just call me santa


Listen,,,, alexander has been my favorite name forever…one of my ocs is alexander…its what ive always wanted to name a future child….its just???? SUCH A FULL RICH NAME???? And alex is is such a cute nickname????????

Ppl always call alex “hamilton” or “alexander” and i want one of his friends to just call him “alex” and it’s just… Real Cute ok…….

Merry Christmas @somanyfandomssolittletime!!!! I’m your Captain Swan Secret Santa, but you can finally just call me Nina! Or Duchess. Your choice, haha. 

So since I fail at all forms of arts except for culinary (*wink wink*), I always team up with Jenna over at @fairytalesandtimetravel to help me out with my gifts. Since we were talking about the dark kiss & Killian’s devotion to Emma, I asked her to draw that scene for you. She’s quite a badass at beautiful drawings. I hope you like it! I actually have it as the background on my phone :-P.

It was so lovely getting to know you & I hope your holidays are beyond glorious!