just california ok

how about: SEIDOU @ DISNEY

here have some headcanons about if seidou baseball team had a trip to disney. had to write these down after i freaked out to bakashiseijuro about it…

  • first of all: miyuki is probably that one friend that hasn’t seen like half the disney movies and can’t sing the songs and doesn’t know which princess is which. it’s disgraceful tbh but not his fault he was robbed of a childhood. 
  • eijun and kuramochi are especially appalled tho bc they’re BIG DISNEY DWEEBS. so BEFORE THE TRIP they sit miyuki down and marathon their favorites with him. “MIYUKI KAZUYA HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN ALADDINTHELITTLEMERMAID THE LION KINGAND ATLANTIS AND TREASURE PLANET ETC.??” 
  • eijun and kuramochi can’t watch disney movies without singing along and miyuki’s just sitting there like ??????? not sure he really gets all the hype but dang if their enthusiasm isn’t endearing…
  • so once they’re all at the park miyuki at least knows SOOOME things.
  • Kataoka: “You’ll report to three chaperones throughout the day: me, Rei, and Chris.” “CHRIS-SENPAI IS A CHAPERONE??”
  • of course he is, ofc he is…
  • let’s live in a world in which the third years are still around especially since this picture inspired this whole thing to begin with
  • look at them. LOOK AT THEM. masuko in a pooh bear hat JUN HAS MINNIE EARS IT’S ALL ON POINT AND I’M DYIN’
  • tanba is definitely the biggest weenie when it comes to rides like even Dumbo gets him rattled. ryou-san has to hold his hand for the big kid rides…
  • and by “hold his hand” i definitely mean drag through the mud like “can’t even go on space mountain? some ace u are lmao.” and tanba just D’:!!!
  • poor tanba his heart is made of glass sometimes. 
  • so you know those rides that take your picture with hidden cameras on big drops and shit?
  • tetsu ALWAYS KNOWS WHEN THAT SHIT’S COMING. he finds those cameras, senses them, looks straight into the camera with a :| and a 👍!!
  • meanwhile, beside him: jun is usually freaking out and making the most embarrassingly comical expressions, absolutely screaming.
  • when they get off the ride and they see their pics jun always gets mad at tetsu for looking so composed while jun himself is a wreck, basically holding tetsu’s hand in most pictures. “HOW DO YOU FIND THEM?? TELL ME!! YOU’RE PSYCHIC? YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON THE INSIDE? HUH???”
  • ryou-san doesn’t have that gift, but while the others are screaming, he’s looking straight into the jaws of death with his usual fox face. “50ft drop? (〃` ◡ ´〃) bring it on.”
  • nothing threatens ryousuke.
  • meanwhile: chris isn’t so much of a rides guy, and prefers to chill and observe the disney magic, but he does get mistaken as a prince on several different occasions. 
  • kuramochi always lies to eijun about where the camera is and when to pose. “NOW??? NOW?????!” “hyahahahahaoKAY NOW!!” miyuki’s snickering bc eijun’s fucking up and eijun’s faces at the camera are always awful.
  • eijun, miyuki, and kuramochi probably attempt those posed pictures for those surprise cameras, like playing jenga or fake marriage proposals or some absurd shit. 
  • SOMETIMES THEY SUCCEED… other times it’s just a disaster
  • haruichi is on the same ride and is just D8 “this won’t work!!”
  • “it will work!!”
  • (it doesn’t work)
  • furuya is also there but he’s sleeping
  • you know without a doubt that furuya is the type to fall asleep on rides especially those slow disney rides that just take your through a world of animatronics. but furuya would probably sleep through Rocking Rollercoaster lbr.
  • otherwise he’s complaining about the heat bc it’s always hot at disney and he hates waiting in line. i think haruichi could probably just stick him in the shade by one of those mist machines, give him an ice cream cone, and furuya would be set. that’s a happy furuya right there. he likes splash mountain bc it keeps him cool. 
  • now, eijun is the most adamant when it comes to taking pictures with all the characters. no matter what they’re doing, where there going, eijun must stop to take a picture with a character. he’s also the type to get so hyped and believe that these are the ACTUAL characters themselves. “AHH!! IT’S BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! THE REAL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!” 
  • miyuki: “but buzz lightyear is a toy, that’s just a man in a suit… i need to know that you know that that’s just a guy–”
  • eijun gets straight up STAR STRUCK in front of the characters. “M-Mickey-san! Thank you for your hard work!!” 
  • haruichi: “eijun-kun, who’s your favorite princess?”
    eijun: [points to miyuki]
  • miyuki’s souvenir is a princess tiara bc miyuki is seidou’s resident hime and has to look the part. 
  • for the record: haruichi’s loves Frozen a lot more than he should. photo of ryou and haruichi with elsa and anna. ROYAL SIBLINGS.
  • eijun and kuramochi buy themselves light sabers and absolutely wave them around while making their own sound effects. they pose in front of everything with them and make miyuki take pictures of them. 
  • if this is tokyo disney then video game nerd kuramochi probably geeks out about kingdom hearts characters. probably talks like “yeah, i totally fought alongside aladdin and jack sparrow.” miyuki: “pls come back to reality, kuramochi.”
  • the whole day i like to believe kataoka really enjoys himself and has mickey ears (with the sorcerer’s hat) and the boys even force him on to a couple of rides and spy him having the teeniest, weeniest of smiles and they’re all “!!! HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S ENJOYING HIMSELF!!” awww boss ur so cute.
  • “but jt! where are kanemaru and toujou?!” umm kissing under a palm tree i reckon!!! a field trip is just a date for them, i can’t interrupt that. 

woops this is really long but i love imagining teams at disney because i myself love going to disney. truly the happiest place on earth. hmu with disney headcanons bc i’m all about it.

I’ve been seeing a post a lot recently with the Marriage Equality victory talking about how in California that trans students are allowed to use facilities and sports teams that align with their gender identity and I want to note that AB 1266 or The School Success and Opportunity Act that they’re talking about was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown 2 years ago and has been in effect for a year and a half now.

Here’s some quick facts about the law:

  • Went into effect January 1st, 2014.
  • Applies only to trans students in public school (specifically k-12, not sure how it works with colleges if at all).
  • Applies only to binary trans students.
  • Applies to bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams, and gender segregated classes.
  • Builds off of already existing laws and ed code (technically it shouldn’t have even needed to be passed but that’s another story).
  • Requires coming out to an admin of your school (therefore there must be an admin aware of your situation before you can simply start using facilities, this is meant as a protection more than anything).

I came out as a binary trans person my senior year of high school (2013-2014) and did a lot of media work around this act so I know a lot about it. I know it’s kind of fallen off the radar for some people, but if this is news to you and you would like advice or information, I can point you in the right direction with it at the very least. Stay safe out there my trans siblings!