just bought a shirt!

straights girls: hahahha man candles, man soap, isn’t that stupid
straight girls: look at these boyfriend jeans i just bought to go with my boyfriend shirt :)

straight girls: masculinity is sooooo fragile
straight girls: whoa it’s actually homophobic to associate short hair and flannels with lesbians. for example, i have a pixie cut and i’m straight.

straight girls: at least we women don’t do the no homo
straight girls: you know it’s called a girl crush bc it’s not a real crush because it’s on a girl


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

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Tried to get the pose right but just ended up in this ridiculous finger gun situation

4th Of July Event!

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I feel a bit narcissistic in posting these xD but I just had to. I bought some of my own shirts from my Redbubble and I’ll say that the quality is unmatched!! They came so quickly and the prints are beautiful, they almost look like they’re sewn into the fabric!! I feel very in-tune with my love of The Song of Achilles now~ 

just bought this shirt from @inoffensive-url’s redbubble and um i can’t wait to wear it every day of my life

sorry my boobs obscure the words lmao it says:

“Just slap some
bright pink comic
sans on it and call
it a day. These pe
ople will buy any