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Just a doodle imagining if Arthur was the one to patch up Merlin instead of the other way around :D Because you know Arthur would yell and bitch because he yells at Merlin enough about trying to stay out of trouble. And Merlin can’t yell back like he wants to about how much more danger Arthur was in - because that would involve a much more yelly conversation!

And Gaius? He gives them both the Eyebrow and leaves in an ‘I-told-you-so’ huff lol!

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alone-protects-bee  asked:

Hi ;D I'm looking for some good fanfics where Merlin is seriously injured. For instance, he gets blind or losing his memory and Arthur is doing whatever he can to help him, to comfort him in any possible way. Merthur's required. Will you help? <3

Whuuu Patri~ this is a tough one :D I know that there is a work from the current reverse bang that includes exactly what you described. As soon it gets released I will send it to you ❤ so for now, I haven’t read a lot of fics with this topic yet but there are two I would gladly recommend you!

Saving Merlin by @arthur-the-cute/WordsAreTrulyBeautiful
I have no idea how often I read this one. I’ve lost count. It’s such a lovely fanfiction I would always recommend *throws kudos at the author*

Summary: A prompt given to me via my ask box on Tumblr: Season one, The Poisoned Chalice. Arthur is in the room when he thinks Merlin has died and instead of Gwen kissing Merlin, Arthur does. Challenge accepted. (Words: 22794)

Every Inch of Stone by significantowl
This is probably not what you asked for but I would like every Merlin fan to read this one. It’s a Brolin fanfiction in which Bradley is worried about Colin (while they are filming in Pierrefonds) and tries to help him as good as he can. Ohh it’s just brilliant!
Summary: Inspired by the video diaries from the first series. Pierrefonds is full of history, and history is full of very strange things. Trust the very strange Colin Morgan to get thoroughly mixed up in them - and bring Bradley right along with him. (Words: 25168)

I hope you like them just as much as I do ❤

After the first screening of Merlin, series 1, ep 1:
  • person 1: that was -
  • capps: what?
  • person 1: well i mean it was good but
  • capps: but what?
  • person 1: 'i'll take you apart with one blow'
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: 'there's something about you merlin'
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: well i mean, it was very... gay
  • capps: ...
  • person 1: you realise that, right?
  • *Murphy in the background making shut up gestures
The feeling of dissapointment when

It’s not Bradley James and Colin Morgan playing Arthur and Merlin respectively in Once Upon A Time