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Hey boos! Everybody and they mama been telling me to hop on here so I decided to check it out. I guess my introduction comes now?

The name’s Indya Tellez, but sometimes people call me Indy. I’m 21 years old and I currently live in Miami, FL. My mom is French and my dad is Dominican, from Dominica not the Dominican Republic. People usually don’t know where or what Dominica is so I usually just say I’m French and West Indian. I wish I could speak French or Creole but it just wasn’t happening for me. I’m a Barista at Starbucks so you know I drink a lot of coffee and I’m going to school to be Graphic Designer. In my spare time I do pretty much any and everything but I really enjoy reading, painting, drawing, and watching movies.

I’m always down to meet new people and have a good time so holla at ya girl :*

– Indya T. ♥

Introducing: me!

Hello!! I’ve been thinking of turning this blog into a studyblr for a while now to motivate me with my studies,,, so year 10 came around and I thought I better get off my ass and actually do something.

About me:

- You can call me Kay or Cae! 

- I’m 15, currently in year 10 ( as mentioned above )

- I’m Australian!

- I’m not sure how other schools in different countries work, but I’m not studying anything particular at the moment, just regular classes like math, english, humanities and science

- However, Visual Arts and Music are my elective subjects! 

- I love music, art and graphic design, and pretty much any art form!

- I’m a huge fan of video games,,, ( not helpful ik lmao ) 

- Specifically Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Overwatch, and Pokemon!. along with others, mostly NIntendo and PC games.

- I like most genres of music, but my personal favourites are Electo/Electro House, Video game OSTs, R&B and orchestral.

- I draw alot! my art blog is @kaycorvus and here is my twitter

- Please check them out I am Suffering

- My dream job would be concept design/graphic design in the gaming or film industry!

Thankyou to @tbhstudying, @studyign, @studie-s, @aescademic, @mielkie-studies, @obsidianstudy and @studeity for inspiring me! 

Hey-o since I suck at starter calls and shit, liking (or reblogging if you’re a sideblog) this post basically means:

  • We can make and tag starters for each other.
  • Plot shit together (and slapping my indecisive ass upside the head)
  • Get all up in each other’s inboxes ‘ya dig
  • Me make drabbles about your character for you and/or about our muses’ interactions.
  • awkwardly hang out OOC and you most likely reminding me not to be shy

anonymous asked:

Have considered doing graphic design as a freelancer? I work on a site called upwork and there's lots of work there. And there are also jobs specific to Spanish speakers (translation/email customer service type work). I remember a long time ago you mentioned something about money being an issue and I'm not sure if that's still the case but thought I'd tell you this just in case.

Money is always an issue in this house </3 Thank you for telling me! that job would be very helpful right now! What do i have to do? 

ID #73739

Name: Daniela
Age: 22
Country: Mexico

Hi! You can call me Dan, im a tiny graphic designer who wants to find a penpal with common interest, i love movies (im a proudly potterhead), books and everything about art! I love discover new things and learn about everything i can. Im also a Netflix Junkie so we can talk about it. I LOVE ANIMALS! i need to pet any kind of pet i see!

Preferences: I dont have any preferences, i guess anyone who wants a friend to talk to, or just send each other silly things and just have fun :D

I Really Want The Job

Prompt: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job, but it’s actually because you’re stupidly hot.” AU

Pairing: Naruhina

Excuse the fluff.

It was only four fifteen, he was fifteen minutes early, his heartbeat was in sync with the clock, and he couldn’t contain his excitement. He still couldn’t believe that he is here, sitting in the lounge, waiting for his name to be called. Just two days ago, Uzumaki Naruto, a graphic designer, was unemployed. But a call he received from Konoha Animation was about to change that, they asked if he could come in for an interview. The young blonde said yes without a doubt in his mind, this was his dream job. His hands rubbing each other, he was eager to show off his skills, he knew his charisma would definitely get him this job.

“Uzumaki Naruto?” The secretary called, he stood up and straightened out his suit,

“Yep that’s me!” He put on a large grin on his face as the young lady blushed, he chuckled knowing he would charm the fuck out of whoever was interviewing him.

“Come in.”

“Thank you!”

He walked inside the office, it was humungous the space was ridiculous, he concluded. The enormous glass wall in front of him allowed him to get a good look at Konoha’s skyline. He got even more thrilled knowing that someday, he too would get an office like this.

“I have to go now, I’ll call you again tomorrow.” A feminine voice spoke, he didn’t see her since she was facing the glass wall, and the back of the chair was covering her entirely.

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All for the Game: graphic design

Renee looked to Neil and said, “What do you need from us, Neil?”

It didn’t take much thought. Everything I needed, you already gave me. You let me stay.”

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"The Notebook"

my japanese friend - M

the weeb - weeb

Okay so this isn’t an overly crazy weeb story, but this did happen to me when I was in middle school and it was definitely not a great experience. 

So my school is pretty diverse, considering it’s an international school. We’re all used to having different nationalities (over 60!) and people are cool overall. However, a common thing that happens is that someone comes to the school and just freaks out completely.

So we had this new girl come in the middle of the school year, (i’ll call her Weeb) and she didn’t seem to bad at first, a little crazy but tolerable. I didn’t have many classes with her but I did have graphic design with her, and that’s where things started to get weird. My really good friend M, who is full Japanese, sat next to me and we would constantly chatter throughout the whole class. We were both anime fans, past our weeb phases but still pretty into it. So, more often than not our conversations would steer their way into anime. I guess Weeb overheard us one time or something when we happened to be talking about Hetalia, and she came over to our table, gushing about finding “some real hetalia fans”. We should have probably just stopped talking right then, but we didn’t want to be too rude considering she was only a few days in, at a new school in a new country, and we judged she was probably desperate to make friends.

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dad’s home

hey kids im the new mod, mod soldier 76, but if you dont wanna call me that because its, like seven syllables you can just call me mod soldier or mod 76 or.. just……. mod dad. i go by he/him and love dinosaurs and am a trained graphic designer so you know youll get top quality shitposts……… i am very afraid of frogs

heres my main blog

thank you for your time

Klaus Voormann with the The Beatles’ Revolver cover and his first Grammy, 1960′s.

Photo © Klaus Voormann

The following excerpt contains Klaus Voormann’s recollections of designing the iconic cover, and was translated from his book, Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John?

(Hopefully, my translation is able to bring across his wonderful memories. It’s rather lengthy, just to let you know in advance!)

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I’m still using lyrics from LLL songs for my morning calligraphy practise.
I’ve never done flourishing before but I felt like this piece called for some embellishments so I just pretended I know how to do it. I made a lot of different versions before settling on the final one. Does this make me a PAPERWASTER?