you hear disgusted scream from the other room


  • This poor boy
  • He had only just started watching fma with you, and he had just watched the episode, so he was still raw from it
  • And then you send him that post and he’s so upset
  • Like how could you do this to him, MC??
  • He doesn’t trust anything you tag him in for a couple months at least


  • She knew about fma from you, but she never had enough time to watch it
  • She had seen Nina memes around a few times before, and she had seen them enough to get the gist of what they did to fma fans
  • So she’s normally not a horrible person
  • But she saw this post
  • And she thought it would be funny to see your reaction from it
  • After all, she had seen your reaction to them before
  • Normally a half hearted scream or a loud groan
  • But she thought it’d be better than the other ones because it feigned innocence at the begining
  • You were surprised to see that she tagged you in something, after all she rarely has time to use tumblr
  • But when you see what she tagged you in you throw your phone across the room
  • She comes into the room after hearing the noise with the biggest smirk on her face
  • You never knew she could be this…… evil


  • He sent it to you because he recognized that it was from a show that you watched
  • God only knows how he found it though like,, I can’t imagine him even knowing what tumblr is
  • And like even if you tell him about it hes the type to think it’s confusing and hate it
  • Anyway he didn’t know why you were so upset when you saw it
  • Like he thought it was cute? Don’t people like animal/human hybrids?
  • To be fair, he didn’t really look at it for very long and when you explained it to him he could understand your dismay


  • This bitch sent it to you knowing full well that it would upset you
  • He’s also watched Fullmetal Alchemist so he knows how traumatizing that episode was
  • But he loves the Nina memes even though he hates them but like he likes sending them to you
  • Ofc, it’s not the first time he sent you a Nina meme
  • But you never expect it
  • He waits a few months between sending them so you never expect it

So uhh, I drew this thing

Last night I posted casually in the tag and I completely forgot about it. All of a sudden, I got a notification. The another..then I started having about 10 of them all at once. I stayed up until 4am last night just watching my poor ipod spam me with notifications.

So I thought I would draw a quick thing to show my reaction to it (also look who used a jack quote)

tl;dr: Smol girl who gets like 1-4 notes on a post gets surprised at a post getting 2000+ notes.


soft reminder that there’s a decent chunk of people here that don’t feel comfy with liquor/alcohol

soft reminder that if you haven’t tagged it that it doesn’t make you a bad person and it’s not something a lot of people think about so its understandable

but gentle reminder to plz tag your liquor/alcohol things

A Simple Beginning Ritual

So I’ve seen this pop up a couple of times in the tags and on Ask a Kemetic so I thought I’d chuck in my own 2 cents. Now this is KO influenced a bit, but hey, there are rituals in “kemetic” beginners books that read like the zombie of Gerald Gardner wrote em so who says influence is all bad? So here we go, super beginners and casual, no worries the Noof has got you.

What You’ll Need

- a flat surface. A bed is flat enough just not like an exercise ball or something. Floor is ok just maybe give it a good clean first or put down a cloth (yes a nice clean towel works)

-A light source. Candle, LED candle, even a flashlight if that’s what you’ve got

-Some good smelling stuff. Incense,oil warmer, those meltly wax cubes, or have your light source do double duty and have it be scented like a scented candle. A spritz of perfume even is ok.

- Water. If you can get nice purified kind that’s aces, but if tap is what you got go with that.

- Offerings. This can be bread, some of your pizza, gems, just something you want to give to  (the) Netjer that is from your heart. You can even make a votive offering by drawing the thing you want to offer, from bread to an iphone, if you can draw it or print it out and it’s from your heart then it’s a go. 

- An icon of the specific Netjer you are trying to say hi too. You can draw this, write out their name in hieroglyphs. If you just want to do a “Hey all ya’ll “ you can just use the sign for God/Netjer 

(From “conceptions of god in ancient egypt by Erik Hornung) you can use this lil fellow too:

We aren’t going to worry about stuff like Natron quite yet, so just go wash up as best you can and put on some clean clothes. If you are bleeding from a wound, clean that and redress it with fresh dressings. Menstrual taboo stuff I live up to each person. If you feel up to it ok go ahead, if you wanna wait it out ok. Unless you join an organized temple like KO it’s between you and your gods. 

So you’re all cleaned up and have set up your stuff so it looks nice to you, so have a seat if you want.You could do this all standing, or even laying down if you are bed bound, just don’t get so comfy you fall asleep. Take a second to count your breaths, center yourself. This can be hard, you might be nervous, or giddy or any other number of things.Just try and be as calm as you can get in that moment. Take your time. 

Turn on/light your light source and say 

“ Hail to you Netjer! Shining ones! Lover’s of Ma’at and haters of isfet!

I (your name goes here) call out to you, pure of heart and true of voice!

Please come and guide me so I may have a good life, doing ma’at, loving you and pass into the west.”

You can add on to this if you want. 

Pick up your water and hold it up a bit, presenting it to your icon and say;

“ I offer this water to you so you may be cooled and your love flow into me”

Put that down and pick up your good smelling thing/spritz it/waft it round and say:

“Oh Netjer! May this scent please and harold your coming into my life! May you give me life and breath!”

Take up your offerings and say 

“May this offering of -blank- please and sustain you as you sustain me”

You can use this time to make personal prayers, read from a book, meditate, do some divination it’s up to you. When you feel that you’re done, turn off/snuff out your light source, thank Netjer for being with you and generally clean up.

Trouble Shooting:

1: I want to work with a specific god.

In that case, do a little bit of research first, find out what they like in terms of offerings, for example Amun loves Myrrh, so you might want to offer some of that as a chunk or incense. You generally can’t go wrong with bread and water though. Then in the spoken portions where it says “Netjer” just insert the specific deity’s name.  

2: I didn’t feel anything! It was boring!

That happens. It is perfectly normal and ok. Not every ritual is going to be a magical mystery tour of spiritual elation. Sometimes you are going to be bored and feel silly sitting there talking to a picture. It’s part of this path just as much as visions and ka embraces. You can repeat this ritual again the next day if you want to, you can wait and look for signs, dreams, divination’s or go try another ritual by someone else or make up your own. Sometimes the netjer are busy and so you might get the proverbial “answering machine”. Don’t get to down on yourself. It happens. Keep at it. You can also shoot me an ask or message.

3: That was too casual and just what? Nothing like the ancients! Iphone votive offerings?! LED candles? Non-canon prayers!? What is this crap!?

Sorry there friend. This is what I did pre-KO and it got me a good response, Netjer hasn’t struck me dead yet so it seems to be ok. If you don’t like it, you’re free to not do it, go find one you like or make up your own one. *shrug emoji*


Thinking about @winchilsea‘s pseudomancy ‘verse and jousting that looks kinda like shining suits of armor and horses and kind of like leather jackets and motorcycles and Feuilly doesn’t quite grasp the etiquette of tournaments, its all too clandestine (“if everyone /knows/ this is a symbol for love why do i have to casually drop a personal item on the floor instead of just kissing you? Won’t they know either way?”). Bahorel’s kinda… given up and is ready to live with the scandal, he wins enough that no one really outright gives him shit.

So this is apparently a thing. Thank you everyone! I’m gonna tag some of my favourite accounts, in no particular order though! Thank you for 200 notes, and please tell me what I should do in celebration for all of you amazing people!

Lets start off with everyone part of @its-the-hamfam

And now some individuals!


And so many more! Those are just the ones off the top of my head! I love everyone, tagged or not. Please don’t be upset if I didn’t tag you!!

vkings  asked:

Idk if you read the replies to your asks so I'm going to ask again here in ref to what you said about Viktor not keeping Yuuri's shirt after their first time. Does Yuuri keep Viktor's? //also another question; Do you have a routine for coming to tumblr now with all those asks you're getting? Like replying to some in one tab and casually blogging in the other? And do you check your tag or rather notes to see if there's any new fanart for you cuz I know of one that's waiting for you to see it..:))

Yuuri does keep Viktor’s. He never wears it again and he claims that he’s only keeping it because it would be a waste to throw it away but he does keep it. As for my tumblr routine I literally don’t have time for casual blogging anymore so usually I’ll just have a quick flick through the YOI tag in the morning if I have a particularly boring lecture and save all the good stuff as drafts and then I’ll sit down in the evening and work straight through all my asks which usually takes about 2-3 hours and intersperse them with the stuff I’ve saved so my blog isn’t entirely asks! And tumblr tagging lets me down a lot but I do try and check my notes to see stuff. And I absolutely adored your fanart!!!

Hey everyone!

So, I’m one of the admins of this blog now, I guess.

A few fun facts about me.

I’m Erin. My main is a-dark-day and you might know my mbti blog intp-is-socially-awkward.

I’m aro ace and any and all pronouns are fine.

I’m very into science and also books and podcasts. I’m a nerd ok?

Shey added me to this blog to answer asks and kinda help keep it alive and all that. I’ll tag my stuff with #mod erin if I remember. Also you’ll probably be able to tell because I talk in the tags a lot :)


Hey everyone!

This is the old admin speaking, and from now on I’ll be Mod Shey :)

Erin is great, and you should definitely check out her other blogs! (and please try not to scare her off haha)

I’ll be tagging my posts with #mod shey and of course you’re probably familiar with my tag rants… also, my main blog is slytherinof221b

We are still considering adding one other admin, so if you’re interested feel free to send an ask or contact one of our main blogs :)

- shey

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I'm just a casual watcher of MCU and I've been going through the fandom tags. Why do you think there's so much Tony hate? I really dont get it. Here you got a character who had gone through so much shits in his life and suffered all kinds of trauma, yet he still trying to do good, to care and protect pp to the best of his ability. You cannot be more human than that. He's flawed for sure, but that's what makes him so much more wonderful than the all-virtue someone

I spoke about why I believe people hate on Tony Stark here, here, and here :) 

Directions: Put your music library on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs and tag 10(ish) people

I got tagged by @scorpionflowers (I was already listening to music so I guess I’ll just stop it and reshuffle, and thxs)

  1. Crazy=Genius by Panic! At The Disco
  2. Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy
  3. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring
  4. Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
  5. Emperor’s New Clothes by P!atD
  6. LA Devotee by P!atD
  7. Casual Affair by P!atD
  8. The Mighty Fall by FOB
  9. Victorious by P!atD
  10. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by P!atD

Wow that was a lot of P!atD…all good songs though. Anyways I tag: 

@soccer-love-life-n-randomthingz @a-passingstranger @vanr-of-neverland @crying-over-cute-cats @music-and-books-are-my-life @cutev0dka @nox-the-world @tstorme and anyone else that wants to do it!

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hello do u have any favourite tony/rhodey fics?

oh god, you have no effing idea of what you’ve unleashed i’d probably just go on a rant on each of them but instead i’ll try to keep it to a normal casual list ( just two things 1. i usually always bookmark the fanfics i love to bits so i’m gonna take most -if not all- of the ones listed here from my bookmarks and 2. unfortunately i am super picky with fanfics, especially if it’s two characters i adore like tony and rhodey so -while i can’t be sure until i finish- this might be a short list. on top of that, i actually haven’t gone to ao3 for these two in quite a while -something i’m probably going to fix today, cause now i need me some rhodeytony- so yeah, sorry about that ). 

here it goes, actually under a cut ( except the first three cause i really love them ! they’re definitely my favorites ) cause it got kinda long. my bad for ranting, whops !  also totally my bad because this went from ‘my faves’ to ‘all the rhodeytony stuff i’ve ever read and liked’, sorry !

  • tomorrow, on the beach    — aka the best thing that ever happened to me on ao3. as you can possibly guess it’s a ‘edge of tomorrow’ au with tony and rhodey and i swear to god i went to bed that i still had to finish this and spent the morning after with my phone glued to my hand. i had basically only just cracked open my eyes and i was already back on it. i read it like my life depended on it.  there are lovely cameos from maya hansen and pepper potts which i loved and god, it’ll probably make you love rhodeytony even more
  • james rhodes in 8C       – aka the one that will have you say ‘good lord what good thing did i do in my past life to deserve this’ and also ‘for fuck’s sake i don’t deserve this’ cause the pining is Real my friend and it will get to you. it’ll get to you and it will butcher you like a pig. it’s that good. so fucking good. here’s a quote just to get you going: 
    • “Man, no one said you were funny,” James Rhodes in 8C says. Tony forces a smile and rolls his shoulders inward. “Everyone here is a dweeb,” he says. “They don’t know what’s good. What’d they say about me anyway?”
            James Rhodes in 8C tilts his head, and his eyes are warm and clear, and something in Tony feels cracked and exposed, but somehow free. “Nothing important,” he says with a dismissive flick of his wrist, and that’s when Tony knows there’s never gonna be anyone for him but James Rhodes.
  • below freezing        – aka it’s tony’s turn to be the knight in shining armor, but before that prepare yourself: cause you’re gonna see rhodey like you’ve never even imagined. this fic will gently wrap its hand around your heart and, at one point out of fucking nowhere, will squeeze and twist and you’ll probably beg for the end. cause, god, jUST GET RHODEY OUT OF THERE.  this is mostly rhodey-centric, if i remember correctly, but of course that means that there’s loads of rhodeytony things in it. you’ll sob, man. you’ll sob like a child. and you’ll enjoy it so fucking much & the ending’s too fucking much.  ( someone also did art for this here !  but don’t spoil yourself )

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

In your last ask you put an asterisk after Visser Seventeen (which, iirc, was Tom in your fics wasn't it?). Why?

Sorry, I should have clarified—the other half of that footnote was in the tags.  I do refer to the second yeerk who controls Tom as Visser Seventeen.  That’s just an educated guess as to his rank, since #53 specifies that he’s “security chief for all yeerk forces on Earth,” and since he can casually ask Visser Three to borrow the keys to the Blade ship in the middle of an emergency and Visser Three will hand them over without a second thought.  

It’s frustrating that we never learn the yeerk’s name or rank, given that K.A. Applegate does go through the trouble to make him a fleshed-out character.  We can see clear differences in Tom’s behavior before and after #6 when he starts being controlled by a new yeerk, and we get the sense that each yeerk has a clearly distinct personality.

Temrash 114 is ambitious, driven, but also impulsive and far too impatient to tolerate frustration for long.  We know that this is a yeerk who wants an obedient, unobtrusive host—witness Tom offering to “never trouble you again” in exchange for Jake’s safety, and the number of times Temrash tells Jake to “shut up” while trying to escape the other Animorphs (#6).  Although Temrash 114 is ruthless, that ruthlessness is uncontrolled and lacks the long-term planning ability to be executed.  Not only dies the yeerk dismiss basketball as “silly” (#1)—a strange enough thing for Tom to say that both his parents and Jake comment on it—but also spends his entire time controlling Jake so blinded by impulsive emotionality that he fails to plan an effective escape.  

Yeerk 2, whose name we never learn, and who I refer to as Visser Seventeen or Essa 412 in my fics, is a hell of a lot smarter than Temrash 114.  Not only is this a yeerk who plans out and executes a coup d’etat that does almost as much to take down Visser One as the Animorphs themselves, but also figures out the significance of having Jake’s family to use as human shields when stealing the morphing cube—after he already got one step ahead of the Animorphs by intercepting them at the children’s hospital (#50).  Whereas Temrash 114 is dismissive of humanity and mostly wants a yeerk who will sit down and shut up, Yeerk 2 (Essa 412) is smart enough to use Tom’s brain as a natural resource.  Jake notices the differences between Temrash 114 and Tom well before he ever puts his finger on why they are different, but also comments more than once on Yeerk 2 doing pretty well at imitating Tom’s behavior:

  • “Who died?” Tom said, joking. Or to be more accurate, the Yeerk in his head made the dumb joke because it was just the kind of dumb joke Tom would make. (#21)
  • “The Yeerk inside Tom’s head searched Tom’s memory. The Yeerk opened his memory and read it like a book. He played the strings of Tom’s brain like a violinist squeezing perfect notes out of a violin. The Yeerk found the answer that Tom would have made. It aimed Tom’s eyes and made Tom’s face smile sardonically. It opened Tom’s mouth and made Tom say the words Tom would have said, if he’d been able. “Hey, Mom, no more tiramisu for Jake. The liqueur is making him mushy.” (#16)

Frankly, using one’s host’s knowledge rather than dismissing the host entirely is probably the better strategy.  Case in point, the opening of #41 involves a fairly subtle convergence of social factors that indicates Yeerk 2 has a nuanced grasp of human interaction.  The fact that Jake comes home late is not that strange, and the fact that Jake isn’t wearing outer clothes after a bike ride is not that strange… but in combination?  While also barefoot and bloody?  Even for a moody teenager that’s pretty weird, but also not such a blatant violation of social norms that a random person from another planet could pick up on it without a human’s perspective.  The other detail that leads me to believe that Yeerk 2 understands the value of a good host is when he says that, in addition to being able to transform his host into a jaguar and a golden eagle and a king cobra (quick shout-out to KAA for giving the traitor-yeerk morphs that are all cannibalistic), he can also “morph Tom… cool, huh?” (#53).  Yeerk 2 also shows pretty good planning ability in #31, switching between several different strategies to avoid going out of town for four days and only blowing his cover as an absolute last resort; contrast that with Temrash 114′s distractibility, erratic temper, and inability to think rationally when harried by a rebellious host.  

Anyway, the two yeerks have distinct personalities, but I believe they have the same job: recruitment.  Temrash 114 has an unrelenting push to get Jake into the Sharing, and spends a fair amount of the one meeting we see greeting potential voluntary hosts.  Yeerk 2 reaches out to everyone from Marco (#15) to Steve (#31) to Peter (#20) to Tobias (MM4) gushing about how much fun it is to be a “full member,” and in #33 even gets an award for “keeping our organization on course…” through “being a devoted member of the community,” which I always assumed meant recruiting more people to be hosts than any other yeerk.   It makes sense that although Yeerk 2 is “security chief” by #53 he would start in recruiting.  We know that Tom is young, athletic, popular at his high school, and apparently quite charismatic (#1).  Presumably he’s also good-looking, since he’s described as looking a lot like Jake and Jake gets described as some variety on “tall dark and handsome” by Marco, Rachel, and Cassie.  A teenager who has a lot of influence with his peers is exactly the kind of host the yeerks would want to use to pull in new members, especially because MM4 establishes that the yeerks deliberately use younger hosts whenever possible “because kids are never suspected. They can be used anywhere.”  Anyway, all of that cycles back around to my original complaint: this is a fully fleshed-out character who appears in almost every book, one of the scariest villains of the series, AND WE NEVER KNOW HIS NAME.  Le sigh.  Oh well.