just call me santa

A Christmas Miracle part two

A little festive fun with Negan

Negan x wife number 6 (reader - Y/N)

4100 words

Warnings - Negan language, smutty goodness, sexy aesthetic NSFW

Catch up with the first part A Christmas Miracle part one

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anonymous asked:

Christmas request! Could you write what the RFA and V and Saeran would do if they found out MC still believed in Santa Claus? Like, she just moved out of her parent's house, so this is her first Christmas not living there and she doesn't know... Would they play along or break the news to her?

doesnt know what…? what news would the RFA even break to her? this request is a little confusing but i think i managed to write it well~~

~female MC


  • he talks about santa all the time like he’s real
  • cause yknow its fun to be like “oh MC what do you think santa is going to get you for christmas??”
  • but he never realized just how serious she was when she answered
  • until christmas eve
  • “Yoosung, we cant go to sleep yet!! we have to leave cookies out for santa!!”
  • Yoosung was tired but making cookies sounded fun
  • so they make chocolate chip cookies together!!
  • when all the cookies are finally finished Yoosung reaches for one to eat
  • “Yoosung, what did i tell you?!”
  • MC smacks his hand away
  • alright Yoosung just spent that past 40 minutes baking cookies and now he wants to reap the rewards so what gives
  • “these cookies are for santa!”
  • wait, really?
  • like…she really made all these cookies for santa?
  • thinking he was going to eat them?
  • oh no….MC…no…
  • Yoosung rubs his hand where she smacked it
  • “oh, of course! yea…for santa…”
  • “dont worry, Yoosungie! we’ll make cookies for us to eat tomorrow”
  • MC looked so happy preparing a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for santa clause
  • who was he to crush her little dreams?
  • but its not right for a grown woman to believe in santa
  • but she looked so cute, arranging the cookies and placing them by the tree and writing a little not for santa…
  • so Yoosung just sneaks out of bed during the night to eat the cookies, drink the milk, and place a present under the tree that’s labeled as being from santa
  • it’s fine…i’ll just tell her next year…!


  • “Zen, you wont believe what happened to me today”
  • Zen and MC were enjoying a quiet dinner together and talking about their days
  • “whats that, baby?”
  • “well i was at the gas station buying some snacks, right? and as i left i forgot to check and see if anyone else was leaving, and i totally shut the door in this poor girls face! i felt so bad!”
  • MC gets hung up over the smallest things, she’s really so cute
  • “ahh, MC, if you keep acting like that santa wont bring you anything this year!”
  • Zen giggles a bit, his tone humorous
  • MC’s expression twisted, like she was about to cry
  • “wait…are you serious? do you really think i’m on the naughty list now…?”
  • MC covers her face with her hands and starts sniffling
  • wait, what?? she took that seriously??
  • oh no why is she crying no no no
  • “no, princess! it was just a joke…!”
  • Zen reaches out and grabs MC’s hands, pulling them away from her face
  • channel your the actor in you, Zen
  • “of course i still think you’re on the nice list, MC! you’re the nicest girl i’ve ever met. i’m sure santa understands that the door thing was just an accident”
  • MC lets go of his hand for a moment to wipe a tear away from their cheek
  • “r-really…?”
  • “yes! santa will bring you something this year for sure”
  • MC smiles, her eyes still glassy from crying
  • “thank you, Zenny!”
  • alright, looks like Zen is going to have to buy a few extra presents this year
  • okay but honestly, how cute is it that MC still believes in santa like he wants to cry that’s just so precious


  • Jaehee and MC met up for lunch
  • “i hate having to buy coffee so much. i wish i had my own coffee maker”
  • “why dont you put it on your christmas list?”
  • Jaehee tilts her head at MC
  • “christmas list….?”
  • who was going to look at a christmas list Jaehee made? arent those for little kids?
  • “yea! tell santa you want a coffee maker and maybe he’ll get you one. i’m sure you’ve been good this year, Jaehee, so i’d be willing to bet he’d leave you something special under the tree”
  • oh no.
  • “MC, did you…send a christmas list to santa clause?”
  • MC nods, smiling happily
  • “yea, of course!! i sent it a few days ago to make sure he has plenty of time to prep for christmas eve”
  • MC is :))) but Jaehee is :|||
  • why did no one ever tell her???
  • should…should she tell her??
  • but MC looks so happy and bright…
  • “yea, i guess that is a good idea. i’ll send him something today”
  • Jaehee forces a smile
  • she also asks if MC wrote her christmas list down anywhere else and if she could see it
  • Jaehee was going to make sure “santa” left something for MC from her list this year
  • she feels kind of bad for not saying anything but hey
  • MC’s not hurting anyone by believing in santa
  • so whats the point in breaking the bad news?
  • its fine….MC will just believe in santa forever and ever…
  • and ever…
  • hah


  • waking up on christmas eve
  • “Jumin, i forgot to ask you something!”
  • Jumin wakes up to see MC laying down, facing him
  • ahhhh, his favorite sight~
  • “what’s that, love?”
  • “is the chimney clean?”
  • the…the chimney?
  • does this penthouse even have a chimney?
  • why is she thinking about this first thing in the morning?
  • “i dont really know, to be quite honest”
  • MC sits up in bed, pouting
  • “Jumin, this is important! we need to make sure santa can get in tonight!”
  • Jumin sits up slowly, still feeling a bit groggy
  • “s…santa…?”
  • “yes! i’ve been super nice this year and i need to make sure he can bring me a present!”
  • he just kind of looks at her, confused
  • she wraps her arms around him, hanging off of Jumin
  • “Jumiiiinnn~! this is important! we only have one day to prepare for santa!”
  • Jumin thought for a second that MC was joking but now it’s clear to him
  • MC seriously believes in santa clause
  • and she is very excited for his arrival
  • and Jumin cannot do anything to ruin this
  • he smiles at MC, pulling her close to him
  • “you’re completely right, my dear. i’ll make sure the chimney is cleaned today, alright?”
  • “yay!”
  • “and santa will need cookies too, right? we’ll have to go out today and get some cookie dough”
  • MC jumps out of bed to get dressed
  • “you’re totally right!”
  • theres nothing wrong with a little childhood innocence, especially around the holidays


  • Seven found out earlier in the that MC still believed in santa
  • so he just kind of decided to put that knowledge in his pocket and save it for later
  • and now was the time to use it
  • “Seven, what the hell are you doing?”
  • Seven was hunched over by the door, fiddling with something on the ground
  • “setting a booby trap”
  • “what the hell, Seven?! why??”
  • MC is real pressedt about this
  • “well i had to disarm my security system so santa could get in, right? but we still need protection from enemies…”
  • Seven explains his trap, which will trigger a bucket of water to drench the next person who opens the door
  • MC runs over to Seven and sits by him, pleading
  • “Seven, you cant!! what if the trap goes off on santa???”
  • Seven backs away from what he was working on, placing a hand underneath his chin
  • “hmm, i guess i hadent considered that possibility”
  • MC grabs his hoodie, pulling him toward her
  • “how could you have not considered that??? what if you drench santa?? he’ll never bring us presents again!!”
  • omg, MC was getting so frantic it was totally adorable
  • “alright, alright. what if i do a shock trap instead?”
  • “Seven!”
  • “giant boulder?”
  • MC practically throws herself on top of him
  • “please leave santa alone!! he just wants to spread christmas joy!!”
  • Seven giggles a little, giving MC a reassuring peck on the cheek
  • “alright, you win. no christmas booby traps”
  • MC sighs with relief


  • “hey, cutie! what are you writing?”
  • MC was sitting at the kitchen table
  • she looked like she was thinking hard about something
  • “my christmas list”
  • V sits down across from her
  • “oh, perfect! i was going to ask for your list soon”
  • “um…it’s not for you, V. it’s for santa”
  • awww, how cute
  • “is it? are you going to mail it to the north pole?”
  • “uh, duh? that is where santa lives, after all”
  • oh shit, she’s like really serious…
  • she like really thinks santa is going to see this list
  • “well…mind if i join you?”
  • MC smiles real big at V
  • “please do!! i’m sure santa would love to bring you something, V!”
  • he grabs a paper and pen, and sits down again across from MC
  • “hmmm…”
  • him and MC help each other compile their christmas lists
  • they end up being a mix of things they need around the house and things they want
  • V has a rice cooker on his list, but also a new camera
  • MC has a new set of dishware on her list, but also a cute winter jacket
  • they seal their letters with christmas tree stickers
  • “i’ll go put these in the mailbox!”
  • V went outside, but kept the lists in his pocket
  • now he knows exactly what MC wants for christmas
  • he’ll just have to write that it’s from santa on the tag


  • Saeran and MC were out doing some christmas shopping at the mall
  • they passed by a mother who was struggling to control her whiny kid
  • they both overheard the mother say something like “santa wont come this year if you keep acting like a brat”
  • Saeran rolls his eyes
  • “i’ll never understand why parents choose to perpetuate such a silly lie”
  • MC literally stops walking
  • “Saeran, what do you mean..? are you talking about that mom we just passed?”
  • “yea. that whole santa clause thing always just bugged me. i just feel like theres no reason to make kids believe in such a silly thing”
  • “wh…what are you saying…?”
  • MC covered her mouth with both hands, practically on the verge of tears
  • wait….does she…?
  • shit
  • fix it Saeran FIX IT
  • “MC, i didnt mean-”
  • she ran away from him, sobbing into her hands
  • well, this was turning out to be an unsuccessful shopping trip
  • Saeran followed MC as best he could, until she ran into the womens restroom
  • he was waiting for her outside when he got a call from Seven
  • “boy, you are so lucky to have me for a brother”
  • “yea, right. what do you want?”
  • “MC just called me crying. how could you not know she still believes in santa?”
  • “i dont know man i just-”
  • “well i did some damage control. dont pull anything like that again, alright?”
  • “a…alright..”
  • he hangs up and a few minutes later MC comes out of the bathroom
  • “sorry for running of, Saeran. i should have known you were joking!”
  • Searan grabs her hand, pulling her back into the main area of the mall
  • “yea, it was a dumb joke. lets just enjoy this shopping trip, okay?”
  • MC nods happily, squeezing his hand
  • crisis averted


Merry Christmas @somanyfandomssolittletime!!!! I’m your Captain Swan Secret Santa, but you can finally just call me Nina! Or Duchess. Your choice, haha. 

So since I fail at all forms of arts except for culinary (*wink wink*), I always team up with Jenna over at @fairytalesandtimetravel to help me out with my gifts. Since we were talking about the dark kiss & Killian’s devotion to Emma, I asked her to draw that scene for you. She’s quite a badass at beautiful drawings. I hope you like it! I actually have it as the background on my phone :-P.

It was so lovely getting to know you & I hope your holidays are beyond glorious!