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Exes and No’s (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: Can you please do Jason todd X jealous reader? Maybe the reader ran into one of Jason’s exs or something ^^ I love your blog by the way!!!!!

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, self hate

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Jason made it no secret he had been with people before, when the two of you got together it was a made abundantly clear that he had sex before been in both long term and short term relationships. It never really bothered you, after all you had dated in the past as well.

It had never been a problem before today, because you had somehow got invited to Jason Todd’s ex’s club or something, because all the important ones were here, and damn they were all really really attractive.

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Second Chances [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Can you write a Barry x Reader where the reader is from our Earth and that she’s transported to Earth 1 to find that she’s trapped in Central City. The Flash is the reason she became a scientist. She’s a science geek/nerd. She secretly likes Barry to death. She goes to Star Labs and asks for their help. They can’t help her for some reason, but they need her expertise. She’s becomes part of Team Flash. You can figure out the rest. :)

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Barry stares at you, mouth hanging open as you blush profoundly. His high top converse squeak against the off-gray tiles, circling around your body. “You aren’t the Flash on my earth, either.” He frowns at that and suddenly you feel guilty. “But you work with me in S.T.A.R. Labs; you dress kinda like…him!” you beam, pointing to HR. “I don’t think you like me, though…” you bite your lip, hands behind your back.

Scoffing, the speedster shakes his head, “I must be a real asshole on your earth…” he grumbles under his breath, crossing his arms over his black and red sporty jacket. His bright hazel eyes dart between you, Caitlin and Cisco. “Y/N, we would love to help, but, we have no way of knowing what earth you’re from…” he sighs, pressing his knuckles to his lips; your shoulders slump. “Hey, hey, hey, we’re going to try, okay?” he promises, holding your forearms.

Coughing, Cisco interrupts Barry’s intense stare. His pale pink button down shirt flaps against the dark blue Doctor Who shirt when he gestures to the screen. “In the meantime, maybe you could help with our meta human problem.” Cisco suggests, tapping the white keyboard, blowing up the picture on the screen. “This is who I like to call Medusa; she can-”

“Turn people to stone with just one look, I’m familiar with her abilities.” you cut the engineer off, folding your arms, ruffling your flowy purple shirt. You step closer, squinting at the fluorescent screen. “She was a different person on my earth.” you muse, leaning on the clear desk; Barry tilts his head. “You need more than one person to defeat her, even with your speed.” you crane your neck back.

Barry’s thick eyebrows furrow together, bony fingers tapping against his biceps. “What about the Greek myths? Why can’t we just show her through a mirror and let her turn herself to stone? Won’t that work?” he asks, voice laced with complete and utter confusion. Caitlin hums, nibbling on her bright pink lip.

With a sigh, you shake your head, standing up straighter. “No, we tried that approach on my earth the first time. All it did was distract her. What you need is one person to distract her, while Barr uses his speed to kill her.” you explain, accompanying your little speech with hand motions. When the speedster stays quiet, your face heats up. “What?” you cock an eyebrow, eyes widening more than normal.

He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, grinning a half smile. “No, no, it’s just…. You called me Barr…” he mumbles, cheeks turning a beautiful shade of rosy pink.

“Sorry, it’s kinda a force of habit…” you say shyly.

Shaking his head, Barry laughs, “It’s alright, I kinda don’t mind…” he mumbles, shrugging his shoulders. HR clears his throat. “Medusa, right!” he shouts, snapping back to reality.

Caitlin chuckles, “You should join Team Flash, Y/N.” she persuades, eyeing Barry talking to Wally. You blink, biting your lip. “You said….you said on your earth, Barry didn’t like you… I can see you have feelings for him.” she whispers, “Maybe this is your second chance?” she offers hopefully, squeezing your shoulder.

You watch Barry speak animatedly, feeling your heart beat faster. “Maybe it is.”

“Oi! Weasley!” A boy’s voice rang out through the environment like ripples in a pond, yet as clear as can be. The girl with bushy, red hair sighed and closed her book, gently setting it behind her.

“Hello, Scorpius.” Rose said lazily, before adding, “I’d appreciate it if you’d call me by my first name.”

The boy with snow-colored hair smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind. So, what’s the project, exactly?”

Scorpius eased down beside her, making her twitch slightly, but she pulled her bag and rummaged through its contents, trying to find a book.

“We’re having a crossover project between Potions and Herbology. I’ve got it written it down here somewhere… Ah, here.” She pulled out a small piece of parchment from a book, but the book slipped from her hands. Scorpius reached for the book at the same time as Rose, their hands brushing against each other for only a moment, but Rose quickly withdrew hers and Scorpius cleared his throat, trying to cover up what just happened.

“Right… Each pair has a different potion to make. Says here… We have to make Amortentia!”

Rose froze. “A-Amortentia?” She slowly looked at him. “You– You know what that is, right?” Remembering the earlier conversation she had with James, she shuddered slightly. Was this really on purpose? Don’t be daft, Rose. 

“Of course.” Scorpius replied, a little red. “Well… I see why it’s a crossover. We have to find the ingredients and make the potion ourselves.”

Rose pulled some grass unconsciously and nodded. “Right.”

The moment of silence stretched. Scorpius, feeling the urge to break it, took out his own book. “Well, how about we find them today and try the potion out tomorrow?”

“It’s due a week’s time.”

“The sooner it’s done, the better.” Scorpius replied, which irked Rose for some reason. She couldn’t explain, but she had expected him to be laid-back, sarcastic, lazy. So far, Scorpius met none of these expectations. 

“Well, all right. Let’s start then, shall we?” She stood up from the grassy floor and ignored Scorpius’ gaze. The silence was thick once again.

Scorpius stood, and, with voice that didn’t quite match his usual tones, said, “You don’t really like me much, do you?”

“Perhaps it’s due to the fact I don’t know you very well.”

“Is it also due to the fact that I’m a Slytherin?”

Rose waved her hand away. “Of course not. Albus is a Slytherin, and we get along quite well.”

‘He’s like family. I’m not.“

"Family issues don’t matter.”

“Who mentioned family issues?” Scorpius raised his eyebrows, and Rose again thought of her father’s stories about his encounters with the Malfoys.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that–”

“So you’ve heard of my parentage too.”

“Everyone has, but–”

Surprisingly, Scorpius smiled. “But you disagree on their views? You think that I won’t do my father’s mistakes? Why, thank you.”

Rose let out a huff of exasperation. “You can be quite aggravating. Please, I didn’t mean to go that far. And yes, I do that. I hope not to be a judgmental person.” She sighed, much to Scorpius’ amusement. “Can we start over?”

He nodded with a grin. “Scorpius Malfoy.”

“Rose Weasley. A pleasure.” The two shook hands, and Rose felt her heart quicken. Or was that her imagination?

“Well, Rosie, let’s begin finding some ingredients.”

She glared. “Did you just call me Rosie?”

“So what if I did?” He shot her a smirk and began walking away.

“Wait– Malfoy– I’m not– Ugh!” She grunted and packed her things away, hurriedly catching up with him.


Prompt: Lafayette x reader where the reader is taking Lafayette to try Spanish food for the first time.


You dragged your best friend Lafayette down the road.

“C'mon Laf!” You whined. “It’s only Spanish food!” You had been trying to convince your French friend to try some Spanish from your Uncle’s restaurant for weeks and today he had finally agreed, although he still needed some coaxing.

“But Spanish food is spicy,” Lafayette complained. “I don’t do spicy.” You rolled your eyes, stood on your tip toes, to match his height, and grabbed his ear.

“Let’s go Frenchie,” You commanded with new force, and dragged the man down the street. “You’re trying this food whether you want to not, I’m not afraid to shove it down your throat if I have to.” Laf shot you a frightened look and complied.

Before long the two of you were seated at your Uncle’s restaurant, about to order.

“Hello Y/N!” Your cousin cheerily greeted you and glanced at Lafayette. “And who is this handsome man?” You laughed and pointed at Laf.

“This is my friend Lafayette,” You said. “Laf, this is my cousin Rosalina.”

"But you can just call me Rosie.” She interjected.

“Okay, bonjour Rosie.” He flashed a dazzling smile.

"Oh! And he’s French!” She swooned. “He’s just a friend?” She raised a doubtful eyebrow.

"Just a friend.” You assured her, although you wished it were more. You have liked Lafayette for months and have never gotten the guts to confess.

“Y/N you gotta up your game girl!” She punched your shoulder lightly.

“Oh shut up, aren’t you supposed to be serving us anyway?” You pointed to her waitress outfit and nametag.

“Oh right!” She laughed, obviously having forgotten. “What’ll you guys be having?” You smiled mischievously.

“Tio’s Specialty.” You said, Rosie smiled devilishly back at you.

“First time trying Spanish I’m guessing?”

“Yep, going to start him off with something light.” You said innocently. In reality that was the most spicy thing on the menu but Lafayette didn’t need to know that.

“Alrighty then. I’ll be back soon with your order!” Rosie chirped happily and smiled at Lafayette who was oblivious to your scheming.

Minutes later Rosie reappeared with a steaming dish.

“Here you are guys.” She placed the plate on the table. “Enjoy!” She walked away.

“Okay Laf, you ready? This is the least spicy menu item I could find so you should be fine.” You “reassured” Lafayette. He nodded and took a bite. At first he seemed fine but then the seeds kicked in.

Shock and pain covered his face as he quickly grabbed the nearest glass of water.

“Water only makes it worse,” You told him nonchalantly. He realized his mistake too late and swallowed his gulp of water.

“What?” He breathed out in a gasp.

“Oh yeah, the water makes the spice in the seeds spread.” You replied, still acting uninterested while hiding bursts of laughter.

“And this is the LEAST spicy item you have?!” He gasp yelled, which sounded sort of like wheezing.

"Did I not mention?” You feigned innocence. “This is the SPICIEST item silly!” You laughed.

“Y/N!” He cried. “But my mouth is on fire!” You fanned his face.

“Oh you poor baby,” You said sarcastically. “Want me to kiss it better?” Laf turned a shade redder and nodded slightly.

“Oui.” He seemed to sink into himself. You were convinced that this man was going to be the death of you. Gathering your courage you leaned in and pressed your lips to his. They seemed to fit together perfectly and you held it there probably longer than you should have. You pulled back, now your turn to blush.

“I’m sorry, that was-” You were cut off.

“Nice, very nice.” Lafayette finished for you, smiling slightly. “Would you like to do it again?” You blushed harder.

“Okay.” This time Laf leaned in and put his hand on your cheek, pulling him to you. His touch was soft and your lips moved with his. It was bliss. When he pulled away he was grinning from ear to ear.

“I’ve been wanting to do that forever.” He admitted shyly, that took you by surprise.

“Wow, same here.” You replied, also quite shy. Lafayette laughed.

“Well now I guess I got the courage. Y/N, do you want to go out with me?” You grinned and nodded. Lafayette leaned in for another kiss.

“Damn it Y/N!” Rosie yelled from where she was supposed to clearing tables but had actually been spying on the two of you. “Now he’s taken.” You all laughed.

He was taken and he was all yours.