just can't hang out in person :(

yo dont send biphobic shit to my gf thinking she gonna kiki w you lmao??? on what actual planet does ya dusty self think she gonna date my hella Bi ass and gonna be about u being a dry sponge lmao that shit gets screenshotted and directly sent to me and i gotta be the one to calm her wrath down cause she ain’t here for that biphobia she just ain’t about it like lol??? go outside?? do yoga?? take a laxative?? the person u are trying to reach is unavailable - please hang up and try again???

Matthew Daddario Quotes
  • "We call our shoes ‘sneakers,’ right? But they're not really sneaking."
  • "Can't wait till they invent phones with keyboards."
  • "I don't know this guy. He came to hang out so I complimented his hair."
  • "How many artichokes can you eat in one sitting?"
  • "No, go back to my idea!"
  • "Maybe, they'll throw the books out. Just not follow the books anymore."
  • "Hey guys did everyone floss today? You gotta floss every day. Otherwise, your dentist makes you feel bad."
  • "I play piano but I won't call it a talent."
  • "I'm the funniest person in the cast and that's simply because everybody else is so painfully unfunny."
  • "There is literally no memory left in my phone. I took fourteen thousand blue sky photos and I need all of them."
  • "Send him photos of fried chicken and crab cakes."
  • "I have a dentist appt tomorrow. I'm not gonna brush my teeth tonight. Also not going to shower. This is going to be painful for everyone."
  • "You are not trash, you are lovely!"
  • "Don't sign contracts in your blood. It's usually not required by any reputable party."
  • "He's slippin' out his little tongue eating snail treats off the ground."
  • "I will eat anywhere in the house. I'll eat cheese crackers in bed!"
  • "He looks down and sees this wonderful man. He hops down there and smooches that man right on the face. Right in front of everyone."
  • "...it's not fair that he is more handsome than me!!!"
  • "Don't do the hokey pokey around witches."
  • "They're never gonna release the deleted scenes to you guys because they're racy and inappropriate."
  • "This video is going on social media!"
  • "I'm ashamed to admit I lied about the selfies. The phone is 98% cow pictures and I can't delete them. I need a new phone. Forgive me."
  • "Thank god I started sandpapering my feet when I was four."
  • "Is Alec appreciating at an increased rate because of an increase in demand? Or is it the same rate as before."
  • "Note, some alpaca do not appreciate head pats."
  • "If humans lived in barns, we'd be smelly, too."
  • "Had to delete all my cow photos to make room for selfies, so I will say 'I appreciate you, cows.'"
  • "Wow. It's spelled Gollum. Wow. So disappointed. Hiding my own cell phone for the next two weeks."
  • "You're a little kitty cat. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy kitty cat, kitty cat."
  • "Sometimes when I travel between dimensions, I think, man, I should really buy a sailboat."
  • "If I was running for President, my VP would be a well trained golden retriever."
  • "Who's not going to watch Hamlet in space? I mean, Space Hamlet!"
  • "I just think we should all acknowledge what is awesome about Harry!"
  • "I like eating food after dark."
  • "Generally, people avoid kissing their sister in a healthy life."
  • "If you don't like my zebra leggings, it's because you just don't understand zebra leggings."
  • "I think we should provide more showers for cows."
  • "If I'm having a bad day, I eat pizza."
  • "I hope Google uses the same algorithm to encrypt my email as my pocket does to tie knots with my headphones."
  • "I would own a farm. Not like growing crops but maybe have a few animals like cows, and maybe an alpaca or a llama. I would chop wood all day."
  • "Dog. #dog. Dog. Dog."
  • "Had fun tweeting with/at you guys. Phone is about to die. Gonna go get more double-A batteries."
  • "The jackhammer has been joined by his friend, the concrete saw. Rare that you get two music legends right outside your window like this."
  • "Interdimensional cat smuggling is severely punished. But you can make a killing on the black cat market."
  • "You should just give up on me like I did. So done with me right now I can't even."
  • "What am I fan of? No one's ever asked me this before! Oh man."
  • "I don't know why they say that. I think they're poking fun at me."
  • "Congrats. You deserve that sailboat."
  • "I don't know. I don't have any pet peeve. Yapping little dogs, I guess. Buttons that don't go up right."
  • "Donkeys look like rabbit horses."
  • "Everyone is all, 'follow your heart.' If that worked I'd be watching Shadowhunters in my spaceship."
  • "Am I making this up?"
  • "I don't condone it, but I understand it, and therefore, I will not pass judgment on it."
  • "I can eat a pound of pork rinds."
  • "I am your bird king!"
  • "Baby pigs or baby cows? They're both good options."
  • "I have deleted a single photo from my phone. I have room for one selfie. Living on the edge. If it happens, no second chances."
  • "She gets it at a Shadowhunter tailor where we get all our stuff. Are you serious?"
  • "My cell phone is not the most important thing in my life. It just feels that way."
  • "Kill her immediately. Problem solved."
  • "You're not me? Most people aren't, in my experience."
  • "Man I've spent a whole year talking about sailboats and I could have just jumped on this SHIP."
  • "Reminder not to cite 'game of thrones' as my motivation for getting into politics."
  • "To all the people who threaten to punch me in the face... Do I have to be concerned or is that a love thing?"
  • "Put this on?! Fit it on my body?!"
  • "I’m going to shave today. Nobody will recognize me and I’ll have to reintroduce myself to all my friends."
  • "Don't get me started on this question."
  • "Okay, quick question. What does it mean when someone says they are your 'trash?' Asking for a friend..."
  • "Wait, 'SexyBack' is by Justin Timberlake?"
  • "Everyone's smooching everyone and Alec just wants to do his job. That's why he's the best and deserves a big smooch."
why i love (all) the signs
  • (pisces sun/scorpio moon/aquarius rising/venus dom pov)
  • aries: as hot headed and impulsive as you guys are, you are really supportive and loyal friends. you will beat up anyone who decides to hurt someone you love or care for. you are super fun to hang out with too! i have never met a boring aries, and i don't think i ever will. aries make awesome friends. if you want someone to beat up that jerk that has been harassing since last week, go to an aries.
  • taurus: honestly just the coolest people ever. not only are you guys super attractive, but your also really and laid back and chill. you're also very dependable and i can't help but look up to you guys for that. not to mention that you're quite smart as well. you might not be the easiest person to deal with when it comes to arguments or making decisions (you can be quite stubborn, which is a good and bad thing!), but you guys are still awesome people and i love you guys.
  • gemini: idk why but there is something so charming and attractive about you guys that i just adore. you're creative and fun people, and your hearts are (most of the time) in the right place. your friendly and accepting and that's probably the reason why every single gemini sun or moon i have met is so popular! not to mention that every single gemini i have met has some kind of talent that they are really good at. whether it's filming or cooking or cheerleading, all of you guys have some kind of talent, and you are always good at it. i almost envy how lovable you twins are. keep it up gemini folks, you're one of my favorite signs.
  • cancer: not as innocent as you think, but they are still very huggable and nice people. cancers are either really shy and quiet or really optimistic and cheerful. some cancers that i have met are even snarky and sarcastic (kind of like a scorpio or aquarius) but are still affectionate and nice to be around. i love cancers because they are the kind of friends that will make you cookies for no real reason, or will give you hugs when you're feeling down (or just because they want to). cancers that i have met also have a very weird sense of humor that you can't help but love. these people are really cool. go hug a cancer.
  • leo: either loads of chill, or no chill. leo people will try their best to make everyone happy, but won't go all the way if they don't want to. they are generous and helpful people. surprisingly, i have not once met a leo that was popular and full of themselves. in fact, most leos i have met are pretty humble (MOST not all). they are also very funny and friendly as well. leos are the kind of people that will greet you with a bear hug every time you see them. in my opinion, leos would make awesome dads. they are really cool friends too. they've always got your back, too.
  • virgo: kind of like cancers, all virgos that i have met have a very weird and goofy sense of humor that you just love for some reason. they are also not as worrisome and uptight as predicted. i love virgos mainly because of their humor and sarcasm. they can be a little prickly at times, but they are one of those friends that will support you no matter what stupid bull crap you decide to do. they will get you out of a mess that you got yourself into, they will lend you a pen if you forgot yours at home or lost yours in science class. virgos might be a little reserved or shy at first but they slowly open up to you and begin to show affection. i personally find this part of them adorable.
  • libra: cheerful, friendly, and goofy. a libra is the kind of friend that will brighten your day when you are in a funk, and will take you out somewhere for whatever reason. they are without a doubt the best people to party with, but you might want to keep an eye one them...they can easily get carried away when drunk! most libras that i have met are also hopeless romantics, and will gush about some old couple they saw holding hands while walking down the street. they also got sass. libras are really fun and energetic people, and make super cool friends.
  • scorpio: my god you guys are awesome. your funny and sarcastic, but also supportive and kind. similar to an aries, scorpios will beat up some kid that has been bullying you or your ex partner that decided to break up with you over the phone. scorpios are really cool (and kind of reckless) friends that are lovable in every way. they can easily become the life of the party, but they can also be quite introverted as well. it just depends on the person really. scorpios are also passionate and loyal lovers, which is rare to find these days. scorpios are really amazing people, and deserve all the love in the world.
  • sagittarius: for a person who lives in a family where half of the people are born under the sign of sagittarius, i have met my fair share of sags. they are friendly and caring like a leo but also a bit reckless and impulsive like an aries. i love sags because of how lovable they are. idk why but there is something so attractive and lovable about sagittarius folks that makes me so happy when i meet one. like libras, sags have lots of sass and are really goofy. they are the kind of friends that will take you out on a car ride when you're feeling down or for no reason at all. sags are really just super fun people that you can't help but love.
  • capricorn: i have met all different kinds of caps. cheerful ones, shy ones, awkward ones, energetic ones. i have only met one introverted capricorn. capricorns are without a doubt the kind of person you want as a friend. they are not only smart cookies, but they will do special things for you like buy you a random present for no real occasion or help you study for that next math test. they do small things for you that i really appreciate...not to mention that is kind of cute. in fact, capricorns have their own little cute quirks and habits. i have met so many different kinds of caps, but the one thing they all have in common is how great friends they can be. if you want a friend for life, go to a capricorn.
  • aquarius: my favorite sign. they are friendly and goofy and just so lovable! they are hilarious and very cool people. they are quirky and fun in so many ways, and i have never met an aquarius that wasn't interesting! aquarius folks have such a fun personality! i can't enough of them. like geminis, almost every aquarius i have met has some special thing or talent about them that they are always good at. they are also good at dealing with people. they can also be a little rebellious, which for a pisces like myself, i find really cool and attractive. aquarius people are simply amazing, and are without a doubt my favorite sign.
  • pisces: and then there are these guys. very nice people, without a doubt. the thing i love most about them is their creativity and humor. i have yet to meet a pisces who didn't have a thing for one of the arts. they are also very nice people as well. some of the nicest people i have met are pisceans! they are also very accepting. it doesn't matter whether your a boy, girl, gay, trans, bi, preppy, emo, hipster...they can become friends with any people with any personality (unless those people are jerks to them). pisceans are also really funny! they are such great people with their hearts always in the right place. i have yet to meet a pisces i didn't like.
  • <p> <b>me:</b> maybe I'm NOT adhd<p/><b>me:</b> stays up till 5-6 because im restless<p/><b>me:</b> needs whitenoise and background stimulation constantly<p/><b>me:</b> needs to take a strict regimin of vitimins, tea, use lots of coping mechanisms to function the Minimum-MINIMUM Required Amount<p/><b>me:</b> can't sleep without a weighted blanket, constantly stims, when nervous shakes leg(s) for eternity<p/><b>me:</b> bored of things SOOOOOO FASStttt<p/><b>me:</b> emotional stability is not a thing<p/><b>me:</b> can't finish anything i'm not interested in, even some things I am interested in, or it takes an inane amount of time to finish them and several hundred distractions in between<p/><b>me:</b> forgets whole sentences and thoughts mid sentence, infodumps, clumsier than anyone in at least a couple miles radius of myeslf, forgets whole things and even dear friends exist when they're not hanging out with me, has had a lot of the comorbidities, and still some remain, spaces out when others are talking; will miss whole speaches<p/><b>me:</b> yeah... i just, idk maybe I'm like...faking?<p/></p>
people often know me for
  • AQUARIUS in the FIRST: being kinda popular in general but also kinda distant. but always pretty well liked tbh
  • AQUARIUS in the SECOND: my aesthetic sense, my fashion sense and cool things I own & what I do with it
  • AQUARIUS in the THIRD: being a good friend and witty conversationalist. the mutual friend
  • AQUARIUS in the FOURTH: for being the mom friend, but also being the COOL mom friend
  • AQUARIUS in the FIFTH: the cool things I do & how I do it. being fun to hang out with & always creating days/nights to remember
  • AQUARIUS in the SIXTH: my personality in general, how I do things day to day. my quirks, mannerism & just who I am
  • AQUARIUS in the SEVENTH: how easy I am to get along with & how I have my very own personality like no one else's.how I can't get along with everyone
  • AQUARIUS in the EIGTH: how easy it is to open up to me, how easy I am to trust & the advice I give
  • AQUARIUS in the NINTH: how fun I am to do activities with, the best buddy for "buddy systems", my odd conspiracy theories
  • AQUARIUS in the TENTH: how sociable and friendly I am on he Internet, how I try and be as friendly as possible to everyone I meet & how I can relate to strangers
  • AQUARIUS in the ELEVENTH: how i sometimes always seem to become an integral part of any group, I'm the friend that always needs to be there or there's no point in us all getting together!
  • AQUARIUS in the TWELFTH: how deep & spiritual I am, how I can surprise people unexpectedly sometimes with the things I'll say or do

anonymous asked:

Aunt Jilly, I noticed you said you used to work in an office job; how did you stay true to yourself in dress and spooky personality in a professional environment? I'm studying to be a teacher, and I just can't get my head around how I'm going to dress when I get a job. I don't want to give up my personal style for my career, but teaching is what i really want to do!

I know I’ve talked about this before. Hang on, let me look for some links.

Here, take a look at my corpgoth tag!

The main thing to keep in mind is that there are ALL SORTS of business-appropriate articles of clothing (blazers, sharp trousers or skirts, blouses and dress shirts) that are available in black, and there are all sorts of accessories out there (earrings, necklaces, lapel pins, tie tacks, cufflinks) that say “goth” in a subtle, understated sort of way. Darker lipstick (not black, but dark reds and plums) and black eyeliner are always work-appropriate makeup styles.

As for my working in an office job: well, yes, but I’m in Seattle, which is very laid back about alternative fashion, and I work in the tech industry, where the office dress codes were usually “Wear clothes and don’t go barefoot”, so my turning up in Victorian-inspired goth clothing and a top hat was okay. (Also, it helps that I am very good at my job and communicating with co-workers, so any concerns someone might have with my appearance are blown away by my performance and work ethic.)

(Have managers of mine threatened my co-workers with statements like “You will do this or I’ll ask Jillian to hex you”? Yes, and it amuses me.)

I've never been kissed but I have a soft spot for sickeningly sappy OTP prompts so buckle up kids:
  • -when there's a height difference so Person A has to lean down and person B has to stand on tiptoes for a kiss
  • -"One (1) kiss for pillow fort entry"
  • -Person B blowing a kiss to Person A at the train station, then person A falling out the window when they go (literally) overboard pretending to catch it
  • -Forehead kisses (/^▽^)/
  • -Unexpected kiss on the cheek
  • -Unexpected kiss on the cheek WITH A HEIGHT DIFFERENCE
  • -Snowball fights and shoving snow down each others backs
  • -Person B leaning far back in their chair for a kiss from person A
  • -Then leaning too far and tipping over. Then just laying there as they both laugh until they can't breath
  • -Pets getting in the way during a kiss
  • -Person B goes in for a kiss but really steals some of Person A's food
  • -mini retaliatory food fight leaving them both a mess
  • -Obligatory kiss in the rain (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
  • -Climbing onto the roof to watch the stars but getting locked out + having to wait 3 hours for rescue
  • -Going out in formal wear and Person A kisses Person B's hand in a dashing manner
  • -"Since when did you get so smooth?" "Since always" *trips and rips down expensive wall hanging*
  • -Waltzing together through the autumn leaves
  • -Tripping and tumbling into a freshly raked pile
  • -Shoving leaves down each others backs
  • -Hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies together

I stole the fingerless kitty gloves from on of my friends today XD

  • jordie benn: *likes make america great again and pro trump posts*
  • stars fans: idk you can't judge a person on just that one thing
  • katie: *wears a fuck trump headband, outspoken support of the LGBT community, supported kneeling during them anthem the whole time*
  • stars fans: i just don't like her seh gives me a bad feeling she's ripping the stars apart ever since jamie started dating her tyler and him haven't been hanging out she's just a bad influence.

anonymous asked:

but y'know how louis hung out with jimmy when he was on the tonight show and now jimmy hanging w harry and telling him dude louis told me about that crazy thing u did and thats so cute and harry's nose just scrunching up because he can't believe louis told jimmy that and then texting louis and fake being annoyed all the while making his louis scrunchy face.


anonymous asked:

tfw your fp doesn't even know you have bpd and you have to hide all you symptoms and you get jealous of everyone that hangs out and talks to them because you want all their attention and you!!! Just!!! Can't!!!! STOP!!!!


anonymous asked:

I think if I ever met sam and cait and took a photo, I'd either not share it or disable comments. This poor kid from yesterday has a shitshow on his acct because of that troll. Why can't people respect other people's accts and just stay off. People will eventually stop sharing. Who needs that negativity over such a happy moment?

I know, it’s so unfortunate. Anyone who feels the need to turn such a gorgeous, happy picture into a negative is not worth even thinking about. What a miserable life that person (cough we know who it is) must lead. I suggest we all ignore and focus on the fact that we actually have a picture of Sam and Cait hanging out together outside work and that they willingly shared it. This is a big deal after the shitshow that was the last year. We need to cherish moments like this! Nothing trolls say or do will change what’s happening.

fandomtrashnumber1  asked:

ok im trying to learn how to draw but I just can't figure out how to make my drawing actually look like the person it's supposed to be of? any tips?

I definitely suggest references and studying a person’s features. once you draw someone enough you memorize how their face looks, so once you get the hang of it it’s not too difficult. drawing a new person is always a challenge, but you just gotta practice and get references. i threw together a quick ref for our special boy dallon:

notable features that make him look like him are:
high cheekbones
square straight brows
button nose (doesn’t take up a lot of his face)
longer forehead
round chin (and chin scar)
sunken temples
round ears
eye bags
long facial structure in general

I hope this helps :)

  • Me thinking about fp: I'm not gonna talk to you for a week bc I want u to miss me I'm gonna be cold and distant and not show you I have feelings bc if I don't get close you can't hurt me I don't care
  • Me like 10 minutes later: omg hello I just want you to be happy and I love you!!! here let me buy you food and listen to this song that reminds me of you!!! Also let's hang out today and tomorrow and next week!!! I love you (((((:

I guess this is a general suggestion, coming from a supportive place that I hope doesn’t sound patronising. 

I want Louis to succeed, I want that for him more than anything. He deserves it, and he has the talent to make it happen. 

I know we use JHO as an example of how his team failed him, and while I agree to a large extent, I do think we have to acknowledge Jay’s passing, and the possibility that, quite rightly, Louis may not have wanted, or been emotionally capable of the pressure more than the commitments he carried out would have brought with it.

I’m going to try as much as possible to treat the next single and the album as a blank slate. And judge them on it when there is something to judge them on. It’s too early. Like I said yesterday, they know when Louis’ music is coming out, we don’t. If the album is more than a few months away it’s too early to be amping it up in the media. And who knows what they are planning for the single release and when that will be, so for me, the same goes with that. 

Believe me, I will be first in line to shout and scream if I feel he is being treated badly when the promo kicks off. Until then I really would suggest waiting it out. I know we’re an army of bees - this time around though, I’d love it if we could just hang fire for now, braced to sting anyone senseless if we need to.  

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how people can think Jensen and Jared hate Misha. Like, if they hated him they wouldn't have to do panels with him, share a rent house together, vacation together, etc. Like, why can't some people realize they aren't obliged to hang out with Misha, but they do because he's one of their best friends.

Because they are blinded by hate and whatever happened in their own lives that led them to be so hateful and negative. Misha isn’t the only person / thing they hate, it’s a running theme. I wish J2 would be more vocal about specifically saying this is bullshit rather than their continued just acting like it is bullshit and hoping this would get the message though, as clearly saying they love Misha over and over again both showing that they’re totally comfortable and love each other so much isn’t cutting it….

These people who project so much hatred not only are spreading negativity but also are contradicting themselves in saying they love J2 but ignoring the fact that they clearly love Misha (how many times do they have to repeatedly show it and say it out loud in front of them?!). They actively work with his charities, enjoy working together and even spend time with each other with their families outside of work etc so they are attacking J2 as well as Misha when they do this as he is their FRIEND.

I can’t abide by anyone who sends hate towards someone else, LET ALONE a person who actively is trying to help others and make the world a better place, I just cannot comprehend how they don’t see that they are the bad guys in this. If you are actively hating on someone who is trying to spread goodness in the world, you have gone wrong somewhere.

I’m so tired and lonely and I wanna talk to my friends and people I like the way I used to but I can’t anymore. My life has just become school and work and I feel like I’m losing everyone I like and love while I’m trying to survive

tfw when u have stuff to do for your second course, a master dissertation to write, but all you wanna do is draw ryan gosling holding a bright yellow balloon and being slightly disgusted with it