just can't find the source sorry

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hi do u have the source for the art on ur Tumblr cover? I'm mobile rn so if u have a faq I can't see sorry.

I don’t have a faq. I’m sorry but I don’t know the source for the art. I have tried looking for it but I just can’t find it anywhere :/ I just got the picture from google. If it helps here’s the full image.

and the same one but different characters:

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what did joss whedon say/do that makes him a bad guy? sorry i'm not trying to be an asshole i'm just very confused because i can't find anything about him and also i used to love him & now i don't know how to feel

a lot of stuff, actually. i’ve answered this question before – see here – but here are some more sources.

basically, he’s really shitty! he’s constantly praised as a Feminist Hero while erasing women of color from his shows and movies, refusing to acknowledge queer and trans women, and completely dismissing the meaning of feminism to be more suitable for him as a white cishet man.

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hey I know this is weird, but do you happen to have a photo of aph Netherlands riding a dollar bill in the sky? Or at least its source. Ive been looking or the photo for over a year, and I can't find it by myself. If you do just post it or the source please. Thanks

I’m sorry, but I don’t. I’ve never seen anything like that.

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Do you do kid/baby prompts? If you do: Caroline's at a store with her little girl and Klaus is also shopping in the same store. Suddenly Care can't find her little girl and she ends up finding her with Klaus. Sorry if this was a sucky prompt lol

Code Adam

“Evie, stay right here,” her mother instructed, seating her in a squishy sofa outside the dressing room. “I’ll just be a minute.”

“Yes, momma,” the little girl responded, playing with the buttons on the dress her doll was wearing.

Caroline disappeared into the fitting room to try on a fitted black dress she needed for a charity event.

At the sound of a child’s laughter, the four year old’s head snapped up from her toy, eyes searching for the source of the laughter and the possibility of a new friend. Scooting forward, she hopped off the seat and began walking away from the dressing rooms.

The sales clerk was busy folding clothes and didn’t notice the little blonde girl with pigtails wander away, disappearing between the racks of clothing.

In the men’s department on the other side of the store, Klaus Mikaelson waited impatiently while his brother Elijah tried on yet another suit.

“Come along, Elijah, you have so many bloody suits already. Is another one really necessary?”

“Just because you prefer the starving artist look, does not mean the rest of us have to wear the same shirt in a different color everyday,“ Elijah retorted in a cool voice.

Klaus rolled his eyes, standing up to stretch his legs.

Turning, he saw a small figure approaching down the aisle. As the person came closer, he made out blonde hair in pigtails, a pink Dora the Explorer t-shirt, and light up sneakers.

“Hello, sweetheart,” he said to the little girl.

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HI! I'm sorry if people have already asked this, but where did you get the source on the Classic Link costume for Hyrule Warriors? I can't find anything on my web searching! Is it being released today?

It must’ve just been released during or after Nintendo’s E3 show. I loaded up the game in-between Nintendo’s show and Square-Enix’s show. I did post the patch notes here; 


And here’s an actual picture of the patch notes, just to be extra double sure;

I normally would have linked something like the official site for something like this, but it seems they haven’t put that update on the site! Sorry about that. I was a bit surprised myself that there was no sources on this and yet it was in my game. I guess I was the first to stumble upon it.