just by their john hancock

  • companion: sole is the most bravest, strongest, and kindest person i know. they wouldn't hurt anyone without reason or for the fun of it; their heart is in the right place.
  • player: [pulls out a fat-man and quicksaves before planning to slaughter own settlement] did you say something, i didnt catch it

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Ok ok, so like, there was this one time I really wanted to try Hancock's clothes on so I traded with him, and I gave him my sequin dress to wear (I know 😂 ) and laughed and said "Yes yes this'll do." so I wore his clothes and we messed around, blah blah, and I found a pot and manage to put it on Hancock's head, so he just sexily walked around, rocking the dress and heels, pot head raisin. And once the pot fell off, he looked so fucking annoyed. [Hancock disliked that] [Hancock tolerates you]

this is the funniest shit

Me- I’m gonna humanise the Founding Fathers because shocker, they were human

Y'all- *gasping* That’s insane, stop lying!

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hey uh literally any companion in any fallout game reacting to the PC carving their name into a gun? whether they did a long time ago/ its a nickname/its a present to the companion i dont GIVE A SHIT I JUSt LIKE thIS PROMPt

The whole, literally any companion, made me laugh. Anyway I’m gonna be selfish as hell n do all MY favorite companions :^) Also this isn’t the same ask that I worked on and then accidentally deleted all my work. 

Arcade: The two had just settled down into some run down shack for the night, the Courier was getting set up to sleep. Their gun was lying on the floor next to them, when Arcade noticed something was carved into it; it was his name. “Hey, you-” he pointed at his name, “why?” The Courier looked from the gun to him, “uhh, well, I decided to put the names of my favorite people on my gun.” Arcade was surprised, but his face remained expressionless. “Why is my name the only one on it..?” The Courier took a moment to think, “I haven’t gotten to anyone else yet.” Arcade just nodded in affirmation and turned around. As soon as his back was to the Courier, he smiled to himself. 

Butch: Lone and Butch had just happened upon some old store, no doubt it had something to loot. Butch finished up looking around his half of the store, so he met up with Lone while they looked. They spotted something on a high shelf, and asked Butch to hold their gun while they got it. He didn’t say anything, he just took the gun. “What the,” he noticed his name was carved into the side of their gun, “what’s this for?” Lone decided this would be the perfect opportunity to tease Butch. “Oh you know, for when you end up getting yourself killed, I’ll have something to remember you by.” Butch immediately became riled up. “FIRST OF ALL. I wouldn’t get myself killed, it’d probably be YOU’RE fault-” he was interrupted by Lone’s sudden burst of laughter. His expression went from angry to confused. “I’m just messing with you! I carved your name on there because you’re important to me.” Butch’s cheeks reddened just a bit, and he avoided eye contact. “Yeah whatever, you coulda just said that from the start…”  

Charon: He never noticed until when Lone was cleaning their gun; it had his name on it. He gestured to the gun and asked why they carved his name into it. They gave him a straight forward answer, “duh, it’s because you’re important to me.” He was so taken aback by their reply that it took him a moment to process what they said. No one had ever cared that genuinely for him, so he didn’t know how to respond. “Oh……I see…” He didn’t know it at the time, but a very small smile managed develop on his face.

Deacon: Deacon had been off doing his own thing in Sanctuary when he decided he and Sole should head out. It took him awhile to find them, but when he did they were working on some weapon. He approached them from behind, “whatcha doin’?” Sole immediately dropped their body over workbench, “NOTHING.” Deacon, being incredibly nosey, asked Sole repeatedly to show him what they were working on. Eventually they gave in, and showed him. Much to his surprise, his own name was carved on the side of a rifle. “What’s this for?” Sole explained that it was supposed to be a surprise gift. Deacon broke out into a big smile, “alright alright, I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything. That way it’ll be a surprise when you’re finished!” 

Gage: “Booosssss, are you done yet.” Gage and Lone were getting ready in Fizztop Grille, and Gage was getting impatient. He didn’t even know what they were doing, he was just ready to go. “Yeah yeah hold on…. there!” Sole ran over to Gage and handed him a gun with his name carved on one side of it. “You did this?” Sole nodded and smiled at him, “for you.” Gage looked at his name on the gun, he felt kinda touched. “Thanks…. I don’t have anything for you though..” Sole assured him that they didn’t give it to him to get something back; they just wanted to do something nice for their right hand man. Gage smiled at them, “thanks a lot, actually.” 

Hancock: Sole and Hancock decided to stay the night in Goodneighbor, it was safer. He woke up before Sole, and as he was getting ready, he noticed that the gun that Sole uses, had his name carved on it. Of course he was curious, but he had to wait until Sole woke up to ask them about it. Once they finally did, the first thing Hancock said to them was, “sooo, why’s my name on your gun?” It took Sole awhile to say anything, they were still waking up. “Oh, I guess because, it makes me feel like we’re together, even when we aren’t. Cheesy right?” Hancock smiled warmly, “not at all.” He crouched down by their gun, and stared at his name. He stared so long that Sole had to ask if he was okay. “Never been better.”