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From The Dining Table - Harry Styles AU

Warnings: smut 

Summary: Where Harry really fucked up.

A/N: I’m sorry if there’s any grammar errors ! This is my first AU writing and I work really hard on this one, I hope you enjoy it ! (P.S GIF’s not mine)

Words: 1,844


“Argh… Fuck.” Harry moaned, his hands were under his pants pumping his dick faster and faster until he reaches his climax, the hotel room are very quiet and cold. He made his way to the bathroom to shower and clean himself, the warm water are dripping all over his tense body, he’s been very lonely. He have been very busy with the debut album, everything is very exhausting that he forgot about [Y/N]. 

Tall skinny body, brown glowy skin, wavy hair she is so beautiful that Harry is confused why the hell she’s not a freaking super model. They have broken up months ago, but he’s still not over it yet, Harry found himself still thinking about her but Harry is positive that [Y/N] is 100% over him. He walked out of the shower after he finished drying his hair, because it became a routine ever since [Y/N] told him that it’s not good to sleep with your hair dripping wet. Harry misses her so much that it hurts his whole body, especially his chest. He misses her Tom Ford perfume Harry had gifted to her because the scent of that perfume just reminds him of [Y/N], the screaming that came from the dining table while she works on her job that is graphic design because she forgot to add another layer, coming home to her playing the grand piano, and the way she took care of him 

until he can’t take it, so he called her. 

“Hello?” Her voice are raspy, she sounds like she just got out of bed then Harry checked the digital clock that is beside his bed 

02:32 AM Crap. 

He thought, he forgot that it’s two in the freaking morning 

“Who the fuck is this?” She continued “It’s- It’s Ha- Harry.” Harry stutters “Why the hell are you calling me in this hour?! Can’t it wait tomorrow?”

 "Can- Can I come to your apartment?“ 

"In this hour? Hell no Styles.” She answered “Please [Y/N]?” She didn’t answer him for a couple seconds but then she agreed “Fine.”

 "Thanks Love.“ The nickname definitely slips out of his mouth, he didn’t mean to call her that, after he hung up he put on some clothes, took his keys and immediately drive to [Y/N]’s apartment. 

When he arrived at the white building he immediately made his way inside and went to the receptionist desk but he found the staff sleeping with his head rested on the wooden table so he went upstairs without leaving his ID at the receptionist desk. 

The elevator dinged when it arrived at the third floor, he walked outside and began to find [Y/N]’s apartment door. 

0703.The sign on the black door said, he knocked it a couple times but there is no sign that [Y/N] is making her way to the door, so he open up the door; it’s unlocked

 "God Damn it [Y/N].” He went inside quickly and walk straight to [Y/N]’s room and he’s never been so relieved in his life to see her sleeping safely in her bedroom, he sat at the small red couch beside her bed, watching someone while sleeping is overused and mainstream but he couldn’t tear his eyes off of the beautiful girl that is sleeping. After a couple minute watching her sleeping quietly Harry decided to go out of the room to get some water but Harry being the clumsy guy he is, he accidentally run in to her nightstand and knocked up a little night lamp “Fuck.” He hisses quietly 

“What the…” [Y/N] is awake by the time Harry clutching on his toes “I’m ver-very sorry, please go back to sleep.” He didn’t know what to say, It’s been months since the last time they saw each other “No, I just- you really came here.” She said

 "I did.“ He nodded, [Y/N] sighed and sit up "Why do you came here? It’s like in the middle of the night! This is so weird you are my ex boyfriend and-" 

"You didn’t lock your door, that’s dangerous.” He cut off her sentence 

“It’s not like I have something worth thousands of dollars inside this crappy apartment.” She answered “But they can hurt you.”

 "Why do you care Harry? Just go home okay, get some sleep I’m sure you have a lot of things to do tomorrow.“ She’s always been the type of girl that is not into complicated drama, if there’s a problem or a conflict she’ll try to fix it right away leaving the drama out of it 

"But I miss you.” That. There’s the words that Harry has been dying to say to her 

“Just go home okay H?” The nickname, she didn’t mean for it to slip out of her lips “There’s no alcohol in this world that can sink in the chest pain I am having every time I think about you.”

 "Go home Drama Queen, you don’t get to say that after leaving me with no phone call or text after the break up.“ She lay down and turn to the other side "I’m sorry [Y/N]." 

"You are forgiven, now go home get some sleep.” Harry sighed and sit at the edge of her bed, she’s never been the one that have a lot of money, she rarely treated herself, she hardly want to buy anything because her job didn’t pay her that well and Harry miss the time he can spoil her with anything even though she didn’t like it when people buy her things 

“Can I sleep here? On the couch?” He asked her “What ever I don’t care.” She coldly answered, Harry nodded despite the fact that she can’t see him so he took of his shoes and shirt leaving him with the dark grey sweatpants he is wearing and try to lay down on the couch and slowly he fell asleep. 

After about fifteen minuted being half asleep Harry are woken up by a sound of someone sobbing quietly, Harry immediately sit up and went over to the bed to check on [Y/N] 

“[Y/N]?” He whispered, she looked a little shocked “God damn it H, I thought you were asleep.” She rasp “I was.” Harry’s fingers are wiping the tears that is staining her beautiful face “Why are you crying? Tell me [Y/N].”

 "It’s just- It’s just that you don’t get to come here, calling in the middle of the night out of nowhere after you decided that you missed me! I have been missing you this whole time but I can’t just call you and tell you that I missed you! You can’t do that Harry that’s not fucking fair!“ She shouted, clutching on to the pillow she’s hugging, the familiar pain sensation spreading across his chest "I’m so sorry darling, that it took me a lot of time to realize that I missed you,” she shooked her head while the tears keep streaming out of her eyes, Harry tugged the wavy hair on to the back of her ears “Come one Love, show me your beautiful face,” She always falls for his charms, the way he talk to her made her knees weak, and somehow she always agree to do what he says as if she’s compelled she should be hating him after all of the things he did to her but as you can see now she’s letting him in again 

“There you go.” he began to dry the tears from her face and lay down beside her “I thought, maybe one day you’d call me and tell me that you’re sorry too. I waited Harry and God, I hate myself so much for getting my hopes up. It hurts H.”

 "I’m sorry, I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m here now, I’m not leaving you not again, not anymore,“ Harry lay down beside her and play with her hair from the back, he know that [Y/N] will be fast asleep if Harry played with her hair "I love you [Y/N], now sleep my love. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

 Harry woke up with [Y/N] sleeping quietly beside him facing the big and dirty window, Harry didn’t have her wrapped around his arms because cuddles won’t instantly fix them, Harry don’t think that it’s what [Y/N] wanted, so he gave her space; just like what she wanted. It’s been a very long time since Harry came to this apartment, the last time he came here was before [Y/N] move to his apartment and help her packs up her things. Harry slowly sit up and walk outside her room to get something to eat, he went to the kitchen and open up the fridge; it doesn’t have anything unless two bottles of wine and Chinese food leftovers that is probably not edible by now Harry wants to go out and buy something to eat for both of them but he promised her when she wakes up he’s going to be right here.

 [Y/N] woke up facing the window, she roll over and found the space beside her empty. She sighs knowing that this would happen, and how she shouldn’t get her hopes up that Harry would stay the night. She checked her nightstand and no, he didn’t left any notes she told herself to get over it and get ready to start the day. 

Harry heard a shuffling in [Y/N]’s room and decided to check her, as he walk inside her room he saw her in a plain black bra set “JESUS!” She screamed and cover herself with a blanket “It’s nothing I haven’t see [Y/N].” He smirked “I thought you left.” She walk over to her the other side of her bed-still in her underwear and put on some clothes, Harry can’t stop staring at her, her body-god her body is amazing “I’m a man of my words [Y/N],” Harry answered [Y/N] respond him by rolling her eyes

 "Where are you going?“ He asked seeing her putting on a jeans and a grey sweater that looks like it’s Harry’s "Work, where else?” She answered 

“Skip work.” He said, [Y/N] shook her head and laugh coldly “You think I can just skip work? I’m not like you okay?” She went to the desk and put her laptop and the charger inside her black Saint Laurent bag Harry bought for her when he was in New York “Please? It’s just one day!”

 "No, I got paid only seven dollar per hour because I’m on training. I can’t lose this job Harry,“ she walk outside her bedroom putting on a black converse and walk to the door "Go home, you don’t have to lock the door on your way out.” She slammed shut the door leaving confused Harry and her heart at the green eyed man she loved so much. 

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Leela! This was my favorite live show! This one really felt so warm and cozy and he looked so happy and soft and was talking to us like a friend with how he was talking about his feelings and mental health and just trying to explain things without giving too much away and ahh I love Daniel Howell so much! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

where to begin y’all. everything that you said and more–this live show was just so great. it wasn’t one of the ones that maybe necessarily gave us tons of new insight into dan or phil or their lives, but it was so good because dan is so clearly doing okay right now. he’s happy. it’s radiating off of him. maybe part of it is the stark contrast to how he was in live shows during feb/march, maybe part of it is our own confirmation bias and our desire to connect this dan—live and taking time out of his evening to speak with us—to all of the big changes we’ve been seeing from him,,, but regardless, in an absolute sense, dan is definitely happy and that is probably the fundamental reason why this live show felt so lovely. 

i went back to read some of my notes on his last few live shows before writing this one and it was surreal to see how many of my comments were about how negative he was being. he inserted a joke about wanting death or being an ugly rat or failing at most things in life so frequently. he constantly berated his own approaches to various things in his life and alluded to struggling with a lot of his own internal thoughts. in contrast, this live show contained a grand total of zero comments regarding death. zero comments about being ugly or terrible. he of course noted flaws in his approach to youtube and things of that nature, but he didn’t really criticize himself for them, and instead pinned them back to his own mental health and the way his personality works and offered up constructive ways that he’s thinking about dealing with all of it. it was like watching,, not a different person, but a strangely calmer person—someone who has clearly spent some time reflecting on these things and has gotten himself to a better and calmer headspace. 

the best part about the happiness in this liveshow for me is that it wasn’t really communicated through words (he never actually said that he’s really happy or excited or anything like that.) and it wasn’t like he totally avoided talking about his fears or his flaws in a way that would actually be disingenuous. it was all a bit more subtle and (to use his own refrain) ~authentic~ than that. it was there in the way he couldn’t get through so many sentences without breaking into a laugh or a big smile. it was there in the way he talked about the audience—a bit gushy at times, but mostly fond and appreciative. genuinely. it was there, of course, in the little asides he shared about phil and about their plans for the future. it’s fun to think about what may have helped this shift along. maybe it was time away in singapore, taking a step back to reflect on how far they’ve come and how much they’ve achieved and how very bright their future looks regardless of its specifics, or maybe it’s because the hard things he’d been dreading (like moving on some level bc it’s stressful, and also the ‘rebrand’) are now over and done with and he can just settle in the aftermath. and all of this sort of fits with what we know of the person that dan has been basically forever. he’s someone who spirals and even anguishes in the stretches of time before a decision is made. he doubts himself and he fears being scrutinized or judged. he’s afraid of what people will say but at the same time wants to be above all of it and make decisions that reflect what he really wants. it’s clear that the last couple of months, just from what we know and what he’s told us, have been filled with these sort of troubling internal struggles, but dan has also always been the person that appears to find solace and fulfillment in the certainty of a decision being made. he seems to be much more at ease once he has figured out the right way to proceed and actually executed it, because even if the decision backfires or goes wrong, he’s okay defending it, he’s okay because he knows he thought it through and did what felt best to him and whatever comes from it is of secondary importance. sticking to a choice you’ve made, or believing in that choice, is a lot easier than a belabored process of weighing between options and thinking about how each option reflects on who you are as a person. all of this to say. i’m glad that for the time being things seemed to have calmed down, and he’s happy. i’m glad he wants to share so much of that with us. i thought i’d go through some specific insights by general topic area, under a cut for once bc in actuality this is the longest thing i’ve ever written about them it’s obnoxious~~

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Alright friends I’m finally making a post about the guro Discord server.
The server isn’t just for 18+ people, if you are a minor you are welcome but please note there will be people over 18 too.

There are a few basic rules just so the server will stay nice
- Don’t post any explicit sexual content please, this includes pics and words.
- Don’t be racist, sexist, lgbt+ phobic (this includes terfs and truscum) etc
- NO IRL GORE, even if it is a pic of yourself do not post irl gore thanks
- Be respectful to each other, don’t call people slurs (even if you yourself can reclaim them), just be overall nice, I don’t want any fighting or drama

If you are interested in joining send me or @egoisticalgoat an ask (make sure to not be anon!!) and we will answer with an invite to the server!

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bellarke + 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ HAPPY FUTURE HOLIDAYS!!! and thanks 🙈

Clarke’s original reasons for following Octavia’s brother were far from pure, but she thinks it would be hard for anyone to figure that out. After all, she found out about his Instagram because Octavia posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: Finally got my dork brother on Instagram (and in Boston!!), everyone follow @theblakemistake.

If anyone asked, she was just following orders. It was not at all that he was really, really hot. No one could prove otherwise.

Especially when she keeps following him through the rocky first weeks of his Instagramming. Given how Bellamy Blake looked–broad shoulders, tan skin, toothpaste-commercial smile, artfully mussed hair, topped off with a pair of black hipster frames and a generous sprinkling of freckles–she assumed Octavia’s descriptor of “my dork brother” was just a little sister teasing.

But Bellamy’s inaugural Instagram post is a picture of a plant Clarke can’t identify with a truly dorky caption:

Things @octaviathefirst (am I doing that right) made me get today:

1. Instagram account
2. Plant

I figure I might as well use the first to monitor the second and see which one dies first.

And then he actually lists information about the plant. Like how many leaves it has and its color and the dampness of the soil. It is not at all what Clarke was expecting, but she finds herself actually kind of looking forward to his daily plant updates. His captions are fun, and he is really worried about his ability to keep the thing alive, which is really endearing.

After a week and a half of that, he finally posts another picture of himself, wearing pajamas and holding an orange kitten. Which is exactly the content Clarke was looking for. That’s what she’s about.

So, it’s come to my attention (s/o to @octaviathefirst) that I’m “doing it wrong” and just posting pictures of my plant is “boring and sad.” So I guess people on Instagram like cats? That’s what I’m getting. Anyway, this is Hermes, he’s an asshole.

PS: I’m still doing the plant updates.

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hi, hello! penguin friend again. just stopping by to let you know that i appreciate you, and all your lovely edits and aesthetics/moodboards. i, uh, don't really have a point to this, and i don't want you to feel pressured to answer or anything, just sort of saying hi? i hope things are going well for you. uh, here, have another penguin 🐧

Hi friend! Can I call you Pengu?

Why, thank you! I’m trying to branch out of my normal every day gifs and build up skills with graphic design and whatnot! I’m happy they’re not disappointing.

Well, please stop by and message me/send an ask whenever! I’ll get to it ASAP! I promise. *hugs you and the cute penguin*

Know that I appreciate you. So much.

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Love the Mildliner icons you made! I'm trying to get into graphic design so I was wondering how you made your cute icon xx

Thanks boo! I don’t do anything too intricate, so Canva (a super user-friendly site) works just fine for me! I’ve also used a program called Gimp in the past, which is a nice free alternative to Photoshop – it’s tougher to learn but you can do a lot more x

The cat’s out of the bag!

Here was my submission to the Miraculous Ladybug Zine!!  When I think of ML, I think a lot about fashion LOL.

Thanks again so much for inviting me to the project and also apologies for all the struggle I might’ve caused LOL;;;  The project was a huge success and it couldn’t have been done without @mayhugs so a BIG round of applause to her and the whole cohort!  Everyone’s work is so stunning, I’m literally drooling over the beauty

About admin lucy!

Hello everyone,
I’m Admin Lucy you guys can call me lulu! I am a high school student (sophomore ongoing to my senior year! I’m skipping a grade!) I’m 16 years old (I’m the youngest lol)

My favorite hobbies are being a meme! Singing ,reading , producing and writing songs, photography, modeling, dancing and listening to music

Recent interest: I’m looking into graphic designing!

Horoscope: Sagittarius 11/23/00

I got into a Kpop September 28th 2015! (it’s my moms birthday so I obviously remembered lol),but I’ve known about kpop since gee dropped! Just never got fully into it till 2015.

I’m currently learning Korean. It will be my fourth language ( I speak Spanish, English and I have to relearn a bit of French but I know enough to visit! Haha)

I haven’t been to a Kpop concert yet if I do, I want it to be BTS, EXID or SEVENTEEN!!
I stan BTS the most! But I also stan Red velvet, EXID, KNK,GOT7, B.A.P BLACK PINK, SEVENTEEN, CLC and THIS UPCOMING GROUP NAMED A.C.E!

My Bias List:
BTS: Yoongi (ult) Jimin (ult)
GOT7: Yugyeom
B.A.P: Youngjae (just picked him up)
EXID: Heeyeon (hani)
SEVENTEEN: Seungcheol and Soonyoung
KNK: Inseong and Youjin
BLACK PINK: Rosé (ult) CLC: Eubin
RED VELVET: Seungwan (Wendy)

SHINEE: KIBUM (ult) Updates I forgot four important things I look up to admin jazzi as a close friend and a mother figure I love u jazzi 💗 and I forgot to say I stan SHINee, heize and dean

If you guys want to know more about me, you can ask questions and I’ll gladly answer back. (^ν^)

I Really Want The Job

Prompt: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job, but it’s actually because you’re stupidly hot.” AU

Pairing: Naruhina

Excuse the fluff.

It was only four fifteen, he was fifteen minutes early, his heartbeat was in sync with the clock, and he couldn’t contain his excitement. He still couldn’t believe that he is here, sitting in the lounge, waiting for his name to be called. Just two days ago, Uzumaki Naruto, a graphic designer, was unemployed. But a call he received from Konoha Animation was about to change that, they asked if he could come in for an interview. The young blonde said yes without a doubt in his mind, this was his dream job. His hands rubbing each other, he was eager to show off his skills, he knew his charisma would definitely get him this job.

“Uzumaki Naruto?” The secretary called, he stood up and straightened out his suit,

“Yep that’s me!” He put on a large grin on his face as the young lady blushed, he chuckled knowing he would charm the fuck out of whoever was interviewing him.

“Come in.”

“Thank you!”

He walked inside the office, it was humungous the space was ridiculous, he concluded. The enormous glass wall in front of him allowed him to get a good look at Konoha’s skyline. He got even more thrilled knowing that someday, he too would get an office like this.

“I have to go now, I’ll call you again tomorrow.” A feminine voice spoke, he didn’t see her since she was facing the glass wall, and the back of the chair was covering her entirely.

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Vans Art Spotlight:  Jon Carling (Oakland, USA)

Known for his fantastical and dreamy illustrations and drawings –from bird headed warriors to out of this world landscapes with cosmic skies and mystical female warrior / priestesses, Oakland based artist Jon Carling has filled endless sketchbooks with his unique imagination. Carling’s early love of music has influenced his artistic and creative processes, from creating and trading fanzines to collaborating with various bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Dead Meadows.  We were glad to have Jon on our Vans Art Spotlight where he talks about sketching in the shower, growing up with music, and getting out of a creative rut.  

We have no doubt his interview will inspire you to fill your own sketchbooks! 

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So I have this store and it was originally intended for book related merch, but my love for BTS and Suga has me on a roll here!
In the beginning I was a Jikook shipper and I was so sure of myself and what I believed was real, but alas I stumbled upon this holy grail called Yoonmin and everything I held dear changed! While I always been one to favor Yoongi, Jikook was so appealing, yet Yoonmin is so full of potential and love-hate-love moments, I just can’t. I’ve been turned! Also I believe Jinkook is bae, and yes I am talking about Jungkook and Jin!

Guys you can find this and more designs @society6 / BookwormishOpinions

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Hi! I just wanted to ask real quick. Is Skullgirl your OC? I really like the concept idea of the mask for her, and I kind of want something similar for my new OC. I'm asking if I can borrow the art of it, not ALL of it completely, but the main concept of it for my OC. I'd rather ask instead of just straight out copy it without asking. If you don't want me to use it for my OC, that's okay. I should let you know I'll credit you if need be for the mask. Very creative! :3

Yes Skullgirl is a character that I’ve designed for my *soon-to-be graphic novel* called B&GC (which is still in the middle of pre-production TvT). Yes you can be inspired by the design, but no you cannot copy. You can have the same concept (the mask) but a different design. BTW, here’s a harsh truth:

Every design is influenced/inspired by something that exists. To come up with something ‘original’ or something nobody has never seen before is impossible. It is only possible it you steal ideas/concepts and transform/remix all those ideas into something innovative that would make it seem original.

Austin Kleon explains it better in his book Steal Like An Artist. Here’s an excerpt from the book differentiating the good and the bad kind of stealing:

Stealing ideas is not entirely a bad thing. You just need to be innovative with whatever you’ve stolen from.

I’m happy that Skullgirl has inspired you and I appreciate that you let me know your intentions. Pssst, btw, I think there are a lot of other characters with a mask out there. They just have different background stories and designs. And did I mention that Skullgirl was inspired by one of Sergi Brosa’s wasteland girls:


All for the Game: graphic design

Renee looked to Neil and said, “What do you need from us, Neil?”

It didn’t take much thought. Everything I needed, you already gave me. You let me stay.”

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Trust Me Babe They Aren't That Hot In Real Life

Vic and you have a nine year old daughter. And she starts saying that she’s fat and wants to lose weight. Vic then starts to notice that she doesn’t like eating surgery things. So you (as a graphic designer) shows her what models look like before they are photoshopped and that opens her eyes and shows her she is beautiful.


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The Principles of Design | CS AU

Prompt: I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this

Fair warning: I’m not normally a writer, and I haven’t written fic in …years. But, I stumbled upon this prompt and I just had to write it, y’know? I’ve also been musing a Design Agency AU, and decided this was a perfect prompt to flex my writing muscles with first before committing to something larger. I intended this to be a one-shot but it grew and now will be in four parts.
Thank you to @spartanguard for the quick beta & the words of encouragement. <3

Rating: T; Word Count: ~3000; Reviews are welcome!
Also posted: ff.net | ao3 (coming soon)

Chapter 1: Contrast

Contrast: Making elements different increases understanding.

It was a truth universally acknowledged that Emma Swan did not like computers, and computers did not like her. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but tell that to the damn spinning beachball of death that mocks her pain. Emma tapped her fingers against the top of her desk impatiently as she slumped back in her swivel chair. Her blonde, wavy hair was piled high on her head in a messy bun, and her glasses perched on the edge of her nose. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she waited for Photoshop to finish loading.

This is why I prefer paint and canvas, Emma fumed, glaring at the screen as if she could simply will it to operate faster with her mind.

“Stare any harder at that screen, love, and you might burn a hole through it,” came a familiar voice, interrupting her silent cursing. Emma sat up straight and turned to meet a pair of perfect blue eyes and knowing smirk.

It was mid-day on a Wednesday in the computer lab at Storybrooke University. The lab was practically empty, save for the petite brunette lab assistant, Belle, which is why Emma tended to visit only at this time. It was also the only time she’s able to visit the lab, between all of her other classes and working at Granny’s.

Emma all but rolled her eyes, as Killian Jones plunked down in the seat across from her. He was a graphic design major, two years ahead of her, with a British accent and permanent scruff, that one would describe being attractive…or devilishly handsome, as he liked to point out. Emma pointedly ignored him as he unwrapped the earbuds hanging from around his neck, and took out a USB drive and sketchbook out of his bag.

Instead, she had begun to aggressively click her mouse, in the hopes that somehow that would make her Mac load faster.

“Y’know, most men would take your silence as off-putting.” Killian amused by her impatience, as he started up his computer, and plugged in his USB. “But I do love a challenge,” he smirked looking up from his monitor.

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Meeting Gillian Anderson at Boston Comic Con!

I’ve been wanting to write this all down…mainly to remember, but also incase you guys want to hear a cute little Gillian story!

I was (thankfully) joined by my buddy Reed, and we noticed when we first walked in that people were already lining up at Gillian’s booth for autographs. We picked up some photos for her to sign (she ended up having some at her table anyways but oh well 😋 ). We waited in line for the next 45 minutes, and I will spare you the details about it being cash only and my sprint to the ATM last minute where I probably knocked some people over and ran faster than I ever have in my entire life lolol.

At around 10:45 or so, Gillian came out looking cute as ever, and man, I have never in my life felt more like I was going to pass out; pretty much everything that you can do to further your chances of fainting I had done, and then add Gillian to that like…I was not okay. 

But somehow I stayed conscious enough to make it to the front of the line (we were near the middle) and Reed went first (because I made him lol). He chose a picture of Scully with Skinner when he had the virus and he was not looking too hot, so when she went to sign it she was like “Is that Skinner?! What happened to him?!” and we were just all cracking up. She asked what episode it was in but yo I can’t remember who I even am let alone that episode, and either could Reed so we all just kept laughing. Then Reed mentioned that we had gone to see her in Streetcar a couple of months ago, and she said that it was funny because only one person on Saturday had seen it, but almost everyone in line ahead of us had said that they had gone too. Reed joked and said “Yeah, that’s because we all planned it,” and she was like “You all know each other?” and he was like “Yeah, all of us!” and gestured to the rest of the line 😆  I’m not sure if she caught on that he was joking, which was adorable (also, the way he said it was super light-hearted and silly which may not read that way through text I’m realizing as I’m typing it now…but it was a cute/funny little interaction).

Then it was my turn; I had made her a paper-cut of a koi fish and lotus blossom (I’ll put the picture down below) and was planning to give it to her (if I could function). I first handed her the picture to sign, and then was like “Oh yeah, also, I made you this…” and handed her the koi cut-out. She looked at it and was like “What do you mean you made me this?!” and I’m just standing there smiling like a loser. She kept looking at it, and said that it was so sweet of me to make and that she loved it (and something about a koi? It being cute or little or beautiful? Or all the above? I was dead by then sorry lol). After finally putting it down, she said that it reminded her of something her daughter would make since she’s an artist, and that she just got commissioned to do a dog picture on Instagram and how great and cool that was (I agreed). I think then she realized she still didn’t sign my picture so she grabbed a sharpie (she took a minute to choose what color she wanted to use which was also adorable), and was like “Okay…Meeka?” and I’m like “Mike-uh” and she’s like “Oh! Like the mineral?” and I was like “Yeah! but with an h at the end!” (but like maybe I whispered that last part? lol). After she signed, she stuck out her hand for me to shake and I was like damnnn cause this boy has sweaty hands 24/7, so you can only imagine the state they were in at that point…so unfortunately, I paid more attention to being mortified by that and how gross it probably was than the fact that I was shaking hands with GILLIAN FUCKING ANDERSON. She ended up spelling my name wrong (Micha instead of Micah, but I give ZERO FUCKS), but her message was so cute! It was “Better than Magnetite! So nice to meet you!,” and if you know me, you know my love for crystals/stones/minerals/etc, so the fact that she referenced this made my life.

After that, we grabbed some food and pretty much went right to Photo-Ops, and who walks in basically right in front of us? Yes. GILLIAN. Reed decides this is the perfect time to throw out his can though so we didn’t get to walk near her but maybe that was for the best lol. Anyways, so this time I went first, and went over to her, said hi, and she was like “Hey! Oh! Meeka!” and I was like “Micah” and she was like “Ahhh crap! I’m so sorry!” and just threw her hands up all cute and stuff, and the people behind Reed were like “What did you do stalk her??” (aka how does she know your name?? But I think they didn’t know she did a signing earlier) so I was super embarrassed by this statement cause…I know I’m a little obsessed dork, but no thanks to the stalker thing. But of course Gillian didn’t seem to give any fucks about that statement and just kept saying sorry for messing up my name and in my head I’m like you could literally call me trash and I would give zero fucks lmao but outwardly I just kept awkwardly laughing and saying “it’s fine! no worries!” (Also, can I just say, like yo fam, I don’t correct the fucking Starbucks lady and just accept her calling me “Meeka” but I correct Gillian Anderson??? Am I okay??) 
So I end up looking like a complete dork in my picture (also, the sweat is REAL people…but luckily easily cropped out…and I’m a graphic designer so I can also photoshop that shit thank the lord) and when the picture was over I just awkwardly stood there for a minute smiling at her BEAUTIFUL FACE until she was like “I’m sorry again [about your name]” and I snapped out of it and was like “It’s okay! Don’t worry!” as I walked out. Luckily Reed was after me so it wasn’t the most awkward moment in the world, and after he told me that he said to her “It was a good attempt!” and she laughed.

After that was her panel, and she was hilarious and adorable as always! Some of the questions were cringe-worthy from the moderator, but her reactions were great. (Also I think I was sitting next to @sewenteensir?? Which was cool, but I’m awkward for life so…oh well lol).

Then Reed and I actually walked around the convention center, but at that point I was pretty drained. Gillian did two more signings, that sweet little angel! I have nooooo idea how she was functioning after that long day, and I was tempted to get in line again…but I had such an amazing day and was so thankful for my interactions with her, that it was just silly and really would benefit no one at that point to get in line again.
By the time I got home I pretty much crashed, but again, what an amazing day! Gillian is the sweetest, and she kept cracking me up! Even though she is amazing, talented, and beautiful, she makes it so easy to interact with her as a human being. Even watching her interact with other people in front of me; she took the time and attention to look at and talk to each person. I appreciate that so much about her, and I am so happy she ended up coming to Boston!

^The Koi fish I made her, hand-cut out of paper! (Wrapped safely in a sandwich bag hellll yeahhhh classy AF)

✨ fic rec ✨

** favourites


Harry smiles at Louis, quick and easy, and says, “Well, since we’re in the same boat, we’ll just make our own Christmas. What do you say?”
Louis tamps down on a bloom of warmth in his belly. He barely knows Harry past seeing him walk down the hall in just his skivvies - not that he’s complaining - but he’s being so lovely, smiling at him so hopefully, and, well. Louis doesn’t much fancy the idea of spending Christmas completely alone. Nodding, he reaches out and pokes Harry’s dimple, watches it flirt to life underneath his fingertip. “I say yes.”

AKA, Harry and Louis are uni students studying abroad in New York, stuck in the dorms together over Christmas.

“Gemma, who the fuck is that?” Louis hisses as he watches her wave back with a big smile.

Her brows furrow for a second as she looks at Louis. “What? That’s my brother, you dork. Told you he’d pick us up, didn’t I?”

Well fuck. Apparently, Mr. Handsome over there is Gemma’s brother. And Louis is spending a week with him. Pretending to be his sister’s boyfriend. Shit.

(Basically: Gemma brings ‘her boyfriend’, Louis, home for Christmas and her brother is really hot.)

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

“Harry, right? Harry Styles?”

Harry’s insides are screaming.

“Uh. Yes. Louis Tomlinson, yeah?” he replies, trying desperately to keep the manic smile off his face that he knows is already making an appearance because Louis remembers him (!!!!!), little ole Harry Styles; two years below, nerdy as all hell, and his friend’s dorky, younger brother.

Harry and Louis reconnect during the Holidays, it’s kind of fate.

Shameless fluffy Christmas fic.

AU. After being best friends for 8 years, Harry moves to LA. It takes the keen observations of all of Louis’ friends to realise the one thing he really wants for Christmas is Harry.


“Please, Harry. Please accept it. You need it and I- I have plenty of money to spare. I- I’m just one person to take care of, so its okay. I-”
“You called me as a prostitute though. I didn’t- I never got you off. I can’t just accept money like this, its-”
“Harry,” Louis sighs, “this was better than a fuck, okay? I liked this. Now please, just… take the money.”

or, an au inspired by 1D’s new song ‘fireproof.’ where harry’s a prostitute and louis is v lonely. that is until harry becomes his babydoll, and louis his daddy.

AU. What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more. 

As Marx said of the bourgeois class: all that is solid melts into air. St. Peter’s verse.

more x / x

anonymous asked:

Hi Emma, just wanted to ask if you have any fic recs where Harry or Louis have an unusual job, e.g. a marine biologist or something like that? Sorry for the weird request haha

Okayyy so this was a bit more subjective than most of my lists are, but I tried to list stories that feature Harry and/or Louis with a job that is unusual in general (like being a professional horse rider) or just unusual in terms of One Direction fanfiction (so NOT stuff like singer, journalist, model, football player, etc).

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