just cant this teaser




*incoherent screaming*

Kudos to the petrolhead side of Tumblr for analysing Lightning McQueen’s horrifying crash in the teaser trailer, informing me that Lightning actually suffered a burnout for not changing his tyres aGAIN.

Ugh okay. My man, that killed me and I have to find out this was your own damn fault? You’ve learned nothing since your story started?
I’m not playing these games, Lightning.

Reasons why I’m excited for Moana:

  • she has big eyebrows
  • she’s realistically curvy
  • Dwayne. The Rock. Johnson.
  • The girl playing Moana is the cutest thing ever
  • her eyebrows tho
  • Hawaii is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what they do with that
  • but guys she has big eyebrows you don’t understand 

are bellamy and monty going to search for clarke so the mount massacre squad can be reunited?

anonymous asked:

CLC just dropped their mv teaser and I cant help but feel like cube is REALLY trying to push the 4minute image on them. TBH i dont think as a group they really can /authentically/ pull it off like 4M.

uhhh, hmm. It visually looks almost the same as Crazy (those black and white shots on the stairs anyone?) and the styling is like a fusion of Crazy mixed with 2ne1′s “I Am the Best.” The spiked bats, those spiky buns, hmm. I’m very worried they’re going to get a lot of hate for this. You’re also right, they don’t seem like they can authentically pull it off, which is probably true because this isn’t the type of group they were put together to be. I feel very bad saying this, but it’s got the same sort of try-hard badass vibe that NCT 127 and iKon give off to me. The song sounds good, but it’s just not CLC…

He looks up from his phone to see his hyung that is just come back to the dorm, eyes wide and mouth opened, totally liking what he see in front of him

“What kookie?”

“Hyung, your hair-”

“Its red! Its cool right?”

“You look cute”