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“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

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“Can I have this dance?” Harry said, and Louis thought of laughing, thought of telling him he didn’t need to cook for them, or buy him flowers and put on his favourite songs throughout the whole night just to impress him. He thought of shaking his head and telling him that he was being so ridicolous.
But he did none of those things.
Instead he let Harry take him in his arms, let him guide his body slowly around the dark room resting his head on the crook of Harry’s shoulder.
“I love you” he whispered, wishing it’d be loud enough.
For a moment the night seemed so real Louis thought he could not exist out of it, he was a part of that mantle of stars, shining so bright and quietly between Harry’s arms.
“I love you too. I love you more than anything”


Commissions?! No way!!!

They were gonna be open from November but as most of you know I broke my hand, so now I’m making up for lost time! I’m just doing sketches this time round instead of my usual highly rendered stuff cause my hand’s still in recovery and I’m just getting back into things after not drawing for a month.

$35 is the starting price, if you send me a description via an ask or a message of what you want (please be very specific!) I can give you a quote and we can go from there :3

“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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Tip for comic artists or anyone else who has to reference a lot of interiors and backgrounds.

Ever find yourself needing to reference the inside of a particular type of house/apartment (maybe something average for a city or country you’ve never been to) or even just a general one?

Frustrated because trying to google image search it comes back with a thousand identical perfect showroom interiors that don’t look lived in and only someone with money coming out of their asses could buy?

Google image search “airbnb (city name)” instead, or even just go to airbnb and search from there. You’ll find a ton of photos of places people actually live in, and comparing the prices will give you an idea of what’s average for the area.

anonymous asked:

Help a tiny gay out. My lovely girlfriend suggested that to get more romance and less consumerism out of the holiday we should just make each other something for Valentines Day instead of buying it. Excellent idea except I suck at making gifts and now I'm panicking cause it's so close and I have no idea what to get her. Please give me some ideas

I feel you love. I was broke af last Valentine’s, and while I love art I’m definitely not very crafty (if that even makes sense), so here’s what I did and I’m hoping you like the idea? you could get her a little box/jar/envelope (or buy one and decorate it!! shhh….), get little sheets of paper, and write one thing you love about your girlfriend on each little sheet, and put them in the container of your choice. then give it to her to read and swoon over

(I also got a little basket and put a bunch of chocolate in it, but idk if that’s too consumerist)

you could also bake her some cookies!! like those betty crocker ones if you’re not a master chef (she won’t care if she likes baked stuff). but again, not sure

she might also appreciate a card, which isn’t too consumerist if you make it by hand. and if you’re not terribly artsy, that’s ok. I think just cutting the card in the shape of a heart would be cute. and put a nice little message from the heart on the inside, of course

I don’t think there’s any way to 100% avoid consumerism because hey, that’s the capitalist bs our founding fathers asked for

hope this helps!!

-mod Whitney

“In The Light Of The Time Rotor” - Digital Oil Painting

I saw a lovely edit a while back with this shot of Nine in blues and purples instead of green and orange and I wanted to see if I could recreate that, give it a little spin. I took the original screencap and played with the colors until I found a combo I was happy with. I love how the painting turned out. The light blue highlights are my favorite part, they just grab the eye so well.

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I keep getting messages about some of my wall art so I thought I’d just make a mini-tutorial instead of constantly replying privately.

As as my builds are CC-free, if you ever see something adorning the walls of my lots that you do not recognize, it’ll be sim-made photographs. Most the time it’s of existing wall art (prints, posters, hangings, plaques, sim-made paintings and so on), but I also sometimes photograph sims and objects, although nowhere near as often.

The process itself is very easy and straightforward - you buy a camera, position a sim in front of whatever you want to photograph, then snap. Remember to adjust landscape/portrait setting and choose a size you want. As long as your photograph isn’t of “Poor” quality (this is rather random, you’ll be taking “Poor” photos even at max skill 5 sometimes), you will be able to change the filter at a later stage, so even if you took a photo of something in “Sepia”, you’ll be able to change it to “Invert Colours”. You can also play with the lighting of the room itself. Remember you can frame your photos as well, you will need a sim present on the lot because you can only frame from Live Mode. After framing, you can change the frame colour in Build Mode.

Personally, I have a separate Save for my photography-related stuff. I also made one big room to dump all of my photos in, which I saved to the library so I can place it on new lots (normally either in the basement or very high up above ground so it doesn’t interfere with the building process) any time I want to use the photos as art in my lots.

An important note for the few of you who like to keep their lots CC-free like me: You may have to take out your Mods folder out entirely if you’re photographing. Personally for me, unless I do that AND clear localthumbcache, my game will read all of my freshly-taken photographs as CC and tag the entire lot as “Modded” even though they’re photographs of game content.

Lastly, if you’re uploading a lot, it’s useful to remember that you can only have 225 unique objects on it. So if you find yourself going overboard with photographs, you may encounter this pop-up.

It’ll let you save a build/room to your library and save the game, but you won’t be able to upload to the Gallery.

being best friends with taehyung would include;

Originally posted by hellosarang

• skype calls until the most unimaginable hours

• like you two are just casually talking about puppies and hamsters at 2AM??

• sometimes he just randomly shows up on your doorstep with food at 4AM

• “sleepover time y/n!!”

• but you end up watching a horror film (tbh it’s probably just an anime)

• but if it was a horror, you’ll end up cuddled up against taehyung and he’s just laughing at you

• “you could’ve come earlier when i would have wanted this”


• but then ok tries joining in and suddenly you’re on the ground now

• he’s always sending you weird pictures instead of actually texting you words

• “hey tae, are you free today?”

• *sends a picture of his eye*

• he also uses those cute little japanese emojisヽ(*・ω・)ノ

• he’ll buy those arts and crafts sets for 6 year-olds that are filled with beads and he’d make cute little friendship bracelets

back hugs!!

• and he’ll peek over your shoulder and giggle at you

• maybe even squeeze your sides because he knows your ticklish

• he likes playing with your hair too

• especially after you shower because he’ll say it smells nice

• him being desperate for your attention

• “y/n-ah~ pay attention to me~~”

• like seriously, he’d be so clingy even after he gets a girlfriend of his own

• teaming up to play pranks on the members

• poor yoongi is just trying to sleep in the living room

• but nope he just gets cold water dumped all over him

• then he suddenly turns into godzilla because you woke him up


• walking into your kitchen but your cookies are all gone like wtF??


• and he walks in using his rectangular smile to get you to stop being angry at him

• your parents are obsessed with the idea of you two dating

• “sweetheart are you and that taehyung boy dating yet??”

• meanwhile you two hate it because you’re strictly best friends

• even out in public you get mistaken for a couple

• he remembers every little thing you do

• say you have a habit of forgetting where you place things

• “taehyung have you seen my phone?”

• “yeah it’s on the bathroom counter”

• “how did yo-”

• “you left it there after using the bathroom idiot”

• just casually listening to music on your phone

• but then cypher comes on and you two are just going at it and dancing all over the sofa and rapping on the table

• he’s a little weirdo but he’s a cutie, and probably would be one of the most cherished people in your life. he’ll always be there when you needed him and you’d do the same for him. your relationship is well built and strong. he’s such a good and supportive friend, and don’t expect to lose someone like him anytime soon ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

thank you to the cute little anon who requested this! i hope you enjoy ❤ anyway, requests are open! so please feel free to leave as many as you’d like! i love you all, and thank you (⌒▽⌒)♡

When you need to buy your fave piece of Undertale trash a Christmas gift to retain your spot as Fave but are a poor college student so you make one instead.

Doing a bit of an interest check

If I were to put them up for sale, would anyone be interested in buying resin necklaces like these:

All of them are made using resin in some way, and the bottom two have real dried flowers in them (a rose in the first, some purple flowers I don’t know the name for in the second). 

If you think you would consider purchasing something like this, please reblog or leave a note instead of just liking the post so I can tell how many people have a real interest.

Constructive Ways to Keep Busy During Time Apart

Read an Inspiring Book: Be sure to reference our list of books written to encourage military spouses!

Learn a new language: This could come in handy if you’re ever stationed overseas!

Sign up for courses: Online or in person, registering for classes is a great way to learn about something that’s sparked your interest for a long time.

Redecorate: It can help things feel fresh and new. Just be wary of taking on a huge remodel project that might become more overwhelming than zen— Think small, like buying new throw pillows or making new wall art via Pintrest inspiration boards, and go from there!

Kick a bad habit: Do you have a habit that you’ve been meaning to stop for a really long time? Set a goal date to quit, focus on that date instead of a homecoming date, and surprise your spouse when they return home!

Avoid negative people, seek out the positive ones: You have enough going on in your own life right now, you certainly don’t need to worry about anyone else’s drama! Start eliminating those negative people from your life. This can work wonders on nurturing your spirit and help you to surround yourself with more positive, uplifting vibes.

Set a fitness goal: Join a gym, sign up for fitness classes, hire a personal trainer, join a hiking club, train for a marathon! There are so many ways to make healthy lifestyle changes! Start with something that you feel naturally drawn to, and branch out from there. The last thing you need right now is an injury though, so just be sure to be safe!

Make new friends, or reconnect with old ones: Make friends with people outside the military community bubble. If you find your faraway friendships becoming increasingly distant, now is a great time to focus on them.

Get rid of useless things: De-cluttering can be extremely therapeutic! Toss out, downsize, and start organizing your entire life.

Start journaling: This can be especially helpful if you’re having a hard time adjusting to not being able to communicate with your loved one as often as you’re used to. Write down your thoughts in a traditional journal, or document them in a blog.

You want to know the most frustrating thing about having a clothing line, being black and poor trying to have a clothing line?………Having to beg for support from my own people. How I try to get my brand out and feel like I am in a crab pot full of my own peers, no one is interested in helping. As a friend all it takes is to share a post including my website, you don’t have to buy anything to support me as a person. Just spread the word. Instead people scroll past, people ask for discounts on things less than 20 dollars already. How can anyone ever really catch a break. My name is Schadre Dent owner and creator of Worst Militia Clothing, and all I ask is for a chance. A chance to be the person I can only be in my dreams. A chance to show you my art, you dont even have to purchase anything but 2 minutes of your time to look and share with your peers.

The Militia are coming Fall 2016 Collection releasing August.

Website: WorstMilitiaClothing.com

IG: WorstMilitiaClothing
Twitter: Geniuslesbian

Location: Florida

ok but the florist/tattoo artist au where carmilla works at the florist and laura works at a tattoo parlour (yes this au has been written and you can read it here b UT hear me out ok this one’s a little differen,t) 

laura constantly coming over to the florist to see carmilla and she’s literally so fuckign obvious no one buys a different flower every day, laura.

laura bringing her sketchbook over with her to the florist and she starts off by giving an excuse of wanting to draw flowers / practice with real life flowers to better her art or whatever and carmilla can’t bring herself to care so much tbh.

and one day laura just starts drawing carmilla and instead of looking at the flowers she looks at carmilla a lot.

and she starts of memorize carmilla’s features and until one day she can literally draw carmilla without looking at her but she still visits everyday just to be around carmilla and she claims she’s still practicing on the flowers wow laura.

one day carmilla sneaks behind her and goes “dang laura don’t you actually need to look at the flowers once in a while youre literally just facing the wall - and wh OA CUPCAKE is that me?” and laura flies away and shuts her sketchbook but carmilla’s sEEN IT ALL (or at least that one sketch ok).

so basically they’re just adorable af someone stake me.

Hey everyone, Sam here! Some unexpected expenses came up and my bank account is currently in the red. My parents will probably throw me out for this little mess up, so I’m asking for your help to turn this around.

I’m not asking for money for free (though if you’re willing to give it I’d be more than grateful!), so I’m going to open up Emergency Commissions! All my commission info can be found on my art blog, @artistic-pepsi, at this link. The work on my art blog isn’t scanned, I took the photo with my ipod camera, so the quality of the picture you will receive will be MUCH higher, just as a notice.

I’m also doing a discount on inked pieces, $6 instead of $7, and $1 for every additional character for the Emergency Commissions! Meaning, if you wanted a two-person inked piece, you would pay $7 total instead of $10!

Please, this is really important, I’m struggling to get buy and while I’m still looking for traditional work, I’m currently unemployed. Please help me out if you can!

My paypal email is speters23233@gmail.com- I also use this email for official business where I’m not out, so the name that is listed is my deadname.

I made some adoptables. Phobias are small (cat or rabbit-sized) creatures which lack all sensory organs, and, instead, attune themselves to psychic energies. They are vastly powerful in this regard, even controlling their own bodies through telekinesis.

These are 18$ each. If you want to buy a design, email felix@atrocityland.com . The names and short bios attached are just a ‘starting point’ if you so choose; buyers are welcome to change any visual or contextual details. Upon payment, you will receive a high-resolution .png of your adopted design. These short bios use gender-neutral pronouns, but the sex/gender of each design is fluid to the buyer’s wishes.

1. Ruzane made their home within a clock as tall as a mountain. They’ve kept it running on time for many decades now; not only that, but the bells now sound different each time they ring. Sometimes, they’re the singing of a bird; other times, the chanting of a chorus. reserved

2. Tyne twists the tall-meadow’s heather and thistles to make a new cathedral each day. When travelers make their beds within these structures, Tyne makes sure that fresh tea leaves grow near them, as well. SOLD

3. Ormir takes naps in stacks of white linens, and finds these sheets patterned by their dreams by the time they awaken. This time, a forest of trees; tomorrow, a field of lilies. SOLD

4. In Lullaby’s presence, all foods taste sweeter. It’s no surprise that they travel from cafe to cakery and make their nests where the air smells most like sugar. available

5. Don’t be fooled by Mourn’s stitched-up face; they like to help people get a good night’s sleep. If you bring them the spiciest cake you can find, they’ll swallow up your bad dreams for a whole week. SOLD

6. Tartenia was born on the day of a notorious festival, and they always seem to be in search of something even more grand. They use their light-distorting patterns to create illusionary buildings for dancers to use as stages. SOLD

You Know What I Wish Could Happen?

If people could stop pinning their ships against each other on Tumblr and just spend their time SUPPORTING their ships with: 

  1. Fanfiction 
  2. Fan Art 
  3. Dedication Blogs
  4. AMV's 
  5. Regular Music Videos 
  6. Cosplay Photoshoots 
  7. Analysis Posts 
  8. Buying the Episodes that Contain Shipping proof and moments between your OTP. 

I know people are ALWAYS looking for more fanfiction constantly on Fanfiction.net and if you’re a writer who publishes your fanfiction here than I highly recommend that you share some of those stories with others who use Fanfiction.net.  

 You can sign up for free and you can start publishing your stories there for a wider audience instead of what you can get on here on Tumblr most of the time since people usually scroll down your stories because you forgot to cut them short and link them instead. 

More AMV’s up on YouTube are always welcomed and I’m sure you’ll be helping out your fellow shippers if you upload more AMV’s for you and your fandom to enjoy. 

Fan Art is always appreciated as long as you also tag it right! Please always tag your art with what couple it is and whatnot so that way it’ll be easier to find for your other shippers. 

Fan Wars shouldn’t happen with Ships pinned against each other, you should instead use your skills in whatever category I listed above to support your ship. 

We should be more focused on the arts and supporting each other in our ships rather than fight. That way we can produce way more out of our fandom lives instead of strife between us. 

Also, if you don’t ship a couple. There’s always the Tumblr Blocker app that you can get installed on your Google Chrome. You can Blacklist certain tags so you won’t be able to see them and that way you’ll never have to worry about coming across a ship or a post that will just upset you in the end. 

I just thought I’d recommend some ways to help your own ship instead of cause drama up here on Tumblr. That way we can support the arts in multiple ways.