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 Mob Psycho 100 Titanic!AU doodle dump ~ 

- Reigen is a third Class passenger that falsified a 1st class ticket. He often attends the fancy diners in order to bring back the food to 3rd Class and share with peeps there.

- Serizawa is another 3rd Class passenger. He befriend Reigen after witnessing what he was using his falsified ticket for.

- Shigeo ( Mob) is aboard the ship with his family. Reigen saved him from factory works and is trying to make him have a new life in America.

- Teru is a 1st Class passenger that met Mob after the boy saved him from throwing himself off the ship.

( more to be added later ~ ) 

Meanwhile, in a better world
  • Steve Rogers: Donald Trump is proudly ignorant, proudly bigoted, and entirely unfit for the highest office of the land. I've been an American longer than Trump has been alive, and his plans to make America great again would only bring back all the things I was glad to find gone when I woke up.
  • Donald Trump: Captain America, what does he know? They say he's a hero, he's not a hero. He's just a hero because he got frozen. I like guys who don't get frozen.
  • APH Cameroon: What about you, Alfred? You a fan of the game?
  • APH America: Uh, no. Nope. Not really.
  • APH Cameroon: Well, it's not for everybody I suppose.
  • APH America: It's 'cause I'm more of a player.
  • APH Cameroon: Yeah?
  • APH America: You bet.
  • APH England: Really, Alfred? I had no idea you played soccer. 'Cause you never, ever talk about it.
  • APH America: Well I do.
  • APH England: Wow.
  • APH America: I play.
  • APH England: You can be so modest sometimes.
  • APH America: Well, maybe we should get back to the meeting.
  • APH England: Maybe you and Cameroon should kick the football around.
  • APH America: Maybe we will someday.
  • APH England: Maybe you will tonight after the meeting. What do you say?
  • APH Cameroon: That's a great idea, Arthur.
  • APH England: Great ideas are just part of what I bring to the table.
  • APH America: Yeah.
  • APH England: I don't try and be anything that I'm not.
  • APH Cameroon: What do you say, Alfred? Huh? Wanna play some football?
  • APH England: Alfred, what do you say?
  • APH Cameroon: Okay. See you on the field, there, bro.
  • APH America: Let's... eh... see ya.
  • APH Cameroon: See you on the field. Ha, ha. I can't wait!
  • ---------------------------
  • APH America: Yep, I used to play soccer in school. From second to fourth grade. I was on the orange team.

Ah yes, make America great again. Great like the good old days. Back when America was the place of dreams and was full of promise. Before dangerous immigrants bringing disease came and destroyed good American soil. Before people came to push their strange beliefs on others. When the Indigenous people were just living their lives and didn’t have to worry about those white guys. Good old 1400s.

Also, I just have a lot of feelings about this:


Because Natasha is almost always the one to initiate when it comes to Steve:

  • mentions Phil Coulson’s Captain America trading cards when she first meets Steve to ease him into the chaotic atmosphere of the helicarrier
  • continuously tries to set him up, to the point where she can bring it up in the middle of a mission and he just goes along
  • texts him about business with emoticons
  • steals the hard-drive Fury gave to Steve and, instead of cracking it on her own like she very well could’ve, she goes back to the hospital to find Steve because she wants to work with him, as a team
  • and then literally bares her scars to him and makes a joke about it because making jokes during tense situations is what she does and again, Steve is so used to it that he goes along with it
  • I’m not going to use The Kiss as a point because that’s technically cover stuff, but after, she openly asks him about his “dating life” and rather than seeming surprised or whatever when he admits that he’s kissed at least one person since coming off the ice, she looks happy for him because he’s actually trying
  • he comes to her to ask what’s bothering her after they find refuge in Sam’s guest bedroom, because Steve Rogers comforts people, he tries to help them, it’s what he does - but Natasha reaches out to him, asks him about something that’s very important to her - if he trusts her - because she genuinely wants to know, maybe she’s almost desperate to after he’s saved her life, and she almost can’t help it, so she asks because she wants to know how he sees her
  • joins in on teasing Steve about the “language!” and instead of acting exasperated like with the others, he actually teasingly fights back
  • accepts their supposed impending death in Sokovia with this sad, small smile on her face, looking perfectly content to spend her last moments with him, so comfortable in his presence that she doesn’t even have to look at him -  his presence is enough

Natasha almost goes out of her way to connect with Steve and I love it, not just as a shipper, but as someone who loves Natasha and hates seeing her characterized as emotionally distant and detached. Is she cautious? Yes. Is she not as affectionate as others? Yes. But she doesn’t shy away from being openly affectionate with the people she cares about, the people she loves. It manifests in different ways - snarky banter with Clint, an understanding akin to loyalty with Fury, sympathetic conversations with Bruce. And with Steve? It means reaching out to him and making the first move. I think we all see a terrible loneliness in Steve and Natasha doesn’t want that for him. She wants him to feel like he belongs with them, in this time, because this is his home now and he deserves to feel that way. From the very beginning, she’s been the one to initiate a personal interaction with him and I think that says so much about how their relationship works, because Steve isn’t the one that wears his heart on his sleeve with personal matters like this, and he isn’t the one that is trying to fix her - she’s trying to be open to him, reaching out to him in a way she believes will finally get him to reach out, too. Maybe not to her specifically, which is why she tries to set him up with someone else, but she wants to see him reach out to someone, to lean on someone and not carry all of this weight on his own shoulders anymore. She wants to chip away at the ice so that he can have an intimate connection with someone and not be so alone, because if he has that with someone then it means that he finally has a reason to truly exist in this new life he was thrust into, and that means Natasha would’ve finally gotten it right.

Avengers Preference – What they do for you on your period

Tony: He brings you all kinds of snacks and chocolate because Tony knows.

Steve: Comforts you when you’re all emotional and shit.

Bucky: Back rubs.

Bruce: He tries to invent stuff to make your period better/ make it end early.

Clint: He gets heating pads to help with the cramps.

Sam: Buys/Brings you pads even if it’s embarrassing cause Sam just gives zero fucks.

Peter: Helps you clean.  😂 😂

Pietro: Gives you attention when you’re horny af.

Thor: He will bring you pizza.

Loki: He gives you space when your crazy af.

I’m always so blown away by the accomplishments bts are able to achieve after every comeback lately. like so far they’re completely dominating the charts with the ynwa comeback and it’s only been 24 hours and I’m so proud. it just makes me sit back and think like “wow, they’re really going to go places”


December Drabbles

A/N: I have way too much time on my hands, it’s official.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

fluff | angst

Send in anything Christmas related and i’ll write a short scenario for you!

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He sat in a bar drinking alone, girls threw themselves at him left and right but he only wanted one. Sadly she wasn’t here, she never was. He doubted he’d ever see her again, she was about to move back to America after the fight they had had. It was horrible, screaming, crying, everything. 

He sighed, closing his eyes imagining you now, sitting alone in a cold house. No one to warm you up or bring you a blanket. He vaguely remembered something important but couldn’t quite pinpoint it the alcohol making his mind fuzzy. Maybe you were with friends, or family. Shaking his head he felt a heavy stone settle in his stomach, he was supposed to be next to you, Christmas tree lit up presents under it, hot cocoa in your hands. 

“Hey.” A girl said interrupting his thoughts, she leaned over showing him generous cleavage while winking, “How bout you come home with me and had a merry Christmas?” She asked in a low sultry voice. 

Yoongi stared at her, she was too easy. Y/N would never do something like this, no matter how desperate she was, but he missed her warmth.

Fuck it why not? I’m single now anyways….

He thought, before he got up and looked back at her, “Come on, didn’t you wanna give me a merry Christmas?” he asked nonchalantly. Surprise flitted onto her face before she smirked.

“Sure,” She responded before leaning in and kissing him. He tasted the lip gloss slathered onto her lips a little too heavy, okay a lot heavy. He hated the way her lips didn’t fit with his, the way she held her body, how it didn’t fit perfectly with his because she was too tall, how she took it too fast, too fast to enjoy any of it. He hated it because it wasn’t her. Pulling apart for a breath she murmured “I’m so glad I don’t have to spend Christmas alone.” 

He felt like ice cold water from the arctic had been dumped onto his head. A thousand thoughts came at once, even ones he didn’t want to remember. Your laughing face lit up by the sun, hair blowing softly in the wind. The way you smelled, like rain. He missed it so much. But one thing jolted him back to reality the most.

You’ve never spent Christmas alone.

He shoved the girl off of him breathing in rapidly, thoughts swirling, 

“You hated being alone.” He murmured to himself, remembering when you told him that you had almost died when you parents both left you alone when you were younger. 

Ever since then you hated being alone, the thought terrified you. 

Yet here he was, at a bar about to have sex with another girl while you were home, alone

He dashed out of the bar and sprinted home, running in the dark breaths tearing at his lungs. He felt himself crying, he was so sorry. Sorry that he had worthless pride. That he couldn’t show his emotions better. That he even started the stupid fight. He was so so sorry. 

The lights were all off when he finally unlocked the door, not even the Christmas tree was lit up. He slowly walked over to it, before turning it on. The room lit up with a dim light bouncing off the walls. One ornament glinted in the dim light. 

Y/N + Yoongi 

It was a small heart. Plain silver put it had so much emotion in it, so many memories.

It was the first Christmas he had ever spent with you. 

He sank to his knees, sobbing about how he was sorry. Turning suddenly when he heard the door open.

He gasped and fell off the couch, sitting on the ground like a small child. Shaking he looked around, no fight scene in sight, the tree was lit up, Christmas music played softly in the background. 

He finally got his breathing under control, realizing it was just a dream.It was just a dream….He finally calmed down, but started crying harder. 

“I thought it was real.” He whispered to himself when the door suddenly opened a gust of winter air invaded the warm atmosphere.

“You thought what was real?” You asked as you dumped some groceries onto the counter, when he suddenly enveloped you in his arms, holding onto you like he could lose you at any second. 

“Yoongi?” you asked confused as to why he was suddenly hugging you. Looking up you saw he was crying under the mop of black hair. “What’s wrong Min?” You asked softly while wiping his tears away.

“I had a bad dream, a nightmare. We,” he swallowed thickly, “we got in a fight and you were gone.” closed his eyes more tears falling. “You left me to be alone, I, I was so scared Y/N.” He finally whispered, voice sounding small and vulnerable.

“Oh Min,” You whispered back, “I would never leave you.” You stood up on your tippy toes and kissed him softly, hands wrapped around his neck holding him gently, as if he could break and shatter into a million pieces any second. 

“Never.” You murmured.

“Never” he whispered back, hugging you tighter, never letting go.

The American government is being taken over.

This is honestly appalling.

Politics have always been bad, we’ve always just barely been able to keep going with our shit systems, but things are going to be worse than ever.

Donald Trump is destroying our international relations and what little reputation America had left.

Steve Bannon is a racist little prick who’s going to bring us back to the 50s and undo everything we thought our children were guaranteed.

Pence thinks we should cure homosexuality with shock therapy. Let that sink in.

Aaaaand Betsy DeVos is Secretary of education. Someone who’s never been to a public school and never sent her children through public schools and who wants to take money from public schools to support religious schools.


This country is sliding into the pit of no return.

And not even with a glorious scramble of life and death, of RIGHT and wrong doing honorable battle…

But with a whimper.

What a sad state of affairs we’re living in.

I’m passed sadness, I’m passed anger, I’m passed hope.

I’m just…


Hoping that the meteor that falls and obliterates all life on earth comes soon.

Before things get REALLY messy.

some Unpopular Opinions (?????) that I am currently harbouring in my soul: 

  • kill Crowley
  • get rid of Rowena sorry
  • literally what was the point of bringing Mary back????? so far she’s added a couple of episodes of Winchester Mangst and a series of questionable haircuts to the show, things we already had in abundance
  • I just can’t buy that the British MOL would care about America, as We Brits tend to be very hypocritically ‘oh, how embarrassing’ re: America and Her Decisions and then just… quietly leave them to it
  • ALSO fuming that they went in and killed everyone involved in the Dean And Sam Tried To Murder The POTUS And Escaped Custody fandango, because historically episodes where the Winchesters have tangled with the law/normies/people who think they’re psychopathic monsters are BRILL, and having actual real-world consequences for their fantasy-world actions is really cool… fuck you, Mr Ketch 
  • this whole Rosemary’s Baby thing that I can see unspooling ahead of us is going to be fucking terrible 
  • what kind of INSANE WOMAN finds out she’s pregnant with THE DEVIL’S SPAWN and is like ‘wah wah, I’m it’s Mom >:(’??? SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER WATCHED ROSEMARY’S BABY!!! OR THE OMEN!!! OR WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • can we get some sort of in-show recap regarding what Cas currently can or can’t do with his angel powers??? because I honestly have no idea and I’m not sure the writers do either 
  • if the Angel Whump episode isn’t Dean and Sam fretting about Cas for 35 minutes and then telling him how much they love him for 10 minutes I’m just not interested, I’m sorry
  • similarly if the Amnesia Episode isn’t an Erotic Imagine in which Dean meets Cas ~*~for the first time~*~ and tries to hit on him… then what… is the point… in the episode 
  • anyway I hate Supernatural, my favourite show, goodnight
EXO reaction to their rapper girlfriend having to go back to america for a collaboration

anonymous asked:  Can I have an Exo reaction to their (American) rapper girlfriend having to go back to America because she’s making a collaboration album with Chance the rapper? Sorry it’s so specific😂
A/N: I hope you like it:):) 

Xiumin- *jamming out to his songs* “Jagi, please bring me back an album or two of his. It’s really good. You’re so lucky you are collaborating with him”

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Luhan- “BAOBEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~ Bring me back his album and signature pleaseeeeeeeeee”

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Kris- “Take me with you babe. I’m willing to do aegyo just for you”

Originally posted by fancymrskris

Suho- “Lego to America. I wanna watch you and Chance”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay- “Have fun and work hard babe. Not too hard though”

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Baekhyun- “Don’t worry. Have fun babe. You won’t see me roaming around in LA  stalking you”

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Chen- “Rooting for you and Chance jagiya! good luck love!”

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Chanyeol- “And you’re not taking me with you? We could’ve have rapper to rapper to rapper moments and talk”

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D.O- *You send him a picture from your photo shoot with you and Chance* “OMG”

Originally posted by daenso

Tao- “I know him. He’s cool and chill”

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Kai- “I’m so proud of you babe. Work hard babe and keep doing what you’re doing”

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Sehun- “WAH Great job babe!”

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I’m pretending the real ending to the Night at the Musueum trilogy is that Ahk comes back to the natural history museum in a few years, saying “It was nice to visit my parents for a while, but it was time I came home.” He brings with him Tilly (who gets to live the dream of being a ninja sword owning security guard in America) and Lancelot (who’s now Ahk’s dedicated personal bodyguard). The body of the real Kahmunrah is found and acquired, and it turns out that he’s just as sassy and sarcastic as the version they encountered at the Smithsonian but not evil at all. Jed finally figures out that Octavius is more than just his best friend and yet very little changes in their dynamic besides the occasional PDA because things between them were already perfect to begin with. (“Lancelot who? The only hypnotic blue eyes I see here are yours.” “Shut up and kiss me, ya sap.”) Larry teaches history at a near-by high school and leads some kind of after school club that frequently takes visits to museums in the evenings. All his students think he’s the coolest teacher ever because he knows how to make learning actually fun and entertaining. Ahkmenrah still visits his parents every few years but always returns to his real family. Everyone lives, everyone’s happy, everyone’s together. THE END. Cut to credits.

Just found out about the Muslim ban Trump has set in place and I’m in shock. It’s like we’ve gone back in time 75+ years, and I just don’t know what to do or say. My heart is absolutely broken by the state of my pathetic country. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I don’t care about your ethnicity or religion- you deserve a good life and happiness and acceptance. That’s what I thought America was about, once. I hope to God that we can bring that mindset back.

I know there are people like me who feel the same way, and we’re not going to turn our back on you guys. I’m researching right now anything I can do to help. Please stay safe. Don’t give up hope.

Reasons Bucky Barnes Loves You

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I was just wondering if you could write something about Bucky x Reader and the titles would be ‘Reasons you love Bucky Barnes’ And 'Reasons Bucky Barnes loves you’. - @bbogi1999 

Reasons You Love Bucky Barnes

i.      When Bucky first woke up after 70 years he had been so lost, his mind was a mess and his body was not the one he once knew. Even Steve, who he had known since childhood, hadn’t been able to bring him back down to earth. You had been a saving grace to him, when you first met you had been hired as his guard. He had expected you to be liked the guard he knew at HYDRA, but instead you spoke to him and treated him as an equal and slowly, oh so slowly, he found his way back to being himself

ii.      Even when the world is falling apart around you, you still try to see the best in everything. You always try and do your best to cheer the others up, he can see it in your eyes that you are just as scared as everyone else but you don’t let them see. The only time you let down your guard is when you are alone with him, and he feels honoured to have such a privilege.

iii.      He is amazed by your ability to love and cherish your friends, you would never turn your back on any of them. The other avengers can always come to you for advice and you try to stay neutral when it’s needed. There is very little you wouldn’t do to protect them and the thought scares him a little (a lot), he worries one day he might lose you because of it but it gives him an excuse to keep a close eye on you.

iv.      Late at night when he doubts himself the most, when he questions his own self worth you are always there for him. He has no idea how but you can always find a place to bring him, a small cafe, ice cream parlour, dance club, that remains from the 1940’s. You remind him that he can still be, and is, the man he was back then. Just as kind, just as smart, just as loving, just more experienced than he was back then.

v.      He has lived a long life, more than most people have ever and should ever get. He’s has been beaten and broken into something unrecognisable, but somehow you found a way for him to move on. Reform himself how he wanted to, on his own terms. You are the kindest person he has met and he dreads to think about where he would have ended up had you not been flung into his life, to him you’re the earth and heaven, he considers himself the luckiest man alive every time you smile at him, never mind the rest of the love you give him.


A/N- Hope you enjoyed that! Requests are open <3

Donald Trump does not believe in climate change and he plans to revoke the PARIS CLIMATE DEAL. I am BEYOND TERRIFIED.

Is there a petition I could sign? Or start? WE REALLY, REALLY NEED ONE.

We must tell him that the world depends on our participation. We must tell him that nothing is going to bring American manufacturing jobs back, especially getting rid of green energy technology. We must tell him that the commitment of the United States to decrease yearly pollution is in the interest not just of Americans, but of ALL OF HUMANITY and ALL of the world’s species.
We must let him know that MILLIONS of people, perhaps BILLIONS, will be more and more affected every year, and disproportionately so in developing countries—the countries that are LEAST responsible for global temperature increase. My beloved Madagascar, for instance, is already experiencing devastating droughts.

We need to get this message out. I hope the international community mobilizes as well, because if there is an issue that the whole world needs to work together in resolving, it is THIS ONE. For me, for you, for future generations, and for the majesty that is our planet.