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I’m very lazy while doodling and Evan is definitely not a morning person

(the only reason connor wakes up is because he likes drinking his jet black coffee)

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Link and Fish Bro-25

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#25: Celebrating

Sometimes you gotta celebrate how amazing and perfect your friends are :’)

Merbro request. I actually love merstuck a to n and I liked having the chance to draw my headcanon for my golden-finned manchild 

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hey!! i love your writing so much!! you're amazing x I was wondering for a stress free prompt thing would a ransom/holster/bitty (either platonic or romantic, and can be either or both from holsom with bitty) piece with ransom or holster helping out or defending bitty in anyway be possible? i hope you're having a good evening :)

[trying to get into that writing thing again, so here is a quick fic: 2.2k, reference to fighting/minor injuries, just gen. no pairings in this fic, set in Year 1]

It’s not something Bitty would have ever expected, but by March of his Freshmen year, he has sort of forgotten that Ransom and Holster are objectively huge.

He is just used to it. He is used to being crammed in the middle as they subtly steer him while he looks at his phone and they talk literally over his head. He is used to glaring upwards when he needs to glare and, really, sometimes it’s strange when he meets up with new people and suddenly his neck isn’t craning. Sure, if he has to describe them to his family or friends from Georgia, he will usually throw in their height but it’s not the first thing he mentions anymore.

 Ransom and Holster are just his big, dumb, goofy friends. They have a best friend handshake and eat best friend sundaes and he knows they must be intimidating on the ice but that’s never directed at him. They even know not to include him when they start roughhousing. He texts them gifs of big dogs doing dumb things with the hashtag: “#isthisyou.”

The point is: It’s a bit surprising when he slides into his usual seat in American History 102, next to a very nice girl named Greta, who turns to him with a somewhat astonished face.

“Eric!” Bitty waves a hello, even though privately he prefers Bitty nowadays. He had met Greta in 101, though, before he knew to introduce himself as such. “Did you hear?”

“Hear what?” he says, reaching for his bookbag and hoping he remembered to bring his history notebook.

“About the fight,” she says. “I mean, obviously, you heard. Do you have the details?”

“Err—“ he starts. The other students are leaning forward, waiting to hear his answer. “I’m sorry, I haven’t got the faintest what y’all’re talking about.”

“The fight,” Greta says. “With the hockey players!”

Bitty thinks back to their last game. Fighting isn’t actually allowed in the NCAA but there had been a bit of a tousle when one of the guys from Northeastern ran into Johnson and Jack got in his face. Bitty wouldn’t exactly call it a fight but maybe to the uniformed…

“I mean, it wasn’t a real fight,” Bitty says. “Jack is too disciplined for that but you don’t skate into a team’s goalie and Johnson was a tad slow getting up so—“

“What are you talking about?” Greta says. “It most definitely was a real fight. My friend Yazmine said there was blood everywhere!”

“What?” Bitty says.

“They’re your friends,” Greta replies. “How do you not know about this? The two huge ones that walk you around places!”

“Ransom and Holster?” Bitty says. “You think Ransom and Holster got into a fight?”

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You know what? Everyone in the company thought Ori was just a smol child, too young to join the journey and too naive to be a real warrior, and probably (at the beginning) they wouldn’t have been wrong. What Ori was not, and many believed so, was a coward. Ori is brave, ambitious and deeply admires the ancient stories of the dwarves’ fathers. He grew up reading history books, scribbling small illustration at the corner of each page. The entirety of Ered Luin’s Library is probably covered in his doodles. It’s no surprise he also started to being fond of tattoos when he was just a teen. He started with his ankle and in less than two years he had covered his entire leg. He thought his brothers would have been mad at him but, for once, he found them to agree that he had a great talent and he really should have mastered that art. And so it was that in the following seven years Ori had covered almost his entire body with ancient runes and sacred icons of dwarf warriors, and he’s not going to stop.

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A Luigicopter suddenly appears!! 

one day I will actually write down this game maybe

on redbubble

for @froggie-fran, the Enabler ™ of Things.

here’s my camp camp oc !! he’s a transgender kid named fran and he probs signed for the wrong camp since there’s no herbolism camp at camp campbell but it’s in the middle of the forest so it’s,,, ok for him ??? i guess

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Idk if you've ever watched Steven universe but if you have, what do you think Hiro and Penny's fusion would be?

hmmm….probably look like an anime character lmao

welp. meet fusion penniro everyone

Between the Pages

That fic I’ve been promising you? It’s finally here

Title: Between the Pages
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen 
Rating: Explicit (very short smut scene is totally skippable though)
Pairing: Connor/Evan + Others 
Word Count: 22500 (1/3 chapters)
Summary: Evan just wanted a book. 


I found my first ever sans drawing!!! And!! I redrew it!!!

April 24 2016—October 27 2017



I made (extra dark chocolate) truffles on a whim.


And then this happened. :v

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Oh my god. How cute would it be if Jaal, in utter joy, scooped up Ryder in his arms and twirls them in the air? Pure cuteness would ensue. Maybe after the end of the game when they finally have a breather- a moment to themselves.

A big old happy Angaran spinning his darling around in his arms, utterly thrilled and content. Most certainly happens in Ryder’s room. Because of convenience and his lack of abilty to contain himself after everything that has happened. No warning just utter adoration, cuteness, sweet words, and a total mushball for his darling.

I need this in my life.