just bought these oops

k @yethhoundart prompted me with “what if hannibal bought a cat just to piss off will and his dogs??” and i was like “FUCK YES” 

Hanni just freaking loves this can man, okay? Like its his child and it had the ugliest, loudest, scratches meow in the whole world and Hannibal loves it

sorry its just a quick doodle before I go to bed but ill probably draw more tomorrow night after i move back into res



Hairdresser/youtuber Au where Alfred’s hair is much too short to do any real styling so he enlists the help of his friends so that he can test out tons of strange products and devices he buys to let his viewers know if they really work. Natalia is the only one who agrees however and is a wonderful co-host who’s pretty calm about everything. Like Al nearly burns her hair with a curling iron he just bought and he jokingly goes, “Oops, you almost became a viral video!” and Nat’s just like “oh… the curl is nice though,” Everyone asks if their dating, but their just friends, which adds to the cuteness in my opinion.