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Someone made a new twitter account and followed Asami-sensei just to insult his arts openly. Telling sensei to stop drawing and saying that his arts are bad.

Firstly, Do you think drawing Manga is easy?
The first chapter has 85 pages, it’s not easy at all. It took A LOT of time.

FOR INFORMATION, Asami-sensei’s arts are actually so beautiful (Yes, I have seen a lot of his arts), he just hasn’t adjust drawing OnS series. AND WE JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN USE TO HIS ART STYLE YET. But I’m sure, we all just need time.

Remember Yamamoto-sensei’s first art of OnS? It’s completely different from now right? Because she improved and has gotten use to draw OnS series!
Asami-sensei will soon get use to it too, Just give him some times! Every Artists will improve in matter of time

Don’t you think insulting artist and telling them to stop drawing is way too rude? This case is almost same as the Tokyo Ghoul fandom.

Just because you don’t like his art style, doesn’t mean you could insult him like that, Sensei has worked pretty hard on his new project. We should respect and support him, not insulting him!

Prove it first that you can draw 85 pages of manga before insulting people’s hard works!

WE should at least be grateful that we get a manga adaption of Guren LN.

Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.


“I’d also like to thank my brother, he’s made the team. I didn’t pick him but he’s made the team, so he’s gonna come on second half.“ - Michael Carrick


*cups hands over mouth*


If elected officials in your state are not immediately standing up for public schools and education like this after Devos’ confirmation, call them out and let them know they won’t have your vote in the upcoming elections. 


This kid

Current Struggles of Lucy

me ; I’m going to draw something today!

- half an hour later -

me ; sigh 

me ; every time

me ; I can’t stop drawing him!!

So I seriously have started drawing again but the fact that I would draw @ask-2p-italy-luciano-vargas‘s chibitalia every time I draw. Jesus, I can say for a fact that I’m obsessed. Sorry for tagging you so much ^^”




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…Consider me an official Osamu Fan™

This is candy for me, finally getting to see how he acts. I have this theory (prove me wrong, Furudate) that Osamu is the “least talented” of the twins, but only just a bit. And he has to live with the constant pressure and frustration of having to see his twin being the “best” one, the most popular, etc. The one who was invited to that elite training camp, while he wasn’t. 

I might be becoming too weak for Osamu, but I just really want to protect him if this ends up being true.

I’m so, so, so curious, so interested to learn more about him. We’re seeing snippets of his personality so far, but I will treasure every single chance we get to see him.

(That “hnn, right at the libero”. I’m in love.)


Are you saying… you want to stay at Doldam Hospital?

- Yes, I am.

  • Plebe: But you CAN'T, cannot, can not, are unable to look past What Leroux Described ® so please, Phangirls, shut up.
  • Me: Son, I've spent enough nights awake contemplating this damnable obsession, so let me tell u I'd gently pet and console a mouldy, ill-tempered sack of potatoes if it was my Erik.

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Munakata tries to bond with his team by testing out different activities. One of them happens to be addressing people by their first name to show how close they are. Maybe he can't help adding a -kun at the end? How would anyone react to this, especially Awashima and Fushimi?

Maybe Munakata has decided that he wishes to be closer to all his men and he’s heard that a good sign of closeness is to refer to people by their first names. Munakata wants to appear friendly and approachable so he decides that this would be an excellent way to truly bond with his men. So then the next morning Akiyama and Benzai walk into his office to deliver some reports, Munakata greets them with a smile and a ‘good morning Himori-kun, Yuujirou-kun.’ Akiyama and Benzai both nearly choke, exchanging glances like he did not just call us what we think he called us. Munakata continues to use their given names throughout the entire conversation before finally Akiyama manages a small nervous ‘Um, Captain…?’ Munakata assures them that he is just trying to convey the closeness of the bond between Kings and clansmen and he also encourages them to refer to him as Reisi-kun. Akiyama attempts it but he can’t bring himself to address a superior officer in such a familiar manner and he and Benzai have to beat a hasty retreat. As they’re leaving the office Hidaka and Gotou walk by, confused as to why Akiyama and Benzai look so pale. That’s when Munakata pokes his head out and greets 'Akira-kun and Ren-kun.’

News travels fast of course and now everyone in Scepter 4 is prepared to be weirded out by the Captain addressing them like friends, it’s not like he’s doing it maliciously or anything but there’s just something wrong about hearing those words from his mouth. The only one who isn’t terribly upset at all is Awashima, she would probably appreciate a 'Seri-kun’ because it is a sign of closeness between herself and her Captain. Fushimi on the other hand is immediately like 'what the fuck’ the minute the words 'Saruhiko-kun’ come out of Munakata’s mouth. Munakata assures him that this is simply a sign of their friendship and Fushimi is just like we’re not friends don’t be disgusting. Munakata ends up maybe a little disheartened that Saruhiko-kun doesn’t wish to be friends with him, Fushimi is just like no please stop I feel a chill running down my spine. Eventually the force manages to convince Munakata that they all feel as if he is bonding quite well with them as it is, he really doesn’t need to use their first names because they are already all good friends and Captain shouldn’t worry himself about the strength of their bonds, really.